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Hey +Sundar Pichai you struggling to fall asleep too?
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Hmmm.... there's definitely something happening at Google on Monday! 
I had the sleepless night thinking about the videos I will need to be re-doing :P
I know I am... Having a week old son will do that... :p
Dangit, Vic! Stop teasing me us!!!
Sundar Pichai
Nope +Vic Gundotra i am fast asleep:) know how to post even in my sleep. yes, sunday nights are hard
Someone posted a rumor about a rumor. Is that rumor true, or does someone at least have a render of the rumor to confirm that it exists?
Sleep well, Google, we look forward to some facts :) 
Fine, I'll bite: Why is that? Got something exciting tomorrow? Like an announcement of some kind? Like say a certain phone? Like... OKAY, SPILL THE BEANS RIGHT NOW! NEXUS 5 WHEN AND WHERE?!! You tell me now! I mean it!

There, you happy? See what you and your company made me become! I hope you are all having a huge laugh right now, because some of us actually want to throw money at you in order to buy your next phone.....

You disgust me ;P
And, we'll probably get some new ChromeOs function.
A lot more people suddenly have a problem sleeping too.... :-) 
Ok so if it is an android update when will be the next big google plus update. 
Insomnia for Nexus 5 and Google watch  :)
Jose Nava
Whenever Google workers can't sleep because of something exciting, we also get excited. :) 
It's got to be the coolest feeling in the world being able to drop a passing comment and turn the Internet on it's ear. 
Troll don't have time for sleep.
This is a funny post
Nexus 5 and 10 I welcome you :-) to bad that will by provably January when they available in Europe. It's strange how Samsung brings phones much faster to the market than Google 
I had a sleepless week and if you arn't about to show me Nexus 5 I won't sleep another week!
There's ALWAYS something awesome going on at Google.  I would never be able to sleep.
Hope for the first time I can buy a nexus in Italy on play store at the right price (before they were all at 600€). I just sold my nexus4 waiting for the 5 :-) +Vic Gundotra 
If you can't sleep have a Kit Kat and Google N5 photos until you fall asleep to dream of things to come.
Can we please have The Nexus 5 with kit Kat? We've been kept in suspense for far too long. 
This guy...when people wake up tomorrow, the Internet is going to explode.  
Oh for me Kitkat, chrome cast and music all access for Germany, please. Thank you.
Way to gin up the rabble, +Vic Gundotra !   I'm REALLY glad I didn't see this post until Monday morning!    I slept fine......  :)
+Vic Gundotra I find that a nice cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows on top puts me right to sleep. :) Now I want a hot chocolate. -_-
It's clearly because you are announcing something today! 
Is it time to put the tinfoil hat off?
Still waiting for Nexus 5 with KitKat 4.4
something big is coming.. thats why you guys can't sleeeeeppp
Sombody is having a break!
Ahmed M
KitKat and Nexus 5 tomorrow eh?
Time to order some Nexuses :))
Vic you must be the worse person ever at trying keep secrets for people! haha!
I know we're not supposed to read something into everything you guys post you're making it very difficult at this point;)
After all the +KIT KAT images i thought the 28th would be the day and looks like that is now correct!
I have seen this coming gradually over the last few months. Is this new tactic of feeding the rumor mill (leaked photos, half-baked statements, etc) just a way to get free PR like apple does, or is it meant to undermine apple by flooding the rumor market?

Oh. This was a secret? Just send me a Nexus 5 and I'll shut up about it.
ahhhhhhhhhhhh, sorry, this post just made me crazy
see! Google showing a caring side, they waited for pay day.
Lovely Mondays ;) but there is no invitation! Why KitKat is so strange!! Maybe press is also hiding the invitation time to top up the adrenaline!
I got an update Kit Kat 4.4! It's just great! New Android just wonderful! How long I was waiting for him! Sorry. I think I'm raving in sleep.
Dam it... I was hoping to get some sleep... Money ready just in case the #Nexus5 is announced/released :-) 
Wouldn't it be really cool if Google invited a man off the street to their new product events ? Just someone at fandom
Would be cool if they could launch the Hangouts update at the same time.. Android is supposed to be ahead of iCrap, not behind it.. 
It was easy to sleep in Canada, we usually don't have immediate access to anything new here once it's released in the US :-)
You're getting me exciting +Vic Gundotra! P.S if I ever work at Google I don't know if I could hold my tongue on this stuff!
You are soooo mean. Lolol :P
Give me a break, give me a break of that kit Kat bar! now I want a kit Kat at 4:20 am! Lol
Hard to fall asleep? You should have a break! Better if Kit Kat.
+Vic Gundotra,  I don't think it's a good idea to continue teasing the people after all the rumors and leaks in the blogs around. No matter if (some of) the leaks were wanted by google or not, there a lots of people that are already pissed off! Why continue trolling them? They are your customers!
One things I admire about Google is the degree of engagement with its users. No ivory tower nonsense here. 
+Torsten Pöschl This is all part of the promotion.. say nothing officially, let the leaks flow.. and look what's happened.. Nexus 5, Kit Kats and who knows what else have been living in our heads rent free for months now. If they do announce some cool stuff today, most of us will have forgotten what Apple announced last week. I say mission accomplished on Googles part. 
+Simone Malacarne no tu hai rotto il cazzo hai capito? Un po' di rispetto per una società e managers che interagiscono e si divertono in prima persona e pubblicamente con i propri fans.

If you don't like this, uncircle Vic Gundotra you fucktard
Mass Effect 4 in the pipeline
HALF LIFE 3  FTW ! they have been up all night playing   #Troll  
Stop pulling our legs here for crying out loud :(
Something better be happening... I'm tired of interpreting posts.
Time zones ftw! It's lunch time in Europe... ;-)
+Vic Gundotra I'm so glad I didn't see this overnight when my little girl woke up, I would have been awake the rest of the night!  I can't wait for the excitement today! This week!?  Whenever +Google finally decides to this this show on the road!!!!
none of the tech sites like +Engadget are saying anything about an announcement today, but both of these guys chatting it up late at night tells me something's up for today.
I'm so excited. I just can't hide it. I'm about to buy a Nexus 5 and I think I like it!
Thank you so much google team. I was waiting this post. Its really great user friendly and smooth

Sorry, +Vic Gundotra I got the urge.

On a more serious note, the rumoured smartwatch is what's most exciting about the Nexus rumours right now for me. Priced right (for me) that would be a day-one purchase for me, without a doubt.
Monday morning the whole internet will be a chaos!!!
+Vic Gundotra hope a complete Android integration (one Android=tv, gaming, remote, cars, home automation) will come soon as I asked you (Google) long time ago :)

And please you for "Use a real smartphone, use Android" TV product placement and ad to correct the wrong US Apple world :)
We outside US really appreciate your innovations much more, just look at Germany! :)
He definitely can't sleep because they're announcing Pixel 2.0... definitely. Definitely... my Daddy let's me drive in the driveway... 
It is 22:02 hrs now on 28 October over here in Western Australia. I am going to sleep hoping to wake up to see all the new goodies. I hope I don't get disappointed! 
Please up-stage the Samsung Dev-Con event today...! Please...
+Alijah Simon There are Chrome (and I imagine Firefox, too) extensions that auto-refresh a page every x seconds, which can be set by the user. Very useful.
I'm going to need a psychiatrist to deal with all of the trolling and rumors before I jump off a bridge.
I really fall asleep last night! I want it noooooooooow :S
Release that phone already. You'll sleep like a baby afterwards. And so will I...
i really hope todoy is coming new android, but i found not event.
Wow .. +Vic Gundotra I should have had a sleepless too. This wait has been long +Sundar Pichai . I wish to see all other competitors taking a break with the new smart android ;)
Request for +Sundar Pichai +Vic Gundotra  please buy themer or aviate and integrate with 4.4 ..lets kick some ios @s$
How do I get my wife to sleep lol and I'm not even waiting for the nexus or work for #google
Just so you know...if kitkat and the nexus 5 dont get announced today now...i have it on good authority Santa is putting you both on his naughty list...  :p
+Siddanth A Just install Aviate or Themer. Android's power is that it's simple enough for end-users and modular for power-users.

and for the record, Android's stock launcher already kicks iOS' @$$.
If this is what I think it is then Monday is going to be a grate day 
+Charles Eye i already have aviate and themer both.. would love google to twiddle and make customizations on the nexus 5 and agree android launcher kicks badly of that stupid flat color scheme idevice  (P.S i already have 3 ios devices but Android <3)
Nearly bought me a new phone today but now holding off until the #nexus5 announcement! 
Regardless if you managed to sleep or not +Vic Gundotra, I hope you're up and about now.. We're all eagerly awaiting news... ;-)
same up here we are loosing sleep because android 4.4 and new nexus devices aren't coming :(
Well we are also losing sleep!! 
Please Bring KITKAT!!
I'd give up a night of sleep to be able to live in your shoes for a day. Oh the wonders to see at Mountain View.
I will finally sleep once nexus 5 is official and we know the details! Also hoping for KitKit to bring split screen multitasking... break up the screen like  KitKat bar! Also would love for Chromecast to finally allow 3rd party apps! :)
I've been up working all night checking for any N5 details. Out with it you dog!
Vic, dont you play with our hearts too. We r dying!! Give us some good info 
I will kill myself if it doesn't come out today
What if they just saw a scary movie and can't sleep? 
They will see a scary movie if they keep trolling us! -.-
Nexus AndroidTV Device would be nice.
From now on I'm going to claim I need to go purge toxins!
So what will it beeeee? 4.4 update or nexus 5? im obcessed with thisssss checking for updates every 10 minutes :D i will have a stroke with my nexus 7 on my hands :D bury me with ir pls
I can't take this wait anymore ... My stomach is turning ... So much expectation! 
Plz stop teasing us and just release the phone? 
I'll take 1 x KitKat, 1 x nexus android TV (call it nexus play), 1 x nexus 5, 1 x nexus 10, 1 x hangouts update, with a side of Google+ shared album viewing ... to go
It's 12pm PDT, does anyone still think there is an announcement in the offing? I think +Vic Gundotra and +Sundar Pichai were just really excited about a new work week ahead, like everyone who works at Google should. They were trying to set a good example for their teams!
New Nexus incoming! be prepared for the Googlebomb!
#Nexus5 launching in
4... 3... 2... 1...
Tomorrow at 9.30am...a morning with Google+
Just release the god damn phone before I loose interest in it and buy the note 3. 
Where is our nexus 5 with kit kat pleaseeeeeee :) 
This is moment +Sundar Pichai over to you. Bring the nexus 4(2013) or nexus 5 to the stage and ofcourse the sweetest android ever... 4.4 kitkat
12 hours since... One hopes you've either got some sleep or are getting ready to drop the bomb, +Vic Gundotra ! ;) 
Andddddd Thennnnn????????????????? 
I'm having trouble sleeping now lol
all this over-hype will be the death of nexus 5
Hoping to see nexus 5 in India earlier this time!!! 
Did you see the big crates of N5's here in Canada? 
My guess is they are stock piling those nexus 5 up at various locations atm. So when they finally announce it people can buy it the same week. Let's hope availability will not be a major problem this time around and that more countries than us & ca get to pick up the new goodies around launch :) 
“Exciting” is 8 letters.

8 = 4+4


“Can’t sleep” is 2 words and 9 letters. 29.
Release the phone before I contemplate thinking about giving iOS a passing thought.
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