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Thank you all for making the past week at Google I/O so much fun.
I'm now about to take a little time off, so I'm going to drop off the public grid for a bit. 

My summer really starts now. This is the song I'm using to kick things off. 
See you back here in a few weeks. 

It's not about what you've done
It's about what you doing
It's all about where you going
No matter where you've been
Let's go!
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Have a great time Vic.  Thank you again.
After all that, you sure as hell deserve a break.  Enjoy it, and we'll see you when you get back!
not available in our country. not fair.
Have a nice summer! Tank some energy and then rock the world with Google Developer Days. :)
Have a good vacation, you deserve it after that I/O, best yet!
"Not available in your country" How ironic, pretty much like any other media content from Google.
Glad to see you're taking some time for yourself after dedicating so much of it to making everyone else's life a little easier.  Amazing work, people like you are the reason that Google is such a great company.
"It's also about Apple suing Android and you guys should really start pateting stuff to bring Apple down" Just saying...
Vic... Great show! Love the innovation. However, what are you going to do about the latest patent ruling regarding apple blocking all sales of the Galaxy Nexus in the US? The patent system is a mess and needs to be fixed..
Have and awesome summer! :-)
Have a fantastic vacation, you we're great on stage... Don't worry about the Apple lawsuit injunction thing against the Galaxy Nexus. The people are behind you.
Jia Li
Google IO is just awesome,have a nice vocation^O^
Have a nice vacation! You and your team deserve it so much. Bring us back some nice pics for us to be jealous :)
Get some good rest. You deserve it sir. 
Great job at Google I/O; enjoy a nice, relaxing break! :)
Son Dao
You did a great job at the Google I/O! Enjoy yourself and I can't wait for four next big thing!
Enjoy the vacation. Greetings from Switzerland.
Thanks for the song. Enjoy your vacation!
Have a great holiday and don't forget your plussers!
Google I/O was great this time.... looks like Google has found its lost mojo... :) ... Google glass stunt was awesome!
Thanks for all the new things...enjoy your summer Vic
Have a great vacation, and thanks to you and Google for making I/O such an open event for those of us who couldn't attend in person!
Enjoy the break the Google team is kicking ass.
Thanks for this great work and thanks for the Google Plus IPad app !! Really enjoyed the Google I/O !! 
I have a question guys: Is there a video of the Key Note Day 3 of this past io
have a good rest homie... get rid of that unwanted stress brought by the juvenile baby boomers working at Apple
Thanks +Will Welch ...I watched both Day 1 and 2 and was looking for 3. Thanks for your reply.
Congrats for the way you handled Sergei"s interruption. Your smile and your body language showed us a team player. And the fact that you called Hugo for the big ending was A-1. My respects. You gave us a couple of leadership lessons. 
+Vic Gundotra  Congrats on Google IO 2012! you are a powerful and inspirational public speaker, keep up the great work, enjoy the well deserved vacation.
Enjoy your break,  you deserve it! 
Thank you and all Google Team for making this IO such an amazing event! Now I will overthink my decision of switching to iphone... Thank god there's jelly bean! XD
Being at I/O 2012 was mind blowing, I'm really optimistic about the future of being in Google's ecosystem, enjoy your well deserved time off.
Hey Vic, go rest your body and soul, but keep your mind sharp, focused and healthy.Come back with some wonderful ides that our friends on the other side will not be able to SUE us.Thanks a million and God Bless.
This years I/O was amazing!! Credit to the awesome Google team!
Keep up the high and motivated spirit. Google and the work that you do will prevail!!!! was a great event...
Thanks Vic & the entire Google #IO12   team for organising such a great conference. It provided a much needed insight into where Google is heading. Now all I have to do is figure out how to pack all the new toys in my luggage ;)
Hey Vic give us customized url for google + so that we can print that on our visiting cards
Google needs to buy RDIO. Make it happen Vic. And have a nice vacation.
+Vic Gundotra Please have the team fix the contact photos, they are so ugly on my HD screen...
Have a safe & an enjoyable vacation. Getting so many great stuff to release on IO12 would have been quite exhausting. :)

Hoping to have you come back with more g+ updates. ;) :) :)
+Vic Gundotra it's a well deserved vacation! Congrats on great first year with G+!!

Also great song! I hadn't heard it before ans your post just prompted me to buy it from the Play store.
Enjoy your vacation +Vic Gundotra make sure you get some relaxation - you looked a bit jittery after being interrupted mid speech by the glass demo.....
''The uploader has not made this video available in your country.''  whats that supposed to mean?
You completely deserve it +Vic Gundotra. Thank you for all of you and your team's hard work over the past 12 months. It's been a great journey so far and I can't wait to see where we go from here!
Please launch nexus in new Zealand and india . 
To be honest, your kinda my favorite Googler :)
Sam A.
And neither in Australia !
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