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What a great new song - it's what I'm running to this morning.
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Wow, give the cinematographer more money.  This was amazing.
yes it is a good song good find
The 2nd Law has been dominating my running mix for a week - Supremacy  Madness, Panic Station, Survival, Big Freeze...some great motivational exercise music =)
It wasn't in the Google Play store when I checked the other day...
+Alex Middleton No VP at Google is going to embrace any political candidate publicly, it's bad for business. They need to stay a neutral party. 
I've detected subtle hints.
I'm aware of what you're saying, +Alex Murphy ... It couldn't hurt, though...
every lp´s muse, are great an evolution in indepence´s  music. Innovated it´s not a concept.
Run to it for the last week or so, the song is absolutely wonderful. Good songs like this make everything brighter, even godforsaken rain-soaked autumn Monday mornings. :)
I'm with Davie Marshall on this one. I am a HUGE Muse fan, but to me  this is not Muse. Repetitive female VO of "mamamamamamamad mad mad" gets old fast and the look-its-the-dubstep bwAH bwAH bwAH you find in every top 40 hit this year. Meh.

Also, I fear for the quality of anyone's workout on this song. Here, let me pump up your pulse rate: Muse - Uprising
Isolated System is easily my favourite on the new album.
Heard this on the radio driving home from work last night. Love Muse!
Sounds like I may need to give these guys another listen. I really disliked them on SNL last weekend, but this recording suggests maybe they just aren't good live. Which happens with a lot of bands.
The first time I heard this song I tought that U2 produced it... but I was wrong... this is Muse evolved... sounds so unique and simple...
Muse is an excellent rock band and my favourite  song is "New born", ...I take also this opportunity to recommend you the "Led Zeppelin Celebebration day" on the 17th, the greatest and most influential rock band so far.  Do not miss it, it's a one shot show. 

Enjoy this trailer: 
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Trailer
Great song of a fantastic band. Best LP this year next to The xx' Coexist!
So cool that you like Muse. They've been my favorite band for eight years. Check out their older stuff.. You won't regret it
Diggin' it.  Thanks for the share.
Lu Dwig
it is realy sad that play music is still not on in my country
Kind of homework well done with Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp and U2... and Muse, of course ;-) ... but worth of it, anyway, nice and captivating song.
good song, but i still think that every album that muse releases they sound more and more like hot chip.
I shall never understand modern noise... sorry. But if you like it, good for you! :)
Didn't know the song, like it. Thanks for sharing!
start sprinting at 4:10 till the end of the song.. it will be the most freeing feeling. then eat a plate full of lightly sauteed bell peppers for lunch.
Wish it was in the Play Store :/
Oops my bad, I needed to slow down and be patient! 
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