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An update on Google Voice

We are rolling out a new version of the Google+ Hangouts app ( for Android, which includes support for SMS and MMS messages. While this is a great step forward, we still have a lot of work to do, specifically around Google Voice: 

- Unfortunately, today’s update does not work with Google Voice numbers unless you’ve enabled Google Voice on your Sprint phone. But rest assured, we’re working to support SMS messages for all Google Voice phone numbers by early next year. And don’t worry, your Voice number will go unchanged. 

- We hear you loud and clear: you want Google Voice phone numbers outside the US and to support MMS. We are listening and working hard to make this happen, but we need to work with carriers and this can take some time. 

- Finally, we want to make Google Voice as secure as possible. There are a few third-party applications that provide calling and SMS services by making unauthorized use of Google Voice. These apps violate our Terms of Service and pose a threat to your security, so we’re notifying these app developers that they must stop making unauthorized use of Google Voice to run their services and transition users by May 15, 2014.  

We know that communicating with your friends and family should be easy and that you want one app that can do it all. We’re working hard to deliver that experience for everyone.  It will take some time before Google Voice is fully integrated into Hangouts, and we appreciate your patience along the way.
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Google voice internationally would be really very welcomed. Thanks in advance and I do appreciate the difficulties you must be facing with careers and regulators 
Thank you for at least calling it out and not leaving us in the dark! Look forward to the integration!
And they keep rolling updates. Thanks for all the hard work. 
+Vic Gundotra work with the carriers to kill a cash cow? Good luck. It would be cheaper to run an ad campaign pointing how silly it is to pay a premium to send pictures via MMS when there are literally dozens of other ways to do it for free.

Re: gv integration. Slip me the Hangouts apk and we'll call it even. 
So, just to make sure I understand, unlike on iOS, we still don't get and no plans mentioned to get Google Voice over data (basically VOIP), right?
+Joe Betsill text messaging is not a cash cow like it once was. All major carriers in the US practically give away text messages. Data is the new cash cow. 
Well, that explains why it isn't available on iOS yet....wait. 
The detailed response is appreciated.
This does not explain why Hangouts for iOS has VoIP capabilities lacking on the Android version. 
+Vic Gundotra Appreciate the updates on the progress.  Those who love the GVoice Product will wait patiently.  Would also love the ability to make non-WiFI calls via the Hangouts app, the way it exists in the current iOS app.
As the supplier of the most coveted products in the market, Apple has the carriers by the tender parts. They can get pretty much what they want.
Thanks for the post but has any work been done with +Sprint on the integration of this technology? It takes at least 3 rings when calling through integration. I am assuming the best route to take is to deactivate the Sprint integration and then wait for this update. +Nikhyl Singhal 
I know it's not related but what about stopping Alerts in Google+ for "Comments on a post after you comment on it" for posts that receive over 5 comments,etc.  For example, this post (that has 30 comments on it) or am I the only one that feels this way.   #isitjustme  
Here's something you don't hear often: sprint ftw
If the integration hasn't happened now it's likely not going to happen. iOS has voice calling with Google Voice. I don't know what carrier approval has to do with any of this. The fact they're giving lame excuses points strongly in the direction what we want is possibly not going to happen. Carriers are never going to approve what we want from Google Hangouts with Google Voice integration. So bad news everyone it's not happening. You'll just have to keep using kludgey third party apps that manage to give us what we want without “carrier approval”.
Let's say you have Friend A you communicate w/ via SMS only, and Friend B you communicate with via Hangouts (google talk), can you do a group hangout with the both of them? Will messages received from Friend B in the group chat be converted to SMS so that Friend A will receive them as a group MMS?

Thanks! Excited for these new features in any case. 
+Christopher Carr The carriers are never going to go for it. The reason we all want this feature is because it's disruptive. It effectively makes carriers nothing but data providers and for some people who don't even need mobile data, it makes carriers altogether useless. I know Google doesn't like carriers but at the same time I know they'd rather not piss them off. That's why I think it's not happening. I want to be wrong by the way.
+Lateef Alabi-Oki But now you can buy an iPod Touch, a cheap-ish data plan, and one of those LTE sleeves + Hangouts. 

Is it that much scarier to carriers that one might be able to buy a Nexus 7 and a data plan?

Nuts.. end of support for XMPP based calling with Google Voice
+Christopher Carr Yes, but Android is like 80% of the market. And if it looks to them that Google is making it easier for 80% of the market to potentially abandon them, or make them less relevant, I doubt they'll give their approval. Plus I feel more Android users are more likely to take advantage of this feature than iOS users. 
Maybe so. Don't quite buy it. And there must be a hell of a lot more iPod Touch devices in the wild capable of running the latest Hangouts than there are recentish Android tablets.
What about texting to/from international numbers?  Will that be supported in the near future?
+Nikhyl Singhal if GV hadn't been completely neglected for the last couple of years, it wouldn't have been made to work with the unnamed apps you speak of.  A lot of us feel you've neglected us as well by not updating GV to include MMS, among other upgrades.  I have since stopped using GV, and have steered my friends away from it.  So much promise with GV followed by so much neglect.  A shame, really.
I gotta say +Nikhyl Singhal - good post.  You didn't give me any new function (yet) but I'm much happier and more content to be more informed on your future plans.   I really wish this could be adopted more often from other Google segments.
This wouldn't be such an issue if the google voice app wasn't neglected so hard. It works, but it's just like currents: neglected so it doesn't even match your mainline apps UI style.
So tired of my friends sending me mms on Google voice.... Years and years of of unreceived pictures :(
Why can I send VOIP calls with the Hangouts/GV app on iOS but not Android? 
I have to add on to the disappointment of features being available on iOS, but not on Android.

I don't understand why VoIP is enabled for iOS devices, but not Android devices....
+Vic Gundotra When will Google Hangout installations stop crashing on me a few years time? I thought that was the whole reason for the 32 bit and 64 bit crash report daemons running in my processes or was I wrong?
+Jason Gruber this was what I was referring to... So its a GV and carriers thing that needs some beefing up so we could eventually enjoy cross platform SMS syncing...
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