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There's a reason everything that comes in our head does not come out of our mouth. It's called "curation". We don't like friends who have diarrhea of the mouth, and I doubt things are different in the online social world.

We want to build software that enables sharing more like in real life. You know, like when your friends don't actually know what you're thinking until you decide to say it.

Curation matters. Just my 2 cents.
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"Diarrhea of the mouth" to many people have this today. That the main reason i prefer Google+ over Facebook (not trying to start a war, just my opinion)
You are so right. It's all about having friends with good taste.
I'm not a big fan of the whole "frictionless sharing" thing either.
Where's that mouth wash.. I suddenly feel very unclean.
Heard you say something similar to this at the Web 2.0 conference and it really stuck with me. Very good way of explaining the reasoning behind Circles and the whole philosophy of Google+.
I believe this is what attracted me to G+ over Facebook. There are far fewer posts here that are just random unfiltered thoughts. I actually learn new information here.
I share the feeling, and keep on using your quote : "There's a reason everything that comes in our head does not come out of our mouth" when talking about this "frictionless sharing" that some little startup launched a few months ago...
So true...
Vic Gundotra
+Robert Scoble It's because we've just begun. Don't worry, the tools you want and more are coming.
You can already see someone's web apge +1's on their profile, and the +1 buttons now allow you to share things you +1 top your stream easily.

But, I'm guessing you mean a +1 to a post or a comment.
Yeah that's why G+ is awesome with circles! But it would be nice if you could add an option to exclude certain circles from our main stream! Also I can't wait for Chat with my Circles!
What would come on very handy is the ability to publish to distinct 'public circles', so that other people can subscribe only I your tech updates vs your sports updates without imposing the burden of circle management to the person posting content. 
It's the overall quality of posts that make me actually think before posting something. I post only a few times a day, and then mostly something that gets people to interact, to respond, to react. G+ is a great place, and the community feeling is amazing.
I can't wait for those changes +Vic Gundotra and +Robert Scoble, its gonna be exciting to see Google Plus evolve. As with everyone else, I'd love to have a more active role in facilitating this evolution.
only curation + moderation will = quality 'do we trust people to moderate themselves?
haha! "diarrhea of the mouth" ... takes me back to the mid-70s sitting in my 8th grade math class. My teacher used to say to the noisy kids: "do you need a kaopectate cocktail ? You seem to have diarrhea of the mouth!"
The fact that we can actually edit stuff on Google+ makes it 100x better then anything else I always seem to miss a word or misspell something!
sounds good in words but only if it were true...
True, so we need better tools to do it in G+

On the most basic level, being able to set our basic Circle stream rather than being forced to watch everyone.
I'm interesting how much programmas can "copie" peoples brain and actions....
Anyone else think that robert scoble has a clear case of diarrhoea of the mouth? i may be alone in this opinion but hey
Sean S
I wished comments I make wouldn't appear in search. There are things I want to comment on in people's public posts but not necessarily want my friends, family, employers to be able to find by just searching for my name. Not sure what the purpose of indexing comments would be. It also clutters the search results and returns irrelevent results when you are trying to search for a post.
A linguist would accuse you of arbitrarily inventing new usages, Vic, just like that new word "reshare". We can't find your definition of "curation" in a dictionary. Probably you should give us a reference?
+James Purser, +Vic Gundotra, the ability to take Wordy people out of the main stream would be ideal for boosting Signal to Noise ratios. The best path to high quality is the simplest for the user, while retaining desired power.

That being said, its not the first time you've heard that requested, but if you are not 100% sure that its the right way to go, i would love to offline a conversation on why.
Yes, what +Connor Glade said, I'm not either and really don't know anybody who is.... so if you could remain an island of sanity in this social networking sea and not try to force or trick me into automatically sharing everywhere I go and everything I do that would be great..... :)

Seems like so little to ask, but.....
There is a better way to disagree with someone besides insulting them or pookie mouth :) a debate:)
I would like to state that in real-life, you can't always control the participant of a conversation. You friends or others may over hear your conversation and join in. And that is crucial part of life. It's how you meet people... It's how you know your friend better. It's how acquaintances become friends. And friends become best friends. It's the social life. This applies to other aspect of social life too, not just conversation. The problem is in theory your argument is brilliant and sounds good. But in truth, it's not. Many times, we know how are friends are doing just by seeing what's up... we don't always have to have direct communication. Imagine if you have a thousand friend... does that mean you have to send 1000 message to them every week, even if you group(circle) them and send generic message. It's still not realistic. It seems more like a communication service rather than social network.
I agree with +Robert Scoble -
Google+ sharing is just all over the place like a diarrhea!
And the best is the more the sharing the more the visibility on Google+ 'What's hot?'
So, Social media like Google+ have to ACCEPT the fact that social media is about interaction and social media policies will be flouted and social media should be designed such that diarrhea of the software is avoided - otherwise 'garbage in garbage out'

Overall Google+ is great - but Facebook won because of the simple fact that +Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook team don't go mentoring people on Facebook and they set a policy and if it didn't work they fix the software. My 2 cents.
I love the What's Hot section it's my favorite!
+Vishesh Narula I've always said that the difference between RL and the internet is that there are some punks that wouldn't speak their open mind because someone would punch them in the face for it IRL.

So... There are fundamental differences, but the negatives need to be mitigated in this social network.
As the Empress of TMI, I would like to see the ability to see click through the iterations of a share and the associated comments easily. I work at keeping a standard of social acceptance in mind when voicing my thoughts all the time. And yet, there are such silly and stupid conventions in place that people hide behind in order to be caustic. I'm reminded of a post from +Amy Gabriel earlier today

But, there I go, again, droning on.
Appreciate the effort so far, but still some things to do.
Would really like to be able to post publicly but only share with certain circles. So I can share a photo with the Photog circle, not spam the techie circle, but it be visible to everyone who looked at my profile. So either an exclude on a public share or separate share and visible tags.
I find that on Facebook I don't see every message anymore. The last month I'm watching for updates and nothing is happening, Facebook has gotten slow with information in my opinion. I don't have 1000+ friends so I don't need an interface that is build upon that.

What I like about Google+ is how raw the data is, I decide what to read If I'm bored with someone, I'll put him in another circle or stop following.
I really like that +Vic Gundotra is probably reading all of these comments. The other guys never talk philosophy and read their users input...
Totally agree with you!
+Glenn Jones Agree with your request. Public posting with all non-circle members filtering out the posting for all non-included circle members is a good feature. The problem I would imagine is a problem of interface. A separate checkbox with "also post publicly" (only visible when not already posting publicly) might be the answer. Maybe not.
+Frank Cuenca nice to know im not alone. His constant opinions are the main reason i un circled him, plus i consider him too "loud"
+Jelena Milosevic Its up the individual to curate their own posts. Each individual decides what and how they curate according to their own values.
"diarrhea of the mouth" HaHa...It was fun.
Dang, i just had a great #idea.

Allow me to filter the notification stream to be only the authors comments (great for massive posts) or just comments from people in my stream.

Score one for me :)
Somethings I want auto shared like when I like a video on youtube or post on my blogger but for everything else I only want to share what I think is good that people might want to read!
Glad we won't be seeing an anti-curating tool like Open Graph here then :-)
What I like about Google+ is it is easy for me to make it what I want it to be, not what Google wants it to be, or what a Google employee wants it to be for me. And that is why it holds more value to me that Facebook. Some of the visions of Facebook are rather colorless and pedantic. I hope future additions to Google+ add to my ability to grow it into the useful tool I envision, and not limit it to the vision of someone else.
+Vic Gundotra the fact that you have interactive discussions with your users about the merits of function mean that your product will continue to evolve. Thanks for listening.
+Vic Gundotra that is one of the things I always tell people about Google+ is that you and the other developers and people at Google actually care and interact and are trying to make it not what you want it but what we want it to be!
Thank you for this! It is absolutely true!
+Andrew Gilmore they eventually will...give them time to adapt. some people adapt faster than other to new things.
Can't agree more,thanks for bringing it up
+1! When curation means having to hide posts, remove apps and opt out, something is inherently wrong. When I start to avoid clicking on my friends' posts, then something is really, really wrong. I don't know what dictionary Facebook uses, but I believe 'frictionless' shouldn't involve wanting to pull my hair out.
The merits of the model can be appreciated, +Robert Scoble, if you look at it as communicating as a whole and not just sharing. And surely you agree with the potential of the model which G+ offers, when it comes to "sharing" other "objects" in the future: from bookmarks to documents and music and so on. But thanks for pushing and asking. I think it keeps the G+ team on its toes about making G+ more useful :)
+Matthew Garbett excluded circles on public posts! Yes please! I want searchable posts but don't need to fill my beer and family circles with posts about edu tech! Trying to fill that nitch with a Page but it does't tottally take care of it.
It seems that there are two competing philosophies emerging on social networks: +Vic Gundotra says "Curation matters", while +Jeff Jarvis maintains that there is no such thing as over-sharing, just over-listening (and +Mark Zuckerberg seems to agree). I look forward to the first social network that can mediate between these two approaches to sharing, by providing users with the tools to fully control not just what they share, but what they see.
Knee-jerk and Raw comments can and should inspire debate. Like somebody said recently ... patience is strength
Circles are a good way to curate the WHO, but it would be great if we could also curate the WHAT. A feature that allows us to filter by type of data (videos, photos, links, plain text) or even by type of content (tech, business, science, etc, etc) in our stream.
Is a feature like this possible? +Vic Gundotra
I agree with Vic's post. The one feature I'm waiting for from Google+ is "public circles." Sometimes I want to publicly post something on G+, but I know that it's irrelevant to many of my followers, so I hesitate. For example, my football friends don't care about my engineering posts, but I am interested in both. If there was a way for them to subscribe to a "public" circle, I could post to those circles and not worry that I am cluttering the streams of those who doesn't care about that topic. New potential followers could see the posts of these "public circles" and choose to opt in or not if they follow me.
+Vishesh Narula ''Imagine if you have a thousand friend... does that mean you have to send 1000 message to them every week, even if you group(circle) them and send generic message. It's still not realistic. It seems more like a communication service rather than social network.''

the only way to address your concerns is if plus takes the same approach as facebook: posts for all the user activities. and unfortunately that would make plus become something alike facebook. that is not a good way to go. but there is a solution: optional posts/alerts/notifications about what the user is doing. those would have the option to be customized. ie: ''who do you want to alert/notify when you are watching tv through the integrated on screen youtube ferature?'' once those features and more begin to arrive im sure you will begin to think otherwise.
I totally agree with this, and I think that's the main reason I prefer Google+ over other options.
I'm that friend who has been accused of verbal diarrhea :( I'm going to crawl into a hole now.
Yes it does matter. That's the reason I basically don't use Facebook because at some point it got out of control. I want to have control of who I share stuff with, not what whatever social network thinks I want to share it with.
+Charles Vaz ''Facebook won''

that is up to debate i would say. in the meanwhile, the mentioned network is going down the toilet. as a matter of fact, i like to give you the estimated life expectancy for it: 4 years maximum and that is a really merciful maximum.

''because of the simple fact that +Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook team don't go mentoring people on Facebook''

you should read this article: he certainly wasn't ready for the 1,222 pages of information he received. (

(if you didnt mean to say monitoring then you may ignore that article.)

''and they set a policy and if it didn't work they fix the software.''

forcing changes doesnt necessarily mean: to fix.
a quick google search would return you feedback about the majority of fb users and their discontent regarding the 2.0 UI and how it works.
One thing that would make it easier to curate content would be the ability to create Public Circles that people could automatically subscribe to. :)

Currently, one must either write code to manage it, use a Google Docs form/spreadsheet, or resort to a public post with multiple options, adding people based on which of the options are +1ed.
Wiktionary says "curation" has 3 meanings:

1. The act of curating, of organizing and maintaining a collection of artworks or artifacts.
2. The act of curing or healing.
3. (databases) The manual updating of information in a database.

Probably +Vic Gundotra got his meaning from the third meaning above?
Also I think the ability to edit your posts after the fact is an important part of curation.
Tim Box
After reading some of stuff posted by my kids on fb, I had to say to them "keep it to you'er self", the distance between thinking and posting seems to have shrunk to nothing. So to read your post was fantastic.
I'm just happy that Vic said the word "diarrhea".
+Matthew Garbett as with everything else in plus, the option to share is always up to the user and in the near future the option to auto share will most likely be implemented on a global scale (for all features). facebook has shown that imposing a share all activities format for which there is no way to turn off or that is on by default, is a privacy issue for most if not all users.
I like friction. To me, "frictionless sharing" is too much like frictionless driving - on a winding road!
I think what Vic meant in the original post should be "reservation", "withholding", "holding", "keeping". Any of these is more widely understandable than "curation".
+Adam Baylis-West plus is that network. the new chat feature and the circles as well are proof of that philosophy.
This is the best thing I've heard all month, +Vic Gundotra . This is precisely the reason I no longer use the incumbent social network; and I am instead on Google+. I fell in love with it after the first 15 minutes of using it. Keep up the great work!
+Vic Gundotra, finally I found a good word for your concept!

In "Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary 5th Edition", the word discretion has such an example sentence:

This is confidential, but I know that I can rely on your discretion. 这可是机密,不过我知道你靠得住。
But, after all, I don't think we need the obsession of choosing a single word for that concept. A short phrase will make it clearer.
What exactly is Vic talking about? How is Google curating G+? One thing I hate about Facebook is how they are curating my news feed. There are some people that I want to see stuff from but Facebook never shows me their updates in my feed. I have to actually go to their page to see their updates.
+Robert Scoble in my pursuit of truth I have been proven wrong.

I was not referring to twitter as I don't use it much nor do I understand it. Tom A never seemed to interact on myspace, and Mark Z, how long has that feed been available? If it took him 5-7 years to make that active... then my point still kinda stands. (maybe im completely wrong and was just completely unaware he was listening and interacting).

But +Robert Scoble thanks for the info! I consider myself corrected.
+Nicholas Layton They aren't curating G+, they're giving you the tools to curate it. Just like you (hopefully) curate what comes out of your mouth and you have the ability to not be friends anymore with people who can't control themselves.
+Nicholas Layton, +Michael Kedzierski what +Vic Gundotra is talking about is how we, the users, curate what content we decide to share. My guess is that this is reference to FB's Open Graph / "Friction-less Sharing" where every song you listen to, every article you read, every video you watch gets shared in the FB "Ticker" for the FB world to see. They are forcing the need for a reverse curating where you have to "unshare" what you don't want others to see or what you don't think is worth sharing.

Where as with G+ we become the curator . We decide what we want to share, with who we want to share, and when we want to share it.
+Vic Gundotra and others, per my previous Idea, I recant half of it, as i can search within the browser the posters name and scroll through mentions and their comments... not a in platform way to see all of your comments, but its easy enough to see any specific party, maybe not totally obvious though.
Agree with +Anuj Ahooja that you said something like this in Web 2.0--which was an awesome discussion about Google, Android, & +. With that said I would like to see an option that restricts who sees public post.. is that even possible +Vic Gundotra?
Are we just making up words now in order to make a dramatic post? Curation?
I cant agree more with you, +Vic Gundotra ive moved onto G+ :)

.....But here is some food for thought.... The reason why the facebook model and for example...reality TV etc still work is though most individuals do value their own privacy and do not want the world or certain people to know what goes on in their lives etc.....most are always interested in others lives....only few people i know are really not interested in anything else but their own world....though most won't admit to it.... its true... :) its kind of a double standard that most people have...
+paul akpaki Thanks Paul. I can't believe someone would be dumb enough to spam my posts. I mean, really? Sigh. Action has already been initiated :-)
Curation. That's the word I'm looking for, to plug into my CMS demo this week (for an audience of academics). I know some of them will want to put ALL OF THE THINGS in it, and I'll have to justify why... thanks. Serendipitous timing on your post :)
+Vic Gundotra I see this as a move from facebook to pull in more of user actions and data into their system along with content and actions performed on third party websites through the facebook network. This way they can better understand user behavior and have better targetted ads... The problem right now is the value being derived with this sharing is really low and not apparent enough for the end users. If facebook can fine tune the instant share feature during the beta trial that would be a huge gain for them. My 2 cents. (pretty sure you guys already understand this :) )
i have no idea but truly this statement was so good
+Vic Gundotra
If you really care about sharing – why do you make it so difficult, if not impossible, to share from the iPad? That’s where all of my reading takes place nowadays (apart from the printed stuff), and that’s where I want to share from. No way, so far. Thus, most of the time Google+ is pretty useless for me. It creates additional work to share "after the fact". I do it to some extent, because I really like the concept of Google+. But I surely won’t do it forever.

(Heck, even simply reading the stream on the iPad is an abysmal experience. Of course curation matters, too. But only if there’s something you’re actually able to use…)
Few day's earlier I had a live hangout with +Yan Tseytlin .. It was great becz I never had a live conversation with google folks before... Customer satisfaction is the primary reason behind the success of any product... I think +Vic Gundotra know that..

Is there any Social network out there which provide this functionality (I am looking @ you Facebook). i don't think so..

Now I m loyal to G+,
keep the hangouts coming ... lol :D
+Vic Gundotra I really hope that the recent changes to GMail and Reader wont last long. If they do then curation ain't working correctly. I have started to not like going to GMail and Reader any more. Hope you read this.
+Ravneet Grewal and then there are people like me who absolutely LOVE the new GMail and Reader interface (plus corresponding Android application). I think Google is doing a fantastic thing design wise and look forward to new features and additions. I have managed to convert my entire family to use Google over Facebook and am slowly converting workmates.

Keep up the good work +Vic Gundotra and I am loving how in control I am of all the information I put up on the internet.

Now if only the latest Google Chat with Mutual Circles could hurry up and make its way to my Aussie Google Servers i'd be a happy camper :D
While on the (one of many topics this stream has created) subject of new words: the EPICNESS of this post is impressive. Sillyness aside (couldn't help it), the overall maturity and variety of G+ posting is a welcome oasis compared to the banality that inundates the other social media sites I (now less and less) frequent.
A curator is someone who curates, and the culmination of their efforts is their curation. Where are people savvy in alliteration when you need them?
I know a savvy character: Bambi's mother--If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything at all ;)
+Ziyuan Yao since you seem to be hung up on the definition of the word, here's one that fits: "Curator - Law . a guardian of a minor, lunatic, or other incompetent, especially with regard to his or her property." from the Latin "cūrā ( re ) to care for, attend to". I would say this is a spot-on definition, and Facebook's frictionless sharing is the polar opposite of curation. It is careless, and therefore valueless. (You are free to draw your own inferences between "or other incompetent" and Facebook users.)
This is the reason I moved to Google +, In hopes of starting fresh, with a new trend of positive social networking. Demanding a more adult approach to social networking from my friends, and those who choose to suffer from verbal diarrhea can stay in their respective circle! It's why I love G+.
does that apply to speaking the truth,as you see it???
Curation, why what a sensation. A new proclamation! When your sore or tired and bored, give a little restraint. Catchy =D
In other words, just because no one is using Google+ half as much as with Facebook it doesn't mean Google+ is a failure. Right?
+Daniel Zamudio At least that is what I find. I see G+ as a huge success, thought I only got like 5 of my FB friends here. I still almost only use +, that has oooo much more interesting posts. And I see g+ and FB being two different things, that I don't really understand why people keep comparing... I feeel like people that compare the two either havn't tried g+ or only tried it for a few weeks and havn't understud it yet..
+Benni Bennetsen How do you see Google+ and Facebook being different? They're both social networks on a fundamental level. The argument +Vic Gundotra is trying to make here is that users are magically more mature on Google+ than on Facebook. I don't buy that, I think it only seems that way at the moment because not many people have adopted the site yet. Give it time and annoying users will soon start popping up.
+Vic Gundotra theres a great act from Mike Burbiglia entitled "what i should have said was northing."
My observation is Google + and Facebook are definitely different. I use FB to keep track of friends and family members. I use G+ to learn about new topics, activities, i.e. UC Berkeley that I would not ever have been exposed to. I find myself on G+ more every day and only a glance at FB.
Would it be possible to have a feature that bundles certain over-sharing friend's posts into something like a daily update? Over-sharing friends is the #1 reason that I get frustrated by twitter, I find it rude to have one friend take over my feed with trivial matters when others below have written stuff that is actually note-worthy.
Unless you happen to be thinking about a carrot :)
Today I went on a "hide this post" binge on FB. Too much useless info from people I don't care about.
+Vic Gundotra Now that Google+ has Pages, will you transfer your G+ messages to a dedicated page leaving your own account free for personal discussion? I have you in circles because of your role on G+ and thus the technical news therein (your photos and mentions of . are outside my sphere of interest, and yet they fill my stream). Also, what about if you move on and someone else takes over the G+ lead. The personal encircling we started with has quickly become inappropriate. Shouldn't we be circling a page that represents a role, not a person? Curation's a great verb, and it needs to be applied to G+ pages, so they can have multiple curators.
Sean S
+Rich Boakes , this is where I think we should be able to categorize our posts and let people who have added you to a Circle choose what type of posts/content appears in their stream. For example, when Vic Gundotra shares a post related to Google Plus, he would select Google Plus as the category for that specific post. We would be able to choose which of Vic's categories appears in our stream.
+Vic Gundotra Then maybe it would be nice to have nested circles, where you can just draw circles that intersect, enabling you to choose more accurately which group of people you want to share something with (friends that are also in my photography group for example).

An option to create categories for your posts would be nice too. It would enable followers to follow only specific types of posts from the people they're following. When following someone, you'd get a list of categories that person uses, allowing you to select the categories of your interest.
+Jim Gomes All right, although I still don't think that's a good analogy, let's let it go. Calling it curation or otherwise won't change the nature of G+'s circle-based access control.
What I mean is it's certainly Vic's freedom to name this concept with any word he wants, but I bet it's unlikely to be used in mainstream media like the NYT, hehe.
Weird - a Google guy talking about curation ? That's the one thing that's missing in Google products. Now if it was an Apple guy talking about curation, I would have understood.....
Great post, I hope the Google+ developers keep reading it over the coming years. Kinda like Don´t Be Evil. A moment of reflection at the beginning of every work week perhaps?
+Vic Gundotra Curation or not, it needs to be simple. I think Circle is more like messaging, less on social, in that there is much less opportunity to learn about people outside of my circles. I get to learn about new people via my friends in real life. With circles, that opportunity may be limited. A simple manageable implicit over sharing is what majority of people like (try an anonymous user survey on it). Think about it, if I bought a dream car, it is unlikely I post it to a broad circle - that will be seen as bragging. But if you have place on the profile page for car picture and if the system itselfs overshare that to everyone, that will work for everyone. Basically, some implicit social rules need to exit. Circles are needed, but I feel its wrong to make it as the foundation of a social platform.
The social media problem summarized
Very, very true. A little verbal (and written) discretion goes a long, long way.
Choosing what comes out of your mouth isn't "curation", it is "editing" or "discretion". "Curation" is just another over used buzzword. In the minds of some it even confirms what they may be thinking, that G+ is founded by and for elitists.
we are cure and healthy...make our information wealthy...hey vic we got aquantance...misvenite i have dislexia
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