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Sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we share are another great way to build relationships. So to help you do this, we’re adding games to Google+.

With games on Google+, we’re focused on giving you control. When you're ready to play, the Games page will show you gameplay updates from your circles, your latest game notifications, and information on what's been played recently. This means your Stream will stay focused on conversations with the people you care about.

We’re starting with a small number of fun and interactive games to play on Google+, and we want to give a big thanks to the developers who’ve worked with us to make them available. Check out our Official Google Blog post for a full list.

If you're a developer, you can get the lowdown on our new developer blog:

While games in Google+ will gradually roll out, we look forward to making them available to everyone in the field trial soon. When you see the Games icon on the top of Google+, give it a try and send us your feedback.

Thanks for your continued support. Let’s play!
Games in Google+: fun that fits your schedule. 8/11/2011 12:49:00 PM. My family has a games closet. Inside you'll find a few decks of cards, two decades' worth of board games and a Twister mat...
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please no

EDIT: Done in the way the post describes, where games won't clutter the stream, it may just work. Won't know until I see it though.
Ian Atkin
I do not like this, not one little bit.
This is what I've really been waiting for! Can't wait to hear more!
When are they coming out to everyone?
I will reluctantly take your word for it....
Please don't... It's a gamer saying this!
if this game bullshit clusters up my timeline i'm gone
Actually, as long as all of this stays out of my regular news feed then that's great. Let the game folks do their thing.
I know you have to try monetizing games like FB. but this isn't good news. sorry +Vic Gundotra. I left FB because of the games.
All the people saying noooo before you've even seen how it being implemented. Lame
Well, that's one thing that can attract the masses
Yana W
My thoughts exactly - this place is classy don't ruin it!!
And there goes Productivity in 2011!
To those saying they don't like this: what do you expect? Google is trying to compete with Facebook, games/applications are 100% necessary.
The best part about this is they won't show up in the stream...they have their own dedicated stream
If they were co-op (i.e. you could play board games with your circles) that would be different, otherwise say no, then go and tell someone you trust.
I'm all for it as long as it does not spam my default stream.
And work productivity plummits lol. I hope its not as intrusive as fb games.
wow, lol, so much to do and so much to fix, but they do games first WTF
+Vic Gundotra If there is any way you could add Centerfleet's old Avalanche and Wormhole games that would be great. Both of those games are socially interactive and pretty addicting too.
Mike Todd
I foresee lots of people raging over this because the bad name Farmville etc. have made for themselves on Facebook. Mostly, people reading the headline but not the article and making assumptions. Hey people, read! "If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about."
Since it's being integrated without ruining the timeline, I am not 100% opposed, but once it blows up the timeline...
it all started with a simple game! here we go!
Wow, people have (understandably) strong opinions on games based on their Facebook experience. Pretty knee jerk reactions here, without having actually seen the implementation.
I realize that I don't have to play the games. But, Farmville and the like is what drove me away from FaceBook.

What's next? Mandatory viewing of cat photos?
bad idea +Vic Gundotra google should be focusing on fixing bugs in Google+, not rolling out games, which will make it more and more like facebook. this is coming from a HUGE fan of google+.
The games are presented on a separate stream, relax.
It looks like all the game feeds are going to stay in the games section. That's the way it should stay. Games are nice as long as they stay separate in their own area.
Haha...What the hell is wrong with the people saying it's a bad idea? IT IS NOT GOING TO CLUTTER YOUR STREAM!
sean s.
Just as long as it's easy to block these. I hate FB games and block them all.
try it out before poo-pooing it, folks!
People I the game tab and its perfectly done, you don't notice it at all if you dont want to.
Well, after reading the post... if you leave it all under that Games Icon and DON'T POLLUTE MY STREAM... Its ALL GOOD...
Sounds good as long as games never post on my behalf.
"If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about.". Perhaps some people dont / wont read.....
please add something that allows you to block games!!!!!!
hope that with Google you will make it right, don't want to see that my friend got a flower, I don't care, if I care then I will go to the Games tab to see it.
I'm very happy to see Games in Google+.

However, some people don't like them. Will there be a way to remove the Games button entirely from your Google+ page?
I think it sounds like a good idea as long as they stay in their own stream and I don't get a lot of request and notifications about it!
We have Google+ extensions, right? Someone will eventually create one that permanently disables games.

Problem solved.
+Vic Gundotra , what is the privacy policy with respect to games? If I play a game, what information about me does the game developer have access to? Can I set access controls for games the way I do for circles, i.e. this information is viewable by...
God damn it. This is why I left Facebook.
please tell me there will be a way to totally & completely block this kind of trash from EVER showing up in ANY of our feeds? if a flood of this junk starts flooding my profile, i will WALK AWAY FROM G+ without a 2nd thought. i've cleaned up my facebook to where i never see any of this garbage, between blocking nearly all apps, & addons that let me block even more, & since that doesn't yet exist with G+ yet, oooh boy, not good AT ALL!
"Remaining focused" on the conversations in the Stream had better mean "Absolutely zero notifications about people in my Circles playing a game." And NO invitations to play a game that can be sent from in-game or automatically. The only way I want to be invited to play a game is if in a normal Stream post directed to me, a friend directly and with full choice decides to ask me personally to join in.
well i cant find the games tab but to be honest i'm kinda glad. If my stream gets polluted with game sh*t i'm out! I will not be able to do any work...just great
I swear everyone READ THE POST. The games stuff will be confined to the games feed. Not you're stream. It's literally just a feature that will enhance. Not detract.
What I think is fantastic about this is that now, if I annoy someone in a game online, they know my real name! They can start stalking me online and harassing me with a minimum of effort! Great job, +Vic Gundotra! Way to stick to your guns.
As long as I can block them I don't care. Just say no to Farmville (and the zillion clones)
Ewww... we're running away from that. Please don't become Facebook.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleaseeeeeeeeee Google, nooooooooooooo Games!!!!
People, do you think Google is a charity? You had to have known Games were coming...and Ads will too, at some point. Somebody's gotta eat..whaddayouexpect? Google, bring on the games, as long as it is segregated and easy to control access.
+Guðjón Jónsson learn how to read
No games page for me yet.
Read before posting complaints. Games are isolated on a separate tab entirely of g+. It will not show up at all on your streams. Period.
The Game stream is separate...but the developers want to know the people in my circles :(
Ok, I just read the post, I think we all should before we jump to conclusions (get it, a matte where you JumP..... to your conclusions?) . +Guðjón Jónsson For instance the post states and I quote.. "If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about."

They completely separate the games form the stream.
As if there weren't anything better to work on? Sheesh. Where are the public circles? Threaded comments? Better spam protection and blocking? Very disappointing.
If games are the reason you don't like a social network then you need to get rid of friends that play them and stop whining about what other people chose to do with their free time.
Sweet!!!!! As long as it does NOT pollute my Stream with notifications of who is playing what and what their Super-Duper-Platinum-Deluxe-Score is because I DON'T CARE to know!!
"If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about."

Just ignore them if you don't want to play them.
As long as there is an option to completely separate Game News from the rest of my stream...I'm ok with this.
The games have their own feed people!!! They will not mess with your main stream!!!
Good idea to separate games. Face it nerds the masses like games. The masses don't come then this thing will die.
Why does reading and understanding is so difficult? Why does anyone think that the Google+ way to do things is the same as the Facebook way to do things?
I personally don't think games are needed in G+ but I do appreciate how you've integrated them so it would be separate.
I am OK, as long as they are out of my sight.
Oh my God...most of you are complete idiots.


It will not clutter your stream; you can ignore games forever if you like!
Great, Now Your Just Like Face Crack (Book) ; Do You Have Our Ph. Numbers, Also ??
And then that day came, silly me who thought google would be better than this.
I see the games, but no controls to limit/stop the notifications, I hope it's my age showing again, and not a poor design/rollout, otherwise google+ games is a really bad idea
EDIT: Ok calmed down, just my 1st reaction to the headline, but I believe that Google will do it better than FB... why not if done right !
G+ still doesn't allow profiles for companies, products, celebrities but they have games. I can't believe how quick G+ jumped the shark. Let me guess, Google is also working on a G+ Credits system like Facebook Credits but that will be different than Google Checkout.
Games are ok if they are segregated from the rest of the conversation.
You guys should integrate games with hangouts, then you could make social drinking games!
I thought this was a joke when I started reading it. I wish it was. :(
how come so many people don't understand a simple: "Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t."?
Games news will only show up in your game feed.
+Vic Gundotra are we going to get farmville? :P seriously though, I have no problem with games and other extras as long as they're not intrusive and I can ignore them ;)
+Johan Orstadius - And what the hell is wrong with a few games? Just stop bitching about it...nobody at Google is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to play!
this is only optional, if you dont like it, then block or ignore it. remember, some people love games.
+Jason Schaefer so did that mean that you stopped reading before the post clearly explained that the games would be kept separate? As in you never have to click on that tab ever if you don't want to?
"If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about." So when I want to play a game, I can go play one. And when I don't, I don't have to be bothered by it. That's sounds perfect. Great job, Google. And great thinking.
What a shame, with soo much that Google+ could be, Games is considered so high on the agenda to release now. Very disappointed.
Games in separate stream are perfectly fine for me.
But, we need 10k limit on circles.
Don't think it's a good idea. G+ will be just another cluttered social network. :(
I will give it a go later tonight. Until then I will not judge whether it is good or bad..
Finally Angry birds on google plus...
+Eric Marin I'm just goofing around. I guess most reactions are based on the highly annoying way that Facebook integrates games. I'm sure Google will get it right, and then I can just ignore them. What I don't want, is 20,000,000,000,000 invitations to play LameVille.
As long as these are in a separate stream, I'm ok with that. I might even play them. If they show up in my main stream, I will stab someone with a fork.
Great job Google! Kabam's very excited to have 2 launch titles: Edgeworld and Dragons of Atlantis. See everyone in-game!
And the best Part to me: "...That means giving you control over when you see games, how you play them and with whom you share your experiences. Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.... Thanks G+ for Bejeweled and Poker!
looks like its handled in a better way than facebook does it, where people spam you FB with invitations and stupid app requests. Hopefully G+ never becomes like that.

If i ever see another Farmville invite i swear im going to go torch a grain silo
It's about the money in the end, of course! It was only a matter of time! Man, don't be like Facebook, don't spoil what you've created!
haha I like how the internet and instant gratification has screwed our attention spans... we can't even finish reading a half page post before we open our mouths now.
+Bill Chase I think everyone is so jaded from their FB experience that they don't trust that it won't somehow find it's way to their stream.
Games within Hangouts would be super awesome, not only playing with multiple people at the same time, but also being able to see and talk with them during gameplay!
I'm all for Google+ games, especially in a separate tab! On the stream contains about 5 reshares of this post in a row. Hopefully that gets sorted soon, along with other fundamental usability issues.

Nevertheless, this could be an announcement that helps G+ regain some of it's initial buzz!
Keeping Game activity on its own page, in it's own Stream, with no cross talk with respect to the human stream sounds like a clever and thoughtful alternative to Facebook's "block this app" - which turns into Wack a Mole if you have game loving friends. I hope the no crosstalk rule will be permanent - and won't leak into Google+ Search.
It's a rolling release. Some people (like myself) can already see it live.
this is hilarious reactive nonsense. Introducing Games right now makes perfect sense and I'm sure the way it's implemented will satisfy most of the doubters.
I am not a gamer but I have no problem at all with this feature if it works as +Vic Gundotra describes. Read the article BEFORE complaining, people.
We don't need no stinking games! No! No games! Again, I say no with a capital NO!
Looks good to me, I don't play many games personally but it looks/sounds like it's build to be unobtrusive for those who don't. I'll check a few out and send in feedback when I get the feature added.
+Vic Gundotra Please, no, no, no!! It's main reason I don't use Facebook! Don't make me left G+. It's so cool only, becase there is no such things like games. PLEASE NO!
Just see which comments are PlusOne'd and you'll get an idea.
Thank you for the choice on games, interesting article. I'll play games on fb and connect with conversations here:)
Please say it ain't so. While I'm sure they were lucrative, the games on Facebook were what made me hate it the most.
Google is really tailgating Facebook, especially since this year's bonus is tied to social. I am really looking forward to +Angry Birds Plus.
Wow, lots of dumb responses here. If you don't want to play the games, don't play them. You don't have to see them either (thanks to Google's far superior site) either. Whiners.
NEXT: spamming apps from 3rd party devs ;P ... just kidding :)
What I would really like to see is some developer API documentation. It would be nice to be able to get a heads up it even if I can't develop to it yet.
Where is the -1 Button?

And here I thought G+ was a serious attempt to show that it is possible to provide a platform to organize your contacts, have concrete and addressable information exchange, and most of all, in a efficient way that won't distract you. Wasn't it like "G+ isn't intended to become yet another ordinary social network"? Even if I never see anything about games in my G+ (which I really do hope!), it's about the image. If you really need to show that you can code games, why not make an extra "Google Games App"?
Each to there own and if you like games then that's fine i just don't like them on Facebook and that's one of the reasons i like Google+
Do people even read stuff before they comment? Considering how it's implemented, what you are saying is like "I don't like hangout, why did they ruin g+ with it". If you don't like games, just don't click the damn button and g+ won't be any different to you...
Well it (game-less G+) was fun while it lasted
It's curious, I always thought Brands would make it sooner than Games.
Games? I fear it is the beginning of the end... :(
Fantastic!! And good move keeping game updates in a different separate games stream! It seems half the people here can't read!
Hahaha Seriously Google would wish people live their life on internet!
I'm laughing at each one of you who posted a comment here comparing the g+ games experience to facebook when you obviously haven't read the blog post.

Most importantly, this line: If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about.
Looking forward to it.

For those who say "No!": I presume you say that because you don't like FB's implementation of games. But I don't see any reason why Google's implementation should be annoying too. Google is surely aware of FB's games problems...
Hm, sounds nice.
Is there a plan to bring Google+ games also on mobile devices like Android or iOS? I think this will be a real innovation :)


"If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about."
This is why we're using G+ and not FB...none of this gaming crap that intellectual people don't need
PLEASE read the post! Games will not get in your way, and your stream will continue exactly as it has been. No games will appear in your stream.
That being said, my browser crashed when I was trying to reply, so I'm trying from mobile. +1 for the excellent app, Google! BTW - I have games already.
Thanks for the great work, just love the lovers and ignore the haters.
there's so many ways to control your streams, no worries folks! You can easily silence or mute unnecessary notifications from games and the like.

"With games on Google+, we’re focused on giving you control. When you're ready to play, the Games page will show you gameplay updates from your circles, your latest game notifications, and information on what's been played recently. This means your Stream will stay focused on conversations with the people you care about."
I can't wait to try it out! I hope my turn comes up soon...
Some people don't seem to be able to read... I'm a bit disappointed by the people here. I had awaited a bit more of a mature reaction to this... 
Rob Go
short and sweet: games are lame.
As long as the implement it in a way that my stream is not constantly flooded with game crap, I might actually start playing social games again. I abandoned on FB.
Errr, but how do you play games on this thing lol
Really not interested. If I get a single spam e-mail or hear about any security holes as a result from them, I'm dropping G+ and ignoring Facebook and just sticking to Twitter. G+ is fine without this garbage. The icons are already terrible and contrast with the pristine image of G+. Please reconsider adding games.
I've got the button for the games, just tried it, the zombie game, and there is absolutely nothing of the game in my stream. I'm not a casual game fan so I'll be the first to file honest complaints that don't spawn from failure to read.

The games are completely separate from your stream!

Now as long as the games don't slow down G+, like they do on FB, then it's all good.

My issue with the FB games is that they didn't keep them separate and they slowed down the experience. If I have to click a button to get all the game info then I never have to see the game stuff until I choose to. This is the way it should be and I believe G+ nailed it - so far.
So when the API comes out, will we be able to extend Hangouts or integrate the Hangout functionality into games? (Ex: My friends and I often play a card game we invented, it would be awesome if I could write it up using the Google+ API and play it with them during a hangout.)
Bon K
Reading wasn't enough for me. I need to see it myself to say anything about it.
Wow...looks like the attention span of most people here is about 5 words...please don't be morons, READ the post completely before commenting...
Has anyone noticed that the Games button logo is similar to the Nexus logo for Google's own Android devices?
People should actually read the post before going all negative. All the comments about games being to invasive, if you read the post he says its in a different stream. Stop thinking of facebook
What a waste of time and energy for "games". Hopefully I do not get inform by game players what score they do and what they play.
Idiots. What are you all "nooooooo"ing about, exactly? A proper implementation of a gaming platform that people can opt IN to and won't clutter up your stream? Settle down.
Hard enough to compete with the established devs, now we have to play catch-up on the tech as well? Publish the API.
+Jon Calanio Fair enough. However, in past experience, this subject has been on a slippery slope, typically sliding into spam. I'm still hoping for the best, though!'s more then awesome.........this platform looking more mature now...when there will be API and brand pages...then it will be a mammoth ...
According to article it should be different than what FB provide to users. Based on what I read it should not be multicasting via stream so thats a plus. But all you need is a one gamer in your circle who will keep sending invites to play games. If that person is a friend what you do? drop him from circle..? ;)
1 million comment for this post... where is the "compress comment" button or menù voice? :(
+Leonardo Gandini But Games will have its own dedicated stream. You will only ever see posts and notifications about Games when you actually access the dedicated stream.

If you don't want to use the Games element of Google+ then just never click the Games button.
All +259 comments to this entry follow a cycle going:
NOO-- Edited: Oh, I just read the post. Great!
ad infinitum.
Bon K
+Leonardo Gandini That's just what you think. I am sure there are a lot of people excited about it.
I can't figure out what people are complaining about. The game stream is separate, about the only thing to complain about is the idea that someone else is having fun playing games. 
Bon K
+Leonardo Gandini I wasn't sure who you were referring to what you said "we". I guess you meant to say "I".
+Vic Gundotra I love how you are implementing games with users having a choice about whether they play or ignore. Now, take on Steam and add the ability to play full games with the social (but isolated and ignorable) component!
+Vic Gundotra i had the game loop and played some games and then i exited out of google+ and came back and now i don't any reason it was taken away?
+Bon K Ok, maybe it's enough uh? You really need an explanation of "we" and "I" usage? I'm not the only one who think so c'mon man let's move forward!
I for one would rather see events on G+. A great tool on Facebook, though annoying to export events on Google Calendar.
It's sad to see Zynga supported, a company that blatantly rips off others' intellectual property - for shame.
"...browse the invites you’ve received... So you can comfortably share your latest high score— your circles will only see the updates when they’re interested in playing games too."

So if my friends invite me to a game(s), I would have to go into the Games page to view the invite? +1 That's fine. But it may be frustrating to them having unresponded invitations if I never went to the Games page to view them. Would the system then reach outside the Games page and place the invite in the Notifications? -1 Would there be a way to completely block all Game invites? +1 or provide auto-response to friends declining game invitations if I opted to never participate in games? +1 Yet having to do this much takes away from the simplicity of what Google+ is compared to the user experience nightmare that Facebook has become and why I'm "hanging out" here instead of there.

I am hesitant but will suspend my reaction until I am able to review this feature.
Hello Mr. Gundotra,
We are between the largest game developers in Brazil, with more than 100 thousand monthly unique paying members (on the web and on Facebook) and we'd like to know when you will open up for us to offer our games at Google +
We have filled out the form to be contacted by Google to let us know when we'd be able to start working to integrate our games into Google + some months ago and we were surprised to know that other developers already have their games running on your platform.
We consider this a very serious issue since it will be extremely difficult to compete with players that started offering their games long before us. This is a network space and it is extremely difficult to gain some ground once other players are well established.
What are your plans? We hope you'll open up for those who've registered soon. Do you have a date in mind?
Thanks for your time.
Guilherme Pereira e Oliveira
Gazeus Games
+Guilherme pereira e Oliveira

Tats really cool
No Games on my G+. Still love G+ and hopefully will leave Twitter and maybe FB if enough of my friends move to it.
Ok, this is another thing. This is a major update! Congratulations.

We can see how the most people of this comment-line don't read and don't see that the games are separated. If they don't like games they don't see nothing.
Uh oh... this may break open the floodgates! :)
So many people complaining about games being introduced. It sounds like Google is doing it in the right way for both gamers and non-gamers,and everyone is missing the point. We all want Google+ to succeed, and it is not going to do that without adding the features that the masses want. We need to attract more people, and more variety of people to ensure that Google + thrives. This will help do that. So celebrate this latest update everyone, whether you like games or not.
Ah damn, no games, groups, pokes and wall writing is what set G+ apart from Facebook. As long as there's a setting that says, "Don't send me any invites of any kind" this will be OK.
I don't mind the games, I will probably have a go myself, but it would be better if the games updates are on a seperate stream Tab, otherwise from what I understand, if you play the games then your stream will still be cluttered.

So you will end up having a choice, play the games and you have a cluttered Stream, or don't play any games and have a normal un-cluttered stream.
If I see one game link pop up in my stream...I'm going back to facebook cause it would be the same ole shizzle.
Com'on, read the blog first, it's in a different tab. That is awesome. You don't have to play games, but if you feel some urge to kick around in them, you don't spam everyone and their dog with "MY FARM NEEDS A STABLE SEND ME STUFF".
Hey Vic - question about how games will work. The announcement says "If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them. Your stream will remain focused on conversations with the people you care about." I enjoy the occasional Bejeweled game, but I make sure to never post crud to my friends feed - I don't want to be that guy. I'd like to play games without ever seeing any game related stuff in my feed, and making sure that I don't have to do work to avoid cluttering up my friends feed. Is this going to be possible with games on Google+?
Thanks for listening to all of our feedback! +1 to everyone at Google/G+ for making games in a better way!
To people who say 'don't click on games tab' what if I want to play one game and NOT see all the other crap my acquaintances play? I want to be able to ignore all requests now and future.
I knew this would be coming (c'mon people, The Big G bought Zynga for a reason).
I personally don't care much for "social gaming", so as long as I don't get updates on my friend's farm or whatnot in my Stream, I'll be a happy Plusser.
Yes perfect. I hated how requests and accomplishments cluttered my feed in facebook. Now I can answer requests when I want and not alienate people by blocking games.
Oh no. Make this perfectly hidable, filterable, completely removable from my view. Stuff like that already makes Facebook's updates page a junkyard.
I don't care about what 99% of people I follow play. Let me optionally see what e.g. game updates from my Family or another special circle. In other words, make the updates opt-in.
Calm down guys! Didn't you read that we won't be flooded (bothered) with games posts? Seems that it has a separate Stream for games.
Yes. Keep games separate from the regular stuffs. Keep G+ cool for as long as possible!
That the +1's appear on the stream would have to be especially discreet to avoid flooding it.
+Vic Gundotra After checking out the interface I have some concerns about how you've implemented the circles feature. There is an actual privacy concern that simply adding someone to your circles lets you see whether or not they are active in Games and give you the ability to challenge them, even if they don't have you in a circle.

It would make more sense to adopt a mutual circles standard or if you are going to be extra strict, use something along the lines of the chat verification system, in order to avoid any intrusions on people's privacy.

There is a serious flaw in the system if someone can't go and play a game of Angry Birds on a lunch break without every single person who has them in a circle being able to see that they are in Games and being able to Challenge them to various other games during that time.
Thanks Google for keeping this in a completely seperate section. It was one of the main reasons I got annoyed of FB
And here I thought NOT having farmville was a huge plus over fb.:/
This is a giant step backward. We're trying to escape FB
I suppose I'm the only one who cares very little about what time-wasting games my friends have been playing (and their achievements therewith!)
Rob Ban
This will for sure get some more peeps over to Google+!! Come on girls ;-)!!
I came here to get away from admittedly, this is different, the games are much higher quality......but who hasn't played angry birds by now, honestly? I have steam for games, and I feel as if I'm getting forced into getting an origin account, mainly because EA is on an exclusivity "High Horse" of sorts. I hope Google makes this work, because if it doesn't, I feel a lot of people will be sorely disappointed, and will detract from the overall Google+ experience. Last thing I need is someone spamming me in creative ways, begging me to tend to their Farmville 2.0.
MSN messenger did games properly. No Spam, just simple games you can play when you're bored, or to settle an argument.

Also the Games stream isn't showing up.
To bad this cant be used through the app
To be honest this is probably the only way to get my non-techie friends to switch. What I would like to see multi-player games.
Por lo que lo que he visto no sera una opción que moleste, mas bien pasara desapercibida, un solo botón en la parte superior, no mas de eso.
contoling the game option is nice, i have just seen casual games, is there a har-core game ?
will games be available through the android/iPhone G+ apps? follow me from desktop to mobile?
Please keep everything games related out of the g+ stream - games and apps are two of the main reason why I am out of FB

And especially keep all the games and apps away from my data and friends...
Stream. Photos. Profile. Circles. GAMES!? Are you kidding me? Thats is the most ridiculous out of context addition to a menu I've seen in a while. Please make an option to remove the 'Games' button from the Google+ page.
This was the announcement I was fervently hoping against. The only thing that will make this acceptable is notification for folks who have added me to a circle that have opted into Games on Google Plus. That way, I can decide if I even want to risk dealing with the eventual nonsense. Either that, or strictly enforce the games partition. Other than forming strategic partnerships with these other companies, I see no reason for the addition. I read the blog post in full. It doesn't explain away the weirdness of the addition. It's the proverbial salad tongs in the auto mechanic's toolbox. It seems tacked on for no reason whatsoever.

I have been "sharing experiences" already on G+ using the features that have already been implemented. This seems forced. Didn't think that Google would ever adopt a "me too" stance at this level.
as long as there's an easy way to hide all games and notifications about games and requests for games and free credits for games I need to continue? I didn't think so.
oh well the geeks seem to be upset about letting the rest of us in----Hmm

Thought it was Social---My Bad
I was going to say find cover and duck but it has it's own separate stream! Well done G+ :)
Wish we could hide checkins from our stream as well. They add no value.
I would rather have nested comments with my friends. Just sayin'.
Please keep it separate. 
Great news!!!! Very excited about this one. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long, so I can start re-inviting everyone (those who likes games and those who don't but will be spared of the updates). Thanks!!!
IS the feature available now ? I do not see any option on google + page
Let me be the person can test in this site,Please
+Nuno Salgueiro I did read the post. I just don't see how this further differentiates Google Plus from other networks like Facebook. Why would people want to join this network when they already have the games they want on Facebook? It just seems like a "follow the leader" type move and not one that is truly innovative.
When I have access to Google+ games?
Kind of amazing how many people didn't read the blog post and are jumping to conclusions.
Seems like getting calendar to sync to G+ in an efficient way would be a priority too. Don't forget that.
Ohh cool....please just keep it simple...i hate when games and post clutter up into one giant mess.. :/

Overall rating
It is disappointing to see a focus on games at a time when Google killed the AppInventor, which had a chance to help revolutionize parts of CS Education efforts...
+Jeff Gray The AppInventor isn't dead. It's to be open sourced. Very few companies would offer such intellectual property to the community as they are doing.
The complaints about the Stream being flooded with Game requests/updates is so representative of the current social media phenomena -- that is most people don't read long posts anymore. Facebook/Twitter have gotten people used to very short posts (140 chars or less!) most people can't get past the first few sentences of a post, and they already cannot resist the comment-itch.
I am so angry at Google for doing this ahead of implementing the promised fixes and changes to Google+ that are needed to actually make Google+ half usable. The comments system is the most broken feature at the moment.

Come on Google. Listen.
Gameplay updates should have their own circle which can be muted :) if it becomes like FB I'm out off G+ and will be sad :(
Great integration. I understand, in order to attract the gaming industry, you basically have to open up and let them do their thing, but please, use all your power and push them towards html for the games.
Looks good! A separate stream for games--I love it.
When Games get properly released, I know for sure that the powers at be will block G+ like they had to with FB overall usage will take a down turn during the day / working hours
m waiting for the button,, cant wait!!!!
There is no games button at the top of my stream... :-(
In terms of user interface, I think Google has got it right and it is a very good implementation.
+Vic Gundotra : I would like to know more about privacy strategy for Games (given they are developed by 3rd parties). For instance, if my friend is playing a Game, would that company have access to a list of her activities including her comments on my posts and hence my posts although I do not play any Games by that company? If this is answered somewhere else then I apologize for this post.
How to collapse the list of comments after expanding?
I unfortunately don't see the games button. is it yet to come? Or is it ought to be there already?
I am blocking over 300 stupid facebook apps in my Facebook newsreel, and have to block another one on the average of every other day. It is essential that G+ Games notifications appear on a separate page, or even in their own filter like the circles do on the left, and NOT on the main general news stream.
+Jose Franco, differentiation is not always the key to success (remember GWave?). Games are a proven ground, and a lot of people, when asked if they'll use G+, will ask back "Does it have games?". But mostly, I don't understand a position like yours: this will have zero-impact on non-gamers like you -- it's a win-win deal for everybody (including you).
It looks like games took precedent over actual requested features, such as in-line comments, sort stream by date, consolidate shared article comments, or even search. Not such a great move.
Is there a way to refer a circle-worthy person to another member?
+Raven Sherbert, they've clearly been working on the Games piece since well before G+ launched. I imagine they're working on some requested features in parallel.
So, I've checked using chrome for both linux and windows, yet still go games button. This isn't some IE only feature, is it?
+Robert Angle Have a look at the screenshots posted on the official google blog. There will be an icon next to the Circles icon which would contain the Games section. Do not worry about stream! (or so it seems!)
What I read: Sharing and experiences are important, we want to give you more control.

What I interpreted: More users go to Facebook for the games than Facebook itself, ergo we must have games as well!
And yes, I know it's not a browser issue... just find it kind of odd that they would make all this fuss about having launched games, yet they haven't really launched games yet. If they want to claim they have done something, they should wait till it is out there for all members, otherwise correctly phrase it as being currently rolled out.
+Miguel Angelo Thx. I think it is still not very convenient to refresh a page just for collapsing the expanded comments. We can easily "collapse" or "expand" a post, why not provide a similar way for the list of comments?
Absolutely!! Refreshing is not the best way to collapse a comments collumn...
Well, I will be deleting from my circles anyone who spends all day in games, if Google keeps me informed of every pee break.
i had the game button last night, today it is gone...argh!
I want to play games now... please make it accessible for me!!!
Thank you for keeping my friends' virtual carrot crops out of my main stream.
Nice. Kudos for not repeating the annoying mess that is Facebook's game notifications.
How are these games made, using the native client api in chrome? Hopefully not crappy flash games ?? Soooo slow :p
I tried to play, but Games told me that I connot control who sees that I am playing. For me this is a showstopper, because I want to have the control about such sensible informations. So I will wait until this would be possible sometimes in the future. Then I try again. Thanks for enabeling games +Vic Gundotra +Natalie Villalobos +Doug Sherrets
While games are welcome, there are more pressing issues.
Games ruin the social networking experience.
Please reengineer +1 you guys desperately need to reengineer it. Though i sent it also as a feedback but still thought to post here. There is not a functionality in any social network at present to keep record or list of all the likes or +1's we do inside the social network in the streams or news feeds. When i like or +1 any photo, video or status update or any good thought posted and shared by any friend, with that i intend to see all +1's or likes any time i want to go through them just like i +1 any thing in web. It not just for showing the world that i like it. After 100's of +1's or likes in the stream there should be a way to retrieve all the +1's i did till the date to refer it. As you save all the +1's done outside g+ through out the web in the +1 tab, there should be a section in the +1 tab for all the +1's done inside g+, and another section for all the +1's done outside g+ in the web. Even better if you can further categorize all the +1's done inside g+ like +1 status updates, +1photos, +1 videos +1 comments to make browsing through all the +1's done till date inside g+ easy. And ofcourse privacy setting should be provided.

Apart from keeping track of all +1's done by user inside g+, there should also be a way to share anything from the web to my stream. At present when i +1 it only gets listed in +1 tab. But if i wish to share any thing from the web then it is not a convenient way. All ppl will have to scroll through my +1tab inorder to see wat have i +1'd. Instead there should be an option given when i click on +1 for anything on web that will show the option whether do i want to share this to my stream also or only post to my +1tab. Or another button should be introduced for sharing which in the popup gives option to choose circles to which i would like to share the particular thing inthe web.

But logically if you introduce this ability of sharing to +1 button itself then it will make more sense. When i click on +1 it should give directly an option to choose with which circles i want to make it visible or share or if i need to keep it private with me and accordingly should post the +1'd thing in both my posts or stream and +1 tab at a time. By posting in my posts or stream all my cirlces would get to know from streams itself that i +1'd(or shared) this and from the +1 tab i would be easily able to keep track of all the +1's i did through out the web. So sharing and liking combined sensibly in one button.

I hope you implement the above things as it definitely makes sense
I dont need games. Please first integrate google reader for sharing.
Integrate hangouts!
O no, gee another face book. That's all I see on FB is friends and family's playing games :'(
This game. +Håvar Fredriksen
♜ ♞ ♝ ♛ ♚ ♝ ♞ ♜
♟ ♟ ♟ ♟     ♟ ♟ ♟


♙ ♙ ♙ ♙     ♙ ♙ ♙
♖ ♘ ♗ ♕ ♔ ♗ ♘ ♖
♜ ♞ ♝ ♛ ♚ ♝ ♞ ♜
♟ ♟ ♟ ♟     ♟ ♟ ♟

♙ ♙ ♙ ♙     ♙ ♙ ♙
♖ ♘ ♗ ♕ ♔ ♗     ♖
i got my games button today,, tried to play angry bird,, it was so damn slow to load,, i finally gave up where it took me more then 5 min even to load the part which i wanted to play,,
The games are great and all, but once I give the games permission to access my info, how do I prevent the game from accessing my info? In case I don't want to play it anymore. I can't find any option to stop a game from accessing my info once I gave it permission.
It works. :D Well enough, though I'll probably continue using Kongregate for my gaming needs (larger audience, better games). I do like that they ARE full fledged games, not html scripts pretending to be games. :) No clutter for me!
Scrabble please! That (and the fact must of my friends are still there) is what keeps me with "them."
Thank you for keeping the games separate from everything else!
Ok, got games and its amazing. :D
Mm, tell those games not to force the user to share something to other users.. Or give them a seperate notification line or something that the receiver can disable. Zynga's not nice with this. :P I got an email from their poker game that looks like as if that friend shared it.
How do you even UNREGISTER from the games after you've given them access to your data because you wanted to try them out..? I don't want to play a few of them anymore and don't want to keep sharing my data.
Of all the next features you could have introduced... games? Give me a break.
Poco Yo
Suggestions for improvments:
1) make a page with better explanation to what each privilege given to games are. Example, basic profile information.... what does it include?
2) A way to revoce game publishers. For example if I do decide to not play a game anymore, I should be able to remove game and especially a way to revoke authorization to collect/harvest from my data/profile
3) discourage publishers from taking too much infos (for example, why a publisher should need email address when they can comunicate using the same medium (from within game and inside google+)
4) a way to protect users that don't play but are in circles of someone that is playing. Let me elaborate...
If I don't play and I've someone that add me in his circles and play a game...
Doing so, publisher will be able to know me as well. There should be a method to limit esposed data and keep it inside google+ preventing leaking to other databases of unkown trust and different usage/tos and whatever

What you should be concentrating on is getting a seamless user experience whether using web or mobile. For instance being able to send email should be the same experience in gmail as it is in G+
Hey +Vic Gundotra I like how the games stream is separate but there is a huge flaw. In settings there is no way to differentiate between the games stream and regular stream in the notification panel. Meaning everytime someone sends me a game post (which happens all the time because the games do nothing but try to promote themselves) I get an email and phone notification! I want this for my regular stream, I do not for games stream. Even though the games tab is separate this ends up being just as annoying as Facebook.. Please please pleasae address this!
I like how it has its own feed, so it can be separated. However, I think it would be nice to pick and choose which notifications we receive. I expect the things Im interested in will be drowned out by game notifications.
Nice. the first experience is good. When Will I start bugging my friends by sending them requests and asking for help? I wish, never.
Egh, I wish G+ offers social networking different, but better way then FB. It is yet another element which is alike. Does it attract people to service? I doubt. If you already have something, why you are to change to exactly same?
DO NOT IMITATE, CREATE! Make it better! Learn the flaws of social services, analyze and create better option. Because noone will be attracted solely by Google name.
city of wonder does not start!!! i tried with chrome, IE, firefox, aurora... but nothing!
Why do I always keep seeing this update on the top most and the front most? Is there any way to keep the already read stuff from showing up everytime someone shares it? Its really bugging now.
Can anyone tell me when the Games will be available on mobile app too? Thank you
How do I remove games from RECENTLY PLAYED list?
It's nice when they work, cause most of the times they just don't load.
+Vicki Broughton is absolutely right. I have games on the recently played list that I played once and haven't played for more than a month. Just put a cross next to them so we can delete them. Also, I stopped playing some games because my broadband couldn't cope. When will Google learn that not everyone has mega-broadband?
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