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Beautiful morning.
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wow, the google campus looks better every time i see a pic!
ah, I wish I was there taking out one of those paddle boards.
+Johan Orstadius check the EXIF data yourself. :)
Odd, the post does not have "with Snapseed" anymore. Does this mean... Android 4.2... Gallery.. Snapseed.. integrated?
+Vic Gundotra 
I have to admit, the color is a bit wonky on that one.  You usually post great shots, but that one looks like a B&W print that has been badly colorized.
Dangerous place - the water, high temperatures and cocount palms !
Basically it confirms we have N10. So, a 2560x1600 resolution display on Exynos 5 and JB 4.2! Missing something??
Beautiful. A gentle breeze on the water and a play about in a kayak as well :)
By the way, laughed at peeps taking shots on an iPad? Behold, Nexus 10
Nice shot, looks like it was done with the new Nexus 4.
I like your "camera" I want to buy that tablet in Spain soon!! jejejejeje
Nexus 10 is coming guys.. Can't wait for it longer :)
The beach is beautiful, but Vic, really? Taking photo with a tablet?
Dimensions: 2048 x 1536 pixels
File Name: IMG_20121026_044712_0.jpg
File Size: 836.54K
Camera: Nexus 10
Ok +Vic Gundotra , it's time to post a pic of yourself in front of the mirror with the Nexus 10.  Might as well go Full Monty.  With the Nexus 10.  That should not be taken in any other way. :D
Looks like some filters used in the shot. Probably they have integrated Nik software in 4.2 camera. 
What's with the random blur on the left?
Taken on a Nexus 10...very nice. Great HDR btw.
yeah, bet it's gonna be a sweeeet tablet
+Redwan Huq Not HDR, "software simulated" HDR.
All the blown-out color, none of the actual contrast advantages.
Probably would have looked better without whatever in-camera HDR/HDR-like processing was applied.  Might try just a straight shot.  Colors on the kayaks are also odd... not sure if that's an artifact from the HDR(/-like) processing...
+John H. Moore
google recently bought snapsead, so pretty much all their exics now advertize it along with their phones and tablets.  Even when it makes things worse.
Hub Uy
great photo considering it's taken from a tablet! wow!
Will we have the oportunity to see a photo in front of a mirror showing us the Nexus 10 +Vic Gundotra ?
It doesn't need to be in a bathroom and you don't need to do "the duck face". We just want to see the tablet xD
Beautiful it's like it's out of a dream.   Your baseball team, assuming it's the Giants comes to my home city  this weekend, hopefully us Detroiters can reverse that 2-0 lead you guys got on us, if your keeping up with the world series :)
That's ok, it's sunny here too even without the palm trees ;) 
So, and nexus 10 looks like it has a nice camera... 
Don L
Curiously - I can no longer get the photo details to work for either of these pictures.  Too late though! muhahahaha  Nexus 10 FTW.
That's actually super awesome. Even more awesome is the device name that took this pic hahaha
I like the saturation on the blues and yellows.

Edit: I looked it up. HDR processing built in, perhaps?
Camera Model: Nexus 10
Dimensions: 2048x1536 pixels
Announcement can't come soon enough :)
Nexus 10 cam.. just amazing. Wish my nexus7 had that cam.. 
This shot although beautifully composed looks out of focus.  The point is that this is coming from the new Nexus 10.  I hope it takes sharper photos than this.
Nice beach but empty. Where is everybody?
+Vic Gundotra when will Google play be capable of supporting US service members with APO addresses? 
Man, I really love my Nexus phone and I'm a fan of the Nexus tablet so I'm no hater but, really not a fan of this I'm afraid. Call up the full picture and see the weird focus / blurring in the near kayaks. It's sharp in the center on the sand and only a few feet away blurred as hell. Really awful in fact. Not a fan of the saturation and particularly not the noise. Look at the noise in that deep blue sky - urgh - and this in a well lit environment as well :(
What's a Nexus 10? Guess we won't be finding out on Monday =(
Lord Have Mercy that's a Great Photo... thanks much!!! lol
Some nice Hobie tandems in the photo there.  Hobies are sweet for kayak fishing!
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