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Shipping a new build every day allows us to continuously improve Google+.

Here is what the team shipped this week:

1. You can now adjust the volume of What's hot (
2. The Circles page has a new look & better suggestions (
3. We released a new iPhone app with Instant Upload (
4. Hangouts now support right-to-left languages (
5. You can now "find interesting people" on the right-hand side of your stream
6. We rev'd the photo lightbox in response to your feedback (
7. We launched Find My Face notifications (
8. Gangs of Boomtown is now ready to play on Google+ (

Thank you all for your continued support!
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Adjusting the volume of What's hot is the best tool ever! :) Thanks for the update
Keep the updates coming! Would love a way to be able to see my messenger messages on my desktop
Very happy about the iPhone Instant Upload!!!
clicking the google+ image in the top left stopped working, is that just me?
I like the improvements, but it seems that developers have become obsessed with shortening release cycles. Even a little time can improve features and overall cohesion. And constant change can be exhausting and frustrating for users who just want to get tasks done, not admire improvements or re-learn an app every week.
Some really nice features this week.

I know scale is difficult with some of these things, but the 500 comment limitation, and lack of the Incoming feed are still my two number one issues.
Any way to start a hangout from either iPhone or android yet? Can join but not start
Instant Upload for ios is great!! - when will "drive" be available?
Very cool. G+ team doin' it right.
Sounds great! Now if you could just create a light/dark setting for the Gapps so we could make them match the themes on our phones!
When I try to use the "what's hot" section on my iPhone it just keeps saying "nothing here yet" or something like that.

But instant upload is sweet and it's good to a lot of small updates and improvements often! Make sure to high-five the crew, they're doing a great job!
Keep going - look forward to the day when g+ goes by facebook. Google rules
+Vic Gundotra The killer feature in the latest iPhone version was the "Shake to send feedback."

On a serious note, please bring back the Incoming stream in the Android version. Please!
+David Amodt you can start a hangout from your android from messenger. Just click the little camera app at the top of the screen
What i like is that Google is comunicating with us, the “common people“
Little by little, it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks guys!
Sean S
There are people who have a huge following elsewhere (YouTube, etc.) but not on Google Plus. For this reason, they are not able to use Hangouts on Air. Hangouts on Air needs to be available to more people.
Thanks for listening to user's comments and concerns! Keep up the great work.
Wish my team could release all that much all that often :P
+Thomas Hofmann doesn't look like it. I haven't used it much cause my Mytouch has a problem where it shows my picture sideways
Sean S
Best feature of the week: adjust volume of What's hot.
I don't know how releasing new features work behind the scenes but if it's possible, you should have a mega release week with about 2 new features per day.
Can I turn off the "What's Hot" bit that appears in my normal stream?
All good, but now on my nook tablet... which is android... could you please make the mobile site find circles? when selecting the comment areas on the desktop site while on the nook, the keyboard doesn't pop up as it's not recognized as an input field. any help with that?
Gangs of BoomTown is a very great game. At first I doubted the game because it was set in the wild west, but then I actually played it, and it was a lot of fun.
Don't forget the giant non-scrolling header bar(s) that use a sixth of your screen! That's a feature I could have done without.
Love the new iOS app! Can't wait for on air Hangouts to come to non-celebrities. 
Great stuff. Like the new look of circles page.
I respect all your hard work but the following features could change the game in a different way, if you have time please read the followings:

Please allow the following features on iOS:

1. EDIT "Post" & "Comment"
2. Ability to SELECT MULTIPLE Photo's to upload
3. Create Album on iPhone.
4. MARK STAR to any post.
5. Unread COUNT of Gmail on Google Bar Web.
6. Ability to SAVE PHOTO on mobile device. 
I LIKE the old "What's Hot" - Where it appeared as ONE post (1 of 8), and you can scroll (or not) to see others. I dislike having "What's Hot" scattered through out my stream. I'm now seriously contemplating getting rid of it altogether. PLEASE return to the original
iOS apps graphics doesn't support Retina Display. Please ensure quality product. Fade icons are not acceptable while clicking any URL.
Your new update for the iOS app, screwed up the entire app. I can't do anything with it now.
please check the setting...
When are they going to ship my incoming stream again?
How about the ability to choose the quality of picture instant upload will actually upload instead of downsizing the picture - if this is really a way to have your pictures instantly uploaded (saved)
Absolutely incredible pace. Keep it up! But don't burn out!
For the suggestions on the Circles page, I think it would be nice if there was some feature (colors or symbols) to let us know how active those suggestions are on G+.
So far I'm enjoying Google+ far more than Twitter or Facebook...
Now if we could just get back "incoming."
Sean S
The Google+ settings page needs cleaned up. It looks too cluttered/busy with text. Each section should be separated into its own box.
Sean S
Move hangouts, send invitations, and create a Google+ page to a side tab
Hangouts, Send invitations, and Google+ Pages on the right column could be moved to a side tab like the YouTube tab. This would free some space for other content.

When adding someone to a Circle, let us explain why the person is being added:
When people add me to their Circle, I have no idea who they are and why they added me, so I don't add them back. When I add someone to a Circle, I'd like to have a description box to explain why I am adding the person.
I wish that What's Hot was somehow broken into categories or by Circle or something.

I do not care a lick if a story on <RANDOM CELEB BREAKS UP WITH OTHER CELEB> is "What's Hot" in certain circles.

With the old "What's Hot", you could quickly scroll through the top 10 articles and read about what you cared about and ignore that which you did not.

I also agree with some comments above and find it strange people are more worried about "What's Hot" and RTL text in Hangouts than very basic functions like being able to see and reply to Google Messneger from the desktop. Messenger is basically useless as a mobile-to-mobile app, I am stuck with Facebook Messenger STILL even though I don't use therr service, because it allows this.
I do like the Find interesting people n the built in photo editing software is a Godsend for all the pics I snap w my 3MP cell cam!
Please, please make a Google+ app for Windows phone.

It is so difficult to do anything using the web version
Love the improvements. But +Vic Gundotra is google team ignoring BB playbook? you know there are a lot (ok maybe not so many) that use playbook :)
Any word on fixing the eternal processing bug for mobile video uploads?
discovered the "find interesting people" feature today. totally awesome. almost missed it tho. it would be nice if it had more prominence.
I really think there should be some tools to sync Google+ and Facebook. It would show people how good G+ can be. I like the interface better, but no one is on here, so I stay mainly on Facebook. Figure it out Google.
Can we please get a copy URL feature for public posts?
Thanks for all these updates, but I'd suggest few tweaks in priorities. For instance, Instant Upload on iPhone is fine, but not necessary; much more important might be e.g. ability to share links (impossible now, don't know why). Or an iPad app, as many people said. And if you mentioned Photo Lightbox - it might be very nice if you add the ability to close the photo by click outside (in dark grey area), instead of that tiny "x" at top right corner. Looking fwd to next changes!
Sean S
+Thomas Helzle , they could add a check box next to the volume slider so that when it is selected, the What's hot box with the 8 entries appears in the stream.
Is there any way we can get an Upload to specific photo folder and share option for the iOS app?
5. You can now "find interesting people" on the right-hand side of your stream
Yes, but the problem is most suggested users are Americans so if you do not live in the USA it's likely you will not know many of them.
I think it would be much more useful to have suggestions based on your country or the people / pages you already have in your circles.
any chance tagging and Find My Face will come to the android app any time soon?
any chance you'll be able to get people to actually start using Google+ instead of Facebook?
So, I'm not the only one... I want old 'sideways' scrollable "What's Hot" box back!
+Vic Gundotra, or anyone else, is the static toolbar gone for good? I liked not having to scroll all the way to the top to check notifications or to post.
^ no, Google+ is faggatory
a Suggestion. It gould be interesting to have the possibility to create different Streams with different group. in that way you can separate the information that you want to check. Probably I just want to check what my different groups of friends that I have in different circles in my main Stream and then have a different Stream for other kind of circles, those kind of things.
Getting to a continuous delivery process is an admiral achievement.
+Vic Gundotra With these quick turnaround times, you're on target to catch up and pass the iterations of the "competition." Well done my friend.
Really like Google+ but am not using it as much as I would like mainly because there is no Windows Phone app yet. Please bring out a Windows Phone app, and Google+ will become my preferred place to connect with friends.
Hi Vic,
How to we get access to Google+ Pages? My company has a facebook pageand I would like to get one on Google+.
I think I actually liked "What's hot" more when you could flip through 8 hot posts instead of having random hot posts in your stream every now and then, because the former made it more likely that I'm interested in one out of the 8...
If only you'd finish the Google Apps port tool that was promised back in October!!!! It's driving me nuts that I have to use separate browsers to access Google Apps Gmail and Google Plus
How about putting SuperPoke Pets on Google+ instead of just killing it? You guys bought the company and a lot of us appreciated a game that has NO violence involved!
hi guys wats up!!!! i like your pants!!!
Awesome! Now I just need ability to edit album dates.
Great job on the new improvements. I appreciate the ability to turn down the "what's hot", since it rarely is relevant to my interests.
Just waiting for the Android app support animated gifs
Just waiting for the Windows Phone app to support...
Well, just waiting. and waiting. and waiting...
How about an option to control how many "Hot on Google+" things we see on our feeds? They've been popping up more and more frequently.
.gif support on mobile please!!!
deb0rking of +1 on comments on chrome for osx would be spiffy...
The Google+ world is getting better and better every second! Here is an idea for a way to steer millions of college students to go to Google+ world more often and faster - move Google+ hangout notifications, messages and more right to the computer boot-up screen the instant they turn on their computers! It's like the cover of a magazine - here is a temporary webpage - please let me know what you think of our idea. We would need your help integrating your info into our GUI. Carrie
I wish Google would include request read receipt options as well as Insert my business card and encoding as I am use to using in Windows live mail. I have just recently switched to Google g mail after parting with great disappointment and upset from my previous provider Rogers.
Hey +Vic Gundotra, one comment. On the Google+ Android app, have your engineers add the ability to zoom into a photo! Even on a 4" screen, reading text on some photos is impossible without going on to the desktop and loading them. Thanks!
Vic.. fixing the comments expansion would be a priority.. instead of expanding to the whole page .. they could use a inner window with a scroll...
I'd love to have zooming controls on all images, even if it makes it pixellated. It's nice to zoom into images to see more detail.
How to remove "not found profiles ) under those who added you to their circles. There are bunch of "inactive profiles! under those "who added you "in their circles, how can i remove those useless empty accounts ? Does anybody know?
Give us a MUTE button already. And quit disabling Chrome extensions that create mute buttons. If i want to clear something from my stream why do I have to use a pull-down menu?
Good update, but say the developer team to gives us "Share a Photo" from an album without creating a copy in "Photos from posts" with different +1 and comments, thanks
+1 for a native iPad app,the iphone app on iPad with the double pixeling seems janky to me. Please Google can you make this and other tablet versions available soon?
Deja vu....this isn't gonna turn into Facebook, right? Right?
aha! yeah? what? huh? ahah! yes! no? pardon? could you just repeat that please? thankyou! lol! loads of comments
Google is by far the best company when it comes to listening to feedback. Good job. Keep it up.
+Vic Gundotra love the feature, but are you guys by any chance work on G+ feeling more light.. It kills chrome for me on my mac. I have reported it, and some IRL friends have had the same problem, things feel like they slow drastically when G+ is up.
Please bring back "incoming." I've purposely not updated by iPhone app so that I can still find new and interesting people without having to visit profiles one at a time.
I'd like to see a - feature (minus) to not only have circles be additive but removable as well. For Example Post "All Friends" Minus "Co-Workers"
Tibbi S
Adding my voice to the call for a iPad native G+ app. There's so much functionality we could have with iPad, and the iPhone app is just so lacking being used on the iPad.
Do away with the white bar across the top of the page, just leave the icons
+Vic Gundotra for when a pause stream button instead, please?
There was this button up top, I remember I asked you guys to keep it in the bar rather then at the beginning of the stream but then when the volume setting appeared the button was sadly taken off
Thank you +Vic Gundotra and your team. Google + just keeps getting better and better everyday.
Not exactly a G+ power user, but spotted and adjusted the What's hot volume slider already. Much appreciated.
I personally don't like the photo viewer/"lightbox". Never liked it when FaceBook came out with it, either. I still don't. Sorry, guys.
it's time rock vic....thank you lending the guild some of the most talented developers in the world....everything comes around...//
Yeah, thanks for the instant upload from the iPhone, pity it didn't tell me! good job the photo I just took that was instantly posted in the global domain was just of the building work in my garden and nothing too racy eh?

I've switched it off now!!!
+Gary Waldrom The nice things about Google is that even if it DID upload a racy picture? It would only do it to your own profile and doesn't share it.
How about Android 4.0 for the Droid Charge?
Ping Wu
instant upload on iphone app is so awesomeeeee!! Thank you, G+ team.
Would love an instant search feature to import stuff from my tired old facebook account. Also, the subject matter pages on facebook were pretty cool too, for identifying what I 'like' and such. Basically, I want all the good stuff of the Book combined with all of your good stuff and keeping the framework of what you've got going already. Thanks!
Have all these updates caused the broken images?
How about you stopping your theft of people's private information. Hacking Safari to subvert the privacy system and then stealing peoples private information and spying on them. Wasn't Google supposed to have corporate values and improve the world. Since when is spying on private information on smart phones part of that?
Chad k
And yet google reader remains broken...
The photo light box has not been fixed. There is STILL no FULLSCREEN option for photos. They're all still forced down into smaller sizes! If this is where I'm going to be posting and sharing my photos, I want to be able to truly share them, not a thumbnail of them.
+Vic Gundotra Why can't hangout on mobile be more like a call functionality where one side includes people who to hang out with and other side receives Answer or Decline interface to choose from. At the moment if I start a hangout on mobile, I am not sure if someone on the other side is going to respond. I just have to sit there waiting playing guessing game. I should be told that someone didn't answer or what is happening on other side
But still no "new, improved, less spammy, with a meaningful name, Incoming Stream" which is able to effectively handle the large user-base here in a non-tedious way -- in contrast to the remaining current alternatives. *drumming fingers on table*
+Mark Hunter Not just you. Apparently the Google+ logo is no longer clickable with the schizoid changes taking place to the top level command bar, icons and user elements.
Awesome. Now can we get all of this on my iPad because my Google app crashes daily?
+Vic Gundotra
How about getting rid of "Suggestions" and "Find Boring People" and giving us back "Incoming" which was actually useful.

The big huge screen hogging Google bar really needs to go. Put everything on the nice tidy black bar, and put the G+ icons back in the middle, and remove that thick waste of space!

What's hot is now off, so another waste of space removed.

Lightbox is still a fail. The problems were a huge white comments box, which is still there, overlay of comments in full view, but it still has the photographers comment/description overlayed. I've been told it was decided to keep it that way because if the photographer had something to say, then it should be displayed. I agree, but it was the photographers that didn't want ANYTHING overlayed. Put it underneath so it can be seen, but the photo view is clear. Also put the two horrible widget things for comments and tagged people at the bottom rather than at the side of the photo.
We wanted a clean viewing screen, and we still don't have it!
+Steve Zaharakis re: your company page - you simply create one pretty much the same as you did on FB. There aren't a lot of design tools in place yet that I'm aware of so they all pretty much look alike at this point but you can get your company presence here now.
How do your technical writers handle this continuous delivery? What tool do they use?
Love the improvements as always! Facebook seems to like to steal your ideas... cough photo viewer cough
Great, awesome, thanks G+ team....
These innovations are what keeps Google + live !
Great work but please fix "near by". It picks a location few miles away where as Google maps picks my location with precision. Anyway, I get to read about folks a few miles away instead of immediate neighbors!
Please stop overriding my Home and End keys.
In Google We Trust:
Thanks for the insight! Nice changes.
Life is short, test in production!
+Vic Gundotra I wanna be able to just play basic games like checkers, pool, connect 4 and chess against/with my friends. Like the old yahoo games used to be
If money wan't involved i bet no one would care.
What's Hot "volume" still not granular enough.

Need a format that is like Google News. Have each circle in it's own section, and let us order the sections. The Volume bar would still apply but now I can see all my items and skip to the next circle if I want.

Too bad the Gmail teams don't listen as well as you guys.
Since no one uses google+ so you're kinda wasting your time but whatever keeps you busy I suppose.
Good job. But what i really miss in G+ are my friends!! Not many of my friends are ready to join G+. They say people on G+ are only for marketing their product or service.
Iterative dev and new build every day is great to see and use!
+Himanshu Mendhe Bizarrely, I don't want my friends on Google +. If I want to chat to them I go to fb. I follow people I am interested in on g+.
Why can i STILL not filter my stream? There are posts i want to see and posts i don't. C'mon google, you do search don't you????

Why can't i label my posts? Circles schmircles, some of my posts are about certain kinds of stuff and other posts are about other stuff, why can't i let my PUBLIC decide which labels they want to see, so i dont have to circle and tell them what they can and cannot view? C'mon, GOOGLE.
I switched mine off too after realizing it auto uploaded.. and it was racy! Good thing the settings default to making the photos private!
Can you add a wall function and an events calander thing now. Something to make g+ a bit more social and regionalized?
Hey, can't I have something as simple as an RSS feed for my main stream page?
I AM COMMENTING BECAUSE I LOVE AND HOPE THIS SAVED SOMEWHERE I CAN GET TO. my surf-board carries me far and wide and rarely back to where i begin.... CHROME BABIE!
I've turned the "What's Hot" slider all the way down, but I'd wish it had an X next to its name so I could remove it entirely.

The few times I looked, there was absolutely nothing of interest.
+Vic Gundotra how about allowing volume adjustment affect the Photos section as well? I have a particular Circle on the lowest volume for my Stream, but photos from this same Circle flood my "Photos from your circles" section.
Thanks for the info Vic. I added the following comment to another post but thought reposting here may be more appropriate. I am a relatively new user and I don't have much of an in-depth knowledge so the comments below may or may not be of value ...........

I would suggest a search feature for circles as opposed to individuals. This would need some thought as circle names are private and don't necessarily relate to the circle "theme".

Example being that a circle with a photography "theme" may be named "My favourites" so obviously searching the name would not give a relevant hit.

Maybe when a circle is being set up Google can add a "theme" checkbox ....... Themes could be Politics, Pets, Photography, etc.

This way, we could all do circle searches based on themes which in effect will be our area of interest.

+Allan Whitbread since people can share circles your feature would make sense if it searched for shared circles
#5: You should add some tooltips (title, alt) attributes to the img tags so I can see who they are on hover.
Hey Vic, I'm not certain you read 246 comments, but on the chance that you do....
In a future update, could you consider including a feature to customize your "circle list" that appears next to your stream? I'm specifically looking for a place to show/hide/reorder the list that controls your stream view by circle.
Thanks. Now I'd be extremely grateful if you completely merged the Google+ chatbox and Google talk so that they were one and the same. They look the same but I have to have 2 different apps on my android phone to recieve from them.
Would be nice if the games had a bit of a description and screenshots.
In other words, you broke the Google+ Ipod App (it is now broke), and in the chat window in a hangout you can now read the text of people in the hangout that you have blocked (didnt used to be like that).
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