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He is clearly in need of some help! Thanks for the laugh +Lamarr Wilson!
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Well, anyone who's anyone has affection for Google. Mine is probably unhealthy. Thanks +Vic Gundotra for that. :-)
Ha i remember trying to get a GMail invite. Once i was invited in, I utilised my new-found power for good... well it was good for me.
这个人好有意思啊 哈哈
Very Interesting, LOL. What is more complimenting than your rant is you Apt. Its great. Media evolution is amazing, i can not believe were we are headed, It is def. going to interesting either way. keep going and create and love. peace man your great.

Lamarr is hilarious and very different... I often watch him on his youtube channel when I get bored!
I can relate to how he's feeling...
You know you're a Google obsessive when you find yourself accidentally working Google into random conversations with friends.

Another symptom of Google obsession is when you use a non-Google service knowing that as soon as Google make something that can do the same thing you'll jump ship... Just because you know that eventually Google will do it better =)

Yeah, I'm looking at you, Gmail... And you, Chrome...
proves that google's also for geeks obsessed with tech. Unlike FB that's more intuitive and invisible... so far....
Google is a company with geeks with PhDs at the helm. What else could happen?
This story sounds familiar....................
+Aditya Mani I think Facebook, like most things, is only intuitive because people are used to it.

After almost a year on G+ I think this site is intuitive too. I always click on the top bar on other sites imagining that it will scroll up like Google+ does.
Keep those squirrel snacks safe Lamarr, thanks for the video, very funny and I really can relate.
He left out chrome and google reader!
Hilarious but so true.. the Gmail invite.. finally a decent email address instead of the tomsomethingtodifferentiatemefromtheotherhermans at yahoo I was using till then.. Gmail took me in, rest followed like +Lamarr Wilson describes
why I cannot open it?
LOL "Free turned out to be a better price" :))
It is pretty funny, except for where there are actual functional differences in addition to the aesthetic differences. Some of them have been fixed, some are supposed to be on the way, and some, google flat-out refuses to acknowledge.

Why is google deleting portions of messages sent to you without your permission, and without giving you the option of an opt-out? (that would be signature trimming)

Why have they removed right-side separation from between the text and the ads, when such seperation is more readable, and consistent with other google products?

Why is google refusing to explain any of their actions in-spite of the BS that larrry page spewed in the "love and trust" section of his annual investors letter?

google is fast transforming from a well-run company with an exceptional product-line to a train-wreck with pathetic quality control rolling out forced "upgrades" with known and documented bugs.
I love Google products too. Unfortunately we don't get Google Music and Google Voice or Navigation in Malaysia. That's a bummer.
Lamarr, the cure to your obsession.
Eat an Apple a day !

An Apple a day gets your doctor away as far as you are a good shooter... Good Apple stores near to you thanks to Google maps with comments from your friends at FaceBook or G+. Friends to who you can send a short tweet on twitter to organize your meeting at the Apple store with FourSquare and to let them know that you are on the road. And perhaps a special discount if you make a grouped purchase of apples (1 or 2 tons) thanks to Groupon... Welcome to spring 2012...
Sadly I remember the days of Altavista and Netscrape. Google does indeed, Rock! 'squirrel snacks' heh...
What is it?
What do you feeling?
I,m smiling.
He might be almost as obsessed with #Google as I am! But he does not use Android any longer, and probably does not have all Google's Bolgs on Reader and saved searches about Google, so... yeah, he is almost like me.
Haha, in this You tube Capture he reminds me 5th Element Chris Tucker (but 20 years later, like Musketeers) heavier and older :D
Yeah how about Canada stops getting shafted on something that is pretty basic on a lot of devices. Keep your internet phone just give me visual voicemail plz
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