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Spoiler alert. Stop reading now if you have recorded American Idol.

What a touching end to #americanidol tonight. Winning sometimes means exhaustion. Congratulations Philip Phillips!
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I swear I read Congratulations Phillip Morris. Lol 
Geez, thanks for the spoiler! We get the show two weeks behind here, so only on to the top three this week. :(
For spoiler alerts can't you hit return enough times that it pushes it to an "expand this post" clickthrough? Not that I'm saying how to go about your business, Mr. Gundotra.
I called both early in the competition. I would have been happy, either way.
He is already editing a post on Mobile, isn't that incredible enough?
It's ok! I actually haven't seen any episodes of American Idol this season. I read on without caution! Though I do appreciate the shows message.
Hi Vic more desktop features on basic mobile version.
Too late, Google Reader spoiled it for me already. Am in the UK, we haven't had the final show here yet :-(
haha.. you need to put 'spoiler' in bold and capital letters... and make the spaces at least 50 spaces... :p

now that's a spoiler alert....
+Vic Gundotra bring on the Android G+ update!!

Also...lessons to be learned by watching a guy follow his heart and ignore the "professionals"...nothing better than people being authentic, following their passion, and working hard!!!
Wish Jessica too has won!It's always guy with guitar who keeps on winning.
It didn't hit him till halfway through his last song
let's just respect the decision..congratz to both of u!
I burst into tears when he cried!! :( And honestly I think they over did it with the confetti, I mean he was pulling confetti out of his mouth!! :P LOL
+Vic Gundotra Hey why don't you add spoiler tag in comment. So you can conceal some of the contents you want to conceal. :)
Is Philip Phillips related to the original Sparks band with Ron and Russell Mael. They say, "This town ain't big enough for the both of us."
+Jek Crisostomo She's 16, there's a good chance she's not going to have quite as much "charisma". That said, I have watched exactly 1 American Idol episode this year, and that is about 25% of my entire Idol viewing history, and from what I saw, she was the better performer. Admittedly, that's based on watching just one show. Best part, she's still going to have a career, just not as "American Idol Winner"
I was SO happy to see Philip Phillips win! I'd picked him out from the first auditions - my first time picking the winner right from the start. He's exactly the kind of musician I will want to buy records by. There were some other amazing singers on the show but there weren't so many who are likely to be the kinds of musicians I spend money on. Philip is. I thought his reaction to winning was very touching. He's been so tough and steady the whole season and I know he had been quite ill for a while, too. It must have all caught up with him at the end.
I bursted into tears when he couldn't finish his song, because I was so happy for him
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