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Awesome new update for Android. Enjoy!
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I woke up early just to see if I could figure it out.  Always excited to see what the rock stars at Google will come out with next.
And stay tuned for 43?.... Another tease!
It's awesome to see the difference between platforms slowly disappear with each update to every Google service we love.
Hahaha I won, my guess from last night is correct  :)

Maybe, a new Google+ UI with new hashtag functionality for mobile?
*drools - beautiful update, +Vic Gundotra ! But can't wait for Hangouts to get some Gtalk features. Hangouts seems like a half-baked product to me, went running back to Gtalk after using it for few hours. Please fix this as well. 
"and let us know what you think. And of course: stay tuned for 43."

43... 4.3?
God I hope not. G+ mobile is the last refuge of usable G+.
No new drawer like the one in Google music? :(
Thank you and your team! But the messenger is still there? !
You kept my ass up just for Android?! 
that g+/blog integration is very cool.. replying from blogspot page ;)

and btw, thnx for the update! ;)
Can we fix the desktop browser version now?
Glad to hear about the notifications update, I really hope I can now see what post the notification refers to, what the specific changes have been since the last check (rather than just a accumulation) and be able to roll through them without having to go backwards each time.  Oddly, it is the notifications changes I am most excited to check out!
+Burton Lewis Jr. They're retaining it until they can figure out how to merge the history into Hangouts.
I had understood that hangouts was to replace the messenger.
then why still appears in the application?
+Edinson Esp They're retaining it until they can figure out how to merge the history into Hangouts.
(If I put the same comment in response to every question, how long until people notice?)
I'm guessing 43 is going to be the new MAPS version... 
Where's the new sliding menu? :(
i'll be checking it every 30 minutes :) it looks great can wait to feel the experience in my Nexus
I wonder if the "locations" feature will obsolete Latitude.
Hey!!.. Android doesn´t have an [F5] key so I can be refreshing it every 30 seconds to see if I get the update sooner than later.
It's 1:45am here.. And I have no interest in sleeping until I can update.. 
Why is the messenger thing still there in the App.
its just keeps getting better : i just don't get it : why facebook is still more popular : may be its because of instant likes and replies from friends and network.
+Manik Tyagi it's been said multiple times RIGHT ABOVE YOUR POST.

They're still migrating the old hangouts conversation history in to the new one and until they're done it will be there. It's not killing you.. LIVE WITH IT!

*ends rant and drops mic*
+Vic Gundotra won't it be soon Android on Android? :-) A balance between simplicity and complexity is a very painful task
Would be great to implement permission manager and real backup in Android firstly to give us safety when using Android
Incompatible with my LG Optimus G???
Doesn't seem to be compatible with the Nexus 4? That seems weird...
please solve the incompability error!
Folks - looks we have an issue with our manifest file... We are fixing right now. Sorry about the incompatibility errors. 
+Vic Gundotra and that's why Google kicks everyone else's behinds.. Zuckerberg never comes out to apologise and respond! ;) 
Why is this version not compatible with my Nexus 4?
Update is not live. I'm assuming this is why the incompatible message is appearing. I have a DNA and nexus 7 and I also get that its incompatible.
G+ has completely disappeared from my Play Store.. I'm hoping it's just the eye of the bug storm
. ;) 
The play store tells me the update isn't compatible with my nexus 4.......jeez so disappointing this Monday has been from jolla to Google both making me wait for these goodies they both announced today.
I see the same problem with my Galaxy S3 running 4.1.2: "Your device isn't compatible with this version"
+Vic Gundotra - is there any kind of indicative ETA on the fix?  Kinda waited up all night to download.. ;)
Not seeing an update on my S4...  Not even seeing it in Play Now...
The new photos experience on G+ is amazing. I'm constantly blown away how easy it makes sharing amazing photos. I just hope the same feature is coming to Drive/Picasa. 
Rollout is stacked by Android version to control server load. Simply clever! 
Fuck 2.2 if you're on these versions slap yourself and go get a new phone!!!!
It should've started at 4.2 and down, I agree with Gustavo (the sentiment, if not the language.. ;) )
+Vic Gundotra your most recent post should be about fixing this issue to stop people panicing :)
Here's a thought.. anything that old is probably going to have trouble actually getting the best out of the app anyway due to hardware limitations.. so why is it rolling out there first, and not to the later models that have the power to make full use and create the buzz?  Right now there's just a lot of passionate G+ people impatiently waiting for a slowly delivered update..
Would be cool if I had Gingerbread Android, shame that I have Nexus 4 and Jelly Bean... :-)

Thanks for the quick reply +Vic Gundotra ! I'm sure the G+ team will sort this out soon.
+Hayden Coonan This isn't a 'phased rollout' issue, but rather a simple screw-up of something called the manifest...a file that lists all currently applicable devices.

Every dev appends a manifest with his Play Store app-uploads; somehow, Google included a dodgy one for this Google+update. Here's the proof, via Android Police.:
+David White slap yourself for finding the need to tag me in a reply very pointless, you didn't comment on the topic but instead replied to my comment. Your life really must be a waste. 
Ah that's why I don't get the update here in Germany +Vic Gundotra . Anyway I'll take the night offline :-) 
Ya, I can't download it either on my devices. 
Now we have 2 menu items one called: "Hangouts" and one called "Messenger" this will confuse people even more.. Why is messenger not completely just replaced by hangouts.
Great but why g+ have his own chat app? I think hangout is good soo You can easy delete old app guys... 
I was hoping this would remove the "messenger" app, since Hangouts is out. 
I'm not able to update it on my Galaxy Note II !!!!
My wife uses ios. Would be nice if latitude features made it over there ad well. 
Alright! Now I got the update :-)
Btw +Vic Gundotra, Could you share a link or something where Hangouts contact status are explained? It's been a mess for several of us since "the switch"...
+Vic Gundotra why your posts sometimes disappear from my stream? Like this one for example.. I see your post in my stream but when I hit refresh, it suddenly disappears.. Then I can only see the post from your profile 
why on earth can't you swipe between tabs on someone's profile page?!?!
I don't know about this Locations feature. I looked at it and only saw one person for now, Leo Laporte, but it showed exactly where he is down to the building. It seems like something you could easily turn on and then forget it's on.
Come on over. I'll fire up the barbie!
Sadly I'm a little far away, Leo. :p
I like the idea of the Location feature but when I bring it up I see the people I share location with but the map is just a bunch of grey boxes and the map tiles aren't rendered. It happens on my RAZR phone and Xoom tablet.

It looked like I might be able to share my location with a circle of friends. I don't know if that just seeds the names or the includes only members (and future members) of the circle. 
Interesting. It works fine on my RAZR Maxx, but I just see a grid instead of a map on my Xoom. 
The answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything. The question is, what's the question?
+Vic Gundotra Why do we still have messenger app alive after the update ?
Google lately has been so focused on design and usability so I am sure you guys have thought about the 2 apps?
Can't believe its a technical challenge to remove an app which came with Google+. 
Does it need an OS update to remove it or what purpose it serves there ? I am baffled..........
My wife and I started sharing photos of my son through google hangout. I am using android and my wife is using iphone. We found there is no download function for iphone app. Why don't you add dowload button for iphone users? People always want to have things in their pocket as like a family photo in my wallet.
what really bugs me in the Goolge plus app is that when you get new notifications of for example this thread (which is getting quite long) and i want to read the new replies that are added. I have to scroll completely down to it. The notification click doesn't really go to the first unread message 
+Johan Compagner Yeah, it would be nice to have it scroll to my last comment so I could go on from there. Seems like a no-brainer, and so simple to implement.
+Vic Gundotra thank you thank you thank you for the voice in deutsch in Google now, im very happy! the Sound it´s no so sexy like the english voice but it work thank you Mr Gundotra
+Vic Gundotra make google+ UI more of animated (which will be eye catchy). people are now focused on coolness rather features...
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