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You can't explain this :-)
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I saw a snake like this in Colombia. Other people stayed to take a photo. I ran away to safety.
The worming tablets worked then
Does he feed him snake biscuits? ;)
His former pets, the guinea pigs, have now mysteriosly disappeared......;-)
"Sure honey, I'll make you coffee as soon as I get back from walking the snake."
Is the Man with the sunglasses holding the snake on a leash ? 
I bet he'll never get it to heal. Or fetch lol.
At least he's got it on a leash, Could have been a dumbass and let it slither around free thinking, "Oh I'll just catch pick it up later" that could have led to that dog being suffocated.
If that snake wants to hug you, you should run away....;-)
Amazing how many people are scared of snakes. "Serpent, the devils pet hisssssss" lol
Mr Cbgb
Is that fat Kanye?
Can't be in California.  That snake isn't a vegetarian.
I have a snake of a similar length in my trousers.
The dog is the only one exhibiting an intelligent reaction to the snake. Winner of Darwin Award: Dog.
LOL I'm very sure, I worked with reptiles for many years. They are afraid of people and even dogs. It's very rare that you see a snake eat a person. It has happened before "by mistake" I know, however we are not part of their diet. If we had been, the population in South America would be much lower lol. If that dog would bark or show aggression towards that snake, 9/10 times the snake would just slither away and avoid the confrontation.
omg, are they all nuts. crazy crazy guys, very smart dog though.yuk, i hate snakes!!
yes, a snake on a leash. Explain this you ask, the guy is nuts. 
Yes - A boa-constricter/python is clearly taking his human for a slither... 
Such a snake as a pet can be a bit risky, but at least you should learn the signs. If it starts stretching besides you on the bed, you know it's checking if it's already big enough to eat you.
Nice pet.. But how can he play fetch??
Reticulated python-  not particularly good house pets.  
They're biters.
У каждого свои увлечения.
Once I realized that he's petting that an·a·con·da, a sudden chill went down my spine. It's huge!
nasty. Bomb the whole village. Get rid of any trace of that gross animal
Who needs a pitbull?
When you can have a python.
that sucker would b so dead,,,,, rather be surrounded by a band of gorillas on crack
чтот совсем обнаглели - заводят рысей, лис домашних теперь что с питоном по москве ходить чтль, модно ?? о_О
some people just can't keep it in their pants...
that's just adding insult to injury...
Now that's a cool kids would love it!!!
Come on Vic, you dont take your snake for a walk? lol
Phil H
Who's about to eat who?
Sufferin' succotash! Since when do snakes walk???
Pet snake...very very about Pet Alligator?
That might scare people. Walking with your pet snake.
khiep qua. TOi so lam day
I'm not trying to be critical, but a lot our talent in in the us is untapped. =)
"I thought when you said you were a Python fan, I thought you meant the programming language."
The one dude with the dog THOUGHT he was gangsta til homeboy with the snake rolled up!  Ha!
All I see is the possibility to put that snake skin to a better use. Like perhaps a Custom Snakeskin Shoulder Holster for my Nexus 7! :D  ....I'm really wishing Google (Vic) jumps on this idea quickly, before Apple does. It could be used to market Nexus 7. I mean the Holster, not the snake and his skin! lol... Make it easier for anyone to make the N7 more portable & comfortable to carry.

Like for Doctors or Nurses in a hospital w/ Bluetooth medical accessories or people doing inventory, etc. It already helps me in G+ chats or shopping with NFC. Designed right people could jog w/ BT4.0 monitoring devices. Different designs for different needs and  to even allow us to pretend to be "Secret Agents"! ^_*  "Secret Agent K7 Returns" (spoof) - Nexus 7 Shoulder Holster Wallet Review
Hello. Did you take that shot? Anyway... This is very funny situation. :)
Yeah! That's how we roll down in Brazil mate, chiu auas and poodles pets are for p*ssies. #reprezent
The picture will be much nicer without the chain/rope.
The hole insane idea is that rope, a guy taking out his anaconda to a walk.... He shouldn't have it in his house, but less taking it to the walk.... Where do you go with that, to the snake park¿?
Nowhere.... In amazonas the anaconda would take you to the walk and will show to other anacondas how fancy human she has.... Before eating you of course.....
Oops! I almost forgot I have to walk my tyrannosaur after work.
it's amazing...!! the wolf wants to make friend with the snake.. it's very good moment... ha..ha.. ^_^
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Snake walking why? Fuck you that's why.
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