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I laughed a lot while watching this movie! (Granted I am biased :-)
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I'm just happy it comes out on my bday!!
you just have to appreciate your maker for the the gift of life
I've been pondering this great mystery of the universe since I was a small lad...

...why do these posters always seem to have the wrong names over the actors' heads?

Is it that I only notice it when it's the wrong way round, or are poster designers actually deliberately trying to confuse me 
Sean S
Can anyone on the Google+ team be spotted in the background?
+Vic Gundotra ( scratches head ) Why on God's Green Earth would you be biased?? :P
Previews have me cracking up, cannot wait go!! 
"No Googlers were harmed in the making of this movie" :p
This doesn't come out for another 5 weeks in the UK! 
First show in the morning :-) 
I cried through the trailer. I'm looking forward to seeing it. 
I just found out there is a screening at my local cinema. Too bad it is 843 and it started at 7 :(
Cant wait to see this movie when it comes to Australia next week! 
cuando es el estreno de esta pelicual!!!!!!
Just watched the trailer. Looks awesome!
Used to be a fan of Vince, however, since his announcement of his forthcoming project with Glenn Beck, I will never give my money to his films.
What are these people going to do with this page a year from now? I mean when all is said and done with the movie?

Anyways, I'm really excited about it.
Had to work but if I can the money I will like too see it.
These two plus Sandler and Stiller = best movies nowadays! :)
Funny but could have been more comical. Fun seeing campus again. Would have edited out one scene. Without revealing, can u guess which.
So far we have had movies about Facebook, Google. What's next?
Wow, thnx for the tip! Didn't knew about this one, looking forward to it
Should be a fun movie....but seriously I want an internship at Google.
Reviews have been horrific.  Reading them, it seems like the worst film in many years.
+Ken Glass don't care about them..... They are able to write 100 pages negative review about cucumber :-) movies are for fun, books for the real thoughts
I love this movie so much I actually want to see you two times
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