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This was my favorite commercial during the Superbowl.

Clint Eastwood's narration is excellent, and the overall message of it's "half time in America" really resonated with me.

I hope Detroit does make a comeback; it would be a turn around story for the ages.

However, I have to be honest. I rented a Jeep on my last ski trip, and it was downright scary. The Jeep's engine was redlining up the mountain slopes to the lodge, and I've never been in a car so underpowered. On the other hand, I hear the Chrysler 300 is much better representation of the new Detroit.

In any case, this is a commercial worth watching.
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Mine too, the only one I shared on my G+ stream!
This one was really good. I also liked slingshot baby XD
By far the best commercial this year
Nicely done, Mr Eastwood.
Did Clint Eastwood just predict the end of the United States in 2248?
Seemed like a fairly easy ad to me. Just pick from the list of "Current American Troubles" and spout it off in an ad.
Yeah but your daily is a twin turbo V12 AMG, lol...
It was a good ad, one of the ads I hadn't seen leak (since I'm up in Toronto). One thing for sure is Motor City is picking up attention (in tech and tourism).

P.S. After having to winch or tow stuck Jeeps in the dessert over a decade of dune-ing I would never drive nor recommend one.
Well... if this is true then I feel very sad for Americans living in 2248 when the game is over. Win, lose, or draw the game will be over.
depends on which jeep and which engine obviously, they aren't all made to go up mountains!
I agree. We are ready for a comeback. Innovate, Collaborate, and Build America again.
I agree, it was the best and most memorable for me. Of course I can't wait to see "The Avengers", also.
I missed all of them, thank you for posting this. Eastwood is great, also like the message
+Vic Gundotra Chrysler's come back is a fascinating story, recent Time Mag cover story. Much because of new Italian CEO (can't remember his name), moved his office from the Chrysler Towers to the 4th floor of the design and engineering building to be more directly connected, involved employees in having more decisions and investment in product manufacturing, There's hope.
A message to the taxpayers from the US auto industry, as voiced by Clint Eastwood: "Thanks for the bailout, we are going to continue to suck."
Chrysler are looking at entering the Australian V8 Supercar touring car championship in 2013. I really hope they do, to break up this two-horse race we have here, but the other half of my brain struggles to picture a 300C with a massive rear wing on it.. heh
It was alright but last years Built in Detroit had a better punch. Also Why does Ram get a logo next to Dodge? I don't understand that branding.
This was the best commercial and statement on the economy
This was mine too. So powerful, really captured the spirit of America and what this great country is all about. Sure, maybe we did have to bail them out, but I think this commercial is about more than just that, it's about America. Always the innovative one. Always the powerful one. We're the "sleeping giant." Great job +Chrysler!
liked this one too, good message.
+Jason Vermillion they were LOANS, not bailouts.
Also +Vic Gundotra the underpowered Jeep is a thing of the past. New engines & transmissions for 2012. Much more power. We just bought one
+Scott Monty , a ford exploder you say? How good is that sticky throttle? The power is always on!
I can't speak much of the vehicles (I've never owned a Chrysler), but the auto industry can't really save Detroit. Automation has reduced their labor needs so radically that even if the big three became as dominant as they once were, they would still be employing less than a quarter of the people that they did at peak.

Detroit is a lesson for any region about being overly dependent on one type of industry.

(I grew up in Toledo, which is essentially a suburb of Detroit. The decline of the auto industry completely devastated the area; half of the people that I know from highschool moved away, and those that stay don't seem very optimistic)
nice ad... think you have to be a yank to like but - very patriotic
Nothing says "American Made" more than Dirty Harry !!!
Reminds me of a old joke... what does mopar stand for... move over people are racing... or what's another name for mopar...slo-par...
+Gordon Murphy better than toyota... I loved their slogan during the throttle fiasco... "Never Stop Moving Forward" :)
You rented the wrong Jeep for the trip, Vic ... which model was it? The new Grand Cherokee is marvelous. The folks at Chrysler are doing a heck of a job turning things around.
One of my favorites would have to be the John Stamos Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt ad.
Same sensibility as their Eminem ad from last year. Love it.
This is the kind of message I would like to hear from our "leaders" in DC. Alas, all we get is bickering and blame. But this was a great message.
Agree about the commercial, puzzled by your Jeep experience. I've been driving Wranglers in Colorado for 20 years, haven't yet found a hill I can't climb.
The commercial was eh the song sux but the phone looks cool...that's about it
Was refering to the samsung commercial
When I buy an auto (yea, I'm one of those), I'm willing to consider Chrysler because of this ad. I haven't the foggiest what auto I'll ultimately get, but an ad this strong is worth at least a glance. 
Tony Ng
I like the ads, but cmon guys, theres a reason american cars are not sold overseas. I know you want to protect jobs but the US auto industry is not internationally competitive, and all the govt does is keep subsidising it to save these jobs
I used to own an Escalade...... the biggest pile of crap ever.... its a Tahoe with a boob job and just as high maintenance as a gold digger with a boob job... o currently have a 1997 Grand Cherokee.... I use it for camping and beach trips.... the clock is pushing over 200K and she starts right up and runs as strong as the day she came off the lot... my daily driver is an Audi though and my heart belongs to that fine German engineering lol....
Powerful commercial. I just hope we can find a new head coach for the second half...
Good luck to them. I grew up in a rust belt city, and they've all been struggling with recovery for decades now. These cities don't lack for determination, culture, history, merit, or anything but jobs. For a want of sustainable middle-wage industries, they bleed their youngsters to the rest of the world.
Yes, I like this commercial, too. I was just waiting for them to start playing Eminems' song "Not Afraid". Would've been a classic!
+Bob Jeselnik They were bailouts. They had no money, barely any collateral, poor prospects, and their credit rating was in the tank. Nobody else was lending anything to them. If we hadn't given them money, they would have gone under. It doesn't have to be a gift to be a bailout. Make no mistake, this was the very picture of a bailout.
Any given sunday + Al Pacino+ Eastwood!
How desperate do you have to be - and how insecure about the value of your actual product offering - to try to make consumers buy your stuff because of the emotions stirred up in a commercial as this one ... sad :(
Guess I'll be the thorn. I disagree. How many Millions went into having this commercial play during a football game? The commercial itself wast even that intense. Some guy talking, while the cut scenes were probably stock footage from somewhere. Doesn't make me want to buy a Dodge any more, if not a little less. They don't need my money if they can afford to pay Mr Eastwood to talk for thirty seconds.
Rob ert
great pictures and Client Eastwood ... just had to be great ;-)
+Vic Gundotra Regarding rentals: often rentals get 'fleet' engines, which end up de-tuned. Why the auto manufacturers do this is beyond me - it's basically just insulting their cars to anyone who rents one.

This may just be my experience, though. I got a rental mustang once and my prius would destroy that thing performance-wise, it really made me negative on the whole mustang brand.
Anybody think to ask... "Why is Chrysler - a company majority owned by Fiat, an Italian company - paying millions of dollars to have a popular American actor talk about how American it's comeback is?"... Especially when it paid back its TARP money at a 1.3 Billion dollar loss to the American taxpayer?
I wonder what we will think of all this when oil will finally be over...
The commercial was great all the way up until they mentioned Government Motors
So, have they started making reliable, fuel efficient, small cars yet? Judging by the choice of the narrator, and by the words about the "roar of the engines" - probably not. Why buy one then?
Inspirational commercial, sad part is, not many people outside of Michigan truly understand the impact big three have on millions of people in Midwest. I remember having an intense debate with fellow googler about the auto bailout. From outside it is very easy to say that let them die (or bankruptcy). I am so happy that big three is back again, so many family impacted by this (including mine).
Thank you +Vic Gundotra for sharing the ad again. As a Michiganian I want these companies to not just survive but once again become entrepreneurial leader just like they used to.
Best ad of the bunch! Though only Clint Eastwood and his words could inspire me to be a better, proud American...and within us all is the power, strength, and perseverance to become the change that this country needs, I am frighten of the future becoming, the environment in pain, the loss of the means of production, stagnate and inept government, and the super powers of corporations, this commercial may not be enough. Plus, Im more interested in the new Acura NSX!
niceone... love Clint's naration, the depth it has provided the lines, they leave an impact on you!!
The only kind of trip that requires the engine to roar is the ego trip. My engines always purr.

Speaking of ski trips. During my last one, I drove a Mercedes Vito. It took 9 people and a significant amount of gear up the mountain as if it was driving empty around the neighborhood, without any drama at all.

Driving these 9 people ~700 km (~430 m) cost me 135 euros ($177) in fuel.
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NFL Properties LLC
Isn't that a tad hilarious, considering it is a commercial from Chrysler?
+Lars Fosdal Yeah, it's really ridiculous. I've got the game on TiVo and we could have potentially skipped all the commercials. Now we actually want to watch a commercial, and it's taken down due to copyright claims? Here I thought the point of commercials was to have it seen by the largest amount of people.
+Lars Fosdal Exactly... posted it underneath the shared post... you're the first one here.... Can't find another copy... so far.... bizarre :-(
Well, fortunately there are numerous other versions of the video. As for the video itself - I found it depressing, not because there is a second half, but because it did actually depict the first half as lost, and - looking at the current political race - there is no significant change in game plan, because if a politician tries to make changes - the big money puts a stop to it. I worry for the end of the second half.
Matt B
+Jacques J.J. Soudan yeah, got the same - seems like someone pulled the trigger too eagerly :/

anyway: awesome video, hats off to Mr. Eastwood !
<3 Detroit :)
.......and now, I'm getting that the commercial is no longer available due to a copyright claim by the NFL. That has truly made this post tragically symbolic of America's #1 problem. Heres an ad promoting Americas phoenix rise.... unavailable due to the lawyers.
"This video is no longer available, due to a copyright claim by NFL Properties, LLC"

See, We don't need SOPA or any other new IP protection legislation. Just tweak what already exists and works!
Chrysler will be so happy the NFL blocked their add so less people can see it.
Yea that's stupid I wonder if they block it off the DVR??? wth has our country came too?
This is mind-bogglingly stupid... you don't want people to see an advertisement for your product????

First they complain that DVRs, Bittorrent etc. allow users to skip ads, then when users go to see an ad, it has been pulled.
It may be that the nfl llc expects to be paid for each view.
+Vic Gundotra The internet should be free... It should be illegal to copyright zeros and ones.
I agree. It makes no since to have this up and then take it down is one of the reasons I hate sports.
+Vic Gundotra We've had a Chrysler 300 for the last 6 year and all we do is spend money fixing it... I'll never by a Chrysler again.
As someone originally from the Detroit area who is currently unemployed -- this ad hit home. Loved it.

If the NFL is really in a fit over it -- they will give me an excuse to formally remove them from my television viewing schedule next fall as an appropriate response.
It should be a felony to issue a DCMA takedown notice for something you don't actually own.

I actually found this thread by googling for the ad + "NFL Properties", looking for who else has noticed this. I'm glad people are taking note.

For the moment, if you would like to verify for yourself that there's no conceivable grounds for NFL to assert any claim, someone has uploaded it here -- and presumably it will continue to spread (and presumably Chrysler would approve!):

"It's Halftime in America" Chrysler Commercial from 2012 NFL Championship Game
nice ad, but no actual link to cars whatsoever. preferred eminem driving around motorcity in the 300 !
+R.J. Cichocki - I wanna say about a year ago (if not a bit longer) , Chrysler split Ram into its own division. Hence the two logos. IIRC, the split was so Dodge wouldn't drag Ram sales figures.
Boy do they not get it!!! A chance for it to be shown to additional millions and its blocked ??? I love football, but hate some of the decisions that the NFL corporation makes - like Thursday night games no on broadcast channels :(
+R.J. Cichocki Ram had to become a separate brand to more easily meet fuel efficiency standards.
I thought it was big of the car manufactures to come together and give a little hope back to Americans, hopefully they'll give back more jobs too!
I am separating it's value as a commercial from it's value as a message. Whoever wrote the words to this should be proud. This is a stirring piece of poetry!
That was pretty moving. Other advertisers could learn a thing or two from this commercial about how to appeal to their audience on a deeper level.
Seeing that the video is blocked is hilarious. It's even blocked on Chrysler's own website. Hopefully you get this snafu fixed soon.
"This video is not longer available........"
I liked the commercial too. While I realize its a commercial and not a full blown diagnosis of America's woe's, I also didn't like it too. Alot of America's problems are due to the mismanagement of the gov. Billions are spent on wars yet the gov talks about cutting back programs. Imagine if we reinvested those billions in America instead of foreign wars.
It it sort of ironic that a Google exec like +Vic Gundotra posts a video on a Google property from another Google property for a Chrysler ad that gets blocked by the NFL. A great example of the absurdity of the DCMA. They blocked a firkin advertisement! Isn't the purpose of an ad to get as many people as possible to watch?
Endorsement from +Vic Gundotra and the #NFL block the video, #chrysler will hopefully have better agreements/partners in the future... Blocking and pulling content is for companies who doesn't understand the internet and should stick to print ads and compact discs...
+Jeff Johnson #akamaifail "To unlock higher quality NFL video on, you will need to first install Akamai NetSession Interface"
Let's hope so re Chrysler. IMO Jeep is like Harley-Davidson - it has an appeal that has nothing to do with mechanical excellence (and I would never buy either).

Even more impressive to me than Mopar's turnaround have been Ford's hearing of the wakeup call before it was too late, and the "gummint takeover" and subsequent revaluation and return on taxpayer investment of GM.
Great post but unfair comment.

Comon' Vic. If you get the wrong car for your needs of course you're going to be disapointed with the results.
This is what I wish political ads would be like.
I wish I could watch, but my school blocked Youtube. So, I will watch it when I get home.
Why great and inpiring commercials always end up selling stupid SUVs and shiny computers ?
what do you expect it to be for? I can't believe it's not butter??
At the "discord" part, is that James Wendt, attorney of Craig Christy? Clearly, the source of all of America's problems. :P
I knew it was clint since second 1
Clint my mos says You´re my Dad!!!
One problem - the youtube version is not captioned,.
Hey +Vic Gundotra ..
"whats hot" link on G+ is rily cool... i was wondering if G+ would also integrate Google News with G+, and we can view news of our choice of category within the stream..It will be rily great, as we have to surf different sites and blogs for news..Google News integration will make G+ more engaging and more interesting..
..and our second half is about to begin.
you now it is so true i mean we are America can't just let life keep us down we have to stand togather and work as one you know a house divided can't stand on it's own so lets get our game face on America
story idea for the onion: chrysler sue nfl for creating a buzz around the ad, causing more interest than their few remaining manufacturing lines can actually handle. according to a knowledgeable insider who was only willing to comment on the condition of anonymity (and is definitely not chrysler ceo richarm palmistry, no way!): `why do you think we never mentioned our brand in the ad? we lose money on every car we build - we don't have the budget for this!'

not only do chrysler win, there is also a bonus round, in which they are awarded the right to spank the legal team individually and collectively on ac360.

what else? oh yeah - story is quickly picked up and reported as news by dawn, afp, and the sun.
Not every company can make every product perfect. I have to agree with Vic's Jeep experience - a product that seems to have lived far more off it's ancient "brand identity" than by it's actual performance. I have also owned a Chrysler Intrepid, an excellent performing sedan that had a very good value - many features for modest cost.
I loved this commercial. It is possibly the most "American" thing I have heard.

With that said I find the irony the Fiat, an Italian company, is the parent company of the makers of this American commercial.
What kind of Jeep? I mean it's a brand name, and some of them are not designed with the image in mind that we typically associate.
Would've LIKED him to say "Go USA!" at the end when he looked at the Camera head on! This was the Very Best Commercial!
Conservative thinking at its best. Nevertheless, more of the same is not what this world(including America) needs right now.
Wow. When i heard the estwood's vioce. I went transported in other dimension. Excellent produccion. I give a A+

Appreciate your view of the commercial! It was a good commercial. You should try a new Jeep instead of one that has been beaten up by the rental companies. Those are typically the lower end Jeeps anyway that are sold as "Fleet" vehicles.
Thank God we live in a country where we are free enough to exhibit hatred towards such a positive message. The thought that people died for my freedom of expression makes me think twice before I spit out the first ugly words that pop into my head. This commercial has a strong message that deserves reflection.
It doesn't bother you that that they are actually selling you cars here? This kind of manipulation is just insulting to me; "we all pulled together and saved Detroit", but we had nothing to do with it. The opinion of the American people means exactly zero, for several decades now, on any policy that matters; Labor, health, education, war, anything that affects you and me is not the concern of the people who brought you that stirring message. Did they mention how Detroit was decimated? why American industry is decimated? why the standard of living has fallen for 40 years straight while the elite wealth has exploded?
No, they sure didn't, they brought you an awesome fantasy so you won't go there.

Sorry, but I think reality is the first thing that is needed to save this country. (and fewer cars would solve a lot of problems as well:)
I believe in America, too, and all that. But, I'm just seeing a car commercial. A Super Bowl car commercial, true. But a car commercial.
Can't believe they really spent 14 Million dollars to get that viewed, not to mention what it must have cost to get Eastwood.
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