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We have just announced the date for Google I/O!
Save the date for Google I/O 2013

It might only be December, but Google I/O 2013 is set and is just 162 days away! We’ll be returning to Moscone Center West in San Francisco on May 15-17, 2013, and sharing the experience beyond via Google Developers Live and I/O Extended viewing parties. We’ll announce registration details in February 2013. 

If you have not yet experienced Google I/O, our annual developer event, visit the 2012 site at for highlights, including the spellbinding Google Glass demo (

To stay up to date on Google I/O announcements, as well as other developer news, follow us here on Google+ and join the conversation with #io13  .
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How are you going to top skydiving with Google glass?
:: pins and needles ::
Thanks for the heads up +Vic Gundotra but make sure the registration process is smooth and everybody gets a fair chance. I made it to the previous year and last year couldn't get one even though i was on the registration page 15 mins ahead.
I would really like to go!, unfortunately I can't afford the plane ticket :(
I'll watch the videos online. I'm not fast enough to register ;-)
I never been lucky to go to the Google IO so far, hopefully I can get the ticket in 2013?! 
There are very few things that are harder to get than a Nexus 4/10. But an I/O ticket is one of them..
It would need to be Key lime Pie to follow Jelly Bean. :) 
A little earlier this year I see. Wonder if we'll have another sky diving act? Can't disappoint the crowd.
Great event! I heard the tickets are already sold out. Is this true? Did it already start?

It's probably sold out in minutes. It would be fair that everybody would have the same chance to get tickets for the event.
So you scheduled it during the school year AND right before finals? Brilliant... not! -_-
That's great. Now please fix the !@!#$#$!&^ mess that is the Nexus 4 purchasing/shipping process. We're in your hands, +Vic Gundotra !
i will be there old friend...//rock on!
Eagerly awaited for the event. Can normal people (not a developer) can attend this event? 
Android for PC..... ? Or Android 5.0....? Or Google's own cellular network? Or Google's own mobile devices? Or Google play services with debit card support? Or... Infinite guessing. +Vic Gundotra +Hugo Barra. 
Peng Xu
I wish I can attend
Would love to go, note I just wish my lg nexus 4 that I ordered on the 13 the of November will get shipped!
I ordered a lg nexus 4 on the 13 th my account was put on hold the same day the 15th I got a 3 week back order email on the 26th I got a email saying my order will be shipped that week. Well it didn't ship. I got a email yesterday/ last night which was Dec 5th saying to update my wallet so my order can be shipped out & I have 7 days to update it or it would be canceled , I updated minutes after that email & was told to wait 24 hours for my device to ship 10 minutes ago I get a email saying my order haa been canceled !!! So what Google is trying to say is I got put on 3 week back order & was told after the 3 weeks to update my wallet then after I updated my wallet I'm told my order has been canceled !!! after the email said I can't cancel & that I have 7 days to update my wallet or it would be canceled but it's the same day I updated it & it's canceled & now I'm told even though I got a dollar hold onto my account today if in 24 hours my wallet isn't updated then I have to re order which is now yo to 5 to 7 weeks on to of the 3& a half weeks I already waited on back order!!! I don't know what to do anymore I'm about to print out all my emails from Google & write the head CEO & every one else besides CSR & they supervisor's & specialist that don't know anything still or why my order even got canceled if it states in the email I had yo to 7 days. If I knew I would wait for 3& a half weeks on back order just to have my order canceled from Google then I would've canceled it on my own period! Yes maybe not putting the right info in from my debit card was my fault but don't freaking wait 21 days to notify me of this error then when I do fix the error I get rid your order is canceled!!! Can anyone help me & shed some light on this ?
David B
I am looking forward to Android updates this year. Hope we will get a good refresh. +Shirley Harper 
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