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We've shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way. Thank you all for your interest!

For any who wish to leave, please remember you can always exit and take your data with you by using Google Takeout.

It's your data, your relationships, your identity.

+Bradley Horowitz
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Thanks for letting us add folks so soon!!! More tomorrow please? ;-)
Thanks for opening it for a little! Great work so far!
Probably a good call, thanks for letting us in :)
Thank you for opening Invites for the night!!
So glad you're doing it this way! Thanks!
Will it be back up tomorrow?
Thanks for the invites!
Insane demand, definitely! I have invited over 50 people on request in 10min :)
leave! Dude - we just showed up! I only got to invite about 400
Thanks for the info. Watching the TWiG show from today right now.
I saw this post come live into my stream, and in 10 seconds I saw 20 responses appear.
Definitely was an awesome energizer!
this is crazy in an amazing way, i can see the live streams unfolding in front of my eyes. Google, I approve of ur technical wizardry(is that even a word????)
I added a ton of friends today. Thanks for giving us the opportunity, and hopefully it'll be back soon!
Oh wow. Takeout hunh? Interesting.
Watching these comments refresh live! Awesome feature!
I hope you open the invite back up soon. I have a few friends I want to try Hangout with :)
Whew, glad that I was able to get in tonight 
Actually, a good move. Will be nice to calibrate for a day tomorrow and take some time thinking about Circles. 
Hmm... was the invite I sent out one minute before you made this post sent out?
Nice, just invited a few of my friends before it's shut down :D Anw, thank you so much +Vic Gundotra very good job!
Oh no! I guess my European friends will have to wait?
You weren't kidding about being selective, right? ;)
Thanks for opening it up Vic!
Omfg guess google wants this fail like wave..
that makes all of Google+ hipster since we all used it before you could get in.
Thanks for the heads up and good idea - build up the demand by not letting everyone in - like a final club :)
Thanks Vic! Ironically, I've been toggling back and forth between Facebook and + tonight and am a bit astounded at the speed of Google Plus. I now have to go back and post on a few Facebook walls that folks will get their invites soon enough. Just not tonight ;)
Javaun: it's only still so fast because they haven't let everyone in yet :)
Awesome launch! Congrats Google+ team!

What a shame. Hopefully it'll go public soon. Seems great so far
Vic I can't tell you how impressive it is the way you guys are handling this release. The flow of information, etc. Great job!
Tat Tso
that sucks man
Vic, you were so awesome chatting with everyone tonight and letting us open up g+ to more of our friends and fam. So excited for what's in store for us.
Didn't you know you had to launch this carefully before you opened up the invite floodgates? Fun to play with, though.
Also please please please publish some sort of growth graphic or animation showing how fast today's user base grew :-)
Will invites that were sent out still be valid then?
The invites that I sent out got received.
Excellent work. Keep it like this! I'm loving the whole integration of services :D
Good move +Vic Gundotra I think growing steady and stable is the way to go. Like Gmail in its early days where ppl were craving invites or like Google voice
I just got in before the invite system was shut. Now i cant invite my friends! #sadpanda. The good thing is so far, Plus looks fantastic, Can't wait to start using it more.
Who would want to leave this beautiful land! :)
lee sum
Fantastic job so far, been waiting for a service that unites everything. (And so seamlessly)
Fantastic start Vic, hopefully there will be a button to have the stream show posts with the newest posts at the top instead of the system as it is where it can get a little cluttered
Yes, it was great to be able to bring more peeps over. Thanks!
this is so exciting!
wheres the place to make suggestions/comments? :)
Google+ seems to be slower and slower...anybody feel that or it's because of my connection?
maybe Google wants to avoid servers steaming or on fire overnight!! come back in the morning :P
Sigh, if only some of my friends had been on earlier! Anyways, I just wanted to say that google+ is a well thought out web application, and I can't wait to try out some of the more advanced features like videochat.
Would love to have invites, just like gmail in its beta!! You guys better strike while the iron is hot! There is way too many people looking forward to Google's answer to facebook.
+Ninh Nguyen: I think it might be your connection. Unless it's just that my connection is always so slow that I'm not noticing.
Very good thus far. Mobile app needs move to SD card =)
Will those invites already sent still be valid when the person comes online?
hope the invite will be on soon.
+John Doe +John Teague The notification system sometimes reports it's connecting error to server. Maybe it's because of my connection. My friend in Japan feel the same as me. Let's see.
Thanks for the heads up Vic! Keep being awesomesauce.
When I remove a contact from my Circles list it says "null was hidden" Everything else is working correctly for removing except for the display
Thanks for letting some of us in Vic !! But now let us spread the love to our friends eh ! :)
and.. now we know what will happen if some popular account posts a public post..
I'm adding you to my circle because you invented this thing and I want to know who to yell at when something goes awry. Just kidding, fantastic work.
well that explains why i couldn't invite my wife. XD
Shut down the invite system, make it public? Wow Vic!
Love it so far! Thanks for opening it up to so many so soon! Hope more invites will be available soon!
Facebook and Twitter is in trouble. Awesome stuff :)
Great that Google Takeout is supported up front, but I sure don't want to test this feature out. Good start!
I just invited 2 friends!
Thank you for letting in us who got in. This is so awesome
I think it was excellent choice to open it up for a while. Fully approve of the current strategy. It was great to see the overwhelmingly positive response! Btw, looks like "sort by +1's" on comments isn't a bad idea now :)
Tim K
and tomorrow, another round of epic invites
I'm deleting my facebook right now!
Added friends today and tested it out - absolutely LOVE the product!! Great job and proud to be a Googler
I love that the data portability front of Google+ is called Google Takeout instead of something boring like "download your data". Cheeky, just the way I like Google.
You mean, that google won't bunker the data we left?
+Vic Gundotra you guys got visualiztion of the invite trail? geo-tagged? would be cool to see :)
It is early, but you guys seem to be launching very well. Keep up the good work!
wonder how many people total are on G+ after today
Cool thing you've built here.
It seems finally Facebook will have a opponent :) nice work so far ..... I can t wait to see what else do you have around (new fonts, new search interface)
Ok thanks for letting us know! I'll be exploring this for a few hours now haha waiting to invite some people.
Great work on Google+ Vic, really love it so far :)
Great job Google!! Thanks for the invites!
Thanks for checking in. Was a trip to Hangout with you.
There are a lot of requests even in internet is full of requests!!! You made it! Congrats!
Awesome, this post is exactly up to 1000 shares as I type this. Can't wait for friends to get on to +
If invites open up again, will we need to reinvite everyone that we invited (who didn't make it) today?
I think you can still invite people by making a post and sharing it to their email address.
Take the risk! Be bold! Be young and crazy again! Don't conform, don't become a IBM .. In good Portuguese: "A sorte protege os audazes!"
fufill our demand!!!!!! but nice job :)
Hello, when I can invite my friends agains? :)
Looking good so far. Lots of potential; I think you may have a winner in G+.
Thanks for opening it up in the first place! Loving it so far, and I can't wait to see what's in store for us!
Why isn't the notification for G+ on the igoogle page.... igoogle is great, but needs a serious update!
I can't get my personal contact info removed from Plus. Mobile view is showing me waaay more than I ever entered anywhere. There needs to be a context sensitive edit button to let me edit that info. All is see in mobile view for "About" is too much contact info, help, and sign out. There's no edit button and no parallel n the desktop. 
Vic, you should be happy that means that Google+ is a hit :)...and now you guys are taking over my life in another area as well;)...Youve already got me addicted to Chrome, Android, gmail and now this
It's awesome just find a way to simplify adding friends so it doesn't scare away facebook users because right now its only useful to people that have some kind of computer knowledge. Try separation between circles and adding friends. Circles could be a different way of grouping your friends.
thanks for opening the floodgate even if it was just a limited my invite from lifehacker members :D
Kashy F
when are we going to be able to invite people again?
Very impressed with this so far. Much more granular than FB.
Neeraj Mathur, now Google+ public profile URL is freaking long and consist of huge number, you can't tell friend. That's different from Facebook , for my facebook profile, i just said to friend to visit to type : , then they found my profile, can't do this on Google+
To answer my own question: already sent invites are still valid.
Just wanted to add further congrats - have been playing with Google+ for the last hour, and so far very impressed.
@Vic great job so far! One suggestion to speed things up; Please create a place where developers and product people can contribute with suggestions, bug reports, mock ups etc... There are a lot of people who want to help.
Also search isn't working too well at the moment. I tried full name and first name - nothing came up until I put their Surname-only in the search box
Google+ : Social networking done right.
+Neeraj Mathur I have no idea. I'm pretty sure this worked for me even before G+.
No, no, no, Google! You have to ride the wave of momentum and fix things as you go along. It's too risky to let people potentially get bored because they can't interact with the people they want. Just get to critical mass first and then throttle it. Critical mass is everything.
Vic, you are a god. Love google +, lucky to have gotten an invite. Good luck, I hope this goes HUGE!
Now if only I can get a Google Music invite ;) --@Vic anything you can do to help me there ^^
the timing for invitations was bad for India. Everyone was sleeping here at that time. Thankfully, I was awake this early morning and managed to send quite a few invites
Why no YouTube integration for video....I thought for sure YouTube would be where our videos would go
Me Too Rick - I was hoping for YouTube integration... maybe it will come....
I'd prefer getting a couple invites per person to this. There are other timezones than Pacific :-/. 
Google Takeout: It's your data, your relationships, your identity. very nice
Just don't be too stingy with them. I think one of the biggest reasons Wave flopped was the lack of people to try it with.
Please turn back on. Setup my account but when I came back later we unable to invite my friends. :(
Need people to invite to see the full power of g+ ! Turn it on again please :-)
Well executed to replace Facebook, Twitter, and Skype and also make them look "evil" with Google Takeout. I am buying some GOOG
We broke Google+! lol Good to see the excited around it! Looking forward to getting all my friends and family on this! Let us know when we can expect to invite again :)
+Vic Gundotra erm, you probably know it already, but you have an invite bug, everyone can invite (they just have to know how, google around for it)....
Google just took a huge steaming dump in everybody's back yard... great job with this!!! 
But still possibile to add contacts using the share functionality, on purpose?
Too bad. I missed several friends because I wasn't sure about their gmail-account or they had Google Apps accounts. Perhaps invitations with a limited depth could be an initial solution.

EDIT: I guess even sent out invites are worthless now because it complains about over-capacity when they try to register. :(
+Ihar Mahaniok create circle, add non-invited people to that circle, share something to that circle, and the people will get an invite....but tough call how to handle that case; little point for those that arent invited to get something shared if they cannot have a way to get into google+....
Wow, I got in 'just' on the right time!
It seems it was only open (and known) while it was the middle of the night here i Europe.
Yeah, Asia only had a slim window to get onbard before invites closed. 
Hey Vic, Like what you have done with the place! Bit of a shame I have no friends to test it out with - can we not get gmail-style 5 invites per person? Without friends it is pretty pointless having an account! Great work so far, well done to the whole team.
Could you please tell us when can invited user create their accounts, because now they get the "Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon." message. Thank you
I am in Europe and.. got rewarded for being a hard working night-active creature :D I maxed out my invites.
Well done guys! You may have hit something very sweet in social :)
Really it has this awesome UI.. loving it <3
ehm... looks like if you share any post with your friends (through email) they can join easily ;-)
I hope it opens up again soon!
Leave?i just arrived :) ..jokes apart i like much more than buzz...that was terrible..sorry say that!.
Mohammad: When Apple decides to allow it. That's the downside with a non-open Market/Appstore. I'm sure they will have to allow it though sooner or later, or face potential anti-competative enquiries again.
Yeah, invites are not as closed as you'd hope...
When you will start it ? I am alone using it...not able to send any invites to friends.....
I guess this is s good problem to have. Hoping for a swift resolution! :-)
Colin Adams
I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is an incredibly stupid move. Right now is when you need to be opening the gates, while you have all of this publicity. If you close the doors like this and most of us only have a handful of friends, if that, people won't have a good experience, they'll say it sucks, and the site will be panned by critics before it even gets started.

This is exactly what happened to Wave. It sounded awesome, but nobody could join, so no one had any friends they could communicate with. I hoped you would have learned from your past mistakes. Social media sites are not the place to apply this silly semi-private beta thing that you use for the other Google services.
+Colin Adams They shut it down for the night, not forever. Let them catch their breath. They'll sort it out in short order, I'm sure.
Good that you closed it. It was creating so much of fuss :)
Right now is when the gates NEED to be temporarily shut. It's not forever calm down. This is still BETA and because of that there are bound to be kinks that need to be straightened out before going full public... If we want it to go to the masses then let's do it right. ..wait DO we want it to go to all the public? Facebook became MySpace on the count of that. Lol
+Colin Adams I think you people are forgetting that this is a field trial - to smooth out rough edges. There's a good reason to limit the number of users when your product still have glitches.

If you were Google, would you risk disappointing millions of people and have them stay at Facebook? We're talking about ordinary, non-geek, non-tech people who are much less tolerant to faults.
We were waiting for this web since long time!
I'm not sure if this is the right forum to advertise this in, Rohan...
The amount of awesomeness of G+ is insane.

THIS is good work. Now please, move Buzz here and I'll be ecstatic camper :D
yet I can add people however~
what's the current number of crowd using Google + reached?
And THAT is why this is monumentally better than facebook.
+Vic Gundotra good job. I just wish that the invite will be activated again soon and maybe limiting everyone for at least 10 invites for now? It would be nice to test Google+ with at least 10 to 20 friends that we really know.

Kudos as well for the takeout option. That feature itself made Google+ better than facebook.
please integrate a messaging system, like facebook`s one.
Will you enable invites again today?
Please include a scroll bar on G Chat. I can only see the top 10 or so people on my list.
@GeorgeEnea lol don't need to compare with Facebook. It's a great system, but Google's are even better in many aspects! Google+ is already integrated with Gtalk (and Gmail as well)
The +1 count currently stands at +890. I wonder what happens when it crosses 1,000. Does it say +1k?

How about +1m?

Having a posts get a million +1s would be quite a sight to see.
Vic, any idea when you would re-enable this? :). I've to send out invites to all my facebook clan you know? :)
This is exacty what I plan to do with my invites.
Fantastic platform, Vic, very well done. Turning off invites so quickly is in a sense a sign of success. Would that all products had those problems. It is everything that I had hoped for, and promises to be much more than that, even.
Great job! Keep the updates coming!
Hangout 在中国被墙,愤怒!
G+ is great!!!! But why don't the comments have the Expand and Collapse feature or show a limit amount of them, sometimes they are such a long list. Same thing for the Shared name list and +1 name list.
Yes, do bring them back...converting FB to G+ is so much fun.
Is it only possible for Google employees to invite other people (when it's open)?
Much better than facebook already. I hope it stays and grows and doesn't go the way of wave. Any chance that google voice may get integrated?
it still can work! thanks!
the sharing workaround works randomly. managed to get a friend in from australia but failed for germany. depends on location maybe?
Nope, it doesn't depend on location, I think. It's just a matter of time and how many others sign up at this time.

@Ken: The workaround mentioned is
It is truly amazing that I can use a social network without fear that the data I enter into it will be lost forever.

Yes, some networks allow you to export your contacts. But you guys are exporting the stream too? Amazing!
The system is smart.. It is not about invites going out, it is about the system allowing new accounts.
Really hope you guys turn it back on. I never got to invite any of the friends. (Keep up the good job Google!)
+Cory Goz Yeah, first I was waiting for Google Profiles to be enabled on Apps just so I could use the +1 feature on a Google search. Now I'm really wanting Profiles to be enabled for Apps accounts since they're required for Google+. (And Google+ is just plain awsm.)
When are you going to re-enable the invite mechanism? Can't wait for my friends to try it!
add people you want to invite into a temp circle, then share a post to the temp circle...
When will you reactivate it ?
It might be a chair to keyboard interface problem...
So happy to be a part of this. Absolutely loving Circles and Hangout is fun. Hope you guys manage to sneak in some sleep while you're changing the world.
This is awesome.. but please make it possible to mute a circle
Any idea when it will be back up? Kinda lonely since I didn't get a chance to invite my friends lol.
I got to "hang out" with Vic twice; I asked about expansion to new users, and he explained how they are trying to figure out algorithms for narrow expansion of DENSE networks, rather than explosive wide networks (aka, they want a bunch of close friends on it at first, rather than sending it out to everyone at once).
只想来留个名 哈哈 if news shared by GR & google+1 can be seen in the timeline will be better
Yea. It was those tech blogs who started handing out invites fault. While that probably allowed many of us to get on, pretty sure that wasn't how Google wanted it.
lonely too..i'm very excited but i only have one friend :D
stay on message.. privacy!
i only have random people from google+ and larry page :/
I kinda had a different problem than lack of invitations. I sent a few to friends. But the friends said they couldn't sign up because it said it had too many people. ...How to fix that? They have an invitation.
@regina- patience I guess. they shut down the invite mechanism last night. opened it again today for a while and then shut it down again. I find it all very random though. it might depend on location. A friend of mine from australia was able to join but people in europe can't
Chan Li
I love photo share
Still playing with it. Looking great so far
where can we post comments on possible points of improvements? I'm loving it so far, but have a few comments. This is a public beta, right?
Why does this post show up above posts that have been posted today?
Why "Beta" word is not there in Logo???
+mark lastiwka no, it's private beta.
+Chris Heald I had thought about using the feedback, but they aren't problems per se, more like suggestions to improve the experience (at least from my pov)
Any way of bulk inviting Facebook contacts?
You can export your contacts from facebook to Gmail and import them here :)
As awesome as this service already is, that you easily enable users to completely opt out, and especially take their data with them, is even more awesome. Unlike with other non-named big social sites I've never had to doubt the handling of my data with Google as a ~10 years gmail user. Way to go!
Has anyone been able to receive an actual notification on your phone? How often does it check? I've been manually refreshing to get new notifications.
I too had to manually refresh on the Android app. Even when it was open it wouldn't automatically get new content.
i sent an invite to my wife last night, and she went to retrieve it today and it didn't work :( Just did the keep me informed. HELP!!!
There was an update to the Android app in the market today: before the update I didn't get any notifications but now I'm getting lots.
Is there a way to view how many subscribers are already on Google+? That would be fun to keep track of.
As soon as I mentioned that this notification came lol. +ChrisHeald
How do you mention someone when they aren't connected with you yet? Can only do that on the site?
If you guys slow things down to much you will stifle growth of this new product and it will dud like a bad firework on Fourth of July.
One of the problems with Wave was that you couldn't get everyone you knew joined because of the limited invites. By the time that was eased, it was too late, people had moved on. Google needs to add resources to this fast, while word of mouth is positive. People can tolerate problems (look at Tumblr), but they can't tolerate a vacuum of isolation in a social network.
Great to be one of the people able to test this but I agree with the latest comments. I have about 10 people asking me for invites right now within one hour. Wonder how long they will stay interested and I would like to expand my circles :)
Hi Vic! Congratulations for your job in Google! :) I remember, and I have watched many times, your keynote at Google I/O 2010 :)
I mean it is kind of true though. There is a lot of buzz surrounding this and I have about 20 that want invites. I wasn't able to invite any of my friends except a couple.
Congrats! This is a cool tool/toolset indeed. Next: full integration with Calendar, Docs... and Wave (please)?

This would beat FB, because it would actually make it useful in the most tangible way.
Pretty nice work! :) Good to see that you are letting the people in, in contrast to the Wave invite strategy. It's the people that will make Google+ live and breathe.
I love that I'm in here, but I would love to have some friends to hangout with.. :(
I think Sparks should behave a bit more like "liking" things on facebook - i.e. sparks should be listed somewhere on the profile page.
i know this could be 'takin' from an un-named social network, but is there a way to directly post/comment toward ONE of your circle buddies? or is it already implemented in the 'share' area where you can specify who to share it with?
Love Google+ - think it is awesome already and will get even better, as more features are added. Can't wait for the wider public release and sending invites to all of my contacts!
+Brad Pitts I agree with one exception. It seems the government wants to make it so that Google can't shove it in our face every time we use search.
It is exactly as you said Eugene. Just choose one person to share with.
so i just tried out that posting thing toward one basically, when they look at their stream, and go to the certain circle they put me in, only they can see what i posted toward them correct?
Although the invite mechanism is removed, you can still invite people by sharing a post with them through email, then they can "View or Comment" and "Join Google +"...
It is still possible to invite by adding emails (of the people you want to invite) in the "share" option. Once the recipient receives the email. He/she can use Google+ by clicking "Join Google+" button in the email.
+Salman Khan - Hey that didn't work for me. I just invited The Wife and it keeps redirecting to the G+ home page.
Depends, it works for some. I've invited tonnes of people with this method, although it didn't work for a few.

Sometimes this depends if the person has a Google profile (it is needed).
Salman Khan that is not possible anymore dude.
Don't you think talking about workarounds in Vic's thread is a pretty good way yo get them patched quickly? Lol
Yes Wayne Howard :P That is why people talk about it over here :P

But i dont think so that vic is reading all this comments, What say?
Any idea when it will be open again? Will the people who we invited be able to accept while it is closed if the invite went out during the open period? Thanks.
Somebody was reading it because I'm not able to add people via posting anymore.
+Emanuel Berglund Ah the way that car puts itself together, just hilarious! Err, I think by accident the conversation diverted off topic. So uh, how many managed to actually get a reasonable amount of friends in? I only managed to grant access to 1 person I know well. Luckily some of my other friends are already on the service though.
Love + and the only problem is that I could only get one friend in, my wife :)
Any news on when the invites are coming back?
Integrate Wave here. Comments on Comments and -1will make a big difference..

And on top of everything

"Please Release API" :)
Yea. They are coming in now. How do we tag people in the app in a post?
Practical, Easy and Innovative...It has Google touch everywhere :) Thanks!!!! Some people are afraid of Google and Its Monopoly... Please Dont Be Evil :) ;)
I know that +Sandeep T. And I think the tagging isn't working on the app +Rafeal Miranda.
Regina, I was speaking of notifications. 
Heh. I dunno how they chose the people this time. I got into Gmail, I'm typing from a CR-48 having gotten into that, yet I didn't even hear of Google+ till my friend told me of it. O.o
For whatever reason, it is not working for me. Only pops up people in my contacts. 
I'm using the app. That's what I am asking about. Doing it on the app.
i dont understand why people keep on bothering about the "sucess" story of wave. As you may have noticed most of the wave features have been included in other google products. Even google+ is somekind of a wave product
thank you for something modern, real, forward thinking and pro-ish on privacy. Next question is, when can i import everything i wound up posting on tht zuckerbook site? (photos, contacts, etc)
Great stuff. Just sucks that I can't hangout with people, since I can't invite them
So far I'm loving this. I just can't wait for the invites to go back live. Lol a social networking device without people can only do so much.
does takeout allow you to take out a list of all emails of contacts too?
By the way, is it true now that the "old" way of sharing some text with a friend's E-Mail address isn't working any more to invite them?
Looks like Emails are sent out, but when they click "Learn More" they only get to see the "Keep me Posted" Button.
Or is it just high load? To me, the site doesn't feel like it's under strain.
No new users are able to join right now.
I think Google is slowly letting people in. I've been adding people to my list all day and some are slowly joining.
+Tipsy McStagger Same here. I've added 10 or 15 people, and one or two have gotten in so far. I think if you just add their gmail addresses to your circles, they'll eventually get an invite by the time the queue gets around to them.
I just shared content with another gmail account of mine as a test, and I got an email saying so. I clicked on the "Learn more..." button and it took me to page where I could create a Google+ account. Currently testing this with real people.
Feature Request: Wave integration. It's a phenomenal collaboration tool (I could see using it along with the hangout feature, or just getting status lines in my feed about how many new waves I have.) My wife uses it heavily with her group for work. This would be a boon. Thanks!
@Joshua Clark - We have done this the whole day. It works quite well.. Some struggle since you could need to try several times before it works. But as far as I know its just to share a post with any email. I dont think it necessary needs to be with gmail-accounts.
Well done Vic and team - it would be great to hear you on TWiG in the next few weeks to talk about how this amazing launch has been :)
@Melker, Thanks, I'll keep trying. At first, I tried to just create a circle with people needing invites and share something with that circle, but it didn't appear to work. Trying to just share with one individual at a time right now.
I got it. Give one invite to each person, which they can invite one friend. Do this every 30 days, or send out invites via Twitter
Very awesome effort by the Google team! I'm excited to contribute through feedback! Bring on the healthy competition!
This is awesome! So easy to use and categorize. Thanks Google!
Invites coming back anytime soon?
when might you be turning the invitation mechanism on again? while google + is awesome, without more users, i think you will lose some steam. Take advantage of the buzz and viral effect. I'm rooting for you guys to uproot facebook!
I just totally realized another useful feature of Google+s circles. COLLEGES AND JOBS CAN'T SPY AND JUDGE YOU ANYMORE! Unless you have them in a circle or your bad statuses and pics in Public. So unlike FB, they can't see if you qualify by your internet status.
I've heard the invite mechanism is back for some people
we call this a high-class problem in the web world. :-)
Zach R
+Roland Anderson now when you say "erase all trace of yourself" is this data actually removed? - Anyways, I am liking all of the privacy features currently with Google+.
Let's get some more people on here! Release the hounds!
A social network depends upon other people in your social life using it.
This social network is nothing if none of my friends are here.
Google+ is nothing if the only things in my stream are posts from Googlers I've followed talking about Google+.
Give us invites back, please. You have momentum now, keep it going.
tl;dr Vanity may be the reason Facebook stays strong.

I'm very much rooting for Google+, but I feel like it may actually be too late; a lot of people are ingrained with Facebook. People already have a huge archive of photos, videos and tags, and it may sound vain, but that's enough for people to stay put.

Who can be bothered to re-upload all that stuff? It may sound silly to some, but to the average social network user, that's a very important part of their profile, not just online, but as a person.

But let's hope for the best and watch it pan out!
Great job - I feel more excitement for this than I did for Wave because people I know are actually using G+ - that's awesome.
Until we're allowed to use some more invites, Google+ is totally useless. I am looking forward to this getting off of the ground, and I'm rooting for you guys, but I was only able to get in two invites last night. So for now, the only reason I have to check + is to see if my invite button is back.
Vanity may be the reason. But I think a lot of children will be able to use Google+ vs FB or Myspace. With the added privacy, parents may not be so afraid to let their children use social networking. And if children join up, then as they grow older and their children get added, it may just outweigh Facebook.
YMMV, Leah, obviously, but...I got in twenty minutes before the shutdown last night, already had twenty-five followers when I logged in, and invited over a hundred people in before they closed invites. And they got some invites out, too.

If you don't know a lot of people here today, you will soon enough.
What does this vaunted button look like? I've yet to see one.
Cannot see anymore Google Suggestions as a profile. It was definitely useful to provide information, and see what the other users would like to have
I think the invites are back up. I tested it with my other gmail account and it went through and one of my friends was able to join. I used the sharing post method. Also to clarify, the person you're inviting needs a gmail account right?
just used the share via email to sign up another's currently working....
Looks like it worked for once .... but not sending invite anymore.
Just worked for me. Another Gmailer got in with the link I sent her.
Daud i
see the invi after 6-8 hours works
Somehow I still got in :)
add the people you want to invite to your circles with their email address. Then make a post to them... they will receive an email notifying them, and when they click the link, they will be taken to Google+ setup. I just added 30 people this way!
if you have suggestions use the send feedback button on the bottom of the page.
Some friends aren't showing up in the chat even though they are online, they can't see me and i can't see them...anyone have the same problem? Notified Google with the feedback button
+Olcan ... I've had problems regarding chats/hangouts. Mostly Google Voice/Camera issues. I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled several times. Either Google fixed it for me or somehow I did it myself in the process :P. See if that works for you.
It looks like the only people I have on my chat list are the people who have agreed to be on Gtalk with me
Looks like you opened the gates again. 
A timeline could save us lot of time that we spend checking on if the invitation is open or not?
I get that everyone wants to invite all their friends lol I do to but heh I am patient. There is always a reason for everything.
I´m in, but can´t I invite my friends? what's happenning?
I think they hit the capacity of people they wanted to test it for now. Just be patient. It sucks I know but in time all will be able to join.
Invitations are working again, just no "Invite" button. Share something directly with an email address, or add email addresses to a circle and share to that.
Google+ is still in "field test" stage, so demanding invites to be open seems a bit rude to me...
I am curious how many people are actually using G+ now.
IMHO, it was the very slow roll-out of invites that prevented people from using and enjoying Wave. (Outside of the fact that Wave also had that "designed by an engineer" feel to it.)

The important thing will be to open it up before all of the existing users start growing weary of not being able to include all of their other friends, family, and acquaintances.
To invite people, you just write in the share box:

"Click on the 'view or comment' link below and you should be able to join"

And then you add outside emails where it says "Add more people" in the box below.

Not exactly straightforward, but pretty easy...
My friends and I are loving the service. Can't wait to get all my friends on here so I can get off Facebook! : D
Loving Google+ - Very nice done. The next many weeks are going to be crazy for you - Happy to be a part.
Thanks! Love this... hope you can go public soon. Sooo want to get rid of Facebook...
By the way, I'm in Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, and I can't see the Google+ app in the Android Market. Can you please check? Thanks.
I've found that it only works for individuals and not for entire circles =/
Can we have any numbers on how many invites were handed out?
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