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Tune in to our broadcast tomorrow morning for a live #googleplusupdate !
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first comment and wait what! is this what we have been waiting for!!!!!
Now we have to wait for the:
Morning with Sundar Pitchai, invitation
Shaun McLane
A billion Android fans suddenly sighed.
Where will we be able to see the broadcast?
must be at least a significant update if we are having a live stream to explain the details. 
+CircleCount That's what tomorrow's meeting will discuss. The updates will now let you link without 404s. Prepare yourself!
photo editing tools enabled for win 8.1 finally? pls I really miss them
This will be of interest to literally HUNDREDS of people!
Sean S
Is this related to the "can't sleep" post?  Or is there something else coming up later today?
+Mark Evans It's not. The correct local time for you is shown at the top, next to the invite. Clicking yes will add it to Google Calendar with your default notification/reminder preferences.
Any way to add this event to my calendar from within G+?!?
+Shumon M Just click Yes at the top and it gets added to your Google Calendar.
+Shumon M If you're using Google Calendar, just click Yes or Maybe and it'll be there automatically if you allow it in your settings.
You won't be able to sleep tonight, too. Poor you, Vic :) 
Hi +Vic Gundotra , just a FYI, it is impossible to comment on your post (this post) on mobile. Tapping to expand your post opens the original post by g+. (Using mobile chrome was just about possible).
Hangouts update with SMS integration being announced!
Stop torturing us! Give us the Nexus 5 already!
Hangouts SMS integration plz
Does it have anything to do with an iGoogle replacement/integration?
I think it unlikely that it's the SMS hangouts integration for android as that happened on iOS with little fanfare
+Mark Stronge yes, but there's rumors that Google could remove the stock android SMS app and just use hangouts, so for the android crowd, there's a lot more excitement for the feature. 
All Google events should be set up this way, love having it automatically in my calendar.
+Mark Evans your maths would of been correct last Saturday haha it'll be on at 4:30pm UK not 5:30
I said I would attend in the hopes this is about Nexus 5, if it is not, I will be highly pissed! 
Release the KIT KAT!
No, Google will not remove the stock messaging app, but in 4.4 there will be the option to have hangouts take over all SMS sending and receiving but will this be a Google+ thing? Stretching it a bit, but is this the announcement that +KIT KAT talked about for 28th or will we see a further announcement today?
Please +Vic Gundotra , Chromecast support in the G+ app! Or at least G+ Photos/Movies streaming (without having to cast a tab).
That would be great +Marciano Siniscalchi but the issue is for those with less that great bandwidth at home and who have no prospect of getting any faster internet, local streaming to chrome cast would be a great option
+Jaana Nyström Does this work for the G+ iOS app? I've clicked yes, but it doesn't appear in my calendar! The calendar app on my iPhone is synced with my Google account.
So +Vic Gundotra , what features will we hear of tomorrow?
Google Collections, Google+ Stories, Google Mine or Google Youtour? Or something completly different? ;P
Wow. If you had trouble sleeping last night, I hope you have something to help you sleep tonight! ;-)
Perhaps a Kitkat?
+Vic Gundotra We know you're excited about tomorrow but family comes first and get plenty of sleep. You and your team will do well!
Google is like, let's announce everything but what the people want to hear. LOL
How about a old school...5 & 10 SALE !!! NEXUS that is.
I really wonder why everyone expects this to have something to do with Android or the Nexus devices, when it clearly states it is about a G+ update...
is like google doesn't want my money...#nexus5
+Reed Tyler I would be more excited about the prospect of Hangouts replacing the stock SMS app if the Hangouts app didn't crash all the time. Yes I've cleared data, etc. It seems to have some terrible problem loading chat histories when they get very large, and crashes out. They need to make the app bulletproof if they really think they will get people to rely on it as their primary mobile communication tool.
+Jason Porter I understand what you mean and what you're saying, however I've never had the app crash on me on any android phone I've used. 
Alu P
could be helpouts
please after leaking out all apects of nexus5 there is no meaning in anouncing about it, please do anounce about something new and interesting :) maybe some new things in G+ or some super hidden  features of the next andriod 
I'm ready for the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Finally!! 
Joining the croud awaiting the goodies!
Only Google/Nexus could do this... Sell millions of units without advertising for it...
Google just take my money already!
Looking forward for updates on Hangout. Thanks for the invitation. 
I think that Google has sent an invitation for Nexus 5 and Android KitKat to all of us already through Google+. Let's wait and see what they are going to announce.
I know it wont happen, but I have this dream where, at the end of your G+ presentation, you said "...and as a reward for all our loyal G+'ers here in this hangout with us... you get first notice that the N5 is now on sale! Hurry, go get yours before we leak it everyone else and it sells out"
My small wishlist: G+ backgrounds-color, pictures, excitement, art
We need the Nexus. Just release it already. I can't wait any longer!! 
+Vic Gundotra  Can you add a feature that allows slides shows from gplus to chromecast. That would be a great feature.
pinning a post in community still absent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone got a link to the live stream yet?
no link to the live broadcast and the event is apparently down. WTF?!?
"This event may have been deleted". Um...?
Have a brake have a kitkat . release the nexus 5 and the android 4.4 
Has anybody found the link?
This Youtube link seems to work ok. Looks like they're a little late tho. Rumour has it they've had some sort of power cut...

A Morning with Google+
"We are furiously working to bring in a generator for the equipment that drives the live feed. We will likely be delayed by 15 minutes. Sorry about "that folks!"
How the hell do I join this event? No link in the invite or anything. Not very intuitive...
Nothing on the event page, bunch of #500 errors, then eventually I just see a blank page...
There is a power failure at Google. They are hooking up a generator and restarting their machines. (Good thing they don't run a nuclear power plant!)
Jesus god. Stream doesnt work for me!!! I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
Nexus 4 launch cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy last October, now a power outage in Mountain View. Shrug
Doesnt work for me. GOOOOOOGLE!??!?!??!?!?!?!!!! I spend all my trust and love with you.... :(
youtube stream beeing blocked in germany? nice one guys...
+Jonathan Graeber
+Vic Gundotra Yeah Vic whats up with that? US&A only? Or is it intended that we in the 3rd world countries like germany don't get the update anyway? -.-

YTUnblocker works wonders, but still doesn't look good if you say yourself "bring the service all across the world"...
you suck vic ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄          Bob is building an army.
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂           ☻/   This tank & Bob are against Google+
Il███████████████████].      /▌    Copy and Paste this all over
  ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \     Youtube if you are with us
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