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A beautifully #AutoEnhanced picture from my walk this evening.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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Thanks Vic,

Had a great time at IO this week, good stuff!
Indeed that is a beautiful picture 
what a pity we can't use it here in China 
When will the app have the capabilities? Waiting for update.. :) 
I like fort funston for dog walking.
Looks great. I want to go there. DS, our next google hangout should be there!
+Vic Gundotra Nice photo.  By the way, I've watched your presentation on Google I/O via Youtube, that was great!
Vic, you guys are doing amazing work. Thanks for making my memories and interactions effortless and meaningful. 
Thu Mai
Đẹp. Thank! Vic.
As a photographer i felt like the ones from the keynote (and this one) have to much contrast. 
You too, Vic, really enjoyed the keynote as well as I/O sessions. 
The restaurant Casanova has great food there.
a nice picture of my house up on the bluff..
vinay c
hey +Vic Gundotra i think new multi column is awesome.. but some people are complaining about it.. they say they liked single column look,.. so given that you guys have still kept the option choose single column view, it might be great if you guys continue to improve to single column view also.. i mean to say single column view is somewhat plain.. just long list of posts.. nothing on right / left.. would be great if you guys can add some extra things to it rather than plain, thereby giving users two coolest styles to view the content.. i mean single column and multi column.. You guys are doing great job,,.. keep it up guys..
The old single column was better.
+Merle Reine You can choose to use a single-column layout. Click "More" in the top bar and choose the single column under "Stream layout."
Definitely Google+ is the future! Better mobile clients, higher technology solutions and beautiful nice design. Overall it has a great user experience much better than Facebook! Good job guys! 
+Vic Gundotra how do you manage to make it appear big (2 colums) on the screen? I'd like to do the same. 
I purchased a 100Gb upgrade for drive/G+ just so I can auto enhance most of my camera phone pics since my daughter was born at full size. Very happy with the results. I have so many duplicates now though after importing from numerous locations. Need a way to recognise identical pics with identical file sizes across various albums and ask if they need deleting.
auto enhancing doesn't do much for my pictures:/ Anyway, really nice that one:P
Is there a way to auto-enhance all the pictures that I have already uploaded? 
Beach, dog, blue sky. peaceful picture 
Carmel is such a lovely place. This picture looks like a postcard. 
Angel A
It was an especially great weather day yesterday too. No fog for once! Hoping for the same kind of mild today as well!
is that the dog that escaped from the opened gate pic?
Maybe I missed it, but will the new features be coming to mobile? If so, when? I have a Galaxy Nexus and love taking pictures with it.
hey  varian . i m that much not  interested about mobiles, i love to help poors in my extreme, if you too pl join me 
I've a doubt, please anyone answer. What's the difference between G+ messenger and newly launched Hangouts app? I mean do we still need a messenger? What difference will it make?
This could also any coastal scene anywhere in Ireland, just beautiful thank you for sharing.
it's looks so peaceful and beautiful
hay lugares en este planeta  que invitan a soñar  
I read the title as "Camel by the sea". Wondered why I couldn't see a camel...
Same here.  Saw the dog and said to myself "that's an odd camel".
take the dog shit back to palo alto and life will be good
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