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For those of you who missed this event live, you can watch the recorded version below.

There were more than a few moments I couldn't stop laughing.
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Chan Li
laughing? thanks ,but i still wondering why he is so popular
It was great to see such character in such religious people, was nice to see there sense of humour.
How awesome is it that we have such epic hangouts?
+Andre Mugnier I'm not speaking for Google, I'm speaking as Vic Gundotra. And, I'm not siding with any particular viewpoint. I found the discussion insightful and enjoyable. That's all.
Right on. Thanks! Haha! If you do speak for Google. What does it sound like? The voice of God? You don't have to be politically correct, go wild! You know you want to ;)
For some odd reason, I tried viewing the video in my Android phone. It said dalai lama but it was actually showing Gundam Wing. Uhhh...
All issues aside, I thought this was awesome. Way to go, Google+ Hangouts
Culture is interesting. I always doubt why I have different opinion on Dalai? I can't understand why religious is always strongly connected with politics?
+Vic Gundotra You know maybe you are not speaking for google+ on this. But only because you are so famous and everyone would link you directly with Google.
Technology doesn't get any better than this!!
Is a way to improve communication and I appreciate it. What is missing for all actual SN Tools is a real conversation tools with social norms and boundaries integrated inside - and here I mean inclusive the local cultural and behavioral aspects.
Thank you again for making this possible. It was a globally amazing event and I have never been as impressed with Google and the power of good as I was with this. I saw the live event and now go back and smile at the replay.
I was surprised by some of the comments... You don't have to be religious to enjoy the conversation of two smart and compassionate people. I'm not religious and I enjoyed it. I'm not offended by anyone's beliefs as long as they don't interfere with my freedom. But what I was really surprised, or better to say - astonished - was the impact the Dalai Lama, a profoundly non-violent person by belief and by acts - has on Chinese. Propaganda rulz. It reminds me a lot of what I saw in the 90's with the war in ex-Yugoslavia... same indoctrination.
And I remember Milko, for me was a very hart time what was and is happening in Serbia - inclusive with Kosovo right now. But tolerance is something very hart to build in systems that are opaque to other Cultures and Religions.
We make, as Nations, every time the same mistakes...
can somebody please fix the close caption on this? It's hard to listen to those accents for a non-native english speaker like us.
Oh boy, that laugh.. those guys were having real fun there. I'm glad they can use nowadays tech to erase distance out of the limitation list. I'm not a believer but I have great respect for these people who serve unconditionally to what they believe. +1 too all of them and thanks to Google for making this possible.
I really appreciate the opportunity to witness two such hardy and vibrant souls exchanging their genuine feelings and ideas on everything from women's rights to the Price of Tea in China in whimsical and heartening celebration with joy in life!

Leave it to Google through inclusion of all beliefs and lifestyles to cross the miles with such beautiful smiles. I really think there is no other corporation on earth, more willing to share with OPENNESS... the rich diversity of the life we all shared here in the fun loving spirit these two gentlemen. Oh... and of course that includes this wonderful lady facilitator too! Thanks Google for making this possible! ....touching, insightful and above all enjoyable!!!
Truly enjoyable moments and these two awesome human beings speak without a prepared speech - which shows us there is something to learn from them every time!
Thank you G+ . We enjoyed the live presentation thoroughly!
Encore with more good stuff!

I hope hangouts and similar things get used for more interfaith projects like this and with members of more groups who historically are at odds with eachother, israeli-palestinian hangout would be amazing but I wonder if google would have the balls for it
Just a couple of quick thoughts on the technology and not the conversation (which was historical IMO, regardless of religion).
I think when Hangouts are being used in this manner when two people are conferencing for others to watch, a split screen would be much better that the constant jumping back and forth between big and small monitors. It was distracting at times. I think you could do up to four feeds side by side without it being too crowded. Also, I'm guessing you can use hot keys to switch cameras? The mouse moving around is also a bit "low tech".

Overall I think what Google has accomplished with this feature is amazing and I'm certainly very appreciative.
Thanks Google+ to make this happen ... This is a perfect example that shows how the technology can break politicals and economicals limits... ...
They are so so cute. It would be awesome if the video had captions.
Yeah, I watched it live here in Australia - it was great
+Vic Gundotra, this was awesome! I shared it with my FB friends so that they can experience the power of G+. Thank you G+ Hangout for making this possible.
Every human will love thats moment.....
Great fun but also revolutionary. Think of the geopolitical implications of this circumstance. User-friendly off-the-shelf technology that undercuts international political agendas. The Arab Spring may be just the beginning ...
Technology is really making the world a smaller place
I say Google will be the new United Council. This is great that google is involved with this.
truly, truly, google is transforming the way we communicate.
With so much spiritual guidance at our disposal, we, if we band together peacefully, we can truly solve the problems of our World. Now the trick is we must take one problem at a rime. We need to unite and put our splintered causes to one side and tackle one element collectively. That is the simple key that brought the end to the Vietnam War! Now is anyone listening and has the expertise to create, using today's technology, a Web Base rallying point?
Let Vic share this great hangout in peace. If you don't like it, don't watch it. 
Whenever I see someone using or talk to folks about Google products, I end with: Power To the People!
Thanks for sharing. Truly.
If you're hating on Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama then you're ignorant. Bottom line. Religion can bring out the best and the worst in people, those guys are in the former category.
Not sure I agree, they've both had some rather "politically incorrect" opinions about more than one thing. Ignoring that would be ignorant. I have no problem with religion, but the fan clubs scare me, and so does idolising religious leaders.
That said, they're both good speakers and quite entertaining unlike most religious leaders.
if there's one thing I've taken away from Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu conversation, it is that "corruption is an act of violence.
+Alex Yang it is indeed great effort form your words, i pray same thing everybody should be able to co-relate. i like you referring inside wall. yes we people have bulit wall around us. it is necessary to break it. my friend google cant do it all alone. we have do it.
Doing business is one thing. Doing the right thing is another. When they are contradictory, which shall we choose?
+Alan Sun -indeed you r correct. i will say, doing business in right way, is best. as it will have no contradiction.
Wait... so does the Dalai Lama like kids now too?
always looking great Tutu.
Beautiful! The best 1:03:59 i've had in a long while
I really loved this Vic! :D
the cdap of tea is the tea who fills the cap,cristianity of each branch is a proper cap of tea...and...we all thank the tea's provider
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