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Still packing for my trip to the mountains. I've been struggling with which camera equipment to take. Obviously I'm taking my Android phone and Google Glass.

But should I take my DSLR? For the past several vacations I've questioned if it was worth carrying the heavy DSLR and lenses... 

I suspect I'm not the only one who has these struggles. Tonight, the DSLR won out. I care about shallow depth of field and want to capture photos like the one I've included in this post. I need my Canon 5d with me. 

So I've decided to dump all the lenses and carry only one. The 50mm 1.2.

Let's see how this goes. 

Lake Tahoe, here I come. 

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+Vic Gundotra .. time to buy a micro 4/3 setup .. -- or the Sony NEX-7 .. 

then you wont have to wonder if you should bring your heavy and bulky DSLR to get a depth of field, etc.. 

you'll just throw the small camera in the bag..
Lake Tahoe, that is civilized mountains.  Come up here sometime in the summer and i can show you real mountains!!!
+Randy Sagoo I love BC. Took my family there for vacation last summer. It's stunningly beautiful. 
Take all the cameras! Take all the photos!
I would have skipped the DSLR of course. Improved sensors in phones will eventually convince you to make the same choice.
Someone does not simply take a Google Glass with himself!
i hope that someday we will just carry our future Nexus and we won't worry about any heavy camera :) is that possible +Vic Gundotra 
any way thank you for all the efforts you have already done
+sizar adam We are committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras. Just you wait and see. 
+Vic Gundotra DSLR and GoPro.  Especially if you're going to be hitting a black diamond!
+Vic Gundotra you must have gone to Vancouver.  I am way up North, near where the Alaska Highway starts. 

As for cameras, i am just getting back into photography and trying to decide between Canon SK50 HS or Nikon P510.
oh i bet you are , can't wait for the next Nexus :) thank you for your efforts
+Randy Sagoo Our highest point here in Denmark is 170 meters above sea level. Not really much fun to go hiking in. Mountains are the one thing i miss the most having in my country.
Same here: I carry my 5dmII with the 24-70mm 2.8L all over. Heavy but so worth it. All my Google I/Os were like weightlifting :)
What computer are you taking, is what I want to know. Just a phone? Tablet? Laptop?
DSLR or no DSLR? Sounds like a first world problem. :P
You will regret it if you don't, there will be that one magical moment that you will struggle to get with anything else! :D

Looking forward to the picture :)
+Mads Thomsen i live at 900 meters above sea level but surrounded by mountains of 4 to 5000 meters.
Good decision! I also love to use my phone and my roughed pocket camera and I make good pictures with them. But compared to my "real" one? Breath taking difference! It's worth it.
+Vic Gundotra I made a similar decision recently, but went for the smaller, yet superb, Panasonic Lumix GX-1 with an (35 mm equivalent) 40 mm 1.7 prime. It's the camer that's with me all the time, and while I use my Nexus 4 camera for the occasional photo I want to share now, I use my four thirds for "serious" photo taking
Very familiar with the struggle. I even sold my DSLR. But when I see all those beautiful pictures on G+ floating by in my stream I'm really tempted to get it back :)

Very nice picture indeed.
I went skiing with my family for a week, but my Sony Alfa didn't make it to get out of the bag.
Next week I just bought smaller non DSLR which I can carry with me all the time - and I finally used that camera.
DSLRs are good but not for heavy (and amateur) sport activities
I use a mirrorless Fujifilm X-Pro 1 (Body weight 450g). Great look, amazing image quality and great lenses. You could easily go one step smaller: X-E1 (Body weight 350g).
lols.  i never had such a confusion . Always my only good old canon s3 IS. 
Wouldn't You consider to use hybrid? 
Yep, agree +Josh Bryson , the 50mm 1.2 is a good choice. Especially if you want to make some portrait shots (depth of field) like the one you posted. If you go more for landscape photography, a 28mm would be the better fit.
50mm and no crop rocks! And about the phone vs. DSLR question: try to play with DOF with your phone. And i do not meen post processing steps :-)
I've got a friend who bought canon m series mirrorless camera coupled with lens adapter, and mount his 50mm 1.2 on it. He said he saved a lot of weight (and muscle power) by using canon m body instead of his canon 5d. 
For small size and bokelicious view, the Olympus E-PM2 (the most inexpensive and smallest Olympus body with the lovely 75mm f/1.8 Micro Zuiko lens.
Nifty 50 is the way to go :). Have a great trip.
+Vic Gundotra my favourite lens is the 55-300mm, sometimes you need to get a bit further back, but in general it works great for a variety of situations. I even get great macro shots by standing back and zooming in. Love it!
Vic, as my Google+ profile will confirm I recently took my dSLR to the alps. (Val d'Isere - wonderful town). It nearly broke my back. If I had a Sony NEX or even a large sensor compact (RX100) I would have much sooner taken that! Never again! 
MFT with a pancake prime is the way to go. 
For ordinary family and close up objects the Nexus range is stunning.

A proper DSLR with lens set just can cope with a greater range of image types and conditions.

The question is whether its a family holiday (take the Nexus) or a photographic holiday (take the DSLR).
It's better to take a "real" camera and as u said, get the depth.
During normal daytime the phone and GG are good enough.

I'm using my G12 on trips, its small enough but at the same time big enough. :-)

Nice picture btw. +Vic Gundotra
A phone will never beat a great prime such as the 50 mm 1.2. It does simply not have the necessary space for acomodating all the components. And since we all want slimmer and slimmer phones....thank you Nokia for that pure view, but no thanks....the age of brick-models is long gone. I would definitely stuff in the bag that DSLR model, especially if I had such a good looking model to shoot at. One would not want to miss any fine details!
I'd say the DSLR for pictures of people. For landscapes and monuments and wildlife the phone is enough as a memory and there will always be a stunning pro image available online... I think alot of people are so busy finding the perfect photo they fail to experience their 'adventure'
My phone does me for most occasions especially I good light but on vacation or family events I always carry my DSLR for similar reasons. I normally only carry the 50mm but somet I must have is my Eye-fi memory card which makes it a no brainer to transfer and do a little post processing on my phone (a Nexus 4) or better still my Nexus 7.
I had the same dilemma, so I chose to lose 20 pounds myself and keep carrying my D800 :-) 
I sold my Nikon D700 and bought a Sony RX1. It has the great full frame sensor and corresponding high ISO performance mated with an excellent 35mm f/2 Zeiss lens. 
Camphone can't compare with a camera,
It's all about the quality of the lense, An Olympus OMD, and a Leica summilux 50mm f1.4 is a great small alternative to a bulky DSLR.
+Vic Gundotra if you go in Savoie in France, me and my friends will give you a tour! Though we prefer to use GoPro to capture the moment :-P 
+Vic Gundotra check out the 4/3 Panasonic GH3. This cam is like a all inclusive package...
As +Ricardo Lagos mentioned before. A micro 4/3 setup is half the weight and quality of pictures is great. 

Wish you a great day in the mountains;)
This year was the first without my dslr. And it shows. The lumix dx-5 (if I'm not mistaken) was no match on the mountain. Or maybe I did not make the most of it. And the dslr is an old d80.
+Vic Gundotra  your DSLR would always be better of every smartphone (or other device) camera. it's still the best camera, and with it you can shoot the best photos. obviously, is not easy like taking a pic with a smartphone, you should take a RAW, import it in LR/CR, elaborate it and save it in jpeg. it's not really immediate, but if you're looking for quality (or shooting with the lamping technique for ex), the DSLR is the only choice.
The only way you would regret the lenses is if something really awesome happens more than 75 feet away. But your right, those things seem so heavy these days.
+Vic Gundotra Although I have my DSLR for professional work, I've more or less switched completely to mirrorless for personal/travel. Less weight & size, more enjoyment. Also there is less equivalent DOF than full frame on my Micro FourThirds equipment, which forces me to consider composition more than using shallow DOF as a creative crutch. 
Buy a Fujifilm mirror-less, some say that the Fujifilm X-Pro1 on par or surpassing the 5d Mark II image quality. I have the Fujifilm X100 myself, loving it more and more
nice very nice in cold
As a snowboard have the same struggle when hitting slopes with my Nikon DSLR - just got #gopro hero3 and don't think I'll have same dilemma again. Tiny camera, great video / photos. For the geeks the phone remote is pretty cool. 
Take one of those X phones we keep hearing about :)
Agree with Mark Brophy - went skiing and took GoPro Hero3 plus my Lumix GH2. The Lumix hardly got used, but got great stills and video from the GoPro
As lenses go, it's my favorite - it never leaves my 5D.  No, there's no replacement - even my Leica M8 is a bad replacement for my 5D + 50mm 1.2.

We're not yet at the stage where any of the new tech is trying to support that style of photograph; it's too interested in capturing detail at all possible focal lengths, too afraid to focus on a subject lest it be the wrong subject.

Give it time.
Great choice - enjoy!
If I had one lens to take everywhere on a trip it would easily be the 50mm f/1.2 good choice
Didn't a Samsung Galaxy DSLR release recently? 
You could get an EF to E-mount adapter and keep using your 50 1.2
Phones just can't compete with DSLRs - if I want real photos to print or share, it's always the DSLR. If I just want snapshots for G+, the phone does fine. For that matter if I want high-quality like the one you posted, I'll use my DSLR as a meter and test shot, and use my medium format (Mamiya 645) film camera for the actual picture... 
Very correct guys u'll never know wat photography if you dont experience SLR, start with D32100 and then experience.

Say Cheese !!!!
As others have said, you need a Sony RX-1. Full-frame sensor with a fast prime in a point-and-shoot form factor. You'll get similar DOF. It's a no-brainer.
Nice depth of field and pretty subject! I like my cannon s100 for travel.
+Randy Sagoo I took a look at som pictures of the beautiful surroundings you live in on What a place. Probably good for skiing. I think I will have to visit Canada some day. And bring a camera and my skis.
Vee Ess
I don't know which camera you ised for this one but the picture here is a real nice one. ...from the perspective of a photo buff.....good luck for the vacation...
+Vic Gundotra : Excellent choice! For a place like Lake Tahoe, you have to carry a DSLR, totally worth it. :-)
I guess nowadays Nexus camera is enough unless you work as a professional photographer. Mobility and comfort is very important nowadays especially in mountain. Have a nice trip.
I have the same struggle. Lately the dslr has been losing. I take the Canon S90 which I love. 
It's probably too late for this advice but I'd say go for it as long as you are able to keep your camera protected and maybe bring an extra battery. The cold can drastically reduce your battery life.
nice. i have another question. who is the girl? she should really do some photo sessions. #dslr #ftw 
Have you ever considered getting a compact ILC? Personally I loved my NEX-3 (until it got stolen). It gives you almost as much as a DSLR but is much less bulky to carry around, as both the camera body and the lenses are smaller.
+Vic Gundotra you're the man! I mean, where do keep getting these hotties from?
You and me need to hang out (I mean in real life), seriously. I need that geek charm to rub off me :)
That's a great shot Vicky..DOF is at her eyes i believe cos even her hair is just a tad less sharp..
bring light equipment and beware that in cold temperature your lens will eventually get foggy. Wipe it clean and dry before you go inside(specially if you go inside to warm up and come out again)
+Vic Gundotra +1 to +Ricardo Lagos's suggestion for a micro 4/3 camera. I picked up the Olympus OM-D with the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens. Equivalent to a 40mm, very shallow depth of field, and so small that I often don't even bring a camera bag - I just sling it over my shoulder under my jacket, and no one's the wiser. +Dave Besbris loves it too!
I feel for you. My only concern is whether I have room to carry my budget 10mp digital or just make do with my phone camera.

It must be hard........ :-\ 
hard to shoot with a iphone in the cold +Dalai Lama  (gloves or slippery hands :)
I agree with the single "normal" prime lens.  My most common loadout is Canon 60D + 28mm f/1.8 in a small case that just fits it.  Next step up is to add a flash and up to a murse, then just grab the whole satchel which also has extra batteries, charger, cables, and two more lenses.
My name is paula moreno and i was playing w my smart phone taking picture of my grand babies and well google was on my laptop , eell i put her
awesome photography! nothing can beat a DSLR! :D
Here is my rule of thumb: If I am going enjoy the process of taking pictures, I take my DSLR, if I just want to take quick shots, I take my point an shoot. In vacation, I always take my DSLR.
I have migrated to micro four thirds and have been really happy. I still get a variety high quality glass for different uses all packed in less than 1/3 the space. The Olympus OMD is my current fav.
Good photography captures feelings, feelings are intertwined with memories, memories remind us of our true self...

Take the camera, for the benefit of your future self.
I think 17-40 will be a better lens to carry with, if you want to take suitable mountain pics.

I got 85 1.2 with me but that one never travel with me. because it never gives you a clear background. 
You can do a lot with smaller cameras these days, but there are still some elements of quality and control that are difficult to get without an SLR......not for long, I'm sure...
The 50 1.2 is a good choice sir! Good choice indeed :) DoF so tasty, you might want to eat it (so to say)..
I struggle with this too.  The DSLR still takes better photos, but in environments like ski-lifts and the like, its definitely extra work to deal with -- not to mention handling the thing with gloves and such equipment.  Still when I have the debate, usually I end up taking it.
Cute girl, but those flakes... should have used Head & Shoulders. 
As much as I love my Galaxy Nexus (and probably future Nexus phones) when or comes to taking good pictures there is nothing better then a good DSLR. I don't think this is going to change (soon/ever).
Screw the camera talk.

Who is the girl in the post???
Can we get a PureView 808-like camera on a Nexus or Motorola phone? That would get us much closer and much faster to having a phone replace a DSLR (at least an entry-level one) than simply incrementally improving the tiny cameras we get on our phones right now.

I want a phone with as large as possible lenses and sensor that help take high quality pictures, and OIS for image stabilization. I don't want a lot of megapixels. 13+ MP cameras are already getting ridiculous. So when can we get that +Vic Gundotra ?
+Vic Gundotra it's good to hear that efforts are put into making the camera on Nexus camera better. While you are at it, fix the gyro as well? PhotoSphere experience on Nexus 4 is a PITA with the gyro not properly calibrated. Do emphasise on macro capability on new camera as well. Being a user of both GNex and N4, I really liked the macro capability of GNex over N4 anytime.
+Matthew Fiori adb sideload is your friend. There isn't anything special about how to get the update. You have a nexus, it would be good to know how to use the sdk for some basic tasks.

+Vic Gundotra take the dlsr with the prime. Can't beat the wide open lens, but I would love to see better cameras in the Nexus line... Then again a photosphere might be a nice addition to your trip. 
Comparison between Android phone camera and DSLR isn't even a valid comparison. If you want to take photographs, use a real camera. If you want quick snapshots to post on Facebook/Google+, a camera phone will work fine.  They are not competitors in my book.
Tod Tod
I think we can improve quality of mobile 's camera by , put array of image sensor (eg. 4 of image sensor) , then process with software, in my 2sense when you resize picture from big to small ,the quality of picture will be better .

*       *
*       *
Hey +Vic Gundotra do americans still have just two weeks of annual holidays? In france we have five weeks apart from all the strikes lol . Have a good one .
Really? Insanely great?!?! I really wish this company had more originality. It shows everywhere. Although, if you guys gotta get your inspiration from somewhere, you cold do a lot worse. 
Oh dear, Please give Nokia the honor to "create" the ultimate PureView Nexus.
Great choice on the camera and lens. Though the 50mm f/1.8 at $90 is considerably lighter and nearly just as good.
+Robert Abe
Sorry Robert but the 1.8 is light-years away from the 1.2, in fact they don't really belong in the same sentence. I have the 1.8 and a Nikon 50/1.2 on my 7D, there is no comparison whatsoever. The 1.8 hasn't seen daylight in a long, long time. :-)
My wife is having the same dilemma for an upcoming trip, but our DSLR is a Canon EOS Rebel XT. Her new +Nexus 4 has the same size (MP) sensor, but it isn't as nice. Here's hoping the next phone is a worthy replacement! thanks for the hope, +Vic Gundotra 
Looks like you already made your decision. If you're going on the slopes, glass or your phone will be perfect for taking pictures. If you really want to take in the scenery, a nice lens for all the tourist attractions and beautiful scenery is a must. My two cents from a local of the area. If you want any ideas of places to go too, let me know! Hope it's an awesome trip!
Gotta a couple of Nexus 4s. Hope the next gen of Google Nexus phones not only have insanely great cameras, but an insanely great way to print them!
Ah yes, same problem here. My M5 stays home and I stick with mobile, but DOF and noise are a problem with mobiles. Can Nexus adress that? If so I'm converting.
You should make use of some of those new hardware acquisitions ;) A Nexus or Motorola-branded phone with a killer camera would certainly be something new.
+Vic Gundotra have a great vacation, look forward to seeing what you guys have in store at Google I/O
Hopefully the next nexus will have a good camera. Nexus 4 camera is kinda sucks
Ah man... .everytime i want to buy a new phone there is something new.... i bought the Lumia 920 and the Blackberry Z10 came out... now i want to buy the Z10 and he is saying the next generation of Nexus devices are going to have a great camera.... 

Oh man... i hate it when i have the choise... 
+Vic Gundotra
In Italy we are still waiting for Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 :( Windows Phone is a success in Italy. Do you want to be reached by Microsoft?
I have WP8 and i have to say it is not that good. 
Microsoft is not really listening to the customers. 
There too many things which are missed.

But to be honest it is a little bit better than Android.
Cuz the developers are force to use a design.... so all apps look amazing and all work the same way. 

Thats what i miss on Android.
Hope to see the same picture in new Nexus 5. Cheer Up !!!! Cheer Up !!!!! Rgds. Simptra
It's time to stick a Nikon sensor inside the +Nexus line of smartphones, after that you will no longer have to worry at all
Prelude to the Nexus 5 being the phone and camera we all want? I hope so.
+Vic Gundotra you said "+sizar adam We are committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras. Just you wait and see. " on Feb 17. For what I could see, I think you unfulfilled your promise with nexus 5 camera.
Yeah I want to let off some steam as well.
The hardware may be good, but please prioritize fixing the software.
The pictures I take with my Nexus 5 are not at all better than the ones of my ancient Galaxy S with CM 10.1.

It's heart crushing that my phone can't compete with entry level phones camera-wise.
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