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On my way to +Coachella. Someone really sweet was afraid I was sitting alone. So she handed me an elephant to keep me company on the flight. Wow. This experience is already exceeding expectations.
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What an experience that was! And...those fancy seats...
Too you'd be wishing you were even remotely alone all crowded up at Coachella!!!
Just remember: an elephant never forgets. ; P
That's rather disappointing photo quality coming from the S5.
I always imagined you traveling business class +Vic Gundotra, don't you get mobbed by hoards of fans?? 
Are you using Galaxy S5? Could it be that it's GPE edition? wink wink :P
Children can really suprise you, they have very strong feelings, You are their whole world, they want and need you to be safe
You don't ride in business class at least?? You're a big time Googler!
many moons ago, international flights use to give kids inflatable toys like that.  I remember getting a swan on my way to USA from Croatia.  I was 11 yrs old.  That was like a  hundred years ago. :)
Keep in touch brother. Thanks for building G+ It is now being called a "backbone" and or "platfrom" over at @TechCrunch
Then in the same article a confusion of terms like "walking dead"
You'll be missed 04.24.2014 news says this is or was your last post.
I hope this might not be your last post.. Maybe, we can see one last writeup from your desk, on belief, emotional trip and future on G+, and your next adventure... I must say, you will be sorely and solely missed, becoz G+ has lost its vision, so it is walking blind and not walking dead..
Thank you for Google+. 
I would like to thank your performance. 
Thank you.

Well enough about this.
Seems like Google is no less 'Game of Thrones' than any other company out there.
What's next?
Alaska flight at 2:50 PM out of SFO???
Now I wish I had gone. You, Thomas Hawk and Scoble are all there!
I'm wanting to hear about Google by Google, not "We heard from a "source" nonsense.  G+ has done too much for too many to be flushed. It IS creating more humanity.............
Best of luck for your future endeavors! :)
Did he get a bag of roasted peanuts?
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