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It arrived today! Congratulations to +Andy Rubin and team!
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is it edible? dare somebody to lick it :)
Can't wait for the features walk though (and to get it on my Galaxy Tab 10)
Your post confuses me, is ICS finally available or will it be the 19th in Hong Kong? Did you just congratulate +Andy Rubin for getting this plastic thing in front of Google HQ?
what materials are they made out of?
the android never looked better...... lol wow
ICS is going to be GREAT! Thanks Team Android and Team Google :-)
Looks delicious, but it could really use a side of Nexus to complete it.
Ha brilliant, I'm super excited to see Ice Cream Sandwich! Thanks for making such awesome stuff! I doubt my ageing HTC Desire will play ball this time however, wish I could afford to buy the soon to launch Nexus Prime. :(

Congratulations on another great financial year too by the way! GO GOOGLE!
+sean riley Couldn't agree more. The 19th is only a few days away though.
Is it opensource now, or proprietary as 3 was?
Why is it not really exciting when Google announces a new mobile OS? Oh yeah, because most of our phones don't get the update for a year...if ever. I'm still running Froyo on my Fascinate. Get your act together Android. I want to get excited like the iOS peeps do.
Is this a Nexus Prime at 0.39 in the Video???? :)
I call Android FESS - Free and Exposed Source Software.

Hashtags: #ESS #FESS #android #ICS
+Christopher Faubel - not Google's job :-)
That's not the fault of Android. It's down to the manufacturer and network. This is why I only ever buy the Nexus phones and only ever off-contract.
Delays in getting OS updates on your handset aren't Google's fault, +Christopher Faubel. Your manufacturer must have customized the version they put on your phone, so they're the only ones that can make an updated version of it now. That's the beauty of a Nexus phone, it's pure Android without anyone mucking it up so it gets all updates as soon as they release.
I am hungry, please Google my overlord tell me that the nexus prime is coming to Verizon.
wait...IS IT WITH THE NEXUS PRIME???? I need a phone damn you!!! Answer me Vic! Answer meeeeeee!!!! #nexusprime +Vic Gundotra
+Joseph Catania III , unless you're trolling, how does that attitude make sense? iOS is far more restrictive, and even more closed than Android.
At this rate soon the Google yard will be a real life candy land lol.
Where do you guys get these statues made?
ooooh i'll take two please <3
All is good. Can Android developers please target battery performance?
Welcome to Hong Kong, our long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich!
+Derek Anderson I always sell the current Nexus when the new one comes out, so I get back about half the cost. Plus, I use wifi a lot, so running costs are low. It's not as bad as you'd imagine.
I don't upgrade my desktop often and don't own a tablet, so this is my only big tech cost.
Welcome to HK! Lots of people love Google here
The 3x future device from iOS 5 is ready...... WOW.....
cool, cannot wait for the prime
i wanna get a piece of that... both the food and the OS
Excited for oct 19 hong kong talk of first ics device
MmmM Ice Cream Sandwich!! so close i can taste it!!
Oh! It's hear... I can't wait until I get it on my Nexus S.
I have to say the music just made the video so much better.
Shit's gettin weird in Mountain View.
Nice! Confirmed list of features? Somebody knows if it will be available for SGS2? (And when...)
+christpher faubel, in with you, on Fascinate, still wishing for something other than Froyo... :/
I think next release will be Jelly Beans...
+sean parmenter - you can get Gingerbread (debug version that is Verizon signed I believe) or on a CM7 nightly.
Ice Cream Sandwich!!!! next week~!
i wanna upgrade my nexus s!!! please hurry up!!!
I want ice cream sandwich right now! It's not even fair to have this made when it hasn't even been released yet!
It saddens me my device will not support it. Anyways thanks for giving us wonderful tools.
wow! This is great! I Love it!!!
Wow its kinda like that scene in Honey I Shrunk the Kids... where the kids find a super big Oreo... With that said, is the android edible?
The statues are awesome. I'm looking forward to the 19th!! I'm hoping ICS will fit on the Nexus One but regardless, I'll probably be funding myself a Nexus Prime in the near future anyway.
I wish it was edible!
You guys at Google have way too much fun! :)
I don't understand this one... is it supposed to be an ice cream sandwich that's shaped like an Android, or an (actual, living in the Android-universe) Android that takes the form of an ice cream sandwich?
any chance someone can set me up a pass for the conference?
here it comes. give us a sneak peak of the new features vic
Awesome. I'll be in San Jose / Mountainview this weekend. Im definitely swinging on by to take a new picture with the updated goodies. :)
Gotta love an Ice Cream Sandwich! :D
Will love ICS even more when I get it on my Droid X and ASUS Transformer ;-) 
ok every body plz listen me i love sandwich and icecream but i am indian how to arrival there because i do'nt have passport plz help me
Unwrap it for my phone first, please ... been waiting for so long!
I remember watching the video of the Gingerbread statue arriving on campus. Time sure does fly!
Gingerbread statue? That's nothing! Back in the Petit Four days, we didn't even have statues!
+christopher Faubel- ever heard of xda developers? 
Hmmm, one Ice Cream Sandwich for me please!!! :-) Congratulations!
+Facundo Salom they may be keeping a lid on it in order to whip us into a frenzy. I hate it when that happens...
Where exactly can you find these things on the Google campus? Anybody care to share the location here?
So Vic, can we expect a release event for the Prime in the near future? :p
aneroit gimana masa depan nya? seperti apple apa tidak?
Too bad itll be two years before you can get it on your phone without rooting.
WTH +Vic Gundotra !!! Where's the BUZZ??? I google nexus prime and I get old stuff back! Whats up with that?? Generate some BUZZ!!! throw some parties! bribe some people... I dunno..BUZZ!!
It's time to replace my NexusOne phone! :)
what device have you use to record the video? XD galaxy nexus? ;D
Yup. Can't wait to retire my nexus one. The screen spazing makes me angry
>:-| but there's no other phone I'd rather have atm
google you awesome bastards why tempt me with giant ice cream you already own the world no need to brag about the fact you all the stupid epic things you can do
hopefully we will have a guarantee it will not be cancelled this time around
wow! its beautiful . i wish i go to see that! nice
oh!wow! its so beautiful iwish i go to se that beautiful place
yummy, can't wait till tomorrow
Cyanogenmod should hopefully have it released on their nightly builds in 2 weeks or so
Hi sir, will nexus s get the Ice Cream Sandwich update?
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