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I might be wrong. But somehow, I believe curation matters.
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Me too :-) Have good day vic. Great work btw ;-)
You are not wrong. I have said many times ... Content isn't King .... Curation is.
But isn't there a less pretentious word for reposting things? Like... reposting?
Only if it's related to patents :)
Jim Hull
Totally totally agree. My use of G+ has exploded in the past two days because of ideas like this. Can't wait to see what you guys have planned next.
Gotta look out for #1 and +1's
It does. That was the last advantage Yahoo ever had.
We love stories. Curators create the stories. And the quality of the stories matter.
Amazing view! I would not have my children anywhere near the edge though.
Is there something controversial about that statement that I'm missing?
i like everything about google+, except that you cannot import your data from facebook.
Why? Surely forcing "real names" guaranteed perfect behaviour? Or is this an admission that may have been wrong?
Curation will come to G+ and FB.
It's called noise control.

The following will fix noise in a social network:

1). Tagging (volunteer, including self -tagging) of a post.

2). Curation

3). Curation of the curators. 
indeed! I'm with you on that one..
why does google+ have age restrictions? anyone can just make up a birthdate when they sign on. i have seen 8 year olds on facebook.
Noise is noisy.

Hate to state the obvious, but no, you're not wrong.
We already have enough awkward, automated, conversation in the world and I fear we may be exacerbating that with certain trends, including abandoning curation.
google+ needs to advertise on tv. get people talking about it.
i'm still confused about what you all mean by 'curation'...
Who curates the curators? This idea of curation has engendered stagnation in the art world (where I live) and the news world -where we all live. Curation has come to mean consensus, and membership in a small club of like-minded Solons, who can tell us and each other what to think and see. As Mao said "Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend" is the policy for promoting success in the arts (1957) but of course he killed most of the people that did contend
why hasn't anyone made a 2 player game for google+? I want to play checkers with my friends.
Just in the few day's I've been a member of google plus I've felt very empowered in how much google puts its employees out in the open an how easy it is to contact them. Knowing that I'm slightly in touch with a person that's that high up on the food chain in my industry is very enlightening. Thanks for G+ VIC!!!
+Vic Gundotra We all leave a trail of digital foot prints. Our history will be told by what we do. So you are correct in that it does matter.
i am hoping that android will have a good google+ app
someone should make a google+ app that will work on facebook
What an absolutely provocative statement Mr. +Vic Gundotra. Of course I would love to have a personal assistant that completely groks what is important to me - or maybe, better yet, what should be important to me. Facebook certainly thinks they know what's important to me...and...yikes. What do you have up your sleeves?
I use Google+ on my Android. Why don't you?
Rather innovating,FB concentrates more on different app integration,it always depends the % of people use dfferent apps.except timeline thumbs down to the remaining updates.
+Crutcher Dunnavant Curators are self-appointed. If you're an early adopter / first on the scene, share interesting content, and speak with authority, you're pretty much considered a thought leader and will generate a strong following. That's my two cents...
What a thing for a company that index things to say. Next thing you know will say the same thing.
I hate Facebook apps. I hope Google+ doesn't make the same mistake of letting apps clutter the feel of the site.
I just love the way the Google guys just throw a buzzword and have the crowd do all the work for them. We should get paid. #nomoreslavery
this is post shows that Vic can get more than 50 comments with everything he posts even at night. Maybe even 100 :) .
Apropos of anything particular? ;-)

I agree with you, though! (and I'm not a Facebook user anyway)
Is it true that these social media sites, are really designed to trick people into giving out their information and contacts, for when the NWO is revealed, and the antichrist is looking for all the christians and their known associates??
+Sandeep Bansal I had just popped over from Tom Anderson's discussion about the difference between G+'s method of filtering of the stream (curation) vs. Facebook's EdgeRank algo ( so maybe I had that on my brain and I really have no idea what Vic is talking about, maybe he really is talking about curtains..
Curation It does matter in a way, though if you mean it regarding Google+ (and facebook) then yes but I don't fully see Google+ or Facebook grouping anything together as I'd like to have it. For example: In my stream I'd like to have an option what circle I want to see first each time I log in. I follow a bit of people but I don't always want to see their posts. Only when I'm bored really.

Also, could you pass it on to the design team that i think the Report abuse for this comment flag is too close to the +1 icon? I'll hit it too many times when I'm on my tablet. In my opinion, it should be to the far right, though that is only mine.
There should also be a way to give someone a "-1" if you do not like their comment
Hey Vic... Do you read comments? Greetings from Venezuela, i love G+ , take it easy.
Minimally, curation would mean deciding what to share, IMHO. If you just firehose every single event you do every second of the day to everyone, and everyone else does the same thing, we will all drown in a sea of information, and the labor for you to curate this information goes up, while the labor for everyone else who is broadcasting goes down.

The problem with social networks is that broadcasting (one-way sharing) information has no cost. There's no disincentive not to spam people with trivialities.

I tend to want, summarized, pertinent, information. If I get overwhelmed, I just tune out, and that has a bad effect on engagement.
thanks +Fulvio Gerardi perhaps you're right, it's hard to tell. Vic is an enigma wrapped in a twinkie.
I agree that curation matters. It provides a lens.
am i the only one here who thinks that people are using the word "curation" too much? it's too vague a word. please be more specific. no need to kiss up to vic.
Curation is no more vague than "cloud"
WTF is cloud anyways? It seems to have made no impact whatsoever on my life so far...
+Vic Gundotra
Somehow i believe that Google could outperform the new feature of Facebook, named TIMELINE. If they could just figure out a way to timestamp all my data in my Google Account, they could launch a TIMELINE killer app. Hence, Google has more services that people use. Let them start with Youtube TIMELINE, by placing the video's you post in a timeline, like in Blogger.

What do you think?
nonheirarchy/hierarchy hybrid is best.. like an apple tree no part is more important than another and broad roots are especially good, but the best material is still concentrated to produce 'fruit', that's organic curation right there: don't cut the roots, and grow the fruit. one you understand that young grasshopper, you will have taken the first step.
When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I prefer the precision of +.
Curation is extremely important, but the question these days tends to be whether it's best to have crowd-sourced curation or a central team.
This is especially true when it come to silicon bathtub caulk.
Seeing Google take its time to thoughtfully create new features and enhance the Google + experience makes watching this product "grow up" so amazing. Great job +Vic Gundotra , +Bradley Horowitz , and the entire Google + team!
Can you please make it so I don't see comments from specific people. A perfect example is someone who is "social farting" (new official term) on this thread. I hope this is an up coming feature. 
I think Google+ will be the future of social media- provided they do not make any new changes. I like it the way it is... SIMPLE. Bye bye Facebook!
I agree with +Bryant Griffith
As a side note, perhaps simply a shortcut to "block this person" on the drop-down that appears on a scrollover?
You are correct sir. Curation is the future.
+Jim Bitrick - Actually, it is the past :)
Edit: I should add that I agree, but I am undecided if it should be addressed from two different angles, where one is the archiving of things past, and the other is weighing the "actions" from the past into today's presence. I.e. should the system track your digital karma? I think it should - If you behave like an ass, you should expect to be treated as one. The question is - how do you recover from bad karma (many blocks, or downvotes if there were such) - should it decay over time?
Mat Lee
curation is huge. That's why I enjoy the my6sense app. It curates all my stuff. The downside is it takes long to teach these apps what our tastes are. But it's cool.
Scott Able, The Content Wrangler, provided my introduction to this concept. It's a new fangled version of the editor in chief of our daily paper - sans the paternalistic, corporate affiliated, self satisfied crap.
A curator is someone who assembles interesting content & garners an audience. Their relationships with their audience members are often more personal in tone. They usually allow an engaged audience to participate; i.e. Letter to the editor style, or discuss amongst yourself style. Being a follower of these people provides a sense of community, sort of like neighbors who would nod and smile while each plucking their Sunday edition of The Grey lady from their front stoop, coffee cups in hand, occasionally stimulating snippets of opinionated dialogue between these passing acquaintances, and on a blue moon, providing enough fodder to create a budding friendship.
They provide news and humor, the ridiculous and the sublime in a very nearly tailor made stream that has pre culled the wheat from the chaff.
Of course +Vic Gundotra, algorithms can only go so far. I think it can help to create stronger communities
On the curator role, I am split. I generally don't like to be told what to think, but I love it when people bring forward new information about trivia, trends, gadgets, etc - without entering the "Hey, I am famous - you should love what I love" role. In other words - curation is best when it is not founded on a sales pitch.
in the game industry we have actual data not just an opinion.
For example, heavily curated Nintendo is currently being destroyed by light (apple) to non (android) curated mobile phones, even with the inferior controls of mobile phones. Light to no curation on web games was a huge win and eventually even took playing time away from even hard core heavily curate dconsole games which really should have been an entirely different market. Curation kills in games, it can only compete in a protected monopoly setting. There is no one person or group of people whose oppinion is more accurate than a huge number of people actually trying a ton of ideas and seeing what people respond too. Artists or designers in individual games curate and that is fine. Platforms can't compete when they try to, the user themself should be the curator if any.
I agree and feel the same. Curation does matter and for me it's one of the most engaging activities. But curating is just half the fun, the other have is enjoying the finished Ti... object!

There is another sense of quality to a collection curated by a human beeing in contrast to a automatically filtered and sorted list using computer algorithms.

I wish Google+ would come up with a way to display a curated list of the things that happen in your life. Hey.. it could be a vertical scrolling stream with the Y-axis representing the time and showing major events as small points. Let's call if Lifestream. Revolutionary! :-)
Look forward to seeing a killer feature in Google+ for curation...
It does....part of an event based team for 3 years, and thats one thing that could have saved millions of on-stage screwups!!!
Curation will always face challenges in the tension inherent between semantic and ontological definitions of data points and data sets.
please tell that to your android market!
isn't curation just a cudly word for Daddy and Mommy Know best
Stream Filter Chrome extension is a major help when the stream is overwhelmed... but sometimes I know I miss golden information because they used a term or phrase I filtered
On a different note, I would like to have the ability to give a -1 on some websites (best example is the rotten tomatoes, you can +1 a movie, but if you don't like it, you can't -1 it so that people know what you think...)
Back to subject then.
I like G+ for it's simplicity right now. Also I think it can become much better with time, if you developers care enough about your users, and what they really want out of G+. FB is getting more and more about what Zuckerberg wants and not what the users want. That site is full of things I don't care about and don't want to know about. It's become much more unmanageable and I find myself not going there for days since it's annoying me.
I personally don't like the idea of sharing my whole life with anybody on the net. My life is my own and I want to keep it that way. To be perfectly honest, FB gives me the creeps with their announcement and I don't particularly like the latest features added. Since when does FB or anybody else know what I think and what I want to see or want to share? Moreover, I don't use a lot of apps, I hate all those stupid apps that I don't care about and having to block this and that I don't care about. I hate when people think they know what I'm all about and try to control this through some algorithms.
So please Google, G+, keep it simple, keep it safe and let us enjoy the experience and don't spam this great project with all the craziness that's going on on FB right now.
Content curation is the future especially now that people are becoming more open, the need to sift through various data, classify and organize and analyze them has never been this important. I currently curate various social media infographics and it looks like people clearly love data. One just need to organize and plan when to push them.
in biology, DNA is the name for curation !
There is far too much online and I'd be very happy for someone to bring me something that I might find interesting but I don't really like the idea of entering a lot of preference settings but prefer systems to learn from what I consume. But would be happy to get something completely different once in a while - like a stumble button.
क्लिक करें और पाए कामयाबी का रास्ता एक क्लिक आप की ज़िन्दगी बदल सकती है.
I hope you're referring to the Android market. It's a minefield of dross.
Hope Google will continue to hear G+ users voices, unlike FB!!!
I still google+ not change. I hate facebook. For me its perfect. Please abilitate download for ideos. I use it on ideos but I've download from web. Abilitat from market for all please.
Curation is relevant and will always be,either if a computer is doing it. This is why Slashdot / Reddit are always relevant.
I think that +Vic Gundotra meant to say (as some of you might have noticed now...) that you can now report abusive comments (hint: You can +1 a comment on a post or report it as abusive now using the small flag icon next to the +1 button...).
Selection and arrangement matters. Always has.
I might be wrong, but somehow I believe Jane Curtain matters. ;)
It sure does, curation it was and will always be the best way in which information is consumed. This is where the facebook is heading with its new tools&views - and in many ways, i think this is good for Google. I won't compare G+ with Fb, because in my view they are 2 different kind of beasts even though they look somehow similar to some people.

I also have some good ideas in this direction that i would like to see implemented in Plus.. but i'm still looking for a way to reach someone from Google HR. I hope commenting here is a plus :)
Would like to have a google+ auto translation feature : Leave the mouse cursor over the "C" of curation and wait 2 seconds to get an translation / explanation.
+Vic Gundotra Why did you remove the blue arrow that directs people to Google+ from Are you worried about your servers not being able to handle the number of registrations it gives, or was there another reason? Very curious, since it seemed to really push activity here.
Ted Fey
Just ask techmeme
what are you guys talking about?
At the very least, curation of one's web presence is a challenge and a priority, for me.
Algorithmic or human. That is the question.
It's a tough balance, +Vic Gundotra. Curation is necessary, else "sharing" feels like a buckshot of data. But, curation takes time. And sometimes, people just don't have the time.

There will always be those who want curation, and those who want simplicity.
I don't mind algorithms as long as they're mild and don't hide certain people automatically like facebook, but let me curate my feed by deciding who to block. Google is the best at algorithm, just look at search. Always relevant, which is why I believe g+ will be a success.
I believed the "edit post" button mattered but now G+ is doing "updates" like facebook i.e. downdates .. sort it out vic..
what's happen? i don't see
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Hi +Vic Gundotra , I really think we need to sort out the commenting on posts. +Tom Anderson mentioned this before and we have had too many people posting comments that don't add any benefits to decent posts. From where Google+ was and where it is now with all the public involved, we need to distinguish ourself from the rest of social network platforms. By looking at the profile and seeing how good the posts are, maybe give more priority to those posts
Disagree with +Aditya Gollakota , this is one of the downsides of any social network. It's funny though, half of these "what does that mean?" posts could have been avoided by simply Googling the word "Curation". Maybe instead of allowing a computer to judge who is more important, G+ should figure out a way to define words without leaving the page? Just a thought.
I personally consider US missile defense a cool development in history. But I can't find Bill Clinton's declaration to develop NMD and TMD in 1998/1999 on YouTube. That's a pity.
let the things happen...time heals the wound..and it's the best cure too! :)
+Logan McNaughton Bush compared it to having someone yell at him at a political rally. As an experienced politician he certainly has been to many rallies and seen many forms of objection.
Actually +Lars Fosdal , it is the present and future. How can it be the past if curation is not fully implemented in the analog world transition to digital? We are far from the past. There is more analog data that needs to be transitioned via curation than one can imagine.
YouTube is like a new National Archives in the digital age.
+Jim Bitrick It appears that my humor didn't cross the atlantic. Curation is the future, you say - and I point out that we curate the past.
I absolutely agree, Vic. I believe curation matters and that will only increase in the future. With content increasing at an exponential rate and our attention being limited by what it is, I have no doubt in my mind that the emphasis on curation will be greater and greater.

P.S. Why is curation being underlined in red? I think G+ needs to update its dictionary ;)
P.P.S. Since Google's motto is " organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.", doesn't that put it in the business of curation? After all, isn't curation a way of organizing information and sifting it down into a relevant, useful format? In that sense, I doubt you are wrong.
It is essential that curation of the past becomes a cornerstone of our future.Nothing exists physically anymore, it is all vapor, 0s and 1s on drives and floppys and SDs.
I'm not religious but the bible claims Adam was put in Eden to 'tend and cultivate' it. So you're not alone.
So, are we talking moderation or censorship here?
Simon B
+Vic Gundotra - in some cases yes. But that's a slippery slope to a two-tiered internet..
+Vic Gundotra google+图片浏览结束后,没有定位到网页的位置,每次都从页面最上方开始,是一件很不爽的事,希望能看到我诚恳的建议,谢谢。
Agreed, curation is better than spammy automation any day!
A -1 button is not required. +1 is all you need. Just +1 those things that you feel more people should read, and more people will read them.

If you have a dissenting viewpoint, then express it, and let others +1 it if they agree that it is important that your viewpoint be promoted. 
The real questions are what is curated, with whose interests in mind, and how good of a job
iOS is pretty well curated, yes.
Good curation has a light touch and is similar to good moderation in that it should keep a collection in good order and weed out anything obviously out of place but lets users of the interested community reach their own opinions. Ham-fisted, overzealous curation usually has an agenda to promote and so should be avoided at all costs.
Of course it does! Especially in a world where we have content over-load.
Hi Vic, I have a question. Do you know when is going to be available google plus for brands?
+Vic Gundotra 370 posts many with interesting comments regarding curation (I call it editing) In my mind until G+ came along, curators had been the collectors of art for display in museums/galleries, seems to have been adopted here by anyone who tells you what they like. Are they really this process really curation? Will you comment about any of our comments are do we talk amongst ourselves?
Google should try curating the Android Market.
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:-) Self-curation is not just better, it's crucial.
Our is it a precursor to forthcoming Flipboard like service?
Tony Ng
are you referring to Google Propeller???
What - you mean a... spam sandwich? (Sorry, hadda go there, after you opened up the road map.)
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