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Happy VaLINetine's Day.
I love the storyline. The 3 pointer to win it? Icing on the cake.
A buzzer shot that stops the clock with 0.5 seconds left. -___-
What a great year in sports for the "Unlikely Heroes"...Tebow in the NFL and now the Jeremy Lin Show....The Show Goes On...Cannot wait for the next episode !!!
Can't believe he nailed it like that at the end of the game. #ballsofsteel
Jeremy Lin ,the m.v.p !
Not so much linsane but absolutely linthusiastic....
That's Linsane!!!!!!! The show continues!
Lindsay Lohan says she is going to sue Linnsanity :D
What a shot!!! For this guy to be the toast of NY and the NBA after an inauspicious start to his career, is the stuff dreams are made of. On top of that, Jeremy seems like a genuinely humble guy who is just having the time of his life!
The Lin story reminds me a lot of Jose Bautista in baseball. Both unbelievable stories.
i came to see this thread full of linux news, then i watched the movie
He was "linning it up" on that shot, soon to replace "lighting it up" as a phrase. Hey, does he already have his own verb :-)
This guy is awesome. Something refreshing in the NBA.
Overrated Lmao thats all I have to say ...
Last shot is so smooth he looks like he's not even breaking a sweat
kitty Z
love this kid
Zoe Wii
when your whole stadium is cheering for the opposing team something's wrong... lol
Wow, Brian is right, the link he's got is very high quality. I could watch this many times! And I am not that much a sports fan.
remember, toronto has a huge chinese community, I think a lot of the excitement is about that, not for the raptors. They sold out the stadium because he was coming.
Lin makes Cinderella look bad. 
yes - its basketball ?
good job,go on making miracles
Incredible that people watch basketball
The last 5 minutes of that game were amazing...and the game winner was surreal.
its like those Lintilla chicks.. scary and sexy at the same time.....
Lin, we are proud of you~ great great job. Unbe-lin-vible!
The Knicks winning is a sign of the 2012 apocalypse. :P
+Manitobaboy Pietro if u follow the whole story behind Lin then u would know that its more then just about a game winning shot...and that its a story of overcoming in the face of adversity and seizing an opportunity when one presents itself.
dam crazy people thy don't now Wat d y doing........................,
especially you are a foreigner
Jeremy finally arrives to LIN the Knicks a hand! Great effort!
clutch shot ... lins a bad dude
+Manitobaboy Pietro Yes thats what people do in life...but it doesnt hurt to be reminded that an individual can do great things through hard work and perseverance...especially in a world where all we and the media harp on is negativity.
Interesting how it's an away game for NY and yet the crowd erupts. Lin is quickly becoming the most talked about asian basketball player and he is attracting a whole new crowd of fans.
Well it is Toronto ... They have a lot of injuries on an already undermanned squad. I am pretty sure 80% of the fans there were there to see the Knicks
Reminds me of Dražen Petrović....another NY Net
ugh... yay another themed post from the Colbert Report!
marvellous performance. future super star!
Crouching tiger, hidden point guard.
I like how much ease he has and confidence to shoot the 3 pointer when there wont be any other chances left with only 3 seconds left on the clock.
sportsfan,isn'it?ok,i'm not,but i am happy to have you between my friends.good morning
He will go places, but should be watchful for all these carrier destroyer. Lin congratulations keep it up this is just the beginning.
He held the ball in his hand for like 9 seconds and nobody reacts?
Linsane! Thanks for sharing.
期待着Jeremy Lin 超越Yao。
What an amazing story! Go, Lin!
Let's go Knicks! Lin is showing the world how valuable Melo isn't!
Now that's good old New York Knicks basketball...!
that's nuts ... it's crazy this dude was a D-League dude, right?
This funny shows an interesting demarcation among the peoples.
i saw the news on my cell phone this morning, check the video till now.
i love the tale developed in such a dramatic storyline
The LINchpin of NBA! Rock on! 林姓的骄傲!
watched this again and again :)
i anit fallin for all this hype. if it wasnt for b diddy he wouldnt of had a shot in ny, Now everyone that loved new york loves them once again cuz of this great player who wouldnt fit goot playing off the bench. He isnt going to win a title folks ok.
I don't like sports.... Also why does he have to be walking around like a douche after he made the shot?
hes like the most down too earth NBA player around...not a douche
fuck off.................................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This is L-I-N SANE !!!!!!
Just got back from Taiwan. While I was there, some restaurants set TVs on a sports channel, replaying the entirety of his past few games. On Monday, they were rebroadcasting the Jazz game. So yeah, it's kind of crazy over there too.
Asok R
luck is when practice meet opportunity
I am back watching basketball again because of this guy..He is sick
That dude is off the hook!
I can't believe the number of people in the Air Canada Centre cheering on the opposite team, because of this guy. "Linsanity" definitely continues...
damn so love the celebration shout...xoxo LIN IS THE MAN
I'm a Rockets fan and I say our loss and your gain. Congrats!
it would be more interesting if it wasn't 87/87 but they were loosing by1 point. Then his cold waiting would be even more awesome
This guy is incredible! I stopped watching the Knicks until Linn started playing . Awesome!
Now that the Knicks are winning fans start watching? That's not a real fan in my eyes just someone jumping on the bandwagon. LinSanity is for the real Knick fans out there. Lets enjoy this run. Fake Knick fans go back to bed!
I love this kind of inspiring story. Lin brings me back to watch NBA again.
Now that Linn is doing his thing for the Knicks,watch how many Knick fans come out of the closet........
Is that the Air Canada Center or Madison Square Garden? That place erupted when he hit that 3.
"out of the closet".. now thats funny. aha. .. but good for the knicks and good for Lin. congrats.
Great story and all but this shot was not even contested. The guy gave him a ton of room to hit this shot. Any decent blacktop HORSE player would knock that down.
+Phillip S. It seems you are understimating the shot a little bit. I agree, any decent shooter would have gotten that shot -- in ANY other moment than when the game is about to end. Clutch shooters are not as common as you would like to believe.
o how the media blows this guy up like tebow. sad, but they need stories. did you ever watch him play a full game yet? he's a turnover machine that plays zero defense. like tebow and denver though, few in the media care about defense (why denver was so good).
Jorge- I was hearing about this shot all night and thought it would have been a little more dramatic. Was expecting an MJ jumper at the buzzer or a fade way in the lane or even a catch and shoot. I've seen a ton of PGs dribble off clock and drain this at the top of the key. it's almost like a FT
I suppose you can do this? I'm assuming your an NBA playa?
God is truly blessing that young man! Love it!
It's just too risky!!
Anyway, the world has eventually know the Chinese basketballer after Yao.
I don't follow sports, and so I wouldn't know a thing about this "linsanity" story if weren't for the fact that Koreans are so so so insanely proud of their DNA that it bubbled up and bumped into me. (nationalistic to a fault)
you need to get a life we already do to much people are just lazy
Sean Im
Chao Xu
that was real amazing wat they did in the video . on valtines day !
When you have reached the top of the food chain you have the right to start caring about meaningless things. Like sports.
This is a great story! I wonder how he will do once the "stars" return to the team. Hopefully he can continue to lead the team - despite what some say, the guy clearly has talent!
What they gonna do when Mello comes back, he'll want the "rock" in that situation!
I dislike basketball, but this is a great story. I hope he keeps it up!
Davy Ou
today, he wins again,crazy lin....
maximum, how had he confident . superb . and he is always relax player than others
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