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Precious, carrying his own fire hydrant with poo bags - love it, +Vic Gundotra
Great photo and wonderful album. May you continue to honor God with tour work. 
I remember the movie "Endless Summer" the film containers had emergency Bikinis in Australia.
His name is Jackson, and yes he is a lab!
nice dog! it reminds me an old dog of mine called Guardian!
Nice shot there! Thanks for sharing. Have a great remainder of the Memorial Day weekend.
in Indonesia there is also a typical dog, .. name of Kintamani dog from Bali
Where are the dog's Google Glasses?
kintamani dog,... siberianhutsky dog,... and goldenretrifeer dog
The pic is great. What did you use to take it? If a phone, which one?
i love it. i ve one dog at home the same shape
sooo lovely dog :)
haha, beautiful beach
was this photo taken with the Google glasses?
hehehe Frank I like ua qstn...!
Lucky boy. If he's like my Lab, there's nothing he likes better than getting to play in the water and roll in the sand.
Jane I would love to see ua Lab doing this, it must be very enjoyable!
Zaw Min
dear freind have fun.always.
Lovely I love this breed
Wygląda jak moja Lunia..., kocham Labradory..., są słodkie i mądre
Was there only last month brilliant trip.
I thought that dogs weren't allowed on the beach because they're a public health risk.
yes true .... I strongly agree ..... but it's not a problem
He is looking so hungry i think?
Ya know +Vic Gundotra - I may be wrong, but I bet you could post a photo of your trash can and get 100 comments.
One of my favorite spots and one of the few beaches where you're allowed to let your dog run off leash.
Lovely dog Vic! I have a 2 year old golden lab, She a beach hound too, loves playing in the waves.
Loved your Mercedes ad. It's started playing in India now.
golden labrador !!! this breed has very intelligent mind ....
This is a nace dog golden Labrador they are sow sweet
I agree. they are very intelligent. I have one and they love catch and throw games. 
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