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Okay, I was impressed. I didn't know you could do this so easily! Thanks for the tip +Martha Stewart.
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She stole that from a video that's been on Youtube for a number of years now. Still, a good tip.
I was trying to do that the other day and I didn't make it. :'(
Meh. It's kinda cool, but I can't do it while standing up as I take my tee shirts out of the dryer...
B Gim
It's magic ^^
Rob Go
I will be impressed if my mom does.
This idea was originally from the Japanese. I've watched a similar video back in 2005. But thanks for sharing! :)
yea, that was easy when you watched it but it's hard when you do it yourself lol!!
ok, yes, but why would i want to do that?
mani S
cool. helpful for t-junkies .me inclusive
نعم هذا سهل وسريع yes this easy , I like it
Thank you + David James, I'm a bit of a folding freak & I remember a friend sending me that video years ago - I'd lost the link, now it's found!
i thought i was the only person in the world who needed help with this. never listened when my mother showed me how.
I'm with +John Abbott – rolling trumps folding, saves more space and creates less creases!
Also, I hope +Martha Stewart cited the "Japanese t-shirt origami" video this seems to be derived from.
Or if she didn't, she should now post a video on how to fold a scuba gear, I could really use that...
i remember seeing the original japanese vid of this about 9 years ago
How do you adjust this technique to folding men's dress shirts?
+Vic Gundotra --- I'm an admitted laundry geek (weird, I know) and have used this method for a couple of years to fold all my shirts. Two issues:

1 - long sleeve shirts present a challenge. It still works but you have to find a way to get the sleeves arranged.
2 - be careful when you pick up your shirts as there is nothing holding the fold together. If you pick them up by the wrong side, or don't hold them tightly enough, the shirt will unfold as magically as it folded.

Even with those warnings, you can fold a stack of t-shirts in a very short time using this method. Makes for great packing if you travel a lot too. Even works on nicer shirts and they come out of a suitcase with few wrinkles.
Video not available on mobile.... FUUUUUUUUU
Content not available on mobile... Dumb!
All these years of improperly folded T Shirts. So sad.
I tried this. That flapping sleeve at the back can be a pain when putting the laundry away.
good one. mb now i can fold my T-shirts better.
This is the worst way in the world to fold a shirt. Just try to pick it up afterwards. It's a total gimmick.
Agreed on the gimmick. I tried it for a few loads of laundry and realized it decreased folding time but increased insanity later. Better than a pile of unfolded laundry but not worth the headache overall.
been using this technique for the last 5 years or so - it's great once you've got the hang of it
And that, my friends is why she is a billionaire.
Now Vic, do you really fold your own shirts? ;-)
Come on Vic, you can do better than this. I mean a better choice at sharing stuff.
I started folding t-shirts military style after my then-boyfriend was at boot camp. Have taught my husband & kids now as they don't wrinkle and fit much better in the drawers and suitcases. Just sayin'... :)
Step one: Get t-shirt.
Step two: Build robot and program it to fold your t-shirts.
Problem solved.
Simple things are the most difficult to do for many people...Congrats! Waiting for new lessons like "a perfect parcel" or other ideas...ty
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