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A new Nexus 4 commercial airs tonight in the United States during the Grammy award show. Here is the longer 60 second version. 

Go Android, and Google Now! 
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really want one, but not sure if i can afford one. Cost of phones here is much higher, even with contracts ($700-1000)
I really love my new Nexus 4! Great work Google!
Love my Nexus 4 handset! Bye-bye contracts!
Was lucky enough to get my N4 back in November. Nothing but good things to say so far :) Also great to see that Google Now is finally starting to get some promotion. 
Great commercial.... Sent from my Nexus 4... of course.
Did Google really not anticipate a demand this high? I think Nexus 4 is a perfect phone and a lot more many people would buy it if it weren't so difficult to get hold of. Also, any chance these will ever come to India (and not at a price double the actual US price?)
Wait til those girls who used a data plan abroad come back home and view their bill.
I am having a torrid love affair with my N4. I have divorced my PC over it. 
Great - been trying to buy one for 3 months :(
I would love to have that phone also; but in the words of kevin hart, "See the way my bank account set up".
Google: All My Life - Now. :)
One of the better Android commercials I've seen. Good job. 
Still waiting in Trinidad and Tobago for the Nexus Nexus 7 will suffice for now 
Hey +Vic Gundotra how about that Justin Timberlake performance? I thought it was pretty good!
I wish the Nexus 4 was on Sprint. I'd already have one. Sadly, since I'm still in my contract until this November/December, I'll have to wait until then and get the newest Nexus phone.

+Vic Gundotra With the demand issue, that's a better issue to have than if it was the other way around. That just goes to show that the +Nexus & +Android teams are building great brands and doing a good job of marketing. :)
+Vic Gundotra I hope you are anticipating a huge sales volume in the google pixel chromebook. I am ready to go all in on that one. Make sure you have huge supplies. This is a game changer. 
"It's snowing!"

And that is why I love Google commercials.
+Liz Quilty only 350 u.s. for the 16gig straight from the play store, 300 for the 8gig, no contracts.

i would've bought one couple of months ago but got impatient with it being out of stock so i went with the s3. google now still works great though.
Great commercial, I taught my mother in law about Google Now last weekend, she was amazed at all the things her phone(Galaxy S3) could do. She thought only iphone owners had those things. 
Yes, I am definitely buying the Pixel. Will have to get some friend to ship it from the US =(
I hope one of these days I'll be able to grab a Nexus 4 lol It was a great commercial though!
I love it! I just got done traveling and +Google Now was an awesome addition. I couldn't imagine traveling without any of the Google products. 
Best Phone I have ever owned. I already said that about my Nexus One, Nexi are just great devices. Every iPhone 5 user that saw my N4 regrets their purchase.
I like how the video highlights the awesome usefulness of Google Now.
I love this commercial! I have only had my Nexus 4 for a few days now but holy moly, Google Now really hits her stride as you use it more and more. Absolutely brilliant hardware and software. Thank you for helping me enrich my life!
Can't wait to get off my contact with Sprint and get an official Nexus Phone.
Just set up my new Nexus 4 today... using it to send this. So far I am very pleased. The commercial is decent too.
I've had mine for a couple of weeks. I have to say, so far, it lives up to the hype.
Now, all we need is to get Jelly Bean on many more devices. I like the idea of the N4 but without LTE support, I need to use a different device. 
Now partner with Sony (or buy them) and you two shall be the king of technology. Nothing shall stop you.
Gary Ng
Love this ad. You guys can really make good stuffs
I like how Bradley Cooper never acknowledges his son, but just stares creepily at the phone in the back of the cab. That's how you do parenting.
+Vic Gundotra love the commercial me and my fiance got our Nexus 4s this past week, amazing device, we share a Nexus 7 but the Nexus 10 is next. We got to complete the family, the big boy is for me though. Love what you guys are doing and it keeps getting better
I would drop my Iphone contract so fast for the n4 if I could afford it. New to the smartphone world and didn't really now the android and iOS difference. Now I'm paying crazy $$$ monthly contract bills. Dream phone for sure. Cellphone contracts should be illegal!!. 
Too bad I'm still happy wity my Galaxy S2 :-( 
Crap. Now I have to explain to my wife why I "had" to buy this phone, even though the 2-year old one I have now works perfectly well. :(
+Nexus is doing amazing and such interesting things. The evolution of mobile communication. I look at apple as being a stuffy and happily static company now that I have seen the light with +Android!
Nice clip. And nice phone. Had one in my hands a few days ago - a nexus phone will be my next one. But so far I still have a S2 which works fine for me and my beloved N7. Which was by the way the best tech-device I bought in the last years.
This phone and whatever the next nexus device is will be an iPhone killer. Great work google. Wahoo for the big G!!!
It's very good, kudos to the ad firm
+Rosendo Rojas Especially if they learn how to do preorders, and delivery properly. Those two combined, with the amazing phones they usually output; will definately be a killer combo. Lets just hope they get it right this time, not like the N4 and N7
i like the international utility of Google Now... this is a huge competitive advantage over Apple's Siri+Maps - these services are nearly unusable in emerging markets.
Great expanded ad, +Vic Gundotra. Loved the reaction to "It's a fish". "Oh."  A really nice ad to intercut different times of day and types of activities around the world, then reconnecting the "snow boy" with his Dad for a hangout. Does anyone know which ad agency Google is using?
Amazingly everyone had the same wallpaper! :-)
+Alex Bowers exactly. That was a big big mess up!! I had originally placed an order for this phone when they first came out but it got messed up and them all of the sudden they were sold out completely. Now I'm with an iPhone. all I have to say about iOS is that it gets me by. About all it can do. +Nexus is the future. 
Price for nexus 4 is worth it. but considering of battery life is poor. And no Lte support. 
Battery life is not poor. Battery life is normal like on most phones.
Friend of mines says he gets more out of it than with his iphone 4
Google now in a phone that it is no available now in Spain ... 

... a pity!
Had the Nexus 4 for about a week and had a Galaxy S3 for about 9 months. I like Nexus 4 better, also its £200 cheaper.
Hey Vic, its really an injustice!! why any of the Nexus devices are not available in India officially from Google? do I really have to pay double prices in black market to get a Nexus device in one of the most important markets of Google, India!!
this can be an ad for any smart phone, dont think the execution is effective
But, for me it don't make any sense. Coz, i don't think #Google  has any mood to lunch Nexus-4 in INDIA  >.<
Gan Ven
want one!!!!!
Awesome, but why don't mobile OEMs/Google make such iconic devices officially available in India? 
ironic that the LA scene is catching the subway or rail :)
I've been using the Nexus 7.5 tablet and its awesome. & at a lower price point than the Ipad 
I really hope French spoken people (and other non English language) will be able to have all these features soon +Vic Gundotra
Because it looks really awesome!
+Sage Clements I just woke up and read your comment.  I thought it said, "Time to switch to IE". I thought, "What the hell happened last night?"
I think he meas long lasting. If he would have said PHAT than that means good i think. Marc?
i would have got N4, only if it had lte support.
The only ad Nexus 4 needs: "Now in stock"
Hi Vic, can you please confirm when Nexus 4 will launch in India, or even Google Play Store from where we can buy devices. 
You are the only one to whom I can ask, Its been so long waiting......
Hey Pals, got one Nexus 4 16GB last week......awesome phone :)
Google Now is such a great feature. 
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