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+Marques Brownlee is the best technology reviewer on the planet right now. You might want to follow him. Watch him practice his craft below.
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I'd get if did not already have my HTC One.
Totally agree! MKBHD is my favorite YouTube tech reviewer.
I was just trying to let him know this over Hangouts, but I dunno if he allows people chat with him that aren't in circles etc. 
I have to agree with Vic, Marques videos are always quality and informative. 
+Vic Gundotra just fast forward to 4.33 on the video and that's exactly how +Marques Brownlee felt when he read the post about he being the best technology reviewer on the planet right now :-) 
May Go
Already subscribed him, and yup this Moto X first impressions review rocked
That's quite a compliment. I agree, I don't follow any other tech reviewer nearly as much.
I agree.  I like his no-frills, no-gimmicks presentations, and a good ability for getting to the point.
Wow, high praise. But well deserved. Keep up the good work +Marques Brownlee your videos are always very well done and I enjoy your style. I am very selective about which channels I subscribe to in YouTube and have very few. Yours is one of them. Keep up the great work +Marques Brownlee 
Google now has choppy animation in that video.. Maybe its because of 4.2.. Consumers will see that.. It will be fun when android's graphics stack gets improved for smooth graphics like iPhone on even low end phones. I predict the next iPhone(currently only 1,440 mAh battery) will have a bigger battery like current android devices.. And that should force Google to concentrate on low power and smooth graphics.. 
422,677 subscribers at 7:24 am on 8/3/13.

(just curious how many YouTube subscribers +Marques Brownlee picks up over the next 24 hours. I'd say, easily goes beyond 750,000.) 
Best Youtube channel at the moment, I watch all of his videos and his talent comes from the great filming/editing skills and the clarity of his explanations. He cuts straight to the point and has a great speech flow. Lot to learn from him for keynotes, I am glad Google is finally taking notice of this 19 year old youtuber!! 
He is has been in my "Android" circle for a while now. Great video reviews. 
His reviews do rock...but I want to close his closet, it's distracting.
Excellent video. He is definitely the best technology reviewer. 
I really hope the Google play edition comes with the touchless controls, active display, etc... Otherwise I wouldn't be able to enjoy it in Canada because I refuse to go with Rogers:/
I agree.. he is simply the best!
Ging De
The first thing I d do with the Moto X is turn off the voice feature.
I like his logic, fairness and creativity! while other reviewers seems biased.

Just watched it few hours ago. 
I always watch his reviews and updates. His videos are always so professionally well done.
This felt like an advertisement for Motorola and Google. No wonder +Vic Gundotra likes him. Also for him to give a nod to +Guy Kawasaki who is a paid consultant for Motorola just makes the whole thing so suspect. At least Mr. Brownlee called them out on the AT&T exclusive BS.
 The camera launch "feature" is gimmicky to me. I am happy to get to the camera on my GNexus by turning on the screen and swiping to the left. Seems just as easy. 
I think people look at specs+features v price, not one or the other.  S4 has lots of features and specs, but it is not selling like Samsung had hoped. Same for the HTC One. So to have only features and expect to sell the hell out of it? I don't know.
There is good info here but nothing objective. That is what I am looking for. +Ars Technica has done some testing and maybe this X8 processor thing has some value besides marketing hyperbole. 
I still belive GS4 is better. 
....and he's a Stevens Tech guy! What's not to like?
Totally agree. Always go to him,explains things very well and without coming across as aren't I great. 
Damn im ready to hop to the nearest wireless store and get one!! I'm going to customize it..wait but that's AT&T. Well I'll wait for TMO to get the customizations.. but they won't "initially" carry in store. WTF Motorola? you really don't want me to get this phone do you? Last chance will be the price of the "Google edition" and whether I can customize it.
I will never buy another Motorola's phone...
Their support is almost nonexistent, closer to the disrespectful. 
Google/moto placed so much marketing emphasis on the customization of this phone then hobbled it by not making it available to most customers, only att. As a Verizon customer who is very interested in this phone it's a bit insulting.
It will be available on other carriers just not right from the beginning. Verizon already confirmed they will get moto maker too
He definitely is. Love the objectivity approach. I've been looking forward to his review of Moto-X.
It's a tragedy that Moto X won't be launched in Europe. What will we get instead? Pink balloons? 
Completely agree! I have been watching his reviews for a while now and he is awesome!
I would've thought geeks buy a Nexus phone which is a bargain compared to the Moto X.

I've used the voice search feature a few times just to demonstrate to others how good it is, but honestly I'd feel like a fool asking questions to my phone outside the house. 
Man its so complicated to swipe up for Google now and press voice activation and do the same exact voice demonstrations in this video on my nexus 4. Here you go, take my money off contract $500+ for the moto x when the nexus 4 does All of this already for $349...good idea said no one ever. #stickingwiththenexus4
I've seen his face around the web but never watched one of his video reviews.  Now that I have I totally agree with you +Vic Gundotra.
IPhone on day one was about experience.. Even iPhone 4s with only 512 MB ram and a dual core processor with normal battery capacity beats up many android devices out there.. Yeah its the true that true multitasking is not there.. But user experience is there as Marques has explained. Apple used to boost abt specs.. But since Samsung they stopped doing that .. Apple simply can't match the specs of their supplier without affecting their profits.. With ios7 apple just showed that 60 fps is still possible on the same hardware with those crazy blur shader used everywhere in the interface even on the keyboard.. Prior to iPhone ,phones that had processing power was trying to show off 3d and stuff.. It was apple that decided to make a usable experience out of the then high end processors..
Very nice review, appreciate you recognizing the common user.  Any hard facts on the companion tablet release?  Very much interested in adding the newer version of XOOM tablet.
I hate videos that is over 5 minutes but somehow +Marques Brownlee can make a 36 hour and I'll watch it all and complain that its too short. He is a master of making a video and sucking you in and make you enjoy it. In fact, you feel way more educated about any device he talks about even if you thought you knew everything. I have subscribed to only 2 youtubers and +Marques Brownlee is one of them.

After seeing his videos on my #chromecast, this man need to be on TV and getting paid handsomely. Big props.
This guy really is the first reviewer i go to when needed to and usually don't have to look anymore because he is so good and very honest. 
Very sharp guy and he also plays for the New Jersey disc team the NJ Hammerheads.
Super video... Keep up the great work.. And yes, let's hope customizations are available via play vs AT&T with all their garbage bloatware added... I will not buy until then ... maybe.. (-8
+Vic Gundotra totally agree on +Marques Brownlee's mastery. An articulate tech reviewer with geek cred who also understands what the average consumer wants is rare indeed.

My interest is piqued. But will the activation phrase be user configurable? After a while, people may long for a way to shorten "Okay Google Now" to "Okay G Now" or some other short, yet atypical phrase.
Well... I definitly agree that Marques is great, but in this video he missed his swing... Galaxies can use "hi Galaxy" exactly the same way he used Google Now. And you don't need to touch the screen to get any notifications or clock, just swipe the hand over. Besides, you also have the notification light since Galaxy SIII... The only thing Moto X actually has over the S4 is the colors. And yeah, that might be a good weapon. But there's still a bunch of features on the S4 or S3, and they still have better specs or better price additionally.
Now that was one hell of a recommendation! I think Marques said a few good things about the Moto X. Didn't see the video yet, though.
+Marques Brownlee I've been watching many of your videos, god job, keep it simple, not everyone is a geek to get the terminology... Great review, you need a stage back not a viewable acloset lol... Just messing... Props to you! 
+Vic Gundotra your biggest market is outside the US and in the US you have a very insufficient android tv ads........ So why do you give it all (phones, accessories) to the US where the iPhones are the kings because of the poor Android advertisement? We appreciate Google much more than US so please take care more for us till it's not late :-) 
Agree that the exclusive deal moto made with ATT for exlusive for X time on the Moto maker is not smart.  Every Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile customer now hates Motorola for not allowing them to have The  most innovative part of this phone; the ability to customize it.  2 Months from now when they release it to other carriers; it will be old news and too late.
I kind of agree with Curt Wrigley. I'm on Verizon and have the Gnex. I bought into all the hype and was anxiously waiting for the X. While I completely agree with where Moto is going with this phone, I was very disappointed to hear about the whole AT&T exclusive thing. Boo! Specs are nice, but not the end all be all. If something is optimized properly, most won't notice or even care about specs. But I was fully expecting to be able to get the X as advertised, or should I say hyped, on Verizon. Hopefully the exclusivity deal ends asap! Oh and really, the only spec I care about is the storage. As much as I love and use "the cloud", it's just not feasible when out of coverage. 
Already followed for months :D
Already followed him for years! ;-D
(At least over a year :-) )
Hope Motorola listens to the one glaring fault motox has right now. Need that motomaker to expand like their life depended on it. 
+Leif Egil Reve That integration is much better with the X. On the Galaxy, it's not a feature designed to be left on all the time as it takes a toll on the battery. And from what I understand it only works with S-Voice and music commands for example can't be set to use Google Play Music. It's a very limiting experience there that not a lot of people that own the Galaxy actually use.
Well, I would argue that not many use their phones voice commands on any device, and probably also won't with the X. I can of course be wrong. But at least on my Note II, I can make it listen for 'Hi Galaxy' (or 'Ey, Note, hør her' in my case, since I changed it) as the wake up conmand. And the same way S-voice can't do Google Music (which really isn't something many people outside US even has access to) S-voice can handle things Google Now doesn't. You can't send a SMS, make it dial someone, post on Facebook, and even open Google Now... And there's a whole lot of interaction with the phone that Google Now doesn't support (for now). Hopefully Google Now will become a complete voice control sometime soon, but per now, Google Now isn't complete either, just as S-voice also is far from complete yet. Hopefully Samsung will use Google Now only when it has grown to become a complete voice control of the phone :-) 
No phone comes out and is available on every carrier at the same time.  Eventually, but not exactly.  Their mistake is that if it's available it should be fully available.  If they wanted to roll out to ATT first fine then a month later Verizon fine.  But to make it like everyone else is 2nd class citizens will cause them to fail.
I am a HUGE fan. Watch his videos religiously. 
Pretty good keep up the good work
The guy is just amazing. So focused, so dedicated. I dont about the best, but deifinitely up there with the best of em.
Because he uses Google platforms?
3 years later... Still the best tech reviewer.
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