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That is a lot of ghosts :-)
Enjoy the weekend my transparent friends.
Google+ grows to become 2nd largest social platform globally

Wow, that was quick! Like I had said before it was only a matter of time! It's also interesting to note the decline in Chinese based social media sites...

Google+, who despite being branded a failure or ghost town by large portions of the media, grew in terms of active usage by 27% to 343m users to become the number 2 social platform. Interestingly for Google, YouTube (not previously tracked by us as a social platform) comes in at number 3, demonstrating the immense opportunity of linking Google’s services through the G+ social layer. This is also a key indication of why Google+ integrated with the Google product set is so key to the future of search and the internet. We’ve got more coming on Google+ later this week as well.

Source: +GlobalWebIndex 

cc: +Sergey Brin +Louis Gray +Natalie Villalobos +Brian Rose +Eric Schmidt +Vic Gundotra 
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Indeed! I've been feeling very insubstantial lately. ;)
oh God this is pretty cool. Google+ is a best social network to me.
Hehehe you can see right through us! Happy Australia Day +Vic Gundotra ! We're celebrating all over G+.
+Vic Gundotra G+ is definitely more engaging and beneficial than FB ever was.  The SEO value, non 140 character limit, and Hangout feature will make G+ the go to social platform of 2013+
Amazing that Orkut is still bigger than Tumblr.
Combine both of your products (Youtube & G+) even more by blending the hangouts and comments (replace the rat-infested commenting system on Youtube with the intellectualism of G+) and then you've got a juggernaught.  
Google+ is far, far superior to Facebook.
A much better experience than facegarbage
I always wondered what it felt like to be a ghost. 
Not a bad start. More to do.
Also, Pinterest does not seem to be living up to all the hype which accompanied its emergence into the limelight towards the end of 2011.
I ain't afraid of no post!

Edit: will this data be highlighted in Google's next transparency report?
Congratulations, love living on the ghost island :)
Awesomesauce. I think anyone that uses G+ can easily see why!
I just tried walking through a wall.  

Good thing I didn't get a running start.
all because of my G+ sticker on my Chromebook
On a side note, people still use MySpace???
Curious how Google dis-aggregates Ghosts from mortals.   I like Google+ because it is a more adult and intellectual space for the time being (though I am already finding myself in regular hand-to-hand combat to keep it that way) than Facebook, but I have a sense that there are many Gmail users who have simply clicked a link at some point and ended up in your metric.

Vanity metrics are not the stuff of great companies.  Would be awesome to hear an assessment that breaks down the stats and provides a vision for the future.

I like Google, the data-driven, scientifically-minded organization that is not prone to self-congratulations unless something truly works.
I spend more than 90% of my social networking time on Google +. 
Boo! Well, as in, ghost boo...not boo at the news...because that's good news...
Sina Weibo is greater in China. G+ is the second largest in the world
Mary M
Twitter and Youtube in a dead heat, I love it!  YT Rocks!
India with 2 largest population doesnot have own social network?
WOOT WOOT...  Thanks to the hangouts I get to see my parents from far away!!!!!!!
350mn active users....whoa thats a lot for just 1 year old service...great going...expect bigger things in 2013....
And a transparent great weekend back at you.
+Eli Fennell we have published our numbers last year. If you graph our published numbers for the past year you get a fairly accurate picture of where we are. We make no comments on third party research. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they fail to include things like mobile. 
Congrats to G+ .... Pinterest numbers seem to be too low... Looks like Mobile is not counted in the study
#google history confirms this trend.when google came to search it was a nobody,the same with #gmail & now #googleplus,what separates google from #facebook is its seamless integration with other services.I do think Facebook will still lead the social media pack for a few years because its so big,bearing in mind it's 8 years old compared to googleplus 2 years.that alone is very impressive!
If +Google+ is a ghost town, then my computer is seriously haunted!  (My tablet and phone, too...)
Totally redefines "the ghost in the machine"
+Vic Gundotra Many thanks for actually responding.  You've got my mind whirling now with speculation.
Però... (China Only)...
Ghostown? We look more like GHOSTBUSTERS!!! Who you're gonna call? G+ERRS! :-)
We don't need #'s to validate what we already knew :)
Google+ rocks!
g+ isnt like facebook which apparently depresses people :D
I think FB n G+ have their own identities. For Pro reasons G+ scores than Facebook, which is
more of "timepass"
So awesome. Suck it friends in real life that refuse to play in the G+ sandbox, your loss. :D
Very interesting stuff. It was only a matter of time. I'm surprised it took this long to be honest.
I did a talk recently on Google Plus and Authorship.. and presented numbers very similar to these... Except at the start of the year Twitter was just passing G+.... These numbers seem very correct to me.... and they also don't take into account that the "other sites" have an api that would be included as "active" Ie. a bot on twitter that auto posts rss feeds or using facebook connect to 'login'.... Something G+ does not have...  :) Just some food for thought... :) Rock on G+ :)
hello transparent friend
I knew it would happen, but not in 6 months!
It's the good work by your team, emphasis on clean, minimalist design and privacy, which is at work here. It compels us to keep using Google+.
On another note, Happy Republic Day from India, +Vic Gundotra !
I see a 'no competition' in the works here. With such a new social network surpassing others and gaining on facebook, it only a matter of time before Google+ becomes number 1. Hats off t you and the team +Vic Gundotra :)

Feel like i need to have another ghost week on my profile... To show my love for the ghost town
I think we all want Google Plus to succeeed, am I right? :)
When I started seeing posts on my main feed that were showing what my friends were posting on their friend's feeds, that was the last straw for me and I deactivated my Facebook account. It's creepyville over there on Facebook. 
Google+ is the largest social ghost town. :)
G+ strangely enough motivates me... and facebook is just a bunch of fakes trying to mask the misery and inactivity in their lives with pictures of food and the one thing interesting they have ever done in their lives... too much emotional "sharing" makes me want to unfriend everyone.
+Vic Gundotra I'm not a user of Instagram, but I know a lot of people use it and have moved from Facebook in favor of that platform. Why are they not included to see how +Google+ ranks in comparison to that network? 
+Vic Gundotra Are google Drive and Groups usage numbers included? I use Drive as a social layer of productivity.
//bangs fist on desk and chants
We're number 2!
We're number 2!
We're number 2!
Google Plus -- The place to spend time away from your friends! Yay #2!
G+ is much cleaner than FB in no time we will see G+ #1
Hello ghosts, just wonder if googlers are transparent. Great work +Vic Gundotra Google is great and one of my trusted internet places. Have a great weekend!
Not only that there are a lot of ghosts, but we have ghosts that work at Google that actually +1s or comments at something people say. One day, G+ will take the #1 position. ;)
If G+ injested YouTube, Google would instantly appear more competitive.

I am now curious how many users are unique to either service. 
Just waiting to FB devolves into a Myspace

tumblr below Orkut? Not that I'm saying that this is wrong....just surprises me.
What was Orkut again? Someone remind me.
I've always wanted G+ to become nr. 1, but I never felt that it had so much activity as even Twitter. When there's breaking news here in Spain I go to both sites to see what people are saying and well... I'm always overwhelmed with the sheer amount of posts in Twitter while in G+ I get maybe one post or two.

Also when I read an article I like and try to +1 it I always see so many more likes (and even tweets) than +1s. Usually from ten to fifty times more.

I guess that's just in my country? Is someone's experience different?
+Vic Gundotra are you responsible for the Android application also? If so here's some feedback, can't there be a placeholder? I hate it when I share something I have to start from the top of my stream again. Can't I just carry on from where i shared the post originally??

Oh and congratulations :-) 
What do you call a crowd of ghosts?
This is amazing progress. Google + is also beautiful which is why I use it. 
i would be waiting to see what new things you guys are gonna introduce this week :)
My thought:
1. Google+ + Youtube combined, since the same owner, will surpassed Facebook a little more.
2. Some people want a better mobile web app when accessed from outside Android & iOS.
For me Google+ is not comparable with FB. Here people post much more interesting topics, not such stupid information like what people currently do. I personally don't want to know if somebody else is sitting on a toilette. I prefer to be on a #2 Plattform with more potential information. 
I hope for Google+ that it stays add free. That's another good reason not to use FB. 
I definitely think G+ is the better platform. I just need to get more of my friends on with me so that I can get some complexion on my ghostly skin. ;-)
And if China had just one social network...? 
how would that be..?
Wudy Ng
chinese  use multi social networks usually renren and sina weibo
Impressive: Google+ is beating Twitter in usage.
Not surprising: Google+ is beating Myspace in usage.
Surprising: Myspace is beating Pinterest and Tumblr in usage.

Also, where is Reddit??
Remarkable growth!  But not surprising to many of us here who have been early adopters and huge fans of Google+ and its potential. I believe  +Paul Allen  predicted 400 million users for G+ based on a very thoughtful analysis more than a year back in a  post  here (   I too  went out on a limb and predicted - just a month after G+ was launched - that G+ could beat Facebook  because of its inherent strategic advantages (   Great to see some of these predictions becoming reality...:)  
+George Foundas Agree that a more detailed report on active users would be very useful. However, one reason for seeing more FB likes on websites than +1s is simply because the Facebook like button has been around a lot longer (since April 2010 iirc) 
I don't visit g+ that often, but when I do, I find it alot more enjoyable than Facebook +Vic Gundotra 
+David Prieto you just need to follow the right sources, in this case Spanish news organizations, or otherwise just wait until they start sharing their links on G+

there is no inherent reason twitter should function any different than G+ in having the latest news,

here in N.America I find my G+ stream to be just as real-time as my twitter stream, it's just the average quality of the posts tends to be significantly higher on G+
Facebook is no longer a social network whats the point if u try to add someone they tell u that you are not a friend so if  find an old school friend cant add em restrictions up the wazoo google plus met new ppl old friends so much easier to communicate and socialize bye fb rip
I'm proud to be a ghost... >;}
Wow that was fast. See facebookers, Google+is growing and growing fast. It may have something to do with... it is so much better. 
Google Ghosts - there's gotta be a product possibility there :)
Proud to be a ghost.
Also there should be a FB to G+ switch world day.
Good thing Google is holding down #2 and #3 :) since the two are integrated so closely, I'd think it's a lot closer race than this chart makes that appear.
+Vic Gundotra Google+ will be so much better with open, not limited (like Twitter) API. But congratulations anyway.
+David Prieto , I have a similar experience however it is the subject matter that determines the +1's. I find myself enjoying a varying amount of interests on G+ than on any other social media. With G+ seamless integration of Google services, I find myself living more in the G+ Galaxy with hopes of itegrating G+ into my professional life.
Awesome!!! Can't wait for it to be#1
David R
Nice one.  I prefer Googley Plus to that other social platform that begins with an F, all my friends are still over there.
im surprised i thought youtube would be second
+David R they will shift soon enough and if not, its likely a sign to make new friends :)
Lets hope it stays at second, i dont want another network where people feel a need to broadcast to the world what they had for breakfast, or post their newest duckface.. 
I see all these numbers but I still cant help thinking that if it's not a ghost town then it's not FB either. It's not a  place where I can interact with my real(or real virtual) friends because they're not here. There are other people here, there are interesting conversations here, I can actively seek out new and interesting people here but it feels more like a forum than a place I can hang with friends. I'm also finding that while certain people(mostly tech related) have thousands and even millions of followers they are still lucky to get a dozen comments-that doesn't work for scale down to "normal" users. If you click on everyone's profiles in this post you will find most of them have posts on their profiles with no comments or interactions. The same goes for brands-I follow brands on here that post the same content on FB, almost no interaction or shares here-dozens and hundreds of shares likes and comments on FB. While I love G+ I think most of us see it through a tech world bubble and the rest of the world doesn't really see it at all.
Myspace is still a thing? And it is beating out pintrest?!? That's crazy.
Finally we are recognized as a true social network. 
But isn't it true that having a youtube account means you also potentially have a g+ account, that you haven't set up yet?
And if so, wouldn't that mean g+ accounts = those with youtube accounts who set up g+?
I do get a little bit of a rush when I see my white 0 turn into a red + any number.  I think where Twitter lost all of its credibility for me was when they felt the need to start emailing me to come look at tweets that people had put out.  It was at that moment that I realized that twitter would live a life of quiet desperation.  With Google+ I get the wonderful life/business people integrated in one space without the high volumes of noise.  Much higher signal.
Being transparent seems pretty trendy these days :).
Ha! I've told people from the beginning that Google is playing the long game with G+. So many people use Google services already, and all the time G+ is becoming more integrated with those other services. It's only a matter of time until it's at least even with Facebook. Will Facebook eventually fade into oblivion? Honestly, I don't know. Probably not - it seems like too many users are invested there for that to occur. But I do expect there to eventually be a close-to-even split between the two, when we get to a point where a majority of people use both services.
I knew Google+ would succeed.. but what I find most interesting about that chart is all those China only networks! I mean, I know China is huge, but to rank that high on global internet users they must be pushing 80% of china's population... thats insane
Accordingly with that chart, if chinese networks get together, no one will beat them.
It's all about the bandwagon effect.  The more people are on a social network the more the network can grow until it reaches market saturation.  It's like a 2nd order differential equation. 
Can you see me? Of course you can't. I don't exist.
I should warn Drew Olanoff, his ghost +Drew Olanoff just posted here. Someone do something, please.
Until facebook steps in up in mobile development I dont want to hear anything from them cause their app is just awful so might as well use the web.

The good thing about G+ is I can basically do everything from the app I could do on the web +Vic Gundotra 
Google+'s usability is fantastic. Additionally it isn't COMPLETELY invasive to your entire life like Facebook. I hope to see more "Google+ Connects" as Facebook has. 
All due respects ..The numbers get skewed once Gmail and other Google accounts are all used for single signons. The right answer is - Google plus and FB (or other networks) aren't comparable.

For that matter any comparison to competition, is counter to what Lary Page says and thinks on competition. 
google+ should be more than facebook cuz 2 much happen on facebook
Google Plus may be #2 in terms of signed up users, but it is surly not #2 in active users. Google got many of its Gmail users (and anyone with a Google account) to sign up for Google+, but most of those people don't use it. Out of the 200 people I have in my circles, I would say that maybe 10% of them are active. On Facebook, 90% of my friends are active. 
I like this stat a lot but it still doesn't change the fact that my friends aren't on Google+ and those are the people I want to interact with on a social network. 
I didn't even know G+ was that popular.  Most people I know don't know what it is...or don't use the accounts they included.
Google + and YouTube will obviously be aggregated 
I like Facebook, but I wouldn't mind a second gene pool with a higher IQ.
+Vic Gundotra 

You made it; Congrats!!!

I always tell my friends that you will make G+ as a #1 platform and it is on the right track

Can't believe it..........

if only global means US
, then no.2 is g+. I remember qq
has more than 500 million users.
+Dong Yang  I agree with you this statistics only talks about active users last month
Great news- Congrats to the G+ Team!
Congrats G+ ...  Ghost+ :P
you are #1 if you sum G+ and Youtube... 
Most on FB between 400-450 "ghost" talk about how much they can't stand him...
We have spirited discussions here...
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