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Samsung Galaxy S3.

26% battery left after almost 14 hours of usage! Wow.

+Samsung Mobile USA !!
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Roy West
It's because you're such a light user of the phone and its features...
Meh, the Galaxy Nexus is still better :)
Ward A
+Vic Gundotra is that with power usage (like tons of email / text / gtalk etc etc)? My Galaxy Nexus eats battery like it's getting paid for it.
No... That time after being unplugged. 
my Galaxy SII running CM9 nightlies I usually have 40% left after 15 hrs of usual use.
And from the looks of it, that's on VZW LTE. That's really good.
The battery tends to last longer for the lonely guys
don't believe that, as a galaxy  nexus user~ sorry
That's almost as good as my Note.  I charge it maybe every third day, and it's my primary email and secondary web browsing device.
Wow. My LG Optimus V is lucky to get more than a handful of hours on idle in my pocket.
Now you are just rubbing it in. I cant believe I have to wait until 7/11 for verizon to get them in stock!   #jealous  
Pointless without mentioning the screen on time. But seeing it below cell standby indicates it being used sparingly.
You should see mine.. it's like a steep cliff that you could get hurt on. :)
Cell standby if at 32% looks like a lot of the phone just sitting around
4.0.4 is killing it, and the Linaro tweaks are going to really put battery life out there!
I get roughly two days of usage out of my SGS3 (international). Samsung sure got the important parts of this phone right.
With push mail on my Galaxy Nexus (sadly Exchange...), I only get 5 hours with the extended battery. +Ward Anderson ,  I can measure the battery in terms of number of emails received - around  an email per mAh actually (beer mat calculation, sadly minus the beer)
I'm running 60-72 hrs on RAZR MAXX including taking lots of photos.
my phone doesnt last 14 hours even if i turn it off
Nice. I can't help but notice "Android OS" and "Android System" are separate entries... isn't that redundant, or at least vague? "Operating System" and "System" are different things in this context?
#razrmaxx  is a beast of a phone. If the GS3 doesnt quite work i'll be going back to the RAZR especially since its getting ICS
During a standard day 10-12 hours I'm getting around 4.5 hours screen on time out of my S3 battery. (I text a lot).

It still has bugs and flaws through it right now. Buggiest touchwiz I have used yet but it's all little things that can mostly be solved by a reboot. 
It took me 10h 21m of hard play to drain mine, including a whole episode of Firefly streaming from Netflix. I was most impressed.
+ Vic Gundotra,
Is that the International version or the USA one?
Also what carrier you are using?
I'm using the GALAXY nexus now in Tmobile & just ordered the white version of Tmobile GALAXY S3.
Wow, my old DroidX is nothing compared to this (4 hours battery life on regular use). Can't wait until I get my pre-order!
+Robert Norris Hills Try using MightyText to text from your computer instead, when you're around it - it's faster, too =) If you haven't heard of it, it's a great web app that syncs with your phone. 
+Pkmmte Xeleon the DroidX has different batteries - you can pickup the higher capacity battery for a bucks on Amazon.  That's the one good thing about older phones with removable batteries - there are often a couple of different capacities available.
Would like to see the usage over time and the variations of battery burn vs that time. Be good to show at +O'Reilly Velocity Conference this week. But the topic is on the schedule 
I use this phone, but why the battery discharges rapidly, despite the fact that I should start saving and rarely use the Internet. .... promised greater
Is that 13 hours with continous of screen on?
I've a feeling they have about 5,500 of those babies waiting to be distributed for #googleio
Thanks +Alex Murphy I used mighty text for months while it was in beta but have recently started using air-droid for that purpose :-) Most of my texting is done of a night on the couch tho haha. 
Screen 20%.. I guess screen on is between 2 to 3 hours...
try a RAZR Maxx for really impressive numbers... ;) 
better than my Nexus S, then, which is down to about 25% after 12 hours of very light usage. On a busy day, it's dead by lunchtime :(
happy to read that they made good on that commitment.
wow.. with 4G, too? that's pretty good!
GNex the one from play store gives way better battery life. Clearly, in this case the cell standby percentage is too high. I get 4hr 10min screen time on my Gnex with Wifi on all the time. This is a better way of telling battery life because it connects to usage better and because screen is one of the most power hungry components.
Pretty impressive if this is not an unlocked phone. Otherwise, not so much.
I get better on my first gen HTC evo. Something is wrong :P
Recharging is quick, too. I go from 3 to97 percent in about an hour and15minutes
See, the cell standby is the one with the most battery used. It means the phone was never really activated much. In that case 14 hrs is not at all good..
On my galaxy s2 I get>20 hrs usually
On my Galaxy Nexus using Juice Defender on normal settings, two Exchange accounts configured (that get e-mail all day long), a POP3 account, GMail, G+, I typically get 15-18 hours.  I can push 20-21 hours if I am not looking at my phone too often.

Today, I am at just shy of 15 hours with 13% of the battery left.  I have  used 2 hours of screen time, over 30 minutes of CPU time for Exchange Activesync, a few voice calls using a Bluetooth speakerphone, and I listened to a playlist from Amazon MP3 Cloud Player during my 30 minute run at the gym.  Most of my data usage is wireless - but wireless is fairly available most places and certainly at work.

My recommendations - use WiFi wherever possible, use Juice Defender to turn off the data radio when you aren't using it, keep you screen set to automatic brightness, and minimize use of 4G unless you absolutely need it.
juice defender causes problems :P powercontrol is awesome :P
Currently on 72% after 15 hours of light to moderate use of a Galaxy Note. Still I am, and will continue to be, disappointed in the advances of battery technology as long as I can't go for at least a week without charging. The current state of battery life on smartphones is just ridiculous. The same goes for laptops, electric cars, etc. We need super batteries now.
It significantly increases CPU load causing more power burn and general performance loss,  I do have singlecore, so this is particularly an issue. Also re-establishing connections when you have bad signal is hell.

Using properly configured powercontrol (like from cyanogen), saves an enormous amount of power with no performance loss on the other hand.

I suggest custom havs kernel, plus a good lightweight rom.

I am running a 60MB version of cyanogen 7.2. 

Interestingly, the #1 biggest battery save besides powercontrol, was actually manually calibrating autobrightness to disable buttons, and actually save battery.
The nexus get good battery and I think if the s3 didnt have TWiz it would last longer. and you cant compare the maxx to anything. It has 3,300 mAh battery so yes it will at last any other phone. It is like having a 500HP engine in your car and saying yeah mine is faster than your same car with the 180HP. Show me a phone with the same mAh battery then we can compare battery life
I can get this on my Galaxy Nexus but the point is we need some better battery tech bit until then 2100mah batteries should be the norm for smartphones
We CAN compare razr maxx, since its no thicker :P
Uhm, if we had better battery tech, then 2100mah batteries would just be smaller
Wait, I'm still trying to figure out if this is bragging or bitching...
My galaxy nexus last almost 23:50 hours of normal usage.. so not impressed with the galaxy s3 battery life
+Padmanabha Hosmane I think your experience is far different from most GN owners.  I have read several reviews that the phone call quality is outstanding and my own personal experience bears that out.  As noted earlier, I get great battery life.  I did have the heating issue you note, but it only happens when it is working overtime to try to stay connected to the data network.  In bad signal areas, many phones will heat up because the radio is working overtime.
I am at 43% right now after 15+ hours. I say that's pretty good for a manufacturer stock UI with a custom kernel as opposed to stock Android on the Galaxy Nexus. 
That's not to bad on stock Samsung Firmware, get flashing some third part ROMs and you should get a lot more as you would know. My GNex out lives my wifes stock S3 currently... but that will change once i tinker with it. 
I can't wait for July 10th. I'm currently using the original Galaxy S. Which is still a great phone.
Xin Li
I was all about this phone until I found out the US version is crippled with only a dual core snap dragon processor.  What a disappointment. 
Second everything +Padmanabha Hosmane said except for, mine is Google Nexus One.  Heats up, locks up, poor battery life, and on top of it, the sheer ridiculousness of the 190MB (!) application storage memory limitation that basically cripples the phone.  That - from Google?
I also think that my battery still something wrong. I'm a little disappointed because I charge every day, starting with the first day of my purchase. Although some work with the phone. Can someone explain to me? do not understand ....
This is normal since most of your power consumed by being idle 
+Padmanabha Hosmane Where did you buy your nexus? I got mine from the play store. It definitely has the heating issue if I use my device very heavily for 2 hours. Otherwise it is just amazing. None of the other issues you mentioned. And battery life is just great. 
My Evo V gets about 10 hours with 25% left. I think having ICS helps.
+Padmanabha Hosmane OK, I missed that you got your phone from verizon. That does suck. I have the international version. No problems with that. I call India so often from USA. Never had issues in the Massachusetts area. 
screen was on only 26% not that impressive. my nexus one can go 24 hours easily. 
It's a beast of a phone :-) but I personally will only buy Nexus series android phones :-D 
Dung Ho
wow, very impressive !!
raju m
excellent sir...........
Mr, would you please buy for me a Samsung Galaxy SIII, I dont have enough money for purchase it.. :(
Viet La
Is it after 14 hours surf the web on 4G or just stand by?
can i have one too i never had a cellphone mom says i cant get one
Nice. Now if only it could stop discharging inside your pocket! (lol, jokes)
And you have call standby leading the list, ahead of your screen? Either the phone spends a lot of energy standing by, or you had it for 14 hours in your pocket without turning on the screen. Seems strange either way.
My Galaxy Nexus did better battery life than that
I get 35+ hours on my Galaxy Nexus with AOKP and Franco's kernel and that is with quite a lot of usage
Did you browse or access multimedia content online .

The devil details are in what usage the phone was in 14hrs 
+Noam Gal If you are in a place with bad reception, it can look like this, too. Very impressive ~14 hours with that cell standby  consumption.
Just posted my one x stats recently, 39% after 17+ hours of use including enterprise exchange email and Bluetooth streaming audio
It's not "wow".
"26% battery left after almost 14 minutes of usage" can be "wow". In negative sense.
Even "26% battery left after almost 2 days of usage" is not "wow". It's just normal.

My Motorola Defy+ (Android 2.3.5) works on one charge for 2 or 3 days. And on experiment when I hadn't launched games on phone it worked almost 5 days on battery.

Something wrong with this Samsung.
I need samsung galaxy III. Who can get me one
Actually my HTC evo can't go past 54 hours, even when I don't touch it, in almost constant deep sleep, with 3g, data, and wifi off, just using "cellular standby"
I think Samsung should give users a choice between TouchWiz and Holo (native ICS) interface
When I was young watching StarTrek I never thought I will have to charge my communicator everyday to be sure it can last till next morning (Galaxy S II, true story even with gps off, and wifi most of time off)
+Peter Mikus Use a dumb phone, with a big battery and you don't have to. Run android on hspa+ with data sync disabled, using pure voice commands, theoretically it wouldn't either.

Also, communicators seem to not be very range limited... quantum entanglement? 
The current battery life will never meet our needs~ 
Smartphones are like having a tamagotchi. I you dont feed it every day, it will die.
Thing is, we're being given lithium ion batteries... if we had lithium polymer batteries, but were only allowed to drain them down to 20%, we'd actually be better off :P
I can't decide which phone I should get htc or samsung?
I 'm eligible for a new one.
lee Li
This test is not normal.If you use  the phone as normal,the power consumption of screen wiil rank  first.
Lee li, thats not true with an amoled screen. They use way less power than LCD.

+Nana Bagaturia , I'd go with the samsung
That's pathetic! Can't you make a phone that runs for 24 hrs on one charge?
I am spoiled with the RAZR MAXX.  I charge it every other night.  It easily goes 1.5 days with heavy use.  If Motorola can put a 3300ma battery in a slim phone; why cant all manufacturers?
Great for an android phone...!
Can we see the breakdown over time? My gs2 will last anything from 4 hours (up early with baby!) to 24hrs (left it at home ;). With cell standby being the highest user it seems the day's usage is probably closer to the latter!

Not that any of this I'd see as an issue. At the end of the day, I can do so much with this phone: if I do it all, of course the battery will run low! 
This is the first time I see cell standby more than screen.
Базару нет, обалденный смртфон! Айфон в сторонке курит :-)
+Julie Schippnick To be fair: No. I have both GNex and S3, the S3 is better in every way possible: display, performance, battery life, camera etc... I love my GNex but the S3 is a beast.
My One X is sitting at 23% after just over 20 hours of usage. These new generation smartphones are finally starting to get decent battery life.
Can't wait to see the new Nexus products!!!
Mine after 1 week still have 99% but is linked with car battery :)
Great phone... unfortunately comes with TouchWiz.
 +Vic Gundotra, you should push hard to spread the Nexus, pure Android everywhere.. I hope +Motorola Mobility was bought for this purpose too..  :)
Call standby 32%. When u use your phone how its ment to be, accu is empty in 30 - 35 hours
+Vic Gundotra I'm running a custom ROM with Android 4.0.4 on my HTC Desire-Z and it just rocks! With moderate usage I can easily get 2 - 2.5 days of operation on one full charge.
What's the joy of that? The fact that the phone for 14 hours ate 75% of the battery? Then weep not! Or all crafts from Samsung are hungry?
I have GUESS_WHO phone, 27 hours from the time of disconnection from the charge of which read 4 hours Google +, the rest of the time - normal operation: calls, SMS, a few games, listening to music in the subway. Remaining 65% of the charge. << google translate from russian.


А в чём радость-то? То что телефон за 14 часов съел 75% аккумулятора? Тут плакать надо! Или все высеры от самсунга такие прожорливые?
У меня САМИЗНАЕТЕКАКОЙ телефон, 27 часов со времени отсоединения от зарядки, из них 4 часа чтения Google+, остальное время - обычная эксплуатация: звонки, смс, немного игр, прослушивание музыки в метро. Осталось 65% заряда.
I can see why. You haven't done anything with it. The first application in the power list that you actually used is in sixth place! With the screen at only 20%, it shows that most of the time this phone has been in your pocket.

I can get a good battery result like that.
I thinking of decamping from the iPhone 4 for the S III when my contract expires next month. Still undecided.
Oh, it's about the same price p/m as the iPhone 4s. Same package.
I think that androids will come a great and bright future in a time when they start work without charging At least three days. And the first step towards this would be the promotion of top-end hardware with smaller screens. I would personally like to own a thread body SGS III levels of hardware but with a maximum of 3.7 inches of screen, and preferably also with the ios on board :)

And that trend is now some kind of depressing: Androids eat a lot and become more expensive than Apples, Apples and nothing can be tolerable to think in new releases of firmware and do some sad announcements, hoping to provoke the old and loyal fans.
Install CPU Spy and check the CPU usage.
Where's the meter that shows how long it is until the battery blows up?
me ask about that is this cell standby so best or not best?
LOL !! this is what you expect from a giant 2100 mAH battery with no non-google apps installed(as visible from batter consumption). Please be practical Mr. +Vic Gundotra  :)
how is that good? I have about 60% left after 14 hours with my GN (with no special usage)... and 20% screen usage doesn't seem much.
Mine is on it's way and gets here tomorrow.  Can't wait, going to be a huge improvement over my MyTouch 4G!!
iPhone 4. 42% battery after 24 hours of use. 
Got mine yesterday, all i can say is that ICS works perfectly well, battery is indeed strong, phone is incredible lightweight and I can't wait to start watching google io 2012 at work with it.
My old Nokia & SE: 14 days without recharge! ...and yes, I could browse ze webz and read emails.
My Verizon Galaxy Nexus with the extended battery gets great battery life too, and better yet, no TouchWiz bloat!
+Ulrik Borg I remember my very own Nokia's battery. Lasted like forever and I'm a super texting user.
thats not really heavy usage. If you can get more than 6 hours out of that phone with constant internet browsing/videos/games etc... ill be impressed.

My 4s is dead within 4 hours if im wasting time on 9gag or browsing the web...
amazing ! technology is sometimes beautiful
I left a galaxy tab 10.1 alone for a few weeks on standby running an ICS ROM. It got to 68 days on battery with 22% left. With a 2100mAh battery, 14 hours isn't great.
Yea that's misleading... you aren't using your phone half as much as most people use it for browsing, music, texting, etc.
+Daniel Bobke Well, physics is our friend. It's the lengthy journey from actual innovation to product on market that bothers me sometimes. There are interesting discoveries made all the time related to battery technology, we just have to wait so damn long for them to reach the batteries actually being shipped with real products.

Let me just make a random prediction. 15 years from now, a typical smartphone battery will carry 50 Ah in a unit about the size of a current phone battery. Of course I just made that up but I'm quite sure that the battery capacity of 2027 will be much closer to my prediction than to the batteries of today. I just want to get there faster.
That screens battery use is unusually low. I'm on 86% after 6 hours at the moment. 
most of the time mobile usage is idle..i see cell usage standby is higher than any process. if you have used mobile almost all of 14hours then screen should have been higher..anyway galaxy S3 battery is not that good..even though it boasts larger battery
I think u don't know how to use this phone or its showing flawed numbers
It's the PenTile display. Granted they're not as sharp of a display as the One X but, they should last longer and use less power.
Rob Ban
Could use some of that juice for my +HTC #OneX. A bit jealous I must say ;-).
+Baishakh Mishra Yes, but your phone has an underclocked cpu which helps provide that great battery life, it also doesn't have HSPA+ or LTE.  Oh and the S3 blows the iPhone 4 away. You're comparing apples to oranges.
That's wrong info i guess, I'd like to see the history details (screen on, awake)
Surly S3 is a bombo cant compare it to any phone as of now every thing is perfect on it
+Baishakh Mishra That's like comparing the gas mileage in a Prius to that of a Lamborghini. You buy the Lamborghini for a different reason than you buy the Prius.
If your phone can't get trough 3 days with regular use on 3g it will not last one day with heavy use on Lte. I hope Samsung will get their act together and finally use decent materials in their phones although heaving a replaceable battery is a clear plus. 
So can we get it added to the Galaxy Nexus?
That is awesome. I love my galaxy nexus but makes me a little envious!
What? And that's good?
I get at least 2 days from my Galaxy Nexus.
I don't get it... my Motorola Defy battery life lasts at least 24 to 26 hours, listening to music and using the internet and stuff. I think that 14 hours is pretty low.
This is WOW? Looks rather like epic fail. This is not a mobile phone, this is phone that you can carry with you, but do not go too far away from wall socket.
Oh Yes +Sergey F because you must routinely do 24 hour periods of parkour where you cannot get access to power!  Seriously, most people sleep for 6-8 hours a night, so as far as I am concerned a phone needs to last about 17 hours with medium use. 14/75%=18.5 hours battery life.  Thats just fine.
My Galaxy Nexus regularly gets 20-24 hours on a charge, but I am a pretty light user most of the time.  I plug it in every night though, because I can.
Wow, so that adds up to a grand total of 20h battery life? Tell me again how android is superior to iOS - my 9 month old 4S lasts over a day without even trying. 
+Edmond Lepedus Yah, you probably have exactly the same usage that Vic did so it is a good Apples to Apples (not punny) comparison.  Maybe your battery life is because of reduced battery usage because the screen on the iphone is so small.  I always forget how tiny the screen is until I have to use someone's iphone for a minute after using a modern android phone.
I wish i could own one.Have to charge my new androide almost every day.
i would be interesting to hear about the details of the use during this period of time. 
Samsung Galaxy ACE. 2 days 20 hours 53 minutes 31seconds. <3 My phone!
You've hardly used the phone!!
That's very cool.  Battery life is key...nothing dumber than a smart phone that needs a bump to make it through the day.  I loved the features on my Nexus, but traded out for the Razr Maxx for exactly that reason.  I wish the S3 had been available when I changed phones...
No. I've use What's App- Viber - Facebook - Instagram - couple of games - Internet like crazy - 9gag... And still :D <3
Wow, at least your didn't spontaneously combust! :)
wait a minute, my nexus s has a better battery life more than this, 14h with 36% left with full used..
wat phone is that?! i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This clearly can't be the LTE version. Because my Nexus guzzles battery power. 
твою ж мать... неужели нельзя было для HTC OneX подобную батарею сделать?
The cell standby is the top consumer? It looks like a light usage of the phone. Compared to my HTC Onex X, 62% after almost 22hours.
Bleh, getting jealous reading all this knowing that I have to charge my iPhone 4 several times per day... It might be an idea to consider the SGS3 after all
The UI is also pretty good I thought, it's not typical vendor bloatware, it looked like useful additions to the stock version, and doesn't slow the device down.
Ultimate will be to play angry birds or some intensive game that would be the test
Not to belittle SIII (love the weight and form factor), Galaxy Nexus with same size battery (2100 mAh), after 14 hours had 69% left (LTE on all day on VZW)
That is very impressive! Can't wait to see Jellybean tomorrow!
Tyler wants this phone soooo bad.  Trying to convince Bert since his was "mistakenly" taken at last weeks meet.  It looks cool!  :)
Thanks to the entire bay area having spotty-at-best 4g coverage!
+Vic Gundotra  No. Not wow. a mobile device that can't even run for 24 hours without a charge.. and you give it a wow? (and don't get me wrong.. +Samsung USA's Galaxy S3 is no different in any way from any other such device..)
Very sad to see how lack of innovation in the area of batteries (specifically) has simply paved the way for such an amazing wave of lowered expectations with so many people.
Next we will be surprised at electric cars that can get you to work AND back without a recharge (Amazing!) #not  
I know! Got mine yesterday and it's freakin awsome:-)
39% left after 13.5 hrs use on my GNex.
19% left after 52, that's right, fifty two hours of usage last night on my Nexus S.. should have snapped a picture
that's is just crazy.thephone is meant to have 36 hours. it's the cell standby bug. 
+Vic Gundotra, wow for samsung mobile USA but what about samsung mobile India. who didn't release the Latest galaxy Nexus. I am a huge fan of google and I don't want to go with any other android phone other then galaxy nexus. what should i do now. It is not available in Google play also :(
Please respond.
I unplugged mine at 100 percent two hours ago and it's already at only 75 percent and I've hardly touched it. Wtf. do we just sit and wait till they fix it? 
Still Love my SGS II , Because I don't have money to buy SGS III
Definitely an improvement over my GSII
+Ward Anderson When reading your post it made me double check the picture, most if that battery life was spent on stand by. Even more so than the screen, I doubt much using of the device occurred.

Unless... the GS3 is good at screen.
Can we expect this in the next version of the nexus phone?
That is confirmed cell standby battery drain issue on Galaxy S3, hopefully Samsung remove the bug soon.
I wonder how much battery life you could get without all the bloatware... I just removed 80 apk's/odex's from my Verizon S3. That's just silly... Come on +Samsung USA and #VZW  nobody wants that, and most people don't have the know how to remove it.
Contrary to the Twitter App the Google+ App sucks up a lot of battery in no time on my Samsung Galaxy S2, although it mostly shows a blank screen. The battery drains while it is constantly trying to connect and read data if the connection is weak, and sometimes even if the connection is good. Others have reported that the App chews up a lot of battery on the Galaxy nexus as well. 
+Vic Gundotra​: you seem to be on a 4G network. This has caused me the very same problem (but on a different smartphone/brand). Try temporary disabling it and check if your battery last longer! 
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