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I want to do this hike before I die. Thanks for the pictures +Danny Sullivan
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What are you waiting for, Vic? Go for it!
Finding time is a big challenge for me. 
Looks like the canyon to Petra. The lost city in Indiana Jones and the last crusade. 
Jon Dye
+Vic Gundotra Sometimes you have to make the time for certain things you want to do.
if it wasnt for time and planning.. i'd be on a plane right now! 
Gee thanks Vic, you made me wet myself before I have to go back to work! I'm usually not afraid of heights, but my aeroagrophobia is definitely kicking in right about now...
Took off a Friday from work in MTV and hiked the Narrows over the weekend about a month ago and it was amazing! Did it in my vibram 5 finger shoes when most people had special water shoes with ankle support. I prefer to do things the hard way :)
I went a couple years ago. But by the time we got there the canyon was still full of water. Doh. Next time.
i did something close, i went down a 4 hower river ride it was fun!!!
jonah b
We did the whole top-down two-day hike a month ago. Simply fantastic!
All of Southern Utah is incredible, you ought to check out Lake Powell, Capitol Reef, and Arches too.
I have a lot of parks to visit, but I've been here and it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.
Probably my favorite camping trips / vacations in my life. Make sure you go quickly at the beginning of the day so you have time to spend taking everything in on the last part of the hike, the last 6 miles of the 16 miles are amazing. 
I did this a couple of years ago. Started at the top and worked my way down over two days. It was awesome sleeping under the stars at the end of the first day. Go for it!
Great walk until a flash flood... watch the weather when you are there.
+Vic Gundotra There is always enough time if you plan far enough into the future, and wouldn't it be great to be able to say "I'm going to" rather than "I'd like to".

If it doesn't have it already...Schemer needs to have access to my Calendar for this reason.
This is a pretty good hike, and it is simple enough to be kid friendly. The narrows outfitter lends out excellent water shoes with a very good instructional video. It is doable as a round trip day trip (up to wall street, the dramatic portion) or a one way trip. I'd highly recommend it. 
Definitely one of my favorite hikes ...
The water was pretty cold, and my parents made it feel colder by telling me how cold it was, but now that I'm older I regret a little bit not going further upstream. Go for it. 
+Vic Gundotra Absolutely awesome hike, did that one in 1986 - but there is one hike I would even prefer by now. (well for you probably a bigger journey to get there): this is the Samaria gorge located on the island Crete in Greece. 12 mi. hike descending approx. 3600 ft. from the top, check this out:
+Eric Bredtmann Did that one as well. Really nice. You start at the beginning of the canyon and just walk all the way till you get to the sea. A boat brings you back (there is not other way back.). :-)
The Narrows is fun, you should also try The Subway. It's in the same area but it's visually very cool.
Just watch for upstream thunderstorms. They can turn it into a death trap if you don't pay attention.
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