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First, thank you for voting for Google!
Second, we'd love your help in crafting our 5 word acceptance speech!
What Should We Say On Stage At The Webby's?
help the Google+ team craft a 5 word acceptance speech

We're so thankful to everyone who voted for us for the People's Voice award for Best Social Network at +The Webby Awards! Acceptance speeches at the Webbys are limited to only 5 words, and we'd love it if our speech was "written" by one of you all. We'll pick our favorite pithy, witty, creative suggestion from the comments before the awards show on May 21 in NYC, and make sure to thank our winner here. What do you think we should say onstage?

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Webby, webby webby-webby. Webby! <- you must use this emphasis - because on G+, you can :)
"Thanks, but we're not done."
Facebook is a sinking ship.
Google+, Not just for guys.
You should say; TO GOD BE THE GLORY!
"We deeply apologize for populating your whitespace with people you don't actually know, celebutards you are not interested in, games you don't want to play, and trends you have no interest in following. In the future, we promise to give you control over what appears in your whitespace, including turning it off"
"We pretty much expected this."
out there, its'll about circles
Keep God out of Google. There is 5 words for you.
"Thanks for the award, dudes"
do no evil? screw that! ;)
Receiving +1 from the people
The people make Google great!
Google wins. That's a plus!

life is better with circles
"Announcing our latest project, Google..."
"Search #googlepluswebbyspeech for complete text"
Persistence....Persistence....Persistence....Thank you.
Hangout, Circle, Share, Plus, Google!
What about, "Finally, got it right, woot!" :)
2smart 4u
This is just the beginning
"Oracle wants all our money"
"Five words? What the f***?"
While counting on fingers: "Thanks to mom and ... damn!"
"Next year, plus two!" (ok, only four words, but still, it's a limit, not a requirement.)
Knowledge made simple and available
+Vic Gundotra We Best, Gets the Best (5 words acceptance speech). or else we were at our best gets the best of awards.
"Circling all but the drain."
Don,t Giggle at Google NOW!!!!!
"We are better than you"
We search, therefor we find!
To the internet, and beyond!
"Surprisingly lively for a graveyard."
"Dear Industry Pundits: Neener, neener."
"We are just getting started."
The best is yet to come!
That is the message I write in my books when I sign them.
"All glory to the hypnotoad."
+Googol with Google+ !
"Thank you for making google+"
V circle managers manages award

"This is off the Planet."

Thank you webby webby much
The real winner is you!
Seriously, people are still moaning about whitespace?!?! The expression "Get a life!" springs to mind. Yawn.
"Thank you all for everything."
"This is just the beginning."
"You'll never be like us." :-(
Problems are opportunities to learn.

We became what we believed...

Don't be afraid to lead...

You have got to believe....

If you can see it and believe it it's a lot easier to achieve it.....

There's a process to success

You've always had the power
We've always had the power

The energy you generate created us

The energy you created inspires us

The strongest instinct is to stop.....

This is just the begining, Vic.
Have a wonderful, Thursday.
Another "Plus One", Thank You.
Google+=awesome dudes
Google+ = awesome world
Dream Big, Share Your Dream!
"Plus one to that, b*****s". Optionally replace the last word with something publishable.
You probably hear this alot, but you think you could hook a bro up as a beta tester? I work for free. O,0
Google+ makes extraordinary conversation accessible
Manifest : Co-create the paradigm shifts
Speech: Google++ (eventually will) = googol
"Thanks! Here's a posting API."
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