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Having a fun day at work today.
Go +Project Glass!
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This project is so important. It really needs to be beta tested in France. Now if only we could find someone in France willing to do that. I may be able to find someone for you. +Vic Gundotra
Rae O.
can't wait for the women's styles! Or any that are available!
It pays to be the king... ;) I'm very much looking forward to seeing what +Project Glass has to offer in the future. I'm also very envious of the Google Engineers that get to on technology such as this.
Please Vic, upload some pictures taken with those glasses.
You should attach it to the eyebrows with some kind of velcro! That way you get rid of the lonely wire.
Cool, Vic you should have made a voice post to G+ through the glass!
High quality glass specialized for a new or better vision.
Do you need beta testers??? Where´s the batery???
How about a dual screen setup.......hint,hint.
Cool! Where's the sign-up for beta testers?
+Vic Gundotra does it give you a head ache? will it make you cross-eyed? I just remembered an old Steve Martin movie the Jerk... :)
I think if they could incorporate a solar charger on the rim... imagine out biking and your battery charges as you go...
I think I need glasses as well. If I look half as cool as +Vic Gundotra that's good enough for me, I would have no problem if you would like to send a pair to me, to try out. :-)
Looks good, but am I only one who is concerned about the readability of the display positioned so close to the eye? Human eye can't focus on thinks so close to it...or am i wrong?
+Lukas Najman The optics are arranged so that the image is focused at a comfortable apparent distance of a few metres.
When can developers get a hold of these beauties?! There's so much potential here...
+Colm Buckley So if I get it right, the actual image is some kind of blurred, and when you focus on things few meters in front of you, you see it clear?
If i recall correctly, the glasses are "driven" by voice commands. While I applaud the forward thinking, given how poorly voice recognition works, I can't imagine using voice to drive the glasses. I've had terrible experience w/voice recognition and that's been a common experience of ppl I've surveyed. The transcriptions are so bad in google voice I've given up on trying to read them.
Probably also eye tracking.
How well does the geo positioning work? I've tried out a few Augmented reality apps and they all suck (more or less) because of dodgy satellite tracking when you move around and between buildings...
Ging De
Voice recognition = no privacy. That's a major problem.
just curious if google will cash out on this project by displaying ads "relevant" to user behavior, location etc.
and yeah, pay your way for the clean ad-free version, maybe?
I dont know what +Jim Hawks has specifically had issues with but I have no issues with Google's Voice search. As far as the transcriptions in Google Voice goes, I can totally see why it wouldn't work as well since the voice mail's are recorded in 1920's telephone fidelity.

Which is a whole issue in itself. Why in 2012, are cell-phone-to-cell-phone voice calls still using 100 year old fidelity? There is no reason why cell calls cant be like you are right next to the person anymore.

You should've brought those to CTIA so I could've borrowed them to navigate the show floor
I would love to beta test both this and the automated driving tech Google's been working on. Talk about innovation!
I don't think I've ever been so excited about an upcoming product. I can't wait to buy it!
so how exactly does project glass display the interface to you?

Does the eye piece have a LED screen on it?

Or is there something a bit more advanced here?
it's the same magic that they apply to Google Reader of course Brent.
Whoa.. +Vic Gundotra -- how are these to wear? Whats your first hand review of the glasses? Without giving away too much to the competition and photocopiers....what can you tell us ;-)
Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
+Mark Foltz -- I'm sure Microsoft is trying to patent it already....which is why I asked -- what can he share without giving away too much ;-)
Okay, you make them look good. I'm convinced....I want a pair.
Yep...he does make them look good, I wonder if I can wear them over my prescription lenses. Ofcourse, the Lasik folks can make a killing...get Lasik - so you can wear the Google glasses!
Don't let Verizon Wireless come withing 1000 feet of this! They messed up your Nexus and your Wallet.
Feature "Glass" the next James Bond, Sci-fi, SEAL Team 6, or Super Hero movie, and let the movie studio talent style and popularize it.
make sure to turn them off before crossing the street!
Aww want thoose glasses :D
An awesome enhancement would be if they could also act like real glasses. Getting the details and project it onto the eye, hello supervision :P Glasses emulate glasses.
What about people who already have glasses (like me ) some kinda special edition for 'em ?
If Google need to know ,is it work or not in Thailand? Send it one to me and i give u a test result. hahahahahaa...
how hard is it to wear this on top of your own original glasses? i thought you wore glasses.
So is this how they are fixing that 3+ year old issue of pixalated Contacts images?!?! Use these new glasses and the images are no longer pixalated?!
+Surbjit Singh If you think about the glasses as an accessory to your phone (much like the Pebble e-paper watch), you will still have your smartphone with you to reply by typing on it if you want to.
+Vic Gundotra You trendy geezer you.

So are you allowed to give opinion after your days use. Wondering how you got on with them. Ease of use, usefulness. That sort of thing.

I know you can't talk specifics but would love to hear your opinions now you've tried them out for real.
Bring the future to the now! Google baby!
MO Mdr
I hate you for teasing me ;)
Hello Vic,
these glasses are better than your old glasses. Remember ? I had commented on your old ones before. You should keep these, these are really cool.
The camera should be in middle not in the right side..!
think about it.
ahhh, i want to try :)
The big question... is that a working prototype or a wire frame?
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