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We're listening. And making changes. Daily.
Kelly Ellis originally shared:
Hey guys, just a quick update on the Google+ project. We're grateful for all your great feedback, and I wanted to mention two improvements we're rolling out in the next few days.
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Vic, , is there a way to customize streams of which one shows up in the default home stream?
love that you are field testing and using our feedback, it's like i'm building this hehe only i'm not.
What's the best way to send feedback? I don't think chatters and viewers should be counted in the '10 limit' in hangout :)
I would also like to be able to choose which circles are to be included in the default stream.
Can you add sarcasm font? Google checkout integration for ecommerce?
Vic, can you guys please add an option to view posts reverse chronologically? That's the only thing that annoys me, everything else is awesome.
can someone transcribe this? life's too short to watch videos
Twitter list import into circles would be killer
Grrr... that video doesn't play on the android app. Hopefully it's one of the things she talks about ;)
Can we have B'day Reminders Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice ... keep on iterating and share the videos just like this one.. the community will love it :)
feedback can be sent using the button on the bottom of your screen (right side) -- or by clicking on the gear icon on the upper right side, and selecting "Feedback" @Joshn Ronin
Is latitude integration in the works? Or any more geo stuff in general?? When will an general g+ api be available?
Will we have apps like other social networks?
Both of those improvements sound great. Keep up the good work!
Using Facebook or Twitter to seed connection creation would be handy.
wow, she is pretty and a geek, how awesome is that!
This kind of interaction is invaluable. Great job guys.
Wonderful...Keep it in coming..Love to see email notification also..So i dont need to go to my inbox to check mails...:)
Loving the photo expansion with comments right next to it !!
must resist urge to comment on cute female software engineer Awesome changes, and really fast implementation too! Way to go. This kind of developer-(beta)-user interaction is how it should be done everywhere.
Can we at least have an option for a reverse chrono view? I don't really care if you are making the bump smarter, I just don't want the bump at all :/
Might be worth posting news like this as text, not video. We don't all have sound at all times, and it must suck for people who are deaf too.
makes me feel all fuzzy inside. developers listening to the people. wow.
Very nice to hear that.
Great job so far Google
+Vic Gundotra How does one opt out of receiving email updates (on comments) for a particular post (like this one for e.g.) without muting the conversation? Right now, if I mute the post then I can't see it in my notifications either - which is not what I'd like. I don't want to turn off notifications coz I'd like to stay updated via email on some other posts which don't attract so much traffic :)
Will there be a "show less comments" link soon? These posts tend to grow into behemoths that take up miles of scrollbar.
I would love to be able to play videos while still read other stream stuff. I don't really like the video modal think =/
Hi Vic, i ve got two suggestions:
1 - To be able to include circles in bigger circles, for example, a circle called trusted people where i can include my friends and family, so, when i wanna share something with them, i don't have to select each circle by separate. It's very common to shre some things with everyone except with work colleagues for example. Would be like a circle with circles inside.
2 - Like me, lots of people have more than one google account (for example, i have a gmail and two google apps accounts for other projects). It would be cool to be able to merge those three emails in the same google plus account, not to have them separate.

Keep the great work pal ;)
Amazing to see this thing flying! :)
Loving Google+ so far. But I really need to add my voice to the chorus for GApps integration though. Once you do that this Google fangirl is yours forever!
I would like to see integration with google calendar, google docs and google groups. When you are hanging out, it would be cool not to only share youtube videos, but gogle docs, spreadsheets for example.
Would be great to have a steady stream of updates a la Chrome. Get people excited about coming back and keep them assured that G+ will have the best features.
I agree, I would like to see the stream remember your previous selection when you return back to the stream view. Excellent work so far.
+Tau-Mu Yi There's a Send feedback button on the lower right of your screen.
@pablo g. sabbatella: i agree with your first point! circle and groups of circles are urgent for a simply usability!
Matt S
<3 Happy 4th of July.. be sure to unwind a bit.. developers need "independence" too!
+Tom Paul That's what I thought would be circles in the first place! :) I guess it's just as concentric as I'd like it!
Is there any chance of Google giving us a realtime graph of the user numbers on G+? And a map with a timeline that lets us see how it spreads to swallow the entire world. :)
THANKS TO THE GOOGLE TEAM! I hope you know it REALLY means a ton that you are openly communicating with us so we can understand what your doing. This is awesome. addition to the "Public" feed, there could also be feeds, and possibly sub-feeds, which are also "Public". Anybody could "join" and have that feed as a sort of "circle" and then automatically get updated with information exciting to them. It would be easier than individually finding people one by one based on interest. In addition you would be able to either block, or block within that feed.

Any thoughts?
Yes, please do integration with calendar especially, being able to use google+ for event scheduling and communication will be key to its success.
Suggestion: How about Circles for Circles. The circle idea is great, but now I have all these circles and they overlap. So when I post I have to add 2 or 3 circles to my posts OR i have to place all the people in 3 circles. I realize that I could post publicly or all my circles, but there again not all my circles overlap. Still loving Google+
Yeah that's how things must be done! Well done Google!!
I find I'm getting a lot of reshares of the same posts (mostly originally G+ team member posts). Would you guys consider implementing a filter that scans your stream for reshared posts and hides ones that are already there? I realize you'd be missing out on different comment streams thanks to the different resharers, though. Maybe you could put in a collapsed version that we could click to expand, like how some posts are auto-collapsed in Buzz. 
I saw with the following but seems it's fixed with some delay, but the profile pic deleted should not be there with google+ ...
You changed your profile pic or added now? Your profile pic isn't getting updated when seen in others' Circle..
Noticed it and also, it might be having old profile pic even when you have deleted that pic physically from your Photos/Albums...
Kris Aubuchon - that is true and I started doing that, but after awhile I just realize that I almost had taken everyone from one circle and almost everyone from another circle to add to a 3rd circle. :-)
Would be great if you could change who you share a post with AFTER it's already been shared. For example, I may accidentally post something to Public but realize later that it should only be shared with Friends. I'd like to be able to change that after the fact, without having to delete the post and repost.
Notifications from the top bar are superb showing the post and the latest update even when in gmail...
Need more invites please. Making circles is turning out to be pretty addicting.
And and control shift to mass add would be great.
a facebook contact importer would be great (if thats legal :))
integration of tv into hangout would also be nice.
+Andrew Mathews I was just having the same problem on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 too. No video playback support for mobile yet? It's a YouTube video after all. Also I see that there is no way for me to send feedback like there is on the desktop from this portal.
that would be.............EPIC! videos, etc. baked into hangout!
I'm glad Google is bringing more employees into the spotlight. Matt Cutts can't be everywhere :)
+Jonathan O'Brien have you tried the menu hard-key on the phone?...why isn't that name highlighted?
tagging and also user-defined interest categories for each "friend" would be nice too, so you can send to all friends who you've tagged with say MAC, or PC.... reduces extra circles.
Search box in the pop up box when you go to view all of someone's circle members. Makes it quicker if you are looking for someone in particular.
Features I want to see:
1. Sub-circles
2. Editing status of share settings in particular posts.
3. New themes
4. Less clutter, don't know why, but my stream looks like a mess.
5. Official Google bar extension (for firefox)
One way to do the fb import would be to add fb connect, pull in signals like photos and tags to suggest users and suggested circles, search my address book for contacts that match the fb user names, add fb friends shoots off an email using the address book email. Quora does this well.
keyboard navigation to move around different circles ala GMail goto label fashion

keyboard shortcut for popping the notifications, preferably not only inside G+ but for all sites that have the black sandbar

pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please (an old trick I learned from monkey island :P)
+Salman Khan I'll second the mess in the stream. For short messages especially, the actual content gets lost in the clutter. And for messages with lots of comments, it's kind of hard to see where it ends when scrolling quickly.
+Salman Khan Would definitely like themes and have the news feed to be a little less cluttered. Maybe a better way to sort the feeds?
There's a request for a transcript for those who can't hear the audio (for one reason or another).
Great work! Very exciting to see an attentive developer team (unlike cough other sites).

You should add an easy collapse option all through the comment thread, though (maybe a narrow clickable bar on the side like Gmail).
Would love to drag and rearrange the order of my circles, rather than have them exist only in the order created. Thanks!
I desire a chronological view that hides/filters nothing. Right now I don't see all the posts from myself and everyone else, even if I click the more button forever. That's either a bug, or Google trying to manage things for me. I'd like the option to see everything in chrono order with no filtering necessary.
Add buttons for basic formatting (bold/italic/strikeout) .

This can be done manually, but it would be nice to be able to click text and then format it with a small button.
yet i still have no ability to invite even a few friends and family to join me. I am sooo hoping that google does not over test and analyze this (the way the do everything else) to the point of being their own buzz-kill.
+Joe Ward You can get your friends and family on here by adding them to a circle, sharing something with that circle and making sure that you have "send email to ## people without google+" checked. They'll get an email notification that you've shared something with them that includes a link to "learn more" about Google+. If they click it, they should be on their way to joining you here. Granted, I think the devs are still throttling new user signups, so it may not be immediate and a little patience may be needed.
Please add the option to auto post when "Enter" is hit. (ie Facebook)
Is it possible to transfer photo albums directly from Facebook to Google+ account?
If you do what +Austin Vach said, then please make it an option. I personally don't care for the 'Enter to submit', and ended up using Better Facebook to get back to normal.
In hangout could we get a map in the free space of participants geo location? Map would Zoom out or in based on size needed. If everyone in one city you would see a city map. 
An event planning linked to calendar could be awsome!
+Austin Vach Auto Post on Enter needs to be optional... I accidently posted stuff on Facebook, when this feature was new and switched on by default.
It would be handy that you could send a personal message when adding someone to your circle, explaining why they should follow you in return. 
Maybe implement a feature that allows people to opt-in to following certain posts and having them reappear at the top of the feed when anyone comments.
PJ Davis
Quick transcription for people without audio.

Hi guys, I'm Kelly and I'm a software engineer on the Google+ Project. I wanted to thank you for an amazing first few days on Google+. Thanks for all the great feedback so far. We're making changes all the time, but today I wanted to call out two things in particular.

First, while many of you love the option to share other's posts, some of you weren't quite sure how it worked. Commenting and sharing on posts can always be disabled, and the next time you post, you'll see a tip on how to do this; and, starting next week, limited posts will not be sharable publicly. This is really important to us. On Google+ you should be in control of who sees your posts.

Second, while many of you love the constant activity in your streams, some of you are seeing the same posts again and again. We here you, and we're rolling out a few experiments that display posts from people you're close to. We're rolling these out over the long weekend, so expect to see them soon.

Thanks again for all the great feedback, keep it coming.
I like that Google is not only listening to the users, but also being proactive in fixing some key issues. Great job.
I was very impressed with how quickly Google responded to Buzz privacy issues and I'm happy that we are seeing the same proactive response to G+ deficiencies. :)
But what about everyone being able to see everyone's connections?
Would like the ability to drag circles into other circles.
Vanya: it is configurable. You can choose to not display who has you in your circles, and you can configure who sees who is in your circles. For example, I only allow people in my circles to see who's in them. Go to the profile edit page and click on the "people in my circles" box.
Hey Vic: I know this isn't the suggestion thread, but I would love it if you could drop Circles on Circles, allowing everyone you've already added to a Circle to a new, larger Circle. Even better, going with the Circle motif, I have two words for you: VENN DIAGRAMS.

You should be able to drag and drop a Circle on a Circle and get the option to make the dropped one a subset of the target one OR to unify the two OR to see the Intersection and/or Exclusion between the two, and then create a THIRD Circle out of that product. That would make me love you.
That's awesome! Thanks for listening!
I appreciate the speed in which you are addressing such items. Kudos to everyone behind the scenes who support Google+
I'm really loving G+.... One thing I think is important is a closer approach to Google Reader too, it will be awesome if my likes at GR turn into +1 and shares at GR come to G+.....

Anyway, I'm loving it.
what about gadgets and stuff from Wave, will those be making their way over here? also the stream doesn't seem to be organized by time or feedback is there a way to sort most recent posts or most +1 posts?
Would love to have ability to Mute and Hide threads like Gmail. So one can keep "clean" stream (for the inner OCD in me)
Let us not tax Google+ too much, when we keep adding more features it will become Facebook and MySpace. Googlers have already done a great job.
Kas A
Sweet app! Nice clean interface. Please don't change it : )
How about the option to find people based on locations (cities)? It could help those who have moved away from places, find people that they may not necessarily have remembered about being friends with.
I'm still having trouble using my Google Apps account on Android version of G+. I can use it just fine on my browser. Please advise. Thanks.
the line where it says in german: "+234 von Sie und 233 weitere" has to be "+234 von Ihnen und 233 weitere" or "+234 von Dir und 233 weitere"
Google+ is awesome.
One thing that I really thought could help is to add an option to kind of "undo" the collapse when you click on the "1,000 older comments from..." It would help with not having to scroll all the way down for the next post.
I'd like the ability to exclude just the 'following' group from my stream. That's the only group that doesn't really contain friends of some sort, and I'd like to keep those posts separate from the posts of people I know (no matter which group they're in)
I just clicked on "comments" and it went all the way to top :)
My suggest: integration with GCalendar to organize events? And really I hope you open to other Google Apps people too...many people in Italy don't use gmail, but at work it's possibly they use gdocs.
oh, another thing: +Vic Gundotra (and +Kelly Ellis , and all Googlers): this G+ it's really G R E A T...! Google rulez again (ALSO in social web world now) !!!! :--)
Hey, Just wanted to thank you personally
Another feature request: the option to create "Smart Circles". An obvious one would be a "Nearby" circle that is fluid based on location.
Adding 1 more feature to my wish list, Integration of Google chat into Google+
RJ Ryan
+Salman Khan just click 'Chat with people on Google+' in the left sidebar.
Why isn't there an easy way to navigate to a google search from within google+? I think it would be cool if there was a way to select some content in google+ and either see a bunch of related content, or launch a google search.
Many of us want an easy way to share from Reader to +
Tricky one but should be possible: remembering the posts that have been read, so that when unfolding stream "threads" you do not have to scroll and look for the latest comments. It would be so much more convenient in active streams (like yours).
don't like this feature. pressing on a video moves me to another page. -1
Why doesn't my profile picture show up on my comments?
Thanks Pablo. I guess the browser had cached the empty picture. Clearing the cache fixed the problem.
So are we going to get to customize the backgrounds like in gmail? I like the plain white, but sometimes I like to switch it up.
how about adding a status indicator when google is fetching content ...
hey how can you tell if someone is online? there isn't an online now area for friends or an icon on their pic
You know what would be good.... if you could only select or hide some circles from your default stream. Also make all google reader feeds available as part of sparks.
I would love it if there was some way to integrate Buzz as the stream (it already seems as though they are the same) and Google Reader as Sparks. I don't really understand the usefuleness of sparks, it seems like a less structured google reader basically. If you could leave google reader as it is, and add a +1 button or some button that lets you share articles straight to plus (maybe add some way to select what circles to share articles with) that would be ideal. I don't want everything i share on reader to be shared in here, because i don't want to spam everyone's stream with articles and they can follow me on reader if they really want to see all the articles i share, but i woudl still like at least some basic ability to share certain articles from reader here.
Can we set a particular circle to the default stream?
There is a long way to launch a full proof product but still Google plus going great.
Thank you for this video!! Glad the project is working out so well! Look forward to more updates!! :)
Thank you! I've been asking for the "don't bump Vic G's centi-threads after every comment" (like this one) feature since Field Trial launch. Thank you for hearing it!
It would be useful if the note to self voice actions would get posted to your private google+ circle.
Good job guys. You guys are evidently doing the seemingly impossible :) 
I must say that you guys are doing an awesome job. Keep I up!!!!!!
+RJ Ryan I meant integration, say, seeing if anyone from my circle is online or not.
I cannot see the video from my android. No error is showed.
Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see what other changes you will bring to Google+
Great to see user feedback being taken aboard so quickly. Keep up the good work!
Awesome, welcome tweaks to what is a great service so far!!
built in messaging system vs. just e-mailing each other. perhaps like commenting in some form.
Please add staring so that when you don't have time to read a post or are on the mobile web/app you can easily come back and read posts later.
Mr.Vic, this is what I have been waiting from Google....thanks
+Matthew Kunin Please keep Farmville for Facebook. If things like that would come to Google+, it should be dead easy to filter them out, for sure.
+mathew Kunin - I might have to give this a minus. My nirvana G+ world would not have any Farmville, Mafia Wars, hugs, pokes etc.
Farmville? On MY Google+?
First poor experience with google+ - can't view this video on the iPhone even though it's a mov file :( hope this gets fixed soon.
+Branni Mikal Google+ has built-in Google Talk and also Huddles on the app.
quote: starting next week, limited posts will not be sharable publicly. I hope this default can be overridden on the post level. I don't post everything publically not because I don't want it to be reshared, but because I don't want to spam my followers with posts that I don't think they would be interested in. If I, say, want to post about the new dishwasher we just bought, I might just send that to my Family circle, but I wouldn't care in the least if one of them reshared it. I don't consider all of my "limited" posts to be private and I hope I will have the option to post to a limited circle but also allow the post to be reshared. Thanks.
<android user, BUT iphone app soon would really help get a lot more people using google +
edit: i'm sure you know this already, but just reiterating. =)
Well, after opening this giant comment thread I have this question/suggestion to make.

Is there a way to minimize a comment thread back to the newest comment with N older comments? If not, there should be.
One thing that I think would be a huge improvement for people who use picasa as their main picture/photo storage.... We need the ability to share a single photo publicly or with a circle without making the entire album public or shared.

Also, there needs to be a way copy photos from picasa albums via the Google+ interface to new/different albums that you want to share with select circles.
i'm pretty sure you guys will do an amazing job at it! loving google+ so far :)
I kind of liked how the popular posts would stay near the top. Maybe a separate option so we can see what threads the parties are taking place on?
Nice to see changes and enhancement is being made by you all in response to the users.. :)
keep it up :)
Kudos for job on Google+ so far. I love it. And many thanks to whomever it is at Google who has decided to spend some resources on UI. The new UI look of Google+, Search, Gmail and Calendar is SO refreshing. Finally the look now matches the power.
Jeff Yang
This may already be discussed upthread somewhere, but Elizabeth Stark has raised an interesting discussion around Dynamic Circles — which could be defined as Circles that are *rules based* rather than categorical. Think of them as "saved searches" — "I want a Circle composed of anyone in my friend network who posted a link within the past week whose description contains the keyword 'Music.'" Now that would be a terrific feature. Search is the most broken thing about Facebook as it stands (both Friend Search and everything search), so adding this as a feature to GPlus would basically be an EPIC differentiator.
Android app and web app incorrectly pull in contact information into "profile...about". Info should come from full web Google profile contact details, not from gmail address book or other contact info sources. (Found because Android lists me under a hotmail address I haven't used in years, and mobile web version added to it my unpublished except in my address book send- to- Evernote address to my contact details.)
How's about application for google+ ?
Not to be pushy, but any idea the time frame for the API?
I want an option to collapse the comments, especially for this post.
Congratulations to all Google + Project engineers !!! It's awesome !
My suggestion would be to introduce background themes, like in Gmail, maybe just simple colors to start, although visibility and colors are perfect, maybe to soften a bit the strong white background
Thx Kelly et al for the video. The last part of the innovations sounds great I am bored of constantly seeing loops of post I don't care showing up (in other social networks).
so, please tell me when will be possible to invite people into G+. Thank you so much!!!
One issue is the "push to talk" button. Ideally the YT audio should be concurrent with the mic audio. The "push to talk" button gets annoying sometimes ...
Ray Lee
Will you be doing an Android Tablet app? The phone app it pretty good (actually very good) but it sucks on Honeycomb.
Is the Android app very limited to states, when i try to install it says "This item cannot be installed in your device's country."
When im writing a comment I get letters automatically selected to erase on Android
YouTube (or whatever video source this might be) is blocked where I work. What am I missing?
As facebook now offers the ability to extract all your information, could we not have the ability to import all this information? It would automatically give me access to my social history, and provide a ton of content, links, photos and contacts. Also, I imported my facebook contacts to yahoo then tried to import into + and got an error message which just gave me the option to retry. No joy yet. Any advice?
Saisi P
Rolling out a sarcasm font feature would be awesome :D
At the top of my wishlist for Google+ is the ability to find people with similar interests to create topics-based circles. A change in profile to add tags specific to individual interests might be warranted, which could become the foundation for semantics and linked data to deliver more pertinent content (Sparks on steroids). Discussion forums are so Web 0.5, and I grow weary of the adolescence apparent in them - I want to garden my own knowledge groups. G+ could become an amazing medium for education and focused discussion. Until then I'll take what's delivered - this is a great product, and I thank you. 
its awsome ,,, but still there is a big missing , conecting with web application like zynga games and .... ,,, and problem with typing in persian/arabic lang ( right to left ) ,,, thankss ....
My very healthy and active Reader social network is frustrated with the difficulty in sharing things in +. It seems like google is emulating Facebook's share model instead of the exponentially more versatile model of reader (selective copysharing of text, editing html, etc). Our conversations regularly involve citations and excerpts from outside material, and Reader is currently a better venue for sharing these things than Google+.

Also, at first I hoped that Sparks were a streamlined way of subscribing to the RSS feed of a google alert query, but this is sadly not the case.
Right/left columns (and top header) should be fixed elements, with only content in the middle scrolling. That way when viewing a long page, one doesn't need to scroll back up constantly to use all the nav (and other) options.
Just found 2 other ways to let people join Google+ if invites are blocked. reporting them via feedback form now :)
And all i get is "Submission failed. Please try again later." cant even report bugs now :P
I was skeptical of what Google+ could be but I've been really impressed. The one feature I really need to suck me into this is the ability to import my contact groups into Google+ circles. I've already organize thousands of contacts into groups in gmail...I don't want to have to do that again! Apart from that, great work guys.
There should be a calendar planning tool like Doodle.
Proposing dates to friends to easily organize events.
Grabbing all my facebook friends and inviting them as we speak.
Would like to be able to view Stream in collapsed form (1 line per entry) as in Reader, as well as current form. The current view, especially for photos and hangout notices takes to much real estate
Can you provide a way to see where I have commented? I make comments on posts and can't find my way back to them. Can't flag or favorite them either.

So please, please, please make a feed that I can see, just showing me my list of comments. That way I can go back to them.
El Topo
+Vic Gundotra Is it possible to show only some circles in stream? I wanna follow some talkative but don't want to see his updates every second.
would be great to have groups of circles. For example I have many groups, some of the are of English speakers and other circles Spanish speakers, so when I share something, if it is in English I share it with some groups and when it is in Spanish with other groups.

Also would be great humbles in the web, not just in the phone
+1 El Topo - I'm still wrestling with how that's supposed to work and whether G+ will fall into a natural use pattern that supports it. Essentially, I think what has to happen is posters have to figure out who their primary public audience is and to share to the appropriate circles based on that. I'm guessing that especially with G+'s current user-base, a lot of folks use Twitter/social networking for more news-gathering activities than social concerns, so there's more of a "shut up and talk work" focus. IE - What's actually going on with some project, not what the CEO had for dinner.
What a news-gatherer would hope is that the founder would post about dinner privately to his Friends circle, and post things about Project to his public stream that the news gatherer is following. The problem is, CEO may have had a really good dinner and wants to share it everyone.
It'd almost be nice to have reverse-circle-invitations, where a person can "expose" certain circles and then when someone chooses to follow them, they can pick which streams to listen to - the "Project" stream, the "Conference Notes" stream, the "Foodie" stream, etc... Twitter does this on some level with hashtags, but in that case, you choose only the circle and not the followee, which breaks when you get dozens of people posting variants the same news with the same hashtag.
Vic, what do you think about using #G+ as standard Google+ hashtag on Twitter? It looks clean at Twitter. 
+Vic Gundotra if/when you guys make the platform available for developers, would be nice to see a seamless integration with AppEngine(Python).
i hope you add something like facebooks groups and pages, i miss being able to show what music i like on my profile or having a public group to join.
I'd like to be able to +1 pictures. Is that possible and I've been missing it?
Could you please remove the limit on how many people one can follow on Google+? Once I hit 5000 total in all my circles combined, I started getting the error message "You've reached the maximum number of people that can be in your circles at this time" every time I try to add a new person.

I thought that Google+ was supposed to include Twitter-like functionality in that one could follow as many people as one pleased, and then use Circles to limit what you see at any given time or what you share with whom. So this limit doesn't really make any sense to me. If you want to beat Facebook, don't cap the number of people one can connect with -- that is one of Facebook's greatest downfalls.
The ability to hide comments after expanding them... other wise i have to reload the page to have a workable stream when i expand a comment list like this.
would be cool to stream hangouts onto utube as an option if everyone in the chat agreed
+Vic Gundotra My friends find CIRCLE bit hard to understand. why not provide guided tour About Circles when they are NEW or login to G+ for 1st time instead of putting video at bottom. ?
Make Circle Tour" screen BIG and Visible at center screen so they understand how good G+ is.

Attract more brands and educate them about G+
"Listening" -- that's definitely a new feature at Google. :p
Are there any plans to do a groups feature similar to Facebook? In my opinion that is the one killer app for Facebook. Secondly, please fix Chrome. When you can't visit Youtube with Chrome without having video crash and potentially take down your entire system; it's time to do some debugging.
Post something in someone's profile, is it possible? Also, the Chat function only works with Google Talk contacts? I wanna chat with G+ people...
Vic Amazing product, I cant wait until this all goes public and I can kill ALL my other social services :)
About the Albums - is there, or rather there should be an easy way to move pictures from one album to another without having to upload them from your computer every time. (this is for us who don't save pictures/illustrations on our computers but instead on a portable memory device)
also an easy way to collapse a thread from the bottom of it... like now, when I was done writing I was about to check something on the top of the page and had to scroll up ...
I found a bug. When I was inviting a bunch of friends, I wrote the email adress of billy, and where I was supposed to fill in the name for billy I wrote the email of Adam, the next person I wanted to invite instead. Now whenever I want to fill in the email for Adam, I get to the Billy's email instead, since it thinks I'm referring to his name.
suggestion: integrate google bookmarks in google+, allowing users to share their bookmarks, and to follow popular, tagged bookmarks into the Sparks.
You guys are doing an awesome job with this rollout.
Great to have people that listen. Keep up the Grt Work.
can we send private comments not by @<email> but by @name and it should post it to the the person with that name in any of my circles . rotting the email addr is difficult
Google So awesomely rocks!
Is there a chance that there can be a recording feature to Hangouts to make Video Blogs? Multiple users could then be in different parts of the world, one user designated as the recorder and they make a Video Blog. Also, all of the Google Blogs should be moved to Google+, then we just need to add that blog in our Circles to follow it. :) All posts would made on G+, so all those features are available to those that make the Google Blog posts. :D Good idea?
i can't use my "Notifications and Share" options working in the black bar on top!! why?? i need that :(
First of all, amazing job with Google Plus - I truly love it!
I think it would be convenient to have the latest Spark appear in the main stream instead of you having to actually go to Sparks every so often to check what's new. If not by default, the option to do that would be nice.
Google+ is AWESOME!

The only suggestion I have is the ability to combine search terms for Sparks into one category, perhaps by dragging and dropping one category over another.

Lets say I search for "Games" and click add interest, then I search for "Gaming", which displays different results. Wouldn't it be great to combine the results from these two searches into one "Games" interest?
I'm just one voice amongst many, but wanted to say you guys are doing a pretty freakin awesome job :)
Enjoying the experience. Keep up the great work.
Google+ Android app SUGGESTION: It would be nice to have the people mentioned in posts/comments hyperlinkable on the android app. It will really make the people discovery process a whole lot easier on the while on the go.
there has been a lot of talk on a '-1' button... IMO it would be a very powerful tool in sorting the shared data by its revelence. Whats the real scene?
I can't view this video on an n 8 web browser. not can I see pics properly
+salim ibrahim for that you can use a + before the name
Vic, any possibilities for more filtering on the Stream? For example, being able to delegate a certain Circle or Circles to NOT be shown in Stream with everything else?
first of all I want to say Congrats on the great work you guys are doing. I'm also so jealous of what you get to do! (I'll bet you get that alot ) =)
Secondly, I'd like to start putting up all my pics on here. Problem is that it's all on iPhoto or Aperture, and I've gotten pretty used to the "upload to FB/Flicker" plug-ins. Could you guys push something like that out the door soon? I have a ton of pics I havent put up on FB due to the sharing issues which you guys have fixed with Circles. Now the upload piece .
Also I have a FroYo phone (HTC) I tried to look for the Google+ app but I can't find it in the android market place.
Great work and keep it up!
Now you can't edit your post and change it to public if you started it off as limited. At least if you can it's not obvious.
Any chance of having the default stream view exclude some circles? I would add people like +scoble, if not for the fact that they completely drown people I care about more with their volume. Thus I would prefer to have the ability to define my default stream to either exclude Following cirlcle, or include only family and friends.
Shyam S
+Kelly Ellis Just Love it! Also was wondering if you already had analysis of the activity of our streams, we could check, on a Dashboard?
Mark Zuckerberg has most followers on G+ but no post this because he is colorblind? ;)
I wonder if I'm the only one who can't collapse comments after I click on older comments???
That's great Kelly, but I have no one to share my posts with since you aren't allowing any of my friends to join Google+. I'm not sure Google+ is of any use to me without the NETWORK part of a social network.
For those wanting to see subcircles there is a easier way of achieving something very similar... 1) open the main circle as a tab
2) select all the contact you would like to make a sub-group
3) drag them to a new group
4) Name that group in a way to reflect its origin - something like MainGroup-Subgroup

this is a good option to create a trusted friends group from a larger Friends group
PS: I love that I can update my comments after posting :)
Gantry is right.. Google need more users who are average consumers of facebook and other SN evaluate customer minds
We need to bring younger people into social networking SAFELY and compliant with COPPA. I have the methodology to do so. It's the next big audience and the way to secure future growth to avoid saturation to a degree. Vic needs to contact me.
Google, could you please at least summarize or include the entire script in text form. (I'm just as capable of reading it as having you read it to me. :) This particular video wasn't even captioned, leaving deaf folk out.

I do appreciate the personal touch, and the opportunity to put a face and personality with the name. But sometimes I want instead, or in addition, just the facts, Ma'am.
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