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There is no way I should be this easily impressed with lights. But I am.
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That's so not street legal. Plus it does not convey what's going on clearly. But, it's super cool looking so it's got that going for it.
They call it "mothing" when drunks drive into squad cars with their emergency lights on. These things will make sober people space-out and hit you too!
that hadme in a tranze,awsome 2 see,thanks L
+Kevin Cox Not legal to have lit-up on the street, but if it's as it appears the LEDs are concealed under covers... you could light it up in a parking lot and car shows.
Who wouldnl't be? Amazing technology. Now it needs to be affordable and for my house.
+Vic Gundotra I know a guy who could build you a hood with a "G+" in Google colors under smoke tinted cover. Local guy to me, the current world champion chopper builders: They have a division of the company that does store interiors and signage. Maybe better yet.. time to have them build "The ChopperPlus" I'm kind of serious about this one... camera on it for Hangouts while driving the street with audio feed and mic in helmet. Then you put on a pair of Google Glasses inside the helmet since it's illegal to have a display on the dash or tank of the bike.
Bad idea. Lights should be understandable, not impressive.
I don't want to see such christmas-tree on the road.
Looks like I'm going to need to do some custom engineering on my car. I already have a Bluetooth connector to hook up my Nexus to the ECU to find out what's going on with all the sensors, so it won't be too much to try to reprogram the ECU or to have the oled lights connect up to Bluetooth to detect when various lights are supposed to turn on to control those animations. I need to research this one. But I agree with Pavel that the animations need to be understandable.
OLED is the future after all
(organic light emitting diode)
Technology is indeed developing fast! And the products were so awesome!
you're a geek after all :D
+Vic Gundotra have you ever driven the Q7 shown in the video? I had a chance to take its baby brother Q5 on a test drive, and its a monster.. You can actually feel the g force, but at the same time the technology hugs you and says - am going to keep you safe :-)
Audi put old rusty part in there cars but the rince it up to make it look new
i love the styile it frking bad one
Cool light effects. The questions who, whatwe seewhere?who sellls the kit/ Larry Willyard
Having conquered instrument panels and become the benchmark for automotive interiors, #Audi has signaled (sic) intent to own exterior lighting. Even in the black of night +Vic Gundotra, you know when it's an Audi coming at you (or leaving you in the gloomy dust)!
just in the fiction movie, i love it.
Soon; more ideas to come from other vendors as well...
I can see some getting this for their muscle cars. The back lights remind of the Nexus boot animation.
Some distraction. Tolerable as long as functionality is not compromised.
Through these fancy lighting they should implement some kind of txt messaging projected to the tailgater. A finger emoticon would emphasize the message;-)
Aren't there traffic regulations prohibiting flashing lights on non-emergency vehicles?
They took the Led's to far. Don't even start with the OLED lights.
I`v never in my life thought I`d love lights on a car....but I`m in love :0)
what the heck who are you guys i was on you tube
That is so much cooler than the bat mobile. And what was up with that rear facing, red laser? That would be cool if you had someone behind you with their hi beams on. zzZZap.
Knight Industries Two Thousand eat your heart out!!
thank u about dog
Doesn't seem entirely practical but it is quite interesting B-)
the top comment of this video in youtube ^^
Even among big names like Mercedes and BMW, Audi proves it's the best.
havont seen it yet hop to wach on vid carnt stand the cinimar thees days ..les
In most areas this kind of lighting is illegal as it distracts other drivers and causes them to watch the lights instead of where they are going.....
I agree with +Abe Abrahamian . I think many modern cars headlights are so bright and distracting that they are now putting other drivers at risk. With the A6 it's very difficult to see the indicators when the position lights are on.
waooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exelent my favorite car..............................................................
Matt V
Wow..that's cool for about a second. Then what do you do besides drive around like a chooch?
That indicator of how far to stay back is cool.
Whoa. Some of those light were really cool.Some were very un-necessary and still cool. some were just annoying. Like the rear laser.
+Vic Gundotra From where do u find these awesome stuffs? Thanks for sharing! Simply awesome.
I'm getting Night Rider flashbacks! :-)
Case point we are now the aliens. Chariots of the Gods
Where's the HOFF when U need him?
I'm not impressed either. My wife has an Audi and I really don't like it. I do drive it a lot ... but I much prefer my Peugeot. The problem with Audi (apart from ridiculously stiff suspension) is that they put stupid gizmos every where when I just do not want them. These lights are also pathetically unneccesary.
That's super cool..... another reason why I should get another Audi.
really? peugeot over audi? thats like picking council flats over a 5 bed detactched.
Thank you for sharing. I shared this video on my page as well.
Yo that's mad cool! Can't wait until I get that car!
Don't fight the fact that chrome is just damn cool to look at. Accept it, and roll on.
The second to last one was retarded. You don't need a deep lens/diffuser to spread light if the whole surface can be used as a light. New tech implementation fail...

Ditching old style headlights and taillights could save on space, weight, and build complexity.

The rest and especially the last one were cool concepts. I can't wait to see how these end up being used in production.
So much light tech, but does it show any difference when slightly breaking, or breaking hard? I mean why don't all cars have a break VU-meter red bar instead of ON/OFF red light?
super cool! love the slick shaping... looks like a dragons eye...
I found this so confusing! What's the purpose of having such lights?
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