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Found this sitting outside the hotel in Tokyo. Who knows what this is? 
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Nice, the new hybrid BMW supercar
2013 BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept
The one Tom Cruise drove in MI4
No longer a concept but the production BMW i8, which was just launched in the past month of so. 
Oh good... you found my car. Could you return it to me, please? Thanks :)
A Police Officer, but the Guy is not sitting.. 
An overpriced BMW i8. Had hoped they would have done more with it. Give me a Tesla S any day!
While I was in Tokyo, my hotel did not display such a car :) I should ask Vic next time I am choosing my accommodation
Chris L
It's a concept BMW electric car
Actually, it's a photo of a car, most likely digital in origin (or digitized if from an analog photo), reproduced optically with an RGB palette.  

At least, it looks like a car, having the general characteristics of an automobile.  It could be a sculpture.
Bmw electric concept car, they actually released a few weeks ago the i3, a small electric car, but dont worry +Vic Gundotra your tesla model s is faaar better. 
Starting price is 135k. I'll take two! ;-)
thats so beautiful my eyes began to tear up!
 *¨☆¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆¸.´ Happy
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨Monday!!.•*¨☆¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨•.Thanks for your photo!.•´
What that is? Magritte would probaly say "Ceci, n'est pas une voiture."
+Vic Gundotra I am surprised you don't know this car as a fan of Tesla. It's the BMW i8, a hybrid sports car currently in development.
It was featured in the latest Mission Impossible movie, in the Mumbai scene.
I love the looks of this thing so much.
Definitely the Google street view car.
My car , i was looking for it all over the place pfffff
How do I apply for that job?
Yeah like everyone said its the new hybrid i8
BMW for sure, don't know exact model :/
+Vic Gundotra 
It's a BMW i7
you should visit the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt next year ;)
This is how a nice car should be parked. 
a beautiful waste of money.  how many people could that money have fed?
This is the 2011 concept car version of the BMW i8. The final version was revealed a month ago. 
BMW electric plug-in car prototype i8.
Too bad the production version will be a conservative looking beigemobile.
I saw this at the NYC Auto Show last year. Beautiful car.
Designed by Giugiaro if i am not mistaken.
That's next season's Bait Car.
+Vic Gundotra , ok I'm a car geek.  The answer has already been given but to add I have always been a BMW fan and I just love the styling on this one!  Can't wait to see them on the road over here :)
Hai Vu
Your kid's graduation present?
That there sir...Is the future :)
My best guess is that his name is Larry and work´s as a security official at that hotel.  And for the record he´s not sitting as you can clearly see.
its even been wathed sucuritys on guard woeow
This is the electric car line of BMW. It's called i. 
jonas j
the license plate says BMW i8 concept?
So you're that weird guy I caught taking pictures of my car ?
And it has seethrough ppl can watch while u get ahead ha.ha
Whatever it is, I wish it was mine. 
Vic, if you need someone to take that old Model S off your hands when you decide to grab one of these sweet new i8's, just give me a shout!
Is it just the i8 concept car or the real one that they unveiled recently at IAA? 
BMW i8 This is the german way to beat Tesla...but i think they can't :-)
It isn't a Tesla, but still a very important piece of engineering.
+borislav bozanic The germans can beat the Tesla, they just have to take many more baby steps, after this one. :)
This BMW was already featured in Mission Impossible IV. Although I'm not a big fan of BMW they certainly went with a design that catered more towards the younger generation. Wouldn't see any middle-aged men driving this to a business meeting.
Don't be too sure. It's middle and an older men who are most in need of expressing their youthfulness.
It's not mine that's for sure! 😢
I did +emmy ellison. It's beautiful indeed. And good for the planet. You're the bestest for thinking of me though :-)
Maybe it belongs to someone who made a website that has a write API. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
Some kind of BMW. Furturistic. 
A brake recall waiting to happen?
I saw this car in Missionimpossible 4!!! 
Leather interior
hydraulic intake capacitors
dual flux electronic turbo chargers
adjustable steering wheel
titanium chasis
eight perfectly forged pistons
and a carbon lithium/ lightning blue finish
20" rims
and last but not least a holographic speedometer and HUD
220 mph/ 320 kph
and it's worth about 2.5 million
i love being rich haha 
That's a petrol brand trying to show the electric country the can still compete... well not now, but in the future when there is no other option... at least they are trying to show something...
I think Tom Cruise is staying at the same hotel. 
Cash T
BMW m6 concept ?
bmw i8 ev concept. Can't wait to see one over here.
Valued at roughly 135K USD. I like the i8 Spyder, it's so choice :) If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.
BMW i8, he says with lust in his heart <sigh/>
If you can afford it I highly recommend is so choice! 
When I was a child my father used to tell me that when I get my drivers license, cars would be flying... and after 2 license ages not many things changed..  :( BTW at the time I had an electric RC car, so after all this years they just made them bigger...
Seriously? If this is a serious question I can't fucking believe Google's VP of Engineering doesn't know how to use fucking google.
Ooh you're in Tokyo? Hope you enjoy your stay, I've been here for 7 years and it's a great city.
+Vic Gundotra it's the BMW i8 Concept car. I saw it at the International auto show in Detroit back in January. It looks really cool!
+Vic Gundotra Have any idea what BMW is doing with this i8 in Tokyo? It seems peculiar to me.....
It's an i8. Supposedly it will have both gas and electric power and be made with a new carbon reinforced plastic technology that enables fairly high volume  production and very light weight. I think it has a pretty freaky drivetrain, like a through-the-road hybrid.

There is a more-practical model called the i3 that is made with similar construction  technologies. There are supposed to be interesting driving modes like "one pedal driving" where the "gas pedal" behaves like a "speed pedal" instead, since you get a lot of regenerative braking. The drivetrain is optionally electric or series hybrid with a two-cylinder motorcycle-derived engine as the range extender.  I don't know if the i8 will be produced, but the i3 is supposed to ship this year in Europe.

If these cars ship and work as intended, they will be quite revolutionary.
It's a Beamer-Me-aWay (nice........)
Tokyo you say? Then it is probably some sort of baby stroller with full voice recognition.
+Joachim Baptist   Tesla S - well said!

My plan is to buy more and more Tesla shares until I have made enough profit to sell some and buy the S! I seriously think it's a goer.

I wanted to buy them in January and didn't - Grrrrh! Up 500%! Still, I bought in June and currently up 70% - not too shabby in 3 months.

By end 2015 they will have installed "battery transplant stations" across the UK for a quick swap so that's my target date. Go Elon!

(Elon Musk, that is, Tesla main man, and PayPal co-founder  :)  )
From the licence plate, BMW 8 Coupe.
BMW 8. 
And with this, Nexus 8 is confirmed! 
It is a modified BMW.may have been used in a movie last year.
BMW i8 , and to be honest, it looks much better than Tesla and driving it is much more fun I guess... 
The new BMW i8. Only a few dealers will get them (you have to have a showroom that can fit a certain amount of cars plus build a special showroom platform for the car) In Los Angeles Pacific BMW is getting one. 
Thats my weekdays car. 
I see 2 wheels and a steering wheel, observes an analogue gadget in the left background I dare assume 2 more wheels on the other side of it.. so^^.. a car?
The New BMW iSeries.....nice cars and full electric!
BMW i8 from Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol
Nice electric, but im partial to the Citroën Survolt
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