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We have a new iPhone version of Google+ being rolled out right now.

I hope you like our new user experience.

Expect this to show up on Android in the next few weeks (with a few additional surprises).

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Mike Rose
Is there an iPad version coming out?
Awesome! What about an iPad version?
Wow, this looks amazing! Can't wait for the Android version.
iPhone gets it BEFORE android??
I am not complaining...just surprised.
Man that is a good looking app! Thanks in advance +Vic Gundotra! I can't wait to get it.
Interesting... Why iOS first?
Why is Apple first? I would assume more Android users use G+.
releasing a new G+ version for the iPhone before Android??? Ironic, wouldn't you say???
Why can't the apps just be equal? Why does Android get "additional surprises?" Way to segregate the social media experience!
That is complete makeover to the current version. Looks great! 
Looking slick Vic! Wow, see what I just did there?
great!! this is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks!
Okay, updating now. I'm on the current iphone version and the system has been really working great. Hope the new one is even better!
About time, Vic! Where you guys been? Oh, and could you tell someone on the inside at Fort Google to fix Contacts. They're totally borked.
Are you going to release an iPad version? And, what about the white space?
Android users, as +Vic Gundotra said, expect it with a few ADDITIONAL surprises, that'd be why you guys get it later :)
Will the new version allow us to initiate and join Hangouts On Air?
Looks like it is preloaded with Suggested User Lists.
Why in the world would you release it for the iPhoney first?!?
When are we going to get one for ipad? this blown up low res 2x version of the iphone app is horrible!
Nice. We are waiting for the android version now :-)
+Vic Gundotra I wanna work in your games division. I see so much potential with games in chrome...I use it every day...PLEASE have someone email me...i'd work for free for the first 2 weeks just to show you i have what it takes.
+Aaron Wood my guess on difference would be on what's allowed by iOS or some limitation like that. Everything equal, they wouldn't deliberately have more functions in one and not on another. 
Good news...I think the current G+ app is a bit lacking. Hope the new version makes it easier to manage multiple pages. Also, love the comments here about why you released iPhone before Android. They have a very good point.
finger crossed for pages accessibility on mobile for my design company +JUPAGO !
I kinda doubt the surprises will be worth the baffling quality that is Google giving the iFail users priority on updates.
+Aaron Wood If the apps were equal I would have this on my Sensation right now. At least you get to use the new app. Google is just feeding the feeling that iPhone users get apps first. I really do not care but I am surprised that the Big G would release anything on iOS first. Maybe they want to stroke iPhone users ego and get them to sign up. IDK.
Joe Tee
the blog post just dazzled me with all the fruity adjectives
Those "additional surprises" better out weigh the early iPhone release.
I like the new look but have to use it on iPad - I hope there is an ipad specific app on the roadmap.
I am really looking forward to the Android version - I guess with those pictures, it's clear that Google is no longer "weak" when it comes to state-of-the-art design!
This looks gorgeous. Can't wait to try it out!
really liking the look of this! Can't wait to see it on Android.
If Android has to wait two weeks, it better be awesome and not be a tiny update with a few bug fixes. Looks like the iPhone version just moved ahead.

For those wondering why iPhone and Android don't get released at the same time, from what I've read, the Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. developers are separate teams or something like that.
The app is much better than before, but reading the stream is a pain. The text is really missing. 
Looks really good! Can't wait to get it on Android.
For iPad have a look at +iShare+ . Its 3rd party but fully native and it works full screen.
Looks gorgeous! Let's get this on Android asap!
lets see.. Android belongs to Google, but the iPhone gets it first? Where are Google's priorities? Wouldnt it make sense to put it on your own device first?!?!?
My god people are idiots. Obviously the iOS version was just finished faster. Its not like they sat down and said 'ok, let's redesign the app. Start with iOS then do Android." They said "here is the new UI. Lets get to work." And the iOS version was finished first.
Could someone explain me the real utility of the messenger function? I've never got it...

Anyway, cool update! Even if I'd tweak a bit the stream section... It's eyecandy, but quite unreadable, over all on small screens I guess
Can't wait for the Android update! ;)
I don't care if the Android version rolls out a little later as long as it's not crashy.
Quick question for +Vic Gundotra - Will you be rolling out a version of Google+ as well as a few other Google apps for the new Blackberry 10 devices coming out soon?
Thank you +Vic Gundotra! The new design is fantastic. So glad to see Google taking design seriously these days.
May I add my voice and that of my iPhone: Thank you.
+Rob Aymett People are idiots? It would make sense to still release the Android version first even if the iOS version sits back a few weeks. Do you feel more intelligent then others with your asinine remark?
I'm getting "All Apps Are Up to Date", +Vic Gundotra. Can I assume that app updates are a rolling server thing, just like website updates? Is there a way to manually force it?
Would have loved to see link posting and post editing prioritized over this UI change.
+John H. Moore search in the app store and there it will have update button. Takes time to propagate for common(all) updates tab.
My guess is that the old iOS version was more in need of being replaced than the Android version was. I've seen countless complaints about the G+ app from iPhone owners, but the Android version is pretty damn good (although a new version is always welcomed!)
Can't wait for the Android version... and see what the "additional surprises" are...please let it be white space!
Looks great on the IPhone, but where is the IPad version. 
"Generate google+ public post link" please
Great job delivering the ICS Holo experience on iOS. I expect a mindblowing Android version in these coming weeks.
Would love for the web version to look like this!
I'm excited to see the new Android version! I'm really hoping one of the surprises is that messenger and gtalk are going to merge. How about it +Vic Gundotra ?
Cant wait for the android app . Hopefully it will come with a droid tablet optimimized version
It certainly looks nice. Looking forward to the Android rollout.
Can't wait to seeit on Android!!! It's a wonderful UI (and UX)!
that looks amazing. want on android asap
Few weeks le Android army can not wait that long
I hope that the extra surprise is that Google Talk and G+ Messenger are merging but some how I doubt it.
I don't mean to be the grounded sensible guy of the bunch but where's an Android tablet optimized app at?
iPhone first? Hopefully the Android "surprises" are worth the wait!
hmm just proves its still an iPhone world when they are rolling out the app before the "Google" phone
Blows my mind that iOS would see this update before Android.

Getting quite used to seeing it with every other app out there, but a Google app?
Sounds good... not seeing it as an update thru iTunes yet, tho?
Thank god. The newest iPhone version sucks. Lags horribly when using "+" raging 
I'm sure this is very nice, but where's a proper iPad version? This new version is even less usable on a 10" screen, thanks to the new photo format. Please stop pretending the most popular tablet doesn't exist!
I don't understand why you put a small sliver of your profile picture behind it when everyone just added a cover photo last week. Use the cover photo behind the profile picture instead.
And yet you STILL can't share a link from the app or the mobile website. I guess I'll have to keep using Facebook when I want to share links with my friends, huh, +Vic Gundotra?
It's terrible, you guys hate iOS users?

No more skimming, pics are low res and distorted, I just shared someone's post when I meant to reply and the scrolling fade-in thing makes me nauseous.

I would love to love the new interface and second the request for an iPad app but please just revert back and keep things simple and useful.
Will be a long couple of weeks for me waiting for the Android version! :P Can't wait for the "surprises" though... will be worth the wait.
iPhone tends to get apps first because there are only a couple of phones that run iOS compared to the countless number of Android phones that an app must be compatible with. Android apps must be tested and proved to work on huge lineup of phones. This is the reason iPhones get apps first.
Google really can't decide how G+ should look, can they? Right now the web, mobile-web, iPhone, and Android UIs all look wildly different.

The white-on-white-plus-drop-shadow text for the comments and +1s looks like a twelve-year-old's first time playing with Photoshop. Maybe some day Google will hire some consistent, competent UX designers and their apps will start looking reasonably competitive.
How do you release a new iphone version before android? How?
Greg M
Is it me or can one not edit your posts in this app on the iPad yet one can use the normal web interface via Safari on the iPad and edit your posts.
iOS first? Is this a joke? April fools is over, Google.
+Vic Gundotra what does it say to the Android faithful when Google releases a new version of their software to iPhone users weeks before they release it to their own platform? I think its odd personally, however we users do not know the reasons, and probably won't care much once we get it on Android :p Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
+Greg M You can't edit posts & comments in either the iOS app or the mobile web interface. How do you get to the desktop web interface on iPad? Last I tried was after the whitespace rollout, and then it crashed pretty quickly. Now the option appears to be gone.
Love it! Even on iPad it's better than the old version. (and will there be an iPhone version?) :)
I will twiddle my thumbs while I wait for a decent G+ experience on my tablet.

There are very few apps that use tablet ICS well, and it is probably incumbent on Google to take the lead.

Currents is very nice, Gmail is nice and Google Earth is lovely, but everything else feels like it is still on a "to-do" list somewhere.

The G+ app (on the tablet) feels like an afterthought because someone remembered that there are actually Android Tablet users rather than something that was designed for a tablet.
These are all different platforms, and so it makes sense that apps would different across platforms, as each platform has different common UIs
Sick! Hopefully there will be an edit option on the new version
Thats Just awesome. Iphone users will now understand that Google can also create great design and UI. That's great because they always see the products ugly and bad as they never tried them. Go on and bring us more Apple people, convert them :-D
Big step forward - like the photo shared overview from circles. (+++)
Ipad version (-)
Hangout/Talk (-)
I'm hoping for an iPad specific app that will take more advantage of all of that visual real estate...
The new look is gorgeous! The only problem I have is with the display of the profile image on the home-screen, is cut in half. Maybe you guys can consider a spring effect like Path. 
Vic are you punking us, I can't believe your releasing on iOS first :( that being said keep up the good work sir
Still no iPad version :-(

And those shiny animations just make the app slower... Not sure it was worth it. 
Anyone remember that other thing? What was it called... Euh... Facebook! :) this new google+ design classifies #facebook as prehistoric! Great work!
Waiting for this so long! Thanks for completing this task of making the iPhone #GooglePlus ready!
Looks great! I can't wait to try it on my gn.
I just checked it out on my iPhone, and it is really nice.
Can't wait to see it on my Nexus.
Cool. The + desktop experience was so much better, it was sad to use the mobile one.
Wow, nice. Great update. Hope iPad version coming soon. 
Helvetica Neue, looks nice! I wonder where I've seen that font before.... Hmmm?
I can't wait to experience #caturday on this interface.
Excellent interface. But takes time to get used to.. 
Definitely better (from what I have seen)...but can we at least try and work in a "real" iPad version. What is funny is that after reading +Guy Kawasaki's e-book on Google+, I have really enjoyed using it. However, I have definitely wanted a better IOS experience. This will narrow the gap for now.
I know #'s wise I'm out of luck, but I would LOVE a better experience on my windows phone. Can't even tag people the way it is.
what a joke?! first for ios then android? come on google.....
Looks fantastic, but come on..this should have been rolled out on android first or at least simultaneously..;) 
Re Mi
+Vic Gundotra
The only complaint I have, it is way more of a pain to use google messenger. Hopefully they give iOS a stand alone app so we can use it like android. besides that, I love it.
what...right now, right now? As in, I can go and get it now?
This looks great!!! Thank you! Hope to see something with the mail app soon.
I have to say, I really really like this update. It looks beautiful and is a pleasure to use. Well done Google!
When is the tablet/iPad version coming out? Using an iPhone app is a disaster on a big screen.
Wish people would used Google+ more it's a great service!
Hope the update fixes the lack of HD pictures in the contact app!
Now, this is nice... Please do something equally great with Gmail for iPhone and iPad.
when is the iPad version coming out?
This is nice. Well done. 
I'll sell my Samsung Galaxy to buy an iPhone :-(
Good looking, but -damn it- the typeface size is now so big the headlines are truncated to just two lines of text, offering much less information.

Google has priorized a fashionable looking over practicality, and I judge this is a mistake when you have to deal with a small smartphone display.
I hope one of the Android surprises is a tablet version, but if not I'm still excited!
It looks amazing. Absolutely fantastic. Great job. 
Love it, good work, I love the pop up fade in as you scroll down!
Eddie N
Can we +1 comments on posts on the Android version now?
Thanks you ;-)
Oh, this is finally so much better than version 1.0. I was getting sick of the lack of advancements. 
I like it so far. Feels a bit like path and flipboard.
wow this interface is much better, luv it
About effing time. This current version really sucks. I was starting to wonder if Google made the iOS version crappy because they wanted to support Android under-handedly. Also where is the iPad app?
+Sebas Valenzuella haha that would be true, if high-end Android devices didn't cost more than the iPhone. And they're worth every penny ;-)
MUCH BETTER! Thanks for the update.
iPhone app is great. Now release iPad app please!
Y'all killed it. Facebook should be nervous.
Pretty awesome +Vic Gundotra but I seem to have lost the default stream/circle option. That was a great feature. Am I just missing something obvious?
iPad version please? This would look amazing on my bigger screen. 
It's beautiful!! I really like it! Thanks SO much for listening and improving my G+ experience via my iPhone!!!

It's beautiful and goes a long way to make me want to get my news here
I appreciate the update and the UI looks interesting but I'm disappointed we didn't get the ability to edit posts or comments nor did we get the ability to insert links into a post.

I access G+ about 70% of the time from mobile and for me these missing features really hurt the experience.
look great thank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will there be an official Windows Phone version?
I just upgrade and I have to say very nice improvement. I love the interface I can seem to surf it much smoother and better. Good job keep it up!
Funny how apple the company that wanted to go thermonuclear against android is always getting these apps first...
I wonder if we will ever see a version of G+ for windows phone? I love G+ but I use it far less because there is no app for my phone :(
hopefully one of those surprises is android tablet optimization ;-) I really don't like the current experience and I don't want to be forced to use my tablet in portrait.
Although sugar candy looks good, the stream just turned unusable - you have to click every post to read it.

Maybe I am missing something, but I expect from stream to be readable not turned into useless photo gallery...
Looks good but having problems with comments where a sound cloud song has been posted but sharing disabled - heads up
The iPhone got an updated G+ app before android? World Backwards in we are?
Errm, shouldn't the +Android version be out first? Some things about G+ really annoy me, like the inability to post a link AND a location, or the inability with work with the 64bit version of +Opera due to crappy browser sniffing on Googles part, or the crappy way the Android app shares links that aren't the same way the website works and so on....

That said, it's still 100,000,000 times better than Facebook, so can't really complain.
Loving it so far... Though will take some getting used to!
kool!! what about 4 the ipod touch?
Three iPad variants and still no iPad version? I want to use g+ more and you're promoting me to stay on Facebook with this iPhone only app!
Like the new experience on iPhone! Jealous about the android surprises though.
Few suggestions on awesome app:
1. Profile header should not be translucent. It should be dark charcoal grey.(like the chrome of the app)
2. Background of the app should be light to demarcate distance between posts. Everything now looks too busy.
3. Post text on top of big image should have black translucent background. Very hard to read if the image itself have white header.
4. UI oversight - Search interface still has old black app chrome frame with glossy look.

Overall awesome overhaul +Vic Gundotra & team.

Another thought. Completely my opinion, you guys are more intelligent and thoughtful. Branding should be same in web app and mobile experience. Menu slide out should have been same light grey with icons. Similar UI experience for new users is always a plus.
inb4 Android, there is a G+d
great design, can't wait to have it on android ... just wondering why did u started by iOS ??? did u kept the best for the last move or ??
+Vic Gundotra will the mobile app ever be able to handle gifs? I was kinda hoping for that in the update :(
This thing is now amazing! Burn Android, lol
Android development and IOS development aren't one in the same and that also applies when using Google to sum up Android when its just one of its many ventures/projects and or services.

P.S. how was that +Vic Gundotra? Hope you liked the wording my friend lol
I guess all those instagram iphone devs worked out well!
Its nothing to worry about trust me, Android G+ app has more functionality, its just UI/UX mostly otherwise we'll get it along with more features so relax guys and gals
Absolutely amazing app, such a massive improvement.
+Mark Gillespie the last update made sharing awesome on the mobile app and links with your location attached isn't possible? What am I doing then?
Man.. someone is fired... who didnt give this guy the memo that they make ANDROID not IOS?? REALLY?? wow.. lets give the other guys a better app than we can gie our own OS?? doesn't say much for the state of android development vic!
Really good update. Nice layout. 
As I do not have an iPhone, but do have an iPad... Google+ is my social sharing platform of choice. I've never had an FB account, and never will, so to release the beautiful & wonderful Google+ app in only the iPhone version is somewhat puzzling. My only hope is that +Vic Gundotra & his team will come out with +Google+ for iPad adding even more great things than the Android version. Fingers Crossed!
Haha who noticed the little Android on the third picture?? Google are laughing at Apple!! #TeamAndroid
It's really disappointing that Google treats Android as a second-class citizen to Apple when developing apps. That sends a very bad message to Android users and developers.
It's absolutely beautiful! It also alleviated some of the functionality issues I had with the old design so I couldn't be more impressed.
Wow! Realy much appreciated great looking and "feel good" Update. The best App-Update of The Year (so far) on my iPhone... 
Thanks for the Awesome update! Looks and feels phenomenal!
Note sure why this was released on the iPhone first?? Everything Google is Android. What's up with that?
Absolutely love it. Take notes, Facebook!
Can we get a way to see what's trending on G+ within the iOS app? Other than that I love it btw. :)
It's great. Using right now
Loving the new update!! Is there plans for a Windows Phone version for G+ in the works by chance?! That would be awesome! 
+Vic Gundotra Do not like. You're trying to apply a visual approach to a (mostly) text-based medium, and I'm losing the ability to see most or all of the text of a post if it has a picture or video. Also still waiting on an iPad app.
i love the new look. too bad "Messenger" hasn't got a new makeover
Wow this looks absolutely amazing!
Hope the "additional surprises" for the Android version include a tablet layout :)
Can we get some update love for Gmail for iOS? Maybe a Google Docs iOS app?
What about Palmone Tungsten E?

Cu Lu
Wow ..look so nice ..but really really IPHONE before ANDROID .. :( . Cant wait to update the new version , anyway ! :()
I really wish I can experience the new Google+ update but my iPhone 3G is not compatible with it.
Just what google plus needed ... An update that makes it impossible to read anything! Don't bother writing something interesting ... Just slap a trite phrase into a 200x200 pixel square. Just take a look at the What's Hot list. Half of it is worthless quote of the day junk. The other half is interesting posts, great photos, linked articles from breaking news. And this update just elevated the worthless half. I hate it. Can I undo the update?
Oh my! I have something on my iPhone that my Android-phile husband +Akpo Siekpe likes. I might as well enjoy the feeling until the Android version comes to wow me!
Happy days!
edgar q
+Vic Gundotra, +Google+, next time please delay the iOS version so us Android users don't feel like we're getting the shaft. Enough developers (instagram, flipboard, etc) deliberately neglect the Android community in favor of iOS, and it's to be expected from them, but Google doing the same to us? We are the very people who believe in Google, please don't do this crap of releasing on iOS first and make Android users wait, it just feels wrong. Also, weeks in the tech world is quite a long time. Have fun with your new app, iOS users.
It looks awesome. I look forward to the addtional surprises .
Loving it. Smooth, slick and makes you come back. Great job. 
This is awful! We didn't want a new look, we wanted better development!
It looks really good. What I really want to see more is an ability to choose album to upload pics from my phone. :)
:-) Allegedly the #AndroidUpdate will have holographic projection for hangouts and holographic pop-ups for posts. :-)
Leave it to google to release an app update to their competitor first...
Wow talk about a refresh to the iOS interface. Shows that Apple needs to give it a whole new look. Get it back to the forefront again along with Halo. Can't wait for the Android refresh
It's a brilliant update. Guess am going to be using it after all. 
Looks great. What about iPad?
This version is much more enticing to use regularly! Simplify and beautify.
Love it! Thanks for the superb design! 
Come on Google let get this on the iPad!
It blows my mind that you guys have spent countless hours updating the G+ design and integrating it with every other Google product but you still don't have a decent iPad experience. You've lost the plot.
This is an excellent upgrade, and will definitely keep me coming back!!
This is what the app should have always been. It's outstanding, congratulations. 
This definitely makes this app one of the most beautiful social networks for the iPhone. 
I want the old app back. It was butt ugly, but functional. The new cartoon look is a punch in the face for us that like to read.
bunch of android whiners ITT

great job on the app, +Google+. it has been, and continues to be, the best and most used app on my phone.
Android surprise must be hangouts- right?
The new interface really looks cool........
Nav H.
You guys did a good job on the Google search app and Google sync for Windows Phone. Only thing left is Google+ for Windows Phone.
Why cant you guys release on YOUR OWN software first, you know +Android its one of your little projects the majority of us here use...
Why on iOS first is it better than Android or better to code than Android. Also where is the Android App for Google Catalogs and why does Google Plus look so horrible on an Android Tablet. When are you guys going to take ownership of Android and stop the crap with bad updates and coming out with apps on iOS first. My experience with Android has been so bad lately and I am fed up with Samsung and Sprint and you guys pushing out slow updates. I have Galaxy S II from Sprint and have not been able to enjoy ICS on it at all and the OS has been out for a long time now. If the next iPhone has a bigger screen goodbye Android and Google for sure.
Love the interface!!!!
Amazing update. All the empty spaces are gone. 
oooohhh this is really kool bt cnt afford it too bad!!!! :( cryin ryt nw wnt it sooo bad
my friends last name is shapiro
Love the new interface. It's so much better than Facebook. Thanks. Every update makes me feel the urge to use google plus more. 
Wow nicely done! Vic gotta get the iPad version out bud. Let's face it a lot of us have iPads and are big on G+. 
+Vic Gundotra need the following features immediately:
1. EDIT Post & Comment
2. Ability to SELECT MULTIPLE Photo's to upload
3. Create Album
4. MARK STAR to any post.
5. Ability to SAVE PHOTO on mobile device.
6. Ability to shrink posts & comments on iOS platform will be great.
I hate it! Too many images make much more difficult to read and discern information. Less is more. You should know that.
Hey I am a big fan of Google and also have android phone and tablet as well. Please make it compatible for tablets i mean something real good for tablet.
The new features are awesome♪♪!
i love google fo rhow it lets people see images.....GOOD WORK!!
if ya could maybe allow a phrase it might be cool and maybe something that fades in and out so its not obtrusive....
DId Kevin Rose had something to do with this beauty? Great design! Outstanding!
Very pretty. Still have no way to post stories. That's disappointing.
Very nice GUI but I feel Android should be privi to the latest and greatest! I am a ex Android user for these reasons! 
thats so cool, im going to download it! (im not being sarcastic)
Great that Google keeps innovating but why would you develop for ios before android. If you can't stay loyal to your own business model how do you expect us to. Lead by example springs to mind
Ali S
The release schedule for the apps is beyond perplexing. If google doesn't think its own apps should be update first, why would other app devs make apps or update existing ones for android first.
If Google continues this, I might be switching to the iPhone soon.
So much better than the old app, I can now + mention people in on my mobile photography post without having to wait minutes for each letter to appear on my screen, thanks you +Google+
This comment is only for the reason that I wanted in before the commenting ceiling of 500 is reached.
Quick question: does this one actually work?
Love the update. Not crazy about the font used, but I can live with it. Great work.
I love it! Feels great. Also I still can't start Hang Out from iphone nor I can do any Chat between Chat for Google desktop and G+ iphone Messenger. Anybody knows how to do that? Thanks.
Like the look, not sure how it will work trying to flick through a long stream. Would like to collapse posts. Another iPad app request, or a RSS feed of All would be great. Keep on with the tweaking!
Stunning. Excellent surprise...
The app on iPhone was just plain crap. Did anyone try to add people? I'm sure nothing happened after.. Except a major lag.

So I understand they put more effort to release the ios.
And let them be happy for once too! (and find things to make better for us androids)
It will always be faster to update and release on Android.
Question: Will Google+ find a way to incorporate the Open Badges project by Mozilla?
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