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Enjoy the new update!
New photo features in Google+ for Android

Today’s update to Google+ for Android is all about photos. In particular, the app includes:

Non-destructive photo editing across devices
Starting today you can start your edits on one device, and continue (or start over) on another. This means you can backup full-resolution photos from your desktop, edit them in seconds on your phone, then add some finishing touches from your tablet. (And you can revert to your originals at any time!) The technical term for this experience is non-destructive editing in the cloud, and we think you'll really enjoy it.

Brand new filters and creative tools
Now when you edit your photos, you’ll have a powerful set of tools (like crop and rotate), 1-touch filters, and Snapseed-inspired enhancements (like Drama, Retrolux, and HDR Scape). Mix and match to make your photos look their absolute best.

A single view of all your photos
The new ‘All’ view displays your entire photo library — whether it’s on your current device, or backed up in the cloud. If your library is really large (> 10s of thousands of photos), the app won’t show all your photos initially. But stay tuned, because we’re supporting larger and larger libraries over the next few weeks.

An easy way to browse your photos by date
In addition to search, there’s now another way to find your photos fast. Just swipe through your photos in the ‘All’ view, and look for the scroll bar on the right. Dragging the scroll bar up or down will quickly move you forwards or backwards in time.

The app is rolling out gradually to Google Play (v4.3,, so check back soon if you don’t see it yet. #googleplusupdate  
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Vik Arya
+Vic Gundotra Thanks for the update!  Now when can we see movie maker in the web interface of G+?  (Sorry I know I'm always begging for this update everytime you guys bring other awesome updates).
Awesome!  but I prefer the presentation of these features with all the fanfare.. :)  but seriously, thank you guys!
Non completed (360°) photospheres look weird on desktop... anyone? The viewer tries to close pictures even if they are not full 360 degrees
, the result is a distorted picture
Awesome update! But please seperate hangout photos from normal photos! :) also, if searches could return an Album that would be great! (not just contents of albums) 
Matt Jago
Thanks +Vic Gundotra Gotta agree with +Adam Eyster though, organising photos in Google+ is a real pain! we really need the ability to be able to sort properly and move pictures from the auto upload album to another album - currently only copy is an option
What priority does "improving photo organization" have at Google? -10'000? 😢
+Vic Gundotra Thanks for the update. Please please please add the ability to organize our pictures/folders from our mobile device. I don't get why we can't add photos from our devices to specific folders on G+.
+Vic Gundotra can I show u a picture took in Sicily so you check the closed photosphere problem I mentioned before? I'd + you
Great, thanks a ton! #Snapseed   has the most amazing mobile photo editing experience around...
Like the new options. Now i can do anything without my PC 
That's great +Google+
But, seriously. All these thousands of photos require to be viewed on a large screen.
So where is #Chromecast support for Photos?

Nice update! Can I mention one more thing? I upload the pictures from my phone to G+ and was really happy with it, but since I use the G+ desktop tool, all my pictures are in this auto-save stream. Could you please give us an option so we can just see our pictures taken with our phones and the other way around? That would bei really helpful +Vic Gundotra 
+Vic Gundotra we don't seem to have red eye reduction in the G+ editing tools (unless I am missing it) That is really needed 
What about the ability to manually back up a photo to the stream of “auto backed up photos" rather than having to “post" it to a private album?
Vic, you are my hero ;-) Lookin forward to try out these new features. Perhaps I might not need Snapseed any more? 
Love the G+ app on android. On a slightly unrelated issue, I hope you release an update of Hangouts soon!
I still have the old one.. And no new update is waiting for me at play store :( Is it not for Turkey too? 
Hope the refresh bug was fixed as well. When you refreshed it would give you content from 24 hours ago. 
+Vic Gundotra. I was expecting chromecast support as well. 
Checking this out now....
I guess I need the Android 4.3 version.. Dear HTC I have the version installed; 4.2.2. and noo updates are waiting for me here! 

On the pictures here I can not see text option :( Please let us write some text on our photos.
Couldn't Google just make a photo app and leave Google+ alone?
Always exciting to have photos update. One small thing missing, why don't you have an album view in the photos picker? All photos is good but it's frustrating to scroll and look!
+Vic Gundotra While all this is great, I think Google+ should focus on other kind of improvements. There're a lot of things to fix, and a lack of filters is not one of them. If you want filters, buy VSCO already and let them do it. Then you could focus on the social network stuff. This is Google+ not Photoshop+.
That's great news that the non-destructive editing will be integrated and synced between the device and G+!  I kept expecting that to "just happen."  Bravo!  Love that photo editor.
+Vic Gundotra Do a Flickr and give everyone 1TB of storage :) Hell, I'll settle for 500GB :P !
I wish notifications would bring you to your comment that received a +1
+Vic Gundotra when will non-nexus devices get the auto-awesome movies?? My N7 has it but my S4 doesn't. Both running 4.4.2 officially. what gives? 
+Bryon Letterman iOS currently does that.

Also I request that we get a less cluttered, easier, and more simple UI for the app.
On a side note +Vic Gundotra: when will YouTube get an update to open more links directly?
Currently if you're subscribed to a channel and you get email notifications (or the regular share link even you get from the website (if memory serves me that is the shortened link) can't be opened directly by the YouTube app.
I've given feedback from within the app but without a public bug tracker (or at least bug progress indicator) I can't verify for myself if and how far you are with squashing this bug (because it used to work)...
+Chris Druif of course, but it definitely would be better to have people spam the app's feedback box than to ask Mr.Vic
I like the editor on the phone end, but I don't see the integration on the web side.  Perhaps that will roll out to me later, +Vic Gundotra?  One edited file shows the changes on G+ web, but they can't be (re-)edited.

Also, it would be nice to be able to select just photos that were modified (somewhere, or recently).  It is very hard to find the edited selects out of the huge pile of photos.
My editor looks no different? I don't have options in the supplied image but play store shows I updated 2/26?
+Vic Gundotra as soon as I get a way to embed an album from Google+ to a web page, I will be able to say goodbye to #Picasa Web Albums
Would be really nice to sync to PC. Picassa is now only partially functional re keeping local copies in sync with cloud
Sean G
+Vic Gundotra like a pimp... even more the reason +Google+ needs to push +Google to push +Android not only on Raw software. .. but OEMs on killer cameras. iPhone. Sony. HTC. Samsung. All w OIS. I keep arguing that phones will be the first thing we grab now & in the future for capturing our life's memories... Lets make it Awesome. 

Also... convince Apple to make an +Android based iPhone. Could you imagine?! (Think Windows on a Mac? But. Now Android. Chrome OS.)
And support proper tagging or hashtagging as we could in picasa
Absolutely horrible update. It's now just a big mess of pictures without any logical reason for how the editing works. I make one edit, it duplicates the picture. I made another edit, it adds it without making a duplicate. I make a third edit, it makes a duplicate. 
All photos does not link up with the local photos at all. If I make an edit in all photos it doesn't change anything locally. If I delete the photo in all photos, it deletes the online copy, not the local copy. Which is it? You can't name it ALL and not have it effect ALL.
It would be nice if G+ updates didn't always break the people app. Can't crop contact photos because it'll never save. Go ahead try it. Also when taking a screenshot it would be appreciated if when you click it you had the option to delete then and there. Just my two cents but backup for local folders!? Nice one +Vic Gundotra 😁. Another successful Update Wednesday!
I don't suppose we'll be able to share our photos outside of G+ still huh? :( this was one of the reasons I paid for extra storage and using Picasa. Now that Picasa is being phased out, seems so will your revenue from me at least.
+Vic Gundotra thanks for the response! I think you misread my meaning/maybe I want clear enough. I didn't mean to share TO Google, I meant FROM Google. It was nice and easy with Picassa and the link generating option, but that is currently missing from Photos. Or at least its not obvious to me.
I have a folder on a MicroSD card with a lot of pictures (hundreds of high res National Geographic pictures). The 'all' view is now overloaded with these pictures. Also it seems that the app can't handle all these pictures. I randomly get a G+ has stopped message (without the option to send a report btw) when I try to browse through the 'all' view.
EDIT: only seems to happen when I use the new scroll bar.

Love the new edit functions! 
I love the new features and look with the new photos update but can you please put the drawing function in like the gallery app has? 
Awesome!! Would also love to have an "add to album" option when sharing a photo. For example, I sometimes take photos of my fave food places in town but everytime I share a new photo I have to create a new album.

Keep up the great work!

I think weve had enough photo updates for a while now. How about some new design and functionality elements for the rest of 2014?
This is nice. Finally I can do all the photo editing directly on Google+ and I guess that also mean I can uninstall snapseed. :) 
+Peter Doesburg yes now +Google+ must focus it's attention towards other parts of the product, make it even more wonderful and intuitive to use...
Makes the user more engaging...

The hangout app is in need of a lot of needs to be fine tuned.. And so are many others..

Being a hard core #Google fan I only feel comfortable in Google's ecosystem...

Please apply "manual-awesome" and make Google+ super awesome
Folders is still messed up. Not alphabetical also all my different folders from DCIM folder are all stack up on Camera Folder. Please fix! I have to move my other folder to root of internal storage just to separate them from Camera Folder.
I like that the updates keep coming. Seems from what I'm reading that some form of stream filtering would be useful. All Photos doesn't include albums, and as some have mentioned not seeing (or just seeing) hangout photos would be included.

I have to agree with +Unai Yécora too, +Vic Gundotra, the social side probably needs some focus. My friends won't start checking Google+ just for novel photo features - great though they are!
Still no Autoawesome Movies for the Galaxy S4. Very disappointing +Vic Gundotra !!!  Really hoped that the latest Google+ version and Kitkat will fix that, but it's still not available. 

+Ed Dzitko +Sudhir Khangergallery is part of AOSP, while photos is part of Google services.
I think it makes sense to have both actively maintained, and you always have the option to disable/uninstall gallery if you like. 
+Ed Dzitko  I have noticed no issues on Android 4.4 (Moto X) with disabling the Gallery app, the swipe right from camera goes into the Google + Photo app. Yet disabling Gallery on 4.3 and lower will disable the native camera app.
Absolutely terrible update, I uninstalled it straight away. The "all" view is now a massive jumble of downloaded images, Twitter pictures, camera photos, screenshots, all smashed together in one big list with no organisation AT ALL. Who decided this was a good thing? 
Thanks for the update! Please show Events some love now. I need a way to rally friends around ideas for things to do together which do not have a set date yet, meaning I need scheming (Schemer RIP anyone?) in G+ events. Also to make scheduling events easier I need something like Doodle in G+ events. Finally please get the Gcal guys to let me create G+ events from their side too. 
Stream control doesn't get much attention. Muting a post now has an extra step. Why?

Why not to add a context menu to every post, so it could be invoked without loading a complete message? Also, floating undo would be nice in case you mute something by mistake. Gmail implements it nicely. Why g+ can't? 
I'd be happy if the photo editor would work at least on desktop: since the Snapseed update the editor hasn't been working with my desktop Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) + Chrome combination.
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