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I'm a sucker for chocolate.

So when I received this package, of course I was willing to tell the world how much I love +Cadbury UK chocolate.

The personalized packaging was also a nice touch :-)

I don't think this is a paid advertisement as I've not had a single bite yet :-)
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Wow , and with a +1 haha Very nice!
Ian H
It's okay Vic. I'd sell out for chocolate that tasty too. Haha. ; )

Congrats though, that's pretty awesome.
That's Great - Cadbury is the best - +1
Sweet! You know Vic, I can probably turn that candy bar into a great batch of brownies! I've done it before. I'm a woman of many talents- entrepreneurial and domestic. :)
Wow! I'm a chocoholic. Can I have a piece?
Very cool ... how do I buy one ?
If this were dark chocolate, I'd be gnawing at the screen by now. TMI?
diddo diddo my friend :)
ROFL is that an apple keyboard and a mighty mouse!?
So busted...
So you're going to share with the rest of us, right? :P
I remember when all +Cadbury UK blocks of chocolate were this big. Sneaky underhanded downsizing and marketing ploys have left us paying the same for LOTS less over the years.
I wish it were easier to get that authentic +Cadbury UK chocolate in the States. The stuff Hershey's makes is terrible.
I am unimpressed with the picture quality from the Galaxy Nexus.
And to think I've spent years telling the world how much I love +Cadbury UK without receiving anything!
yeah thats a really awful quality photo from the flagship nexus device...
Meh... sorry, Cadbury, but the last time I had Cadbury chocolate bar I did not finish it. I prefer Ghirardelli, Dove, and Lindt (they make some great filled chocolate bars - Pistachio and Orange are my favorites - and excellent chocolate truffles). Oh, and very pedestrian but excellent - Terry's chocolate oranges. (Yes, from Kraft, so what?)
I want my name on that too ヅ
Vic: morally, where is the higher (or lower) ground here? Eat it without plugging it, or foist the plug on all your followers? Tough call. Tie breaker: since eating it without plugging it spares people from resenting the fact that they don't get VIP treatment, perhaps that little advantage of sparing the feelings of a million people makes the minor transgression of eating their chocolate without paying them back the better way to go? Any philosophers out there who can help tease out this thorny issue?
Oh my, I love Lindt too! And now I'm craving ♥♥♥
I really miss good quality Cadbury chocolate since moving to the USA! I'm drooling here Vic!
You're the milk in the chocolate of life. tee hee
That looks delicious. Love the custom packaging :) +1!
Oh wow! that is so awesome! I should send you some New Zealand chocolate :)
Wow, I didn't know one could buy your influence with chocolate. I am putting my order for 50 boxes. What is your address!
hope they market these bars with +Google+ Brand. It can turn out to be the best campaign for youth in India.
Make the chocolate shaped like a +1 then every time you like something you just pull out a chocolate and get perpetual +1s!!
+Vic Gundotra

Whats that line like thins coming from your wireless mouse? I think you need to get IT down there. 
+Vic Gundotra Good ideas like this deserve to get plugged. The real problem is when bad ideas get plugged as good ones.
That's so cool +Vic Gundotra I wish I had a something like that with my name on it and G+ styling cues.
Ya quisiera un mi chocolatototon que dijera mi nombre "Fer Flores" :) Un saludo desde Guatemala...Sr. Vic!
That is definitely an advertisement, especially when I'm trying to avoid sweets...
What would Google's reaction be if their programmers started hawking software that companies sent them?

I'm not impressed.

If you want us to take Google+ (and Google policies) seriously, please stop treating it like your personal toy. You do a disservice to the thousands of Google employees who do change their common names to meet arbitrary standards, don't add their minor children to Google+, and otherwise behave according to your guidelines.

You're acting like a politician, not an executive.
i wanna this chocolate........................... i love it yummy.............................
kitty Z
ohhhh geeee i cant look at this any more,im a chocoholic
i'm craving for chocolate.... pls. share............:)
Im liking the apple keyboard! ; )
Delicious! Cadbury UK strikes again! ;)
you bastard! why don't i get free chocolate with my name on the packet??
Stock the MKs with +1 bars!
Nicely done. One of the best ways a new company can introduce themselves on google+! 
Flake bars are the best candy bars ever! Too bad no store shelves in Nebraska carry Flake bars...

There aren't enough words to express how jealous I am of this Mr. Gundotra! I only live down the road from Cadbury's, perhaps I can sweet talk the PR department to whip me one up. :D
Sean G
Do like your Mac! Suprised by the Mouse? Ol skool... iMac. Just cool see how Free Google is... & still Love Apple. Why would you want to use anything else... Windows Sucks. Can +Google Chrome just make an OS w/ Android already!! Put an end to this mess... Anyone Who wants to can Build a Solid Machine. If Android blew by Apple. What to you think a Google PC would do. Drool...
Haha! Must be awkward to say..."Hey you wanna bite out of Vic Gundotra?"
Is this the proper British version or that 'made under license by Hersheys' rubbish?
Now, if Cadbury's would send a chocolate bar to all starving kids, it would be perfect (I'm not even asking for the custom package).
Hah! Nice to see that at Google people use Macs. =)
There will always be Apple suckerz just because the picture shows parts of a Mac. And thinks there's a fight between Google and Apple.
Vic, it's a dilemma that I can solve. Give it to me.
Yum! I'd definitely click that +1 button! That is, if it were real...
I can't stop until the whole thing is gone... So the longer bars are very bad for me. And that thing is huge! :)
yes, everybody enjoys a little chocolate candy sometime in their lives.
Vic!!! You look so yummmmmyyyyy!!!!!
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