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Newt recorded his hangout. This is fun to watch. +Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich originally shared:
Several people suggested releasing videos of my Hangout sessions to get them to a broader audience. Here is a video of the Hangout from last Friday (condensed down to around 13 minutes). We discussed everything from space policy to the debt ceiling to ancient Greece. I'll be sure to let you know the next time I'm hosting one. -Newt
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He's a right-wing jerk. No thanks.
You can record hangout? How?
Lol Scott. I read Right-Knee Jerker.
I'd rather watch a videotape of my own vasectomy. Which would require having one, and I'd still rather do it.
I'm surprized the geezer figured out such a "new fangled thing" ;)
Zach Tomney
Wow, we can watch his campaign crash and burn in real time! :-)
He runs a Google+ Hangout but then disables comments and ratings on the YouTube video of the recording?
I feel sorry of Obama would ever have to debate Newt. The Chief Marxist would end up like a light-weight weakling trying to fight Mike Tyson ca. 1988. Newt runs circles around the regime faster than they can blink.
+Trenton Ray Actually, Newt Doggy Dogg is quite intelligent and tech-savvy. He's still a right-wing jerk though.

Note: I'm using the word "jerk" in place of a word I'd rather use, in the interest of being semi-polite. ;)
And we have Obama doing scripted Twitter? I'm no fan of Republicans, but at least Newt is engaging directly with the public.
+Scott Beamer Maybe you should give the video a shot... I find that people who just dismiss others without hearing what they have to say generally get their opinions from people who spin what others say to satisfy their own agenda. Think of your response as the left-wing equivalent of a right-wing jerk.....
Ouch. I'm not even American, but can't we all get along? Why hate on the dude for not seeing eye to eye with you when he's using the same website as you? I'm not a republican but he shouldn't have to be attacked for using the same site as a liberal...
Inform yourselves. Last election was about hype.
This is one person that I will not be adding to my circle!
See Brad DeLong today or maybe yesterday for Gingrich's failure to understand some fairly straightforward language in the U.S. Constitution.
How ironic is it that the audio is only in the right channel?
I think we can really run things better if we can all dial back the rhetoric of "us vs them" and engage others in a real conversation - which is what this is all about - or at least should be.
I'm on the left side politically, but I still think this is cool he did this.
As a conservative who isn't into Newt, we can still find value in how he's utilizing Google+ and getting some sort of direct dialog with the public. Frankly I'm distrustful of politicians as a whole but at least we can say we can listen to different respectives and decide for ourselves.
I don't think I agree with Newt on a few things, but I'm giving him props for doing the Hangout so I'm adding him to a circle. I'm reserving judgement because it could just be a campaign idea and his account is run by a Google+ master.

I do agree about the Space prizes though. I'm wondering if prizes can be applied to other areas and not just Space objectives.
Just like Newt, to come running to G+ while Facebook is on it's sickbed
You can record Hangout session then post it to YouTube seamlessly?
+Matthew Velez I'm not hating in him for using Google+. I "hate on him" for his politics, period.

I disliked him when he was speaker of the house, when he was kicked from the house and ever since that time.

And if anything he's gotten worse over time.

But I digress...

I'm 100% anti-censorship. He can yammer all he wants to. I just won't listen, that's all.
Richard, no I'm sure someone recorded his desktop screen and published that video.
+Kyle Quinn - Oooh..... BAM! ...Although you might be thinking of a fellow on the other end of the political see-saw who was a presidential hopeful a few years back.
Guys, lets look past politics on this post....Its just amazing that this will be an effective communication tool to speak directly with the people running our country so maybe they will listen to our concerns.
how do you record a hangout? Anyone have an idea?
Might I suggest you create a post specific to the topic you wish to discuss. It seems impractical to debate politics in comments. You can create your own hang out and record it. These comments would more properly be limited to the hangout content/post above.
Not a fan of Newt, but using Hangouts to answer voter questions is a neat idea. I hope it catches on
One can post questions for the President and his staff at a page on the White House web site. Do we get answers there? Do we have any more reason to think that G+ tools will get answers?
This is not someone's hangout worth watching. There are plenty of other people worth watching...but not this guy.
When will I learn that posting on anything Vic shares will lead to nothing but notifications spam...
+Vic Gundotra , maybe pitch POTUS & the White House press team to do a Obama g+/utube townhall - where , one end( people who wish to ask questions to President Obama) ask their questions on ph(+hangout :D), get kicked off the ph (after they finish aking the q) & the other end, White House, is being broadcasted live on youtube.

Could be really awesome :)

(inspired by g+'s awesome hangout feature & the recent White House twitter townhall)
I couldn't disagree more with his politics, but you have to give the man credit for really taking the campaign to the people. This is the future.
You think about recording your hangout's Vic and uploading them the same way?
Not a fan politically, but I appreciate his effort. It's great to see politicians interacting with people on such a personal level.
Omg my first and last time to post something on Vic's updates!!!
+Daniel Obregon it's the future if your target audience is technogeeks and early adopters. If you're looking for the real voting power blocks, this isn't the future, it's a faddish I'm-hip-too-kids. The future, as was the past, is in ensuring old folks their social security will be untouched, and doing it on the 6pm news.
I'm not a Newt fan either, but I'm more than half way through the recording and it's actually quite good.
+rajesh vasa he probably recorded it with screen capture software such as camtasia.
How long until he rebrands his Hangouts as "Newtouts"?
Nice to see a political figure using it. Too bad the political figure is a total douchebag.
Not a fan of his politics but Gingrich is one of the smartest politician on either side of the aisle. I disagree with him on almost all of the major issues but I would still listen to him talk about his ideas. Nice to see him embracing new technology so quickly.
is there a "-1" button?
Kay P
Well he may be a right-wing jerk, but he's at least being a jerk publicly instead of in some millionaires-only country club. I consider that an improvement!
Lots of opinions and nobody is arguing. I love it! Nice to see folks engaging like this without the conversation erupting into a flame war.
This is better than that Twitter Town Hall.
How about a hangout from someone in the media or a player at the All Star game? 
to people who ask about how to record hangout, i think you can use Camtasia (or similar screen recording tools)
+Scott Beamer Can't you look past who the hangout was hosted by and look at the implications of Presidential Candidates being able to talk to voters like this? I think this one of the greatest use of technology in politics that I have seen so far.
Kay P
Straight up, +Mike Thompson. Straight up.
Tried to join 20 seconds late and it was full. We need larger hangouts or be able to participate as spectators :)
Oh noes! Politics! On Google+ its all over now. :)
If it was only about the tech he wouldn't have used this... biological mass. Get a grip.
+Vic Gundotra knew what he was doing when he used this "controversial" "person". And of course "some" people care Bo, that's why the first comment has 45 +1s.
Glad to watch when you get one of these from a decent human being. Mike you're easy to amaze apparently :) The hatred level is actually quite low for someone of Newt's "reputation". And yes this guy really is that bad that many won't watch. Again, Vic knew what he was doing.
That is both fascinating and kind of sad.
Doug, scarily, Newt seems sane compared to his republican counterparts. And I can't stand Newt. Hence, the "low" apparent hatred level
So I'm guessing any liberal is a God and perfect? I tried to post on here and tell people to set politics aside... People need to stfu, the post isn't about the politics, it's about the fact that g+ can be an extremely effective tool to talk to our leaders in the modern world. 
It's annoying how liberals are turning this into a political debate just like conservatives turn every article about obama into a presidential bashing center, this is exactly why our country makes no progress whatsoever 
why is the audio on only the right speaker?
oh no!! I couldn't use hangout yet. Google voice and video chat settings .exe file is downloading smoothly within few seconds!! but after that as soon as I click to start the installation, a window appears saying installation failed....that happens also within few seconds!! :((
I strongly dislike the man's politics and party alignment so I'd never vote for him but he's interesting to listen to because he may be one of the smarter, more educated in the Repub presidential field.
I'd like to see this become a trend, with more and more politicians (and other public figures) leveraging technology to reach out to the public effectively.
We need an -1 button. Republicans only care about themselves. No I am not a Democrat, I don't have much use for them either.
Don't share his views, but love that he's using Google+ hangouts. Impressive.
These are great threads for learning many people's character or at very least political tolerance. :)
Newt wants to apply Six Sigma / Lean principles to government...I love the concept, but government employees clearly couldn't handle it. IMHO
Right wings..... no thanks. i'll pass this time
I don't support him, but am impressed with this initiative to be so accessible. Could you imagine palin or bachmann in a hangout...
Amin A
it is cool, but the screen switches too much...
Great idea to get behind this. It goes to show you, Google+ is a great way to spread a message.
Some folks will choose to be partisan for life, not realizing they are doing nothing but making enemies.
Yea, not what I expected to be doing before my venture finance class. Newt's been into prize competitions for a long time so it was a natural topic, especially after his response to that NASA question at the debate a few weeks ago.
It's very well executed except for the echo intermittently. I would love to use hangout for live discussions on a wide array of issues.
+Lesley Hoenig When those with whom you disagree are branded "insane", it is the end of civil political discourse, and civil society. Unpopular opinions are not a symptom of insanity; demonizing those with whom you disagree may be an early sign.
Somehow nobody interrupts each other in this hangout, and everyone has well-formed, softball questions. Wonder how that happened.
+Jeffrey Miller You can run, but you can't hide. Perhaps if we all try to have opinions without being possessed by them, we can do it better this time. "Hate the sin, never the sinner."
+Sulekh Suman Love to see hangouts by small theater companies, artists & galleries, book groups, foodies, etc. etc. etc.
+Kevin Dunseath Today's I'm-too-hip-kids are tomorrow's opinion leaders. Today's followers are tomorrow's followers.
I'm curious. If you refuse to listen to him, how do you know you disagree with what he says? You can read that as 'how do you know he is wrong' if you choose to do so.

If you haven't heard his statements, how do you form any valid argument against him? Any person on the fence would be absolutely correct in ignoring you if you have not listened to him and voiced valid arguments against his ideas and convictions.

Especially if you disagree with him, why would you not allow him to speak as publicly as possible so that large numbers of people can be shown that your beliefs are somehow better?

If you aren't going to listen to him, why and how is he supposed to listen to you?

I won't indicate whether I agree or disagree with Mr. Gingrich's platform. Either way, I do try very hard to listen and understand him.
+bob I've already listened. It's sad and deceptive. He isn't exactly new to the scene.
I am very careful to be specific and not speak out of ignorance. I sincerely believe this guy is bad for the country and felt it somewhat important to make others aware.
I'm still serious about a -1 button tho :) 
+Doug Dunfee Sorry. My comments are directed at a limited audience, but they were distributed widely. I completely understand the need for a -1, and don't doubt that I would have received many!
I am impressed to see how rapidly the politicians are recognising the value inherent within g+
"We are starting a circle on space and would love you too join it" Dude, that's not how it works. We cant join your circles. Learn the tech if you want to be a first mover.
It's nice to see comments veering away from "Tech geeks on Google+ talking about how Google+ works" into discussion you get on a real social-network (whether that's on Twitter, FB or at the pub with your mates) ;-)
+Doug Dunfee I don't think Newt has a chance in hell of getting anywhere but as a guest on the Sunday talkers. He is running a zombie Prezidential campaign.
+Vic Gundotra hangout is really going to change the world for us - some of the few areas that i think it would make a direct impact is education, just imagine people who work and cannot attend a regular college - professors come online and then form a virtual classroom, the possibilities are infinite. great stuff, i guess thats what differentiates Google.. :-)
hmm...but my speed connection too slow for joining indonesia almost weak and slow..

mybe all you guys have an opinion??
Have never seen the word 'fun' attached to Newt before... G+ is clearly a big wide open tent
I don't agree with all the policies, but just listening to Newt interact with normal people on a new media is pretty awesome. I hope more politicians are in people's circles because this brings a new meaning to "town hall" people. Nice job, Newt and team.
+Vic Gundotra sparks would be better with youtube results as well.People always like to share videos.A youtube search button next to the normal search would be ideal,
eventually you guys may wish to have a ban feature on the hangouts if this ever gets serious. too easy for random internet people to come in and troll a public hangout (unless the report abuse button is supposed to do the banning?)
Great to see the Hangout technology at work. Looks amazing!
+David S Brenner I don't call people insane for disagreeing with me, but when there seems to be no rationale behind the idea, I have to question their sanity. I'm all for letting ANYONE speak their mind and am a staunch supporter of the first amendment. This doesn't require me to like it or think it is a sane thought.
+Michael Anonymous ...however just the name +Newt Gingrich FORCES people to react. Its unavoidable. To avoid any of this you would have to have a screencast of regular everyday people using Hangouts, then people would focus on the application instead of the person.

A couple of observations, if I may:
The name doesn't FORCE anyone to do anything any more than the name Obama FORCES people to spew hate. That knee-jerk compulsion says nothing about the target and a great deal about the person who feels compelled to react. Our reactions should always be our own and not some Pavlovian response. One has to be seriously indoctrinated to make such reactions unavoidable.

I think you've missed the whole point of the original post here. It's not the screencast that's the big deal. It's not even about how cool hangouts are (and they are). This is about:

A. Government officials being able to communicate directly to the populace without being reduced to sound bites and spin from commentators (who can tell what they actually said after that kind of repackaging - and yes, it's pretty easy to tell that the video has been edited before posting, but the original hangout wasn't).

B. Those same officials being able to hear from real people, not just the stooges and plants that are prearranged for larger media events. That's not to say the folks in this particular instance weren't pre-selected, or that dissenting opinions weren't edited out. I'm talking here about the potential for real leaders to hear from real people.

C. In my opinion, this will make for more civil discourse about things that divide our country - or any country. The internet has made it too easy for people to vent their spleen without thinking about the person they're vilifying being a fellow human being. It's easy to talk trash about someone who isn't present in the conversation or is only text on a screen, but that face being there in front of you, at least to me, seems to make a difference that may allow us to hear one another instead of talking past each other.
+Lesley Hoenig I don't call people insane for disagreeing with me, but when there seems to be no rationale behind the idea, I have to question their sanity.

And that's the beauty of this platform. Anyone can explain their rationale and those who can't see where they're coming from can ask questions and establish a dialog.

In the days before media, representatives walked or rode horses through their districts and talked to all of the people they represented, supporters and detractors alike.

Since the advent of radio and television there has been a major shift from dialog to monolog to sound bites. The politicians still try to get out among the people, but we get busy and important things (like dialog with those who make decisions affecting you) tend to slip under the flood of the trivial.

I can see this, used effectively, as a tool to bring dialog and civil discourse back and help us to see that we are not so different from one another. Perhaps it can spread so that more of us discover that we are not so different from the people in other nations.
I am disappointed that G+ is already full of people that feel compelled to blast their hate of a particular politician they disagree with just because he's part of someone's post. That's one way that G+ is already just like Facebook.
To record an hangout you will have to use a different app,like a screen recorder for example.
I think hangout's is great, hopefully in time the non-geeky person will see the power and will start pushing it socially,but until its "cool" it might be a dead service that is in essence very powerful yet not utilized.
Mark D.
I wish I could +1 you more than once, Michael.
Van R-H
Thanks for distracting everyone from the intent of the post. Why don't you start a hangout and talk politics on another thread?
...I hear Google has a great new product...
I would like to eventually see the hangouts feature extend to the android application for phones with a front facing camera 
and possibly also to the "in approval" iPhone app ;)
+Michael Anonymous - Oh, I understand who he is and what he's done. If his weight loss challenges are the thing he least wants to be remembered for what little may have been on the plus side is devalued even more.

My point though, that our responses are our own, stands. I certainly don't have my responses dictated by others and I would hope there were enough others like minded enough that I can still have hope for our future as human beings.
are there any rules about hangouts, like is everything allowed in a chat?
+Michael Anonymous - I, for one, remember Newt's policies all too well. Shortly before he was elected in 1994, he even came to my high school and talked about his policies (not that he actually gave direct answers, because, like any politician, he didn't, but we were all familiar with the "Contract with America"). A lot has happened since then, and I certainly remember what has happened. But even he has managed to suggest something that I don't find totally ridiculous, yet certain republicans can't believe it came out of his mouth and he had to backtrack and qualify his statements.
+Rajesh Vasa You need to use third party software to record Hangouts currently - I would recommend using desktop recording software such as Camtasia.

That would be a good feature for Google to add in the future though (I can think of many potential business uses).
you guys should get teared responding so you can respond to a specific person in a thread
+Luke Baldridge The hatred expressed in G+ comments is an artifact of our unenlightened mainstream culture, not the social media per se. Every since unmoderated public comment has been available on the Web (e.g. sports blogs), unhappy people have been projecting all of the things that disappoint them about themselves onto the world, and other people. This will not stop until we reach a critical (mass) minority of the population with a high enough level of personal awareness to look inward rather than outward for the things that need "fixing".

The world is perfect, just as it is.

"When you adopt the viewpoint that there is nothing that exists that is not part of you, that there is no one who exists who is not part of you, that any judgment you make is self-judgment, that any criticism you level is self-criticism, you will wisely extend to yourself an unconditional love that will be the light of the world."
- Harry Palmer
Has any body done the hangout from Android phone ?
hi vic, i think G+ should have some game. i hope you could think about my idea
Is there a way to write directly on someones page? If not there should be :)
oh and another suggestion, find a way to make profile pictures full size. right now facebook lets you use bigger pictures...
This is a brilliant use of Hangouts! I can definitely see something like this adding to the transparency in politics that many voters wish to see. From chats with your local politician to informal debates between parties, used correctly this has the power to grab the attention of many young voters and ultimately help them to win the polls. Google really hit the nail on the head with this!
+1 for Google Hangout
-1 for subject matter ;-)
-1 for Google promotion of right-wing intolerance
This is an awesome way to humanize politicians and get real American's a chance to get their opinions heard.
The possibility for videos uploaded to albums be directly uploaded to youtube would be awesome. Also the new youtube black playbar would go nicely with the darker themed photo view here on G+. An optional darker theme for G+ would be nice also. I know theres a lot of people out there that cant stand looking at a white screen all day.
this is just one of the reasons why G+ and its reach could be so BIG.
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