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Google+ for Android gets big update today. Enjoy.
Google+ for Android: 5 updates you’ve been asking for

Google+ gets better when we build it together, so today's new Android app (v4.1) includes a number of highly-requested improvements. In particular:

1. Account and page switching is a lot easier
Just like Gmail for Android, you can now switch between multiple Google+ accounts with a couple of taps (vs. signing out and signing in again). And the Google+ pages you manage are likewise in the app menu at all times.

2. Google Apps for Business features are now fully supported
If your Apps administrator has enabled Google+, you can now share content publicly, with your circles, and/or with just the people in your organization. In addition: you’ll know at a glance whether someone’s profile is part of your Apps domain.

3. Google Drive photos & videos are now accessible from Google+
If you're storing photos or videos in Google Drive, you now have the option to view and share them from Google+ (on Android, and the web). Drive photos in particular will get enhanced and awesome’d automatically (see

4. Location sharing includes more controls
Starting today you can share your pinpoint or city-level location with others (if you want), and you can do so on a circle-by-circle basis. For example: you can share your pinpoint location with family, and your city-level location with co-workers. You can also use circles to filter who appears on your “Locations” map.

5. Messenger is going away, Hangouts is sticking around
Now that Hangouts provides messaging and video calls across Android, iOS and the web, we’re removing Messenger from the Google+ mobile apps (first on Android, then on iOS). Later today you'll be able to download all of your Messenger conversations (including text and photos) from Google Takeout.

The new Android app includes a handful of other updates (like pull-to-refresh), but we’ll let you discover those on your own :-) It’s rolling out to Google Play over the next few days (, so give it a try and let us know what you think! #googleplusupdate
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Now to await the inevitable apk upload. 
+Virgil Dobjanschi 
but where is "Upload Photos to Specific Album"???
that's been asked so many times and it's so important for mobile photographers
please add asap please.
Finally we will can use Google+ with Google Apps for Business premium features.
I hope this solves the Android-only problem of "reshare a post and it takes you back to the top of the stream." That's a bit annoying. iOS doesn't do that, as my buddy pointed out.
Agreed with +Allan Wong . I want to have the ability to upload photos to existing albums as well.
Finally no more messenger!
Location sharing feature is useless without the info when the location info is updated. Latitude had that but G+ locations not. Please explain what do you do with location info without the time info?
Very nice, +Vic Gundotra ! Thank you!

Why don't you link to the apk so those of us who want to bypass the silly rollouts, can?
+Allen Schneider That is probably my number one peeve with the current version. I, too, hope that behavior goes far away and never comes back.
+Vic Gundotra thanks for the excellent additions. Just one question: Will we one day be able to access our g+ backup fotos from drive? This would be so awesome. It's the only reason why i still use dropbox as well...
Thanks +Vic Gundotra . I've been around g+ since the start and you guys continue to make it better and better. Cheers
Brian B
If this forces me to upgrade my Talk to Hangouts, then I am done upgrading G+. Talk is just better for what I need and Hangouts tries to force a use case on me that forces me to use simpler software with more customizable options
"Later today you'll be able to download all of your Messenger conversations (including text and photos) from Google Takeout." YES. Thank you! That saves a lot of work, this specific update is MUCH appreciated!
The business/pages stuff seems to be exactly what I need +Vic Gundotra 
Will G+ stop scrolling on top of the stream for  no reason and leaving me confused behind? (honestly my confusion is the only reason for fixing this bug).
Update! Look at the change log +Joe LaPenna posted on his G+ page. All these issues have been fixed/addressed in the new version! They just apparently weren't worth mentioning in the post shared here.

What +Jori Mäkinen said. On top of the simply awful design and navigation (especially compared to the Maps/old Latitude), Locations doesn't show last update or an accuracy range.

-Just as you left Messenger in place while waiting for Hangouts to suitably replace it (which I applaud) you should have left Latitude in place until Locations was at least partially useful.-
Thank you thank you thank you
Awesome.. Now I'll be constantly hitting up Play Store until it happens.. :p bye bye sleep! :p
Goodbye Messenger and good riddance.
Excellent Go Google ,Go Google , Go Google and don't stop , thanks for the new features .
Thanks +Vic Gundotra for the updates.  I'd love to have Google Docs integration (more) with G+ - sharing with Circles as a way of controlling access is my first request.  
I hope the basic web interface for Google+ [ ] also gets improvements. The one I like to see is the interface remembering who I share posts with. It's irritating to keep changing it from 'Your Circles' to 'Public' all the time before posting. You would think Google+ could devote a bit of memory to remember this...};-)
Hopefully the next Nexus has an insane camera to make use of all the photo updates. 
Can I access my auto backup photos from Drive, too? Right now I'm doubling storage used by pictures so that I can. Make sense +Vic Gundotra ?
Since we're turning this into a general G+ feedback session for +Vic Gundotra I'll chime in with one of those annoyances you don't really realize is that annoying unless it happens to you:

There should be a way to mute notifications from a post without having to mute the whole post. For instance, I don't want hundreds of notifications today as people comment on this. However, I still want to see it and read through comments on my feed without having to specifically seek it out by going to Vic's page.

I don't want to disable notifications altogether because the normal posts I comment on have little interaction.

Even Facebook has this via the unfollow button. This should be a no-brainer. Add a "mute notifications" option underneath of the "mute" (or change it to "mute post") in the contextual menu.
Anyone has link to APK? 😜
+Vic Gundotra  Thank you for the update!  Did they fix the bug in Locations so that it will work with rooted devices?  and are timestamps now provided?
Does it fix the annoying 'return to first post' that happens after commenting or sharing?
+Vic Gundotra this drive integration, make us want even deeper integration... Like, all the Google+ photos, be accessible/viewable from drive! :)
Awesome fix!!!!! +Keith Patton that was really annoying! :) i was resharing the "read later" staff to an empty circle, and it was returning me to first post!
lol I still can't get used to the fact that the Senior Vice President of one of the world's largest technology companies has such a hands-on approach with their products and actually personally responds to communications.

Thanks +Vic Gundotra (and all at Google for what you do).
Does this update include the missing Latitude features? Specifically, how old ("stale") a friend's location is and how accurate it is (the blue circle)?
When are you 'setting up shop' in Belfast btw? :P

I'd clean toilets if I had to just to work at Google lol
mani S
Still not present for Indian users... hope by tomorrow it shows up.
But Google should keep Ram uses to limit. as day by day standard ram has increased from 512mb to 1gb and now 2-4 GB is on the way...
+Jocie Pup we get most but not all the features. Certainly the most requested. And we listen carefully, so expect further refinements.
+Vic Gundotra I love where you are heading with the Drive and G+ photo integration! I am looking forward to finally seeing full syncing of G+ albums as Drive folders so all my photos can be viewed and managed from either location with only one hit on storage space. Right now I do not store any photos on Drive because of the duplication that would result in. But it would be great to have the capabilities of the offline convenience and organization power of Drive for all my photos. 
This is great.
+Vic Gundotra, There's still a mess with Hangouts Logs in Gmail (Web UI).
Please, create one long thread per contact.
Use "Ticket" (Like each Reply / Forward post in mails) for each conversation.

That would make it perfect.
I think you should've named Google Hangouts "Google Messenger."  All of my friends are confused about what Google Hangouts actually is. They think it's just Google+ video chat (since that was originally what it was called in Google+) -- They don't know that it's basically a cross platform iMessage competitor.  Google Messenger, on the other hand, perfectly explains what the app is and does, and matches the feature set of the other choices out there (Facebook messenger, etc).

You have some serious marketing to do with Google Hangouts. It's a great app but the public is totally confused about what it is. 
Me either +Keith Patton and to the fact that +Vic Gundotra added me to his circles. So I have to be careful not to post tooo stupid things :-)
Looking forward to the update!
Without the location data age and accuracy information, it is useless.
Which messenger? Will hangouts now handle sms and mms? That would be awesome! 
Waiting for ios google plus update!
+Vic Gundotra +Google+ very nice, but using android G+ is a real pain when using just with my not any specialties, just sharing and communicating, photos from vacation etc. (despite www g+ is great):

1) impossible to easily write a long comment

2) some photos or videos are not uploaded and it's not able to upload them, just through the app restoration

3) every new android g+ update destroys contacts' joining, very annoying when have to join all again!

4) shared photos are completely randomized= useless, ignoring time line, have to use my computer + photo sphere photos are completely out of the time line, don't know why

5) notifications are almost useless, just notified (don't know which post or comment)

6) notifications don't take us to the comment= have to scroll and scroll and scroll.....

7) can't see all my activity, post, comments,...

8) landscape mode doesn't exist

9) can not change sharing permissions

10) photo viewing with black bars (please remove, more effective, but don't remove features like Google maps!)

11) looks like all these new features are just for your work, not for people, not for us

12) not able to easily translate comments

13) a whole album view doesn't exist= can't choose where to start viewing again, have to slide slide slide slide to the place where I stopped previously

14) nexus 4 it's not able to share more than 4 photos! The other photos are just black with some white "reloading circles"

15) highlights photos are random and can not share from at least two highlight "folders"

I can't believe how so many flaws does release the great Google, very interesting

Does Android Google plus really have a Product manager who is not a rich coder and who doesn't use android g+ just for work? :) We need someone who really use the app for sharing like 90% of people = not riches, but normals with an average or a little above average Android phone instead of an expensive photo camera even for vacations

We love Google plus but we don't want to feel a pain when using :)

You don't need to make everything simple, it's not the reason Apple is so popular, it's just a character of Apple....Apple falls everywhere except US, so the Apple's simplicity is irrelevant, Apple is just a hype and because of the simplicity without features iPads fall and iPhones don't catch the market share

Please, don't destroy the android g+ app like you have destroyed Android Google maps (you have even removed the map scale-I really haven't seen any map without a scale= how big is the object?? ...except for the android Google maps, incredible :)

Samsung is winning despite has a very "difficult" sgs4

Thank you if my comment is not lost :)
Greeeeaaaaat... I still can't chose who is on my list in Hangouts.... Something that has been requested since the beginning of Google Chat/Talk/Hangouts
+Tadej Rudec your average consumer won't do that because they already think they know what Google Hangouts is. They just hear "hangouts" and associate it with Video Chat. It's a problem of perception here. It's product confusion.  All the other Messenger apps do more than messenger too (FB lets you make phone calls and even lets you leave video voicemails to people), yet they're still called messenger. People are used to what "____ Messenger" entails.
So glad it's going to have better page switching 
BTW, +Vic Gundotra will we ever be able to remove someone out of group chat in Hangouts?

For example, I created a group for work friends, then one day person A leaves the company. I would like to be able to remove that person from the group chat. I don't think it's possible right now.

Thank you :)
ughhh... Hangouts blows. Why can't I see a buddy list of who is actually online and available for messaging?
+Corey Bobco Hangouts is NOT your traditional instant messaging, so stop leaning on antiquated concepts. Do you check to see who is online before you send a text message?
Ability to hang out with community members on mobile is needed sorely.Presently, this only works on a desktop browser.
Pull-to-refresh = awesome!!!
Looks like an amazing update! I can't wait to get it... thank you so much! 
Good job. I hope you guys are working on Google+ Location viewing on the web too. Latitude was super useful for viewing your friends on a giant easy to use computer screen, not a cramped spartan app with only zoom buttons. We really need that for Google+ Locations to be anywhere near as useful as Latitude.
When are you going to allow us to post a single picture to all communities that we follow or the option to do it?
It would be sweet if hangouts cached some of the conversation( like 1 page), that way if you are in an area with no service, you can still check the chat. As it currently stands, if I don't have service and I go to open a hangout, it will sit on the "select a hangout" panel until I have internet connection. Then it will let me pick one to read. I assume hangout is still trying to download the convo. Also this would be cool for Google Voice as well. Also, and this is very important, allow the user to delete all the inbox for Google Voice. :)
I think it's interesting that people feel entitled to the point that even after years of steady, focused, and significant improvements to Google's services we actually do more whining and complaining than before they started. Can we just appreciate what they're building for what it is? It's pretty great.
+Roger Vandawalker and what about when I really need to send an urgent message for free?.....should I write the message through every messenger in the world or just through the one that tells me the receiver is listening? :)
Why not to add this simple ability? Does it hurt someone?
Great I'm looking forward to this update.  Would still really like to see the inverse of #3.  "Google+ photos & videos are now accessible from Google Drive"  Thanks for your hard work.
Thanks a lot for this big update :) No 4 is what I wanted to see in Google plus and I recommended in feedback. 
+Roman Kasal If the message is truly urgent, what does knowing if they're online/available change? Will you not send the message then? If that's the case, I guess it wasn't really urgent. 

And don't just assume something is "simple." Are you familiar with the development processes at Google or the back-end infrastructure of Hangouts?
Does this allow for accessing auto upload through drive? Otherwise awesome update. 
Hope it fixes location to know where exactly my kids are..i know they are in Florida, USA, but Florida is a big state..also all i get is a blank satellite directions..really miss my latitude :-(
+Roger Vandawalker www version works, so does it hurt anyone to make this tiny thing working? Or would you like just to persuade us we don't need it because you don't need that? It would be a never ending discussion because of something that millions simply want and what is very simple to make it working......these tiny things make us love Google = gives us what we really want :)
Great news on the improved location sharing, it's almost at latitude levels. Only big thing missing is being able to view locations from the desktop and not just on mobile.
+Roman Kasal I'm sorry, I don't understand the point you're trying to make at all. I'm not attempting to persuade anyone of anything, I'm just offering reasonable explanations for why things are the way they are.

Building features isn't a matter of "hurting" anything, as you put it. It does, however, create more maintenance.. code, servers, etc. This stuff isn't free, and Google is a business. If it makes economical sense to implement such a feature, I'm sure they'll explore the option.

And again, please stop assuming that such a feature is "simple." Any developer will tell you, it's typically the features that appear simple that are the most difficult to develop.
+Roger Vandawalker so www version is not so complex, there is not any problem because it works there but the android version is far more difficult that makes it impossible? so the www version is so simple to create because it's completely superior (www version it's really great) over the android version? I bet that the difference is just the product manager :)

I can see that the Android version has so many flaws when just sharing photos so the problem is not the "complexity" you are talking about....sadly
+Vic Gundotra does G+ have a bug tracker where the public can submit bugs and feature requests?
need to add more location info and options. how long ago has it been since the person was at the reported location and what is the accuracy, automatic check-ins, and directions to a contact
1. Account and page switching is a lot easier

Thank you for this +Vic Gundotra! You definitely listen to your users! 
Google "Takeout"? Was that a Freudian slip for some project in the works at Google that we don't know about :-) ? Looking forward to getting the new updates.
+jay virly being able to share and organise Drive stuff seems like it be useful to you. 
Wait so, is Google not porting over all our old conversations from Messenger? I recall in an earlier post where they said they would migrate our old conversations over to Hangouts.
+Google latitude was great, but I guess I'll have to settle with Location Sharing. Although please bring the feature of how long ago the sharing was refreshed. That is critical.
$5 on Jump to Top being a new feature? Takers? 
And I, too, wish we could tell who is online. I often go to my computer to use Hangouts for that reason.

The thing is, it's different from texting and emails, that's why most people want to know who's online before they chat. Otherwise we'd just use Gmail to contact them.

Not a complaint, just my opinion based on the disagreements up above. 
+Vic Gundotra is the desired result with the drive pictures as follows?
I have several folders that span a large time frame. For example, all the general pictures of my son when he was 1 year old, 2, etc. Instead of then showing up as one large album like I want, it is breaking them up into an album for each date a picture was taken, resulting in tons of albums. 
+Vic Gundotra Cool!  It looks as if the problems with Location have indeed been fixed.   Thanks to the team for this.  Looking good.
haha. this came literally 5 days after i trashed all my pics on g drive.

however, i had them all on g+ so they were duplicated.

this is awesome, the g drive was better and easier to keep organized and the g+ had a better presentation. Now they meld together, its the best of both. It just made sense.
When will Google+ on iOS get the location section?
+Roman Kasal +Vic Gundotra +Google+
I very much agree with points 1, 2 and 6.

On the desktop, if somebody comments on a post, I'm taken to that comment; on Android, I have to scroll through them all to find it.

Please can I have more than three visible lines to write a comment in? I can have more than that when I edit a comment. Ideally, let the space for the comment grow as I type, up to a maximum where I can still see a few lines of the original post (obviously this will give me more space to type in portrait than in landscape), but let me drag the blue divider to a position that suits me for this comment.

Allow "share to G+ uploads" (as opposed to share with somebody on G+, which I don't want if I just want to gather them together) for specific photos or videos that failed to upload for whatever reason. And/or a Resume missed uploads feature in the photos area.

If any of this doesn't make sense, it's because I was writing it through a 3-line letterbox :-)
what did you guys do to mr Jinggles!!!! jk I love the new update this is gonna look so good on my nexus 5!!!!
and finally we get to swipe to see the notifications been waiting foreverr for that! 
Can we copy text from a post in the App yet, or are we still coding like it is the iPhone 1?
Damn! When I first read that I thought it said Google+ update for Android 5 :)
Thanks for the update! Keep up the great work! +Vic Gundotra

+Danny Peck I'm okay with the name "Hangouts" since the old messages keep hanging around in a conversation. But I'm not into "Hangout Party" for what used to be a Hangout. I think this is just a weird alternative to the status message in legacy chat apps saying: I'm free and bored, call me up please. 
Problem: not all of the photos in my Drive folders are showing up in the associated G+ albums.  All are missing photos.
the application is good, I would like to have more google apps within it. In the same way it would be good to unify more with the web version.
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