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Listening to Sade on my new HTC One. I can't tell you how good this song sounds on this phone. Speakers in front. Wow. Love this phone.

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I wonder. Does Google even plan to bring Play Music/Video/Books ever to switzerland?
How often do you change phones +Vic Gundotra ? Also, what do you think of the camera, I hear its only 4mpx?
Love that users who buy their HTC One phones directly from HTC website and use an AT&T sim can get Android updates on this phone straight from HTC, pretty much as soon as Google releases updates, instead of waiting for BloatOS from AT&T.
I have had one for over a week now, and I think its one of best if not the best Android device I have ever had.  Agree 100%
HTC One X (first major HTC phone which had Beats) was also above competition regarding sound. Nevertheless, I do not see many occasions when I would listen music using phone's speaker. Headphones are always better.

And SADE should always be played on a HiFi station, lights dimmed and a good wine :)
Gasp! A little birdie tells me the HTC One is even more amazing than the Nexus 4!
How is so much awesome possible?
What baffles me is how long it took for speakers to end up on the front in the first place! It seems like such a no brainer... Also, I definitely want one. :)
And T-mobile has a purchase plan sans contract....
+Vic Gundotra  - I am resisting myself all over to Next Nexus or XPhone, kindly don't tempt me!!!.. I have already come across amazing reviews about this phone, probably give it a shot otherwise... :D 
+Richard Wade I try to own and use every significant smartphone available. I have the new s4 and HTC. I've been doing this since June 2007. The world is changing. I'm paid to understand this and help lead. If I'm not intimately familiar with all smartphones, then I should be fired, no?
Cant wait for the Nexus 5! Now that will be awseome!
+Vic Gundotra How you like the S4? How is the speaker loudness on the back? I heard its almost as loud as the ONE..
+F. Diaz in my view there is no comparison for music without headphones. HTC wins by a mile. Or kilometre. :-)
With htc you don't have stock android , also in addition to this they leave there phones behind like the htc hero no more updates , I will never buy another htc phone thanks. I will stick to stock android which just works.
Samsung galaxy nexus , stock android thanks .
+Ian McCully Well Stock Android (Nexus) has storage limitations..I wished Google would make a 32gb or 64gb version and with a great camera Sensor..  +Vic Gundotra Please Vic, I wish you can do something about this problem..Please convinced Google to release a 64gb Nexus..Apps are getting bigger with more storage needed.
The HTC One is close to making me want to trade my N4 but I'll wait for the N5
How do you feel about the button layouts on the One and S4 +Vic Gundotra ?

I think I'd miss the multitasking button on the HTC after getting used to Nexus and Sony Xperia devices, but I don't think it would affect my workflow too much.

I find the hardware menu button on the Samsung range a constant annoyance though. There is often no indication as to whether or not a menu is available and it feels much more hit and miss for me than the on-screen menu that many newer devices use. I wonder why Samsung continue to cling to their hardware button layout when the rest of Android has long since moved on.
+Vic Gundotra Props for sticking to your tastes while at Google. If it works best for you, that's the only option that need matter.
+Vic Gundotra Thanks for the inspiration. I was wondering what should I listen today and I think Sade is a good idea. Have fun.
<3 a social environment where you can talk directly to somebody like +Vic Gundotra this is how Google+ goes higher and higher each time, I think. Vic, also waiting to next Nexus, maybe it will be the best smartphone ever made.
Nothing beats roms without bloatware and timely updates!
Waiting for I/O to see (and get) the next features in Android.
I still prefer GNex because of the changeable battery. Don't want to run around with a charger in my pocket.
+Naga Appani I feel your pain, +Vic Gundotra you are not making it easy for the likes of me to hold out until the next Nexus, (my weapon of choice since the Nexus One) Lol
I've been using the HTC One for the past 3 weeks and the speakers are truly the best portable video and audio experience on any mobile device.

Watching videos on anything else does feel like a step down after the One.
HTC one is nice, but I'll stick with Nexus4 .. I feel its better ;)
+Vic Gundotra I can't really listen to music, or much of anything, via headphones these days because of health problems. (Not hearing problems, fwiw.) You don't see many straight-forward reviews regarding mobile speaker quality because so many people do the headphone thing. Not sure what the pricing is on this, but very glad to see the commentary. As well as the quality taste in music. ;-)
Gs4 for me...I need my SD card+removable battery. HTC ONE is a great phone..I say phone of the year.
I'd love front stereo speakers on my next nexus 7!
+Vic Gundotra you made the right choise by not buying SGS4 and choosing HTC.
Thou I have sgs3
That's great, +Vic Gundotra but I want to get Droid Maxx. I have an HTC and it's okay but battery life's a boo-boo.
I got burned by HTC. My first smartphone was the HTC Mytouch 4g Slide. It was the best phone at T-mobile when I bought it. I really liked that phone, it was premium quality, but didn't get Android updates beyond 2.3 :( Now I have a Note 2 because of the good stylus (I'm a designer/artist) and its flagship status. If a Nexus had a good stylus it would be my first choice!
Question for T-mobile customers (from a far too long AT&T customer), is there much bloatware?

And, even more specific, is Facebook included in the bloatware?
I like HTC, but I prefer stock Android. Im holding off getting a new phone until Moto comes with a new fully Googlefied phone. :D 
The HTC one ? Why today ?? Does that mean GS4 Sucks ?
+Peter Zürcher you're absolutely right ! I love google products and "unfortunately" I live in Switzerland... Si please +Vic Gundotra give us access tout all these contents... !!

And Nexus 4, best phones ! :D
How is battery life?
And also: no stock Android?!! :)
Nexus 4 battery us the biggest disappointment :-( Can you do something to get at least 8hrs battery? Does HTC One give 8hrs battery power if connected to internet? 
+Vic Gundotra hmm love my N4 and Google services,just missing Play Music in the Czech Republic. I checked the store using a proxy and Play Store is full of Czech Music and stories. So anyone in supported countries can purchase and enjoy Czech music, but we here in the Czech Republic can't. Is there any hope to get Play Music in the Czech Republic this year? If you can talk... You will make my day.

Thank you.
i can't wait to get my hands on this phone....
the only issues that are holding me back are:
1) battery life - i'm not sure how good it is on HTC One as compared to previous HTC phones
2) Android updates - will they happen at a faster / simlar rate as atleast on the Samsung phones?

can someone help me get a rough idea about this?
I'll call you later.

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I'm a HTC hardware loyalist but I can't de-Sense a HTC phone quick enough. HTC One XL + + a CM10.1 rom = happiness
Dear +Vic Gundotra i hope that you are using and buying all these smartphones to enhance my beloved Nexus.

the future nexus for me is the one with great screen ,great camera , and long life battery + a solid device that hard to crack :)

oh don't forget to add more ram into it :) 
plus we need the speak in front not in the back .

in this case only i can promise you that i will buy only Nexus :)

still waiting :) +Vic Gundotra 
and thank you always .
 I'd love mine too. If it had arrived yet. :)
We have a HTC One in the office and even the ringing sounds like nothing you've heard before. A very full sound that has more bass than typical phone speakers. I had originally wondered if it was the stereo pair but its more the frequency range of the speakers themselves. Its a first for mobile phones. 
+Petr Kuchyňka hold strong on this. We had play music launch a couple of weeks ago in Ireland and I honestly had assumed it would never happen. But it did. Waiting now for movies to launch.

Unfortunately the music and movie industry is run by a bunch of fools and each country gets to have their own set of fools to control things. So it takes a long time to sort out rights issues etc.
+Cormac Long Thank you. I know. But I thought that deal with Armonia will help. Also I think that Google is cooperating with the czech bunch of fools called OSA...
+Vic Gundotra it is a beautiful piece that phone. I sure hope that design/material choice will inspire Google for the next Nexus series. That is exactly how the Nexus should look and feel, from a material/design point of view.
+Vic Gundotra Boy would I love some front facing speakers on my next nexus device. They would be perfect on a future Nexus 7 or 4, how does that 'sound'? ;) 
Nice experience :) I hope there will be inspiration for taking Nexus line to next level.
Now imagine a phone that looks exactly like the HTC One (sans capacitive buttons), except it's a Nexus. What do you think, +Vic Gundotra ?:)
I bought this myself a few days ago. I'm not a happy get Sade fan, but she is a key for any respectable music collection. 
Why does this caption get so much attention??? I thought Sade dropped a new album for a sec there...
+Vic Gundotra I would love to see another collaboration between Google and HTC for the next Nexus.The greatest and the best Android hardware with the best and purest Android software from Google.
My kind of phone, infact my dream phone.

Hey +Vic Gundotra !! In response to the answer you gave back about how often do you switch phones, I have a comment about it.

I love android, and I consider myself a heavy everyday Google user and fanboy... If it were by me, I would switch phones every month and root them every other day... But the reason that I don't do it is that android has failed to back up the apps and widgets to a previous state, making this a hugeeee task to download each app over and over again...

I think that one way to tackle this would be something such as "playlists" for apps. That you may be able to classify you app into one of the playlists that you created, and hence it will be easier to download all the "playlist" at once!

This way, if I have a playlist called "tablet essentials" then I would download all on my nexus 7, instead of going one by one!

What do you think?!?!
+Adam Yakes perhaps... But I have a Samsung galaxy tab 10, a nexus 7 and a galaxy note 2 and in all of them I had to install the apps one by one as they failed to do so.

I am not sure if its a ROM thing since it happened on the nexus 7 :-) 
hey how bout a new nexus....
the HTC ONE should have been the next nexus. SMH
+Vic Gundotra I agree with the Comment on front speakers. Hopefully the next nexus device will have front speakers. HTC Phones are great if you run pure android on them. build quality is great.  
+Vic Gundotra Any thoughts on Sense 5?! Anything you prefer over stock Android?!
Zack S
whenever I hear sade I cant get smooth operator out of my head.. now if only google music would work on my computer again it hasnt worked in months :(
+Krishnam Raju Really? Battery on my Nexus 4 is one of the best things about it.  I get up in the morning and 8 hours later when I get off work with regular use it's around 75%.  At the end of the night it's around 40% (After 13-14 hours).
The camera is great but with the caveat that it strictly shoots 30fps, so 50hz PAL countries will experience strobing under fluorescent light.

HDR mode unfortunately has issues and is not working well. Low light performance is decent considering the size of the sensor.

Zoe mode is interesting but more interesting for the consumer, pro users wouldn't be that interested. 
Such a basic idea as putting the speakers towards the user!
Let's hope that designers start to realize that such things makes a difference with regards to the "user experience".
Those speakers make a huge difference. I still haven't fully trained myself to stop trying to cup the back of the phone when I'm playing videos. HTC One is definitely the best Android phone I've ever used.  
I got one love it too. Awesome phone. 
+Vic Gundotra It is so awesome to see you exploring and keeping up with everything out there! Agreed, you get paid to do this! But still! :) I personally love the pure android experience! How are you liking working with HTC's Sense UI? What is your personal preference if you were to pick out a phone from the current market?
I'm still on the fence waiting to jump from the iPhone to andriod. The HTC One is IMO on the right track but I want to wait and see what the next Nexus phone has to offer. For me the camera is key and less pixels is good if the sensor stays the same size. This is why my DSLR is a Nikon D700 with a full frame and only 12 mega pixels. I also want the build quality of the iPhone. Things are getting interesting with the HTC One.
Here are a couple of videos shot with the HTC one for you guys to have a look for yourselves. Do bear in mind the videos are compressed by youtube and google + so bear in mind that the original videos are less pixelated and grainy.

Half hour Quantified Self presentation (more compressed, some editing and color balancing)
Tom Kelshaw - Quantified Self Singapore Meetup

Camera stabilizer test (less compressed, un edited)

+Vic Gundotra , how've you found the video performance of the camera?
Gene C
Good to see ya really getting a feel of the landscape out there +Vic Gundotra and you're totally on point about the need to be aware and keep up (if not ahead) of trends. HTC is doing something right here, and in spite of its supply situation, perhaps its time to see more Google-HTC-Nexus love and make the true and proper sucessor to the One which started it all, the Nexus One! Heck, a mid/high range Tablet might not be out of the question too with the design direction of the HTC One!
Sounds like you're having fun getting familiar with the new HTC One, +Vic Gundotra! Once you've experienced BoomSound, it's hard to look at other smartphones the same again. Which other features have you been pleasantly surprised by?
This artist is not available in your county. I am in the UK. 
Sense and touchwiz are both awful. Nexus for me! 
Smooth Operator is my theme song :) 
Jeff G
Everything she does is the best!
Nice Vic Gundotra uses a One. Ok my mind is made up on S4 vs. One...
+Adam Lusk I am still awaiting my One (Telstra has no stock of the black model) but I will be looking to root it when I get it. I may be in touch. 8-)
Give major update on Google Talk exclusive for android +Vic Gundotra and I hope nexus 5 have amazing on camera and functions, will use NIKKOR lenses?
I received Beats headphones with mine. All arrived today. I want to marry my phone. :)
+Alex V. So far, I'm really impressed with the camera. I was skeptical, but I'm increasingly convinced that it is a great camera.
+Vic Gundotra please give update for Google Talk  Default messenger on android but give more features like read or sent report, can be send pic, video and anymore.plzzz 
Beat For blackberry messenger
Hi    Vic     Gundotra     please     if       you    has    time    do   you  not mind     make    me      up    a new     password    i  can    remember     if   you  can    do  ...   thank    you.     Has    a   nice    day    .      
Just started listening to Sade for the first time. Loving it.
I wish HTC One the Nexus. Love my One!
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