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In addition to this morning's announcements about Nik Software, we also have exciting new releases of Google+ for Android and iPhone. 

Available in the next hour from both App Store and Google Play! #googleplusupdate 
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< waiting not so patiently
Off to the Play Store I go!
Micha G
thx for information.
But where is the option or better the old funktion and feature to make a correction of own posts and comments? 
These work only on Desktop!!! But I know, what these has work on old mobile site
I love the speed at which you all improve an already great product.
Waiting patiently....normally Germany is not so looooong away :-)

And here it is. Works smooth and fast. Thanks +Vic Gundotra and the +Google+ Team.
May I ask you guys if you are able to edit online pictures? 
The picasa ones from the android gallery....
That's kinda weak that Snapseed is integrated in the iOS version but not the Android one. Isn't Android your bread and butter??
Sounds like you may be addressing my biggest peeves with mobile, I can't wait to test it out. Maybe this will be the update where I stop telling people how much I hate the mobile app.
These is still no messenger in google+ for iPad .....
Thanks for all the time and work you and the Google+ team put in to bring us such great features. 
Vic, why not add a page to display all +1s by a user? 
+Chris Lang thanks for the ping; I'm most excited about the community moderation actually, but can't wait to see if anything changes relative to the cover photos. If so, I'll be sure to update my info on +NewGplusCovers 
+Vic Gundotra Does this mean that Google Latitude will now be closed? This doesn't have all the features of Google Latitude yet. 
You should implement the option to choose the precision of your shared position, just like is now on Google Latitude.
Please... please add the ability to upload photos to existing photo albums, not restricted to 'photos from posts'.
Oh I like this "Posts include more text up front—from the original message, and from comments" and based on the screenshots it looks good too! 
So when Apple said there were no Google Apps awaiting approval last week in response to Schmidt's comment about the new Google Now app in IOS, they were lying? Say it aint So!!!!!
now add instant events or pinging of friends close to me to join for a beer.
Awesome! It's always great to get more features. Why the tiny mobile style blog update though?
Good update specially notification and side bar. 
+Vic Gundotra I love Google's commitment to bringing their quality apps to iOS devices. It means they realize that no matter what phone ecosystem we choose, we still love to use their products. A LOT!
+Vic Gundotra The new update for iOS just took away the ability to add photos from the Photo Stream. Why? This is not cool. I use the Photo Stream to add photos on G+ for all of my devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and the iPad Mini.
Micha G
+utkarsh sethi not work on iOS app and doesent work in Webbrowser (Chrome and safari) via mobile site 
Always excited for new features! Keep them coming!
The moment I read this

My download started
Good update! Much better!
CAN WE TAG PHOTOS YET?!?!?!?  How about upload into a specific album? 
How about showing more love to your mobile operating system? Or at least equal?

You degrade your own operating system! And that's sad for its users! :-(
And still no support for WIndows Phone or BlackBerry... 
Awesome, now make the gmail app for ios faster and better, why bother buying sparrow if you're not going to use it. 
I really need to be able to do a hangout on air from the IOS is that coming soon?
Much harder to distinguish individual posts.
Useless pics enlarged and taking valuable space from information (=text!)
And why waste pixels on both sides for this "card" look?

Single comments fading in and out are distracting and slow down the actual browsing/reading.

Show posts from communities less/standard/more?
Meaning exactly what?
How about zero/half/most/all?

Scroll.. scroll.. scroll even more.. bleh.

Nice features, but I really need an API so I can read/post from other apps, like Hootsuite. 
Hey Vic, I appreciate you guys throwing the iPhone a bone, but when will Android get filters right in the Google+ app?
This is a great update. I love the "flat" design language. Great job!
Sharing location is a terrible set up. You can share with no one and the next step up is with "circles". This is way to broad. Google should have allowed location to be shared with certain people or even certain Circles.
Google+ ... Where we talk about everything Google... And nothing else
I don't see the update yet! I'm in Canada so could it be that!??? How many Canadian have updated? 
+Hasan Ahmad Clearly you have the wrong people circled then. Take a gander at communities...
Looks great on both Android and iOS.  Few things, I already miss the side scroll on Android and why does the iOS app look nicer on the left side menu and notifications.  Also, why does iOS get a nice pretty Splash screen when opening the app and Android does.  Other than that, the Android app looks very clean.
+Vic Gundotra I don't like how the pictures and videos are smaller on the stream. Text and +1/share button take too much space in the stream (wasted space). The stream is no longer as visual as it always was
It's beautiful. It works so well. Now please sort out the YouTube app. 
Matt S
So this will be 90 comment... After few hours my comment will be lost and there still isn't a way of getting straight to your last comment without reading everything again and again +Vic Gundotra 
If your using Android, try updating from play store from your pc 
+ but here I can't load here better quality photos its making less pixels in photo so what is d meaning of snapseed if I can't load better resolution photo! When I load some long photo in my mob from pintrest & then came to here for sharing again that photos getting blurred in post! 
Really appreciated.... thnx for all u do to make our lives in the cell phone industry a lil easier... 
Any news on supporting windows phone?
Love the location sharing. Guess Latitude will soon be dead.
+Vic Gundotra I just updated, but i cant access my albums on ipad, only camera roll and instant upload. Is it a bug ?
Oh no, Android got Scroogled again. :( iOS gets more as usual. 
I was just lamenting last night about how difficult it was to manage my Circles in app compared to what it should be. Today's update completely solved that problem and the other changes ratcheted the whole Google+ experience up another two notches. Thank you! 
Any way to get rid of the suggestions? I certainly don't need to see two of the first three posts filled with useless suggested contacts and 'interesting' people, and definitely not on my phone, and most definitely not every time.
Thanks +Vic Gundotra !!!
Just installed the Android Update on my Nexus. Feedback: Great update so far! Some more of these, please!

My personal highlights:
1.) Viewing of shared albums in the stream is great, near to perfect.
2.) Seeing my people, when selecting a specific circle in the stream.
3.) Find people menu, nice presentation of my circles and suggest.

Not so nice:
1.) Album listings and scrolling the albums in the Photos menu (big).
Can someone tell me what the "link" feature does on my note 2?? Thanks. 
Love the redesign! So clean looking and the scrolling comments are very cool! 
+Vic Gundotra don't you think that we should be able to watch youtube videos directly in the stream of the g+ app ?(without going to the youtube app). After all on desktop you don't have to go to the youtube website.
At google you're in the good position to solve with usability issue.
Why does the iOS version get more features and Snapseed integration? +Vic Gundotra can you give us a reason please.
As a creator and moderator of a couple of Communities, can I just say: thank you so very, very much!! The two big additions - the ability to share Communities and sharing posts to Communities - are so useful, they should've been included 'out of the box', so glad they've be introduced here. Thank you! 
+Vic Gundotra is there an easy way in G+ to get to the bottom of the comments? Scrolling through 300+ is my biggest problem at the moment. Thanks
Skyla Cowan I believe  is because there is only one type of phone (iphone) But I might be wrong. Dont worry will come to us soon once is ready for every phone :)
Very sexy update for iPhone 5! Thank you very much.
+Wilson Elias That's fine but i wish they would then wait to release it for ios then, just like gmail for ios its better then on android and that's just a shame. It wouldnt bother me so much if me 1 co-worker with his itoy5 didn't keep constantly throwing it in my face.
Missing the comment window. (It was cool).
It's beautiful but Twiiter remains my favorite. 
+David Enzel Google+ is probably the best mobile design site currently on the market. I like Twitter too.
Hoping we can have a unified inbox on Gmail app for iOS soon!! :-)
Great but I'd rather see you enable multi sign on... This is a MUST as our organization has just adopted Google Apps for business and we'll be using G+ in all its glory. Only problem is many of us use it personally too... No way to toggle the app back and forth... You have this for Gmail, Gtalk, Docs... Please fix for G+!!! 
sly sly
Wow! Looks awesome!
Excellent update +Vic Gundotra.  I am an iPhone user and the updated app is absolutely remarkable. Keep up the good work!!   hopefully with the next update we get a way to manage business pages. Been waiting for that feature. 
+Vic Gundotra I like the cards interface but it gets too cluttered when the cards are different lengths and they don't align on the horizontal. The previous version scrolled horizontally (when in landscape) and the posts aligned vertically. Now we have to scroll vertically, so it should be made easy to read horizontally.

I'm on a tablet with 3 columns in landscape mode.
Very good update. But you seem to favor ios users more than android
is there a way to copy text in the app on android?  I still can't do it.
+Vic Gundotra I like the new setting above each circle, I think it's missing the "Just following" check box and the ability to rename the circle.

Good job ☺
That's what I call an easter egg ;-) this will be a good easter! 
Great job on the new update! I likes! :)
Nice step forward. However, what we are still missing is full resolution photo uploads on iOS. When can we expect it?
Like it so far, a more straight to the point update that has been long over due
Overall good update but the way comments are shown on a post is a bit ugly. Makes it too cluttered.
How about they fix Bluetooth on Hangouts already? Seriously this is basic functionality that has been missing for well over a year (longer maybe?).
As always, continually improving. Google+ just keeps geting better and better. 
I just downloaded it. Awesome and thanks for the heads up.
I am using it now. As expected, everything thing Google puts out (from new apps like Keep, to fresh new changes to old ones) is amazing, and this is no exception. 
I love the option to adjust the frequency of posts...cuts down on the noise a lot
Like the feed feature also the new look and design 
Looks very nice, but looks that images are now even more important!...
+Vic Gundotra  I am having some issue and it said "Oops ... the system encountered a problem (#500), retry 1 sec." and it very glitching, and also communities page disappear telling me to refresh the page,  So what is going on right now? 
+Niels Hansen I'm having similar issues. Communities isn't working and can't access any of my photos apart from instant upload.
Just updated! Nice look =-)! 
+Vic Gundotra - What's happening to Google+ Pages in the iOS/Android apps? No integration and management options? What's the strategy for brands?

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brian m
Much easier to see so much more. Much more pleasant experience.
Just installed the new app for iPad & it won't let me post anything! Annoying!!
Like the new layout much more than the previous one.
USELESS -- +Vic Gundotra +Google+  "Welcome to Google+" and "Look for more?" stay permanently affixed at the top of "All Circles"
Absolutely love the new layout. Photos in the portrait orientation are larger, brighter and sharper. Comment and Plus UI is slick and fast. Thanks for making this app even more fun to surf on my phone!
definitely about a googol times better than it was the last time i opened G+ on Android.
Really great app for my nexus. Now where's the G+ app for Blackberry 10?

Good update looks and feels great, but why no option to click a button to goto the last post on a loooooooong thread? Or to goto the last unread reply, or options for both... Gotta scroll like a maniac to do this at the moment, so where is mobile navigation?
Up to date and loving the new look. Good work! 
I love fresh roast mayan magic made with a French press and spring water.heavenly.
So Google Latitude is for summer cleaning :) I like this functionality coupled to Google+ rather than maps. Neat.
How can you develop such a smooth app ? How google how ? I dont have friends on G+ but still i use this app and every time open this app, i start thinking what have you guys used to develop this app. Which version of AsyncTask have you used ? Great job guys
My business page that had to try to adapt to 3 different formats of the cover photo thanks you. 
Awesome update! I don't know if this is new, but you can now okay music shared with you (or purchased) from the Google+ app.
I hereby declare the Google+ app officially updated! My work here is done.
+Vic Gundotra , GREAT update!
We love the latest enhancement and hoping for MORE better stuff to come.

Thanks & have a great day!
This is fantastic. Looks great!! 
Liked this version of iOS google+
Uninstalled update. Welcome to Google+ and Look for more take up half the screen on GS3 and never go away making the All Circles feed useless!!
anna d
i don't think i like it 
+Phillip Hayes +Anna Dnistran , we have 2 GALAXY NOTE 2 in the house and we update one & the other still on the old version.
Then we showed both to some people and ALL of them love the latest update as the font is more better looking, the live scrolling of comments is so cool, and many more great enhancement from the old version.

I know that every update will NOT please everybody especially me as I am very meticulous BUT this one especially on my GALAXY NOTE 2, its AMAZING...

And when we compare it side by side to the facebook apps for Android & iOS, it's homerun for Google+...

Thanks & have a great day!
+Vic Gundotra I just don't understand how us Android users didn't get the snap seed feature. Google is Android and vice versa. IOS shouldn't get things before us.
+Clifford Miemban The only thing I don't like is the All Circles feed has "Welcome to Google+" permanently set at the top of the feed. It takes up half the screen.
+Phillip Hayes , is it for Android, iOS or desktop version?

Because on my GALAXY NOTE 2 I don't have any problem about the feeds or something BUT in desktop version on my Windows & Mac computers I see the huge profile picture that is really big.

But other than that, I don't have major issues... Still I have some minor stuff that I personally sent in feedback sections of google+.

Thanks & have a great day!
+Phillip Hayes , if I'm not mistaken, it is 4.1.2 version of Jellybean.

My GALAXY NOTE 2 (Tmobile version) have 4.1.2 also BUT I can't see in the ALL CIRCLES feed the half full screen "WELCOME TO GOOGLE+".

But if it's totally there and annoying, you can send feedback when you go to setting and explain there the problem and MAYBE they will investigate.

Have a great day!
+Vic Gundotra Who says Awesomeness can't be improved. One of the best designed mobile apps ever...
when will it be possible to WATCH a hangout on the air via the iPad?
If your saying, 'use g+ on ios cause you get more features with that app', this explains why you use an iPhone and i operate a better spec'd Android moto, it's nothing really to brag about.
nice improvement but I still miss the feature in the early version of g+ where you can swipe the screen to move between screens. Can we have that feature back, like swipe from feeds to communities to photos instead of the sidebar?

btw, what exactly is messenger for? I cannot find any use for it besides taking up space.
+Soon Ann Ng messenger provides a way for an entire group to have a conversation for one thing ..
nice, the new UI is great. 
WOW gorgeous update, keep the update coming.
It's much better, at least the pictures will not be cropped at their top and bottom.
Android got Scroogled again :(
Many nice changes. However, the loss of the layout switch to horizontal and the left to right scroll in landscape mode for the stream on my Asus tablet, combined with the toolbar at the bottom means that landscape mode is essentially useless, +Vic Gundotra . That part is not an improvement. I spent most of my time in Google+ in landscape mode.
Before the update it used to be smooth. Something is making it jerky. Layout looks good. However feels less resilient. First time I used, system hung. 
Brilliant update. Love it.
+Vic Gundotra , we just found out that the side to side scrolling in Android (in our Galaxy Note 2 & NEXUS 4) is GONE.

Please bring it back, we love the left to right & vice versa scrolling in landscape mode in Android...

Thanks in advance & more power to Google...
Great... Now my android is becoming like ipad :(

Why would an apple product always had to be the first... Even on Google apps. Not cool at all
Not entirely sure about this iOS comment scrolling thing. How is it supposed to behave, because I'm almost certain it ain't. 
The android app is just so beautiful
Looks really great now on Android! I like that there's more text in the stream...
+Todd Copeland - re: "Google should have allowed location to be shared with certain people or even certain Circles." you can do exactly this - go to Settings > Location sharing > Turn ON > Who can see your best-available location.  You can select specific circles or specific people.
+Mohamed Alzaabi - re:"I like the new setting above each circle, I think it's missing the "Just following" check box and the ability to rename the circle.".  

Both these options exist (though I will admit the usability can be much improved).  On Android: Find People > Go to circle > Menu > Circle settings.    
+Vic Gundotra : I really miss the option to share posts to other apps on my Android (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc). That sharing to other apps is one of the many reasons that i love Android and now Google is not adding this option in their own Google+ app! Any idea if this is coming anytime soon, or even, ever? 
Really nice update with new feature of viewing comments rite their
It can show comments in real-time from the topic with beautiful design whether you go to read inside. Perfect!
+Vic Gundotra Do you remember when the interface for iphone for googleplus app was first given a major overhaul.That interface looks better than the current one. It had that dark grey background.Please bring that back.Current UI looks very simple.Current one is good too, but that one was/felt better.
I loved the old UI .... Got used to it..probably will get used to this too
+Vic Gundotra  don't you think g+ uses too much animation? I'm testing the iPhone version. Almost every action in any view is animating, which is irritating.
Removed sideways scroll, OK instead when I side swipe I want menu to be able to jump about quicker
Meanwhile, G+Messenger on iPad still shows notifications for each message sent, but still leads to nowhere...
When is a real Google + app for blackberry going to be developed? or what would it take so I can just make one.
+Vic Gundotra Apple G+ update is better than android update. why so? doesn't google have confidence on its OS?
The "upgraded" app is incompatible with my v.4.0.4 Android GV-10 minipc. Why is that? And why uninstall the previous version from the device, +Vic Gundotra ? Not cool.
Andy K
Excellent update.  Leaving Facebook in the dust.
Matt S
+Amar Gandhi wow thanks, someone actually listened to me :) Personally I think something like a button in notification tab or direct "transfer" to the particular tjing in notification. You have few types of notication but most do tthe same: J. Smith and others commented on a post and Steve O +1'd your comment - Solution: Left (icon or button) of the notification takes you to 1st comment after yours, Right side would take you to the person that actioned you comment (whether its +1 or comment). Also something that would remember your last position where you were reading particular topic. (something like twitter apps when refreshed tweets but still stays at the last one you read). I'm sure this can be definitely done in the mobile app (you have space in notification area and ? could use similar scripts like in twitter app), but not sure how it would work on web. I'm not a dev (just a person with loads of ideas that likely will never be implemented) but based on my humble opinion Id say this would be doable fairly easy. Thanks 
+Vic Gundotra this is my second comment today. My s2, which had become incredibly stable after upgrading to 4.1.2, crashed twice today. Both when i tried on g+. I mentioned earlier it is making the device unstable. Another problem is on landscape mode pictures look streached, similar to face book on nexus. I am not upgrading my nexus 10. Please do something.
+Matt Sokolinski - notification should make it super easy to see what's new. And we can definitely improve, esp on long comment thread like this one. Thanks for your feedback and ideas. 
How about G+ for Blackberry 10?
Got the update. It just awesome!!!! Though have not got the update for my ipad2.. hope it's gonna awesome too.
G+ for BB10 would be great. I will never buy an android or Iphone. 
The new UI is awesome and easier to navigate. Great improvements..
I now have massive "Welcome to Google" and "Looking for more" banners on my first two pages of Google+ every time I start the app. How do you get rid of these, they are really annoying!
I keep getting search engines and tabs I do not want nor use. Every week I have to get rid of or redownload Google Chrome. Please help.
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