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Nice article detailing some of the changes we made to Google+ hangouts today!

Thanks +Kate Cushing and +Drew Olanoff !
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Just pop in some more moderator controls and they'd be close to perfect. ;)
hangouts rule.  I have no idea why my family still insists on using skype.
Hangout would be Skype if it were a desktop app too.
We had great success using a Google Hangout to get my siblings together from across the country for my dad's birthday.
Yeah I think one of the best groups using Hangouts as a business tool is +Adafruit Industries which does a weekly hangout with their customers to highlight customers that have been able to do some really amazing things with their open source hardware selection.  

Customers get to show off their creations, talk to other engineers and "makers".  It works really well, and allows the community to grow stronger especially since they post the hangout so that its archived for others who could not attend.
This is all well and good, but what about session bans for certain troublesome users?
I am aware of the ability to block a person and that it has been added to a vote system. I realize there are a ton of comments but if you dig down a ways, I commented much the same thing. Unblocking people is a pain in the ass insofar as I aware, and frankly with my weekly hangouts we only need session bans when people get way to drunk. It's a much needed option. 
I've got the new hangout, but studio mode is gone from the settings. Can anybody confirm? This was a useful feature that improved sound quality.
Never mind, sound mode is back. Maybe there was a glitch when I first checked.
what about the ability to go full screen?
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