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We are rolling out vanity URLs now. Please be patient with us. Initial rollout is to a few thousand pages and verified people. In the upcoming months we will go further.

Custom URLs for profiles and pages: an update

Today we're rolling out custom URLs to thousands more verified (and well-known) brands and individuals. If you're part of this expanded roll out, you'll be prompted to claim your preapproved URL via email and/or when you visit your profile or page.

We’re making these changes over the next few days, and we’ll be offering custom URLs to many more profiles and pages in the future. We appreciate your patience in the interim, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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thank you! (not for me, but the community as a whole)
yawn - same promise like last year? When the Verified status would be opened "soon" to more people? I am still waiting for it. I was asked to verify the +Red Hat page that I own but I still seem to be unworthy of the Verified status myself.
Soooooooo , When will Google rolling out custom URLs for ordinary people ???
I'm verified, but not famous. Take your time with me :)
First come first serve? I had my profile before the other Doug Griffin's did. I'm just sayin'. :-)
Thats great +Vic Gundotra I know a lot of people are excited about this and are happy you guys have listened to them.
It's of no urgency to me. I've been a G+ since the beginning, and I haven't lost any sleep over a vanity URL. I'll be user 109850889841013796777 as long as I don't have to go back to Failbook.
Thank You, Thank You... +Vic Gundotra since +Google+ wont let me have tecjunkewizkid as my name only which I am admirably known as for over 15 yrs can you please get me on the list to have this as my vanity URL??? I REALLY would be appreciate it so I can direct people to my page...keep up the great work, early adopter of Google+ & I love it!!
I would like to be either verified and/or have a custom URL. It would free up one of my domains that I now redirect to my G+ profile page. Keep up the great work guys :D
Thanks for the info +Vic Gundotra :-)  A lot of people are wondering how they can get it, like those who've got it already. So this is the solutio: just beeing patient until it is rolling to one's profile ;-)
only verified pages can claim the URL?
Yes how do I get verified and also my Page
I'm so excited about this new announcement!
It's a great way to weed out the egotistical ass-kissing sycophants from my circles and make a (long) list of those not to add.
It's been a while since the 'verified' status promotion.
  Thanks Google!!
I'm already "verified," if you will, by my friends and family lol.  But my dad +John Maguire and I share the same name (and my grandpa before him) lol.  I just want to get my vanity URL before he does hahaha.  Sorry dad, but I want first.  

By the way, there are a LOT of John Maguire's on here now that I did a search.  Wow...
I'm jealous. I've seen a lot of pages celebrating their new URL, and I can't. =/
This might be the only time I want to be famous.
This was needed, thanks for making it work.
Not verified, no custom url for me. Will I survive? :-)
Is this for only Google+ pages, will Google+ profiles get this too?
Not that it may matter, but I have some reservations with the name.... "Vanity" URL ....... Remember a dialogue by Al Pacino in the film "Devil's Advocate"...... "Vanity is my favorite sin". It is like adding the fuel to fire in the ever self-important "social".
When someone or I type Thulasi Sreenath on Google search, first thing that comes up in the search results is my profile on G+. I'm more than happy with that. :-)
+Ramon Blake Guthrie Ultimately for both pages and profiles, but remember we're still in an early testing phase.  This won't be rolled out more generally for some time.
Great with new features, but please get picasaweb working as it used to do, now with the redirect to G+ it's broken.
Awesome! I'm so excited to have a custom URL now! I've been hoping for this ever since I joined G+. :) +1 to Google+ for finally making it happen!
This could definitely make me more inclined to share my Google+ link with people (when I get it!).
Thanks Vic! We were able to claim our vanity url this morning! :)
Thanks +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz  for the update. Hope the verified accounts feature is also rolled out to ordinary users very soon. Also vanityURL for pages should have some requirements such as being active and engaging or minimum number of +1s or people who circled them, else companies will just sign up for a page and vanityURL and never sign back into G+ again
Very much needed. You werent going to hear many "check us out on Google plus" in commercials until they can say "just type in +<product> in a Google search". Until then twitter and Facebook will be the go to
Any chance they will start rolling this out to us regular folk based on our sign up dates?
Unfortunately since the initial rollout are to some of the most-circled people, it gives the impression to readers that everyone has one but them.

Can I just have my Buzz profile name back?
I'm trying very, very, hard to be patient.  :D
Google, please stop this elitist catering. Roll it out to everyone with just some requirements like dozen followers, some sharing history and length of activity. I've been here from the beginning and I don't want to feel like a second hand citizen. Same with verified accounts and pages.
...I am unable to find the VERIFY ME menu option under my profile :)
Sounds exciting but I'm not holding my breath....
Can someone explain to me the marketing relevance of "slowly rolling out" features, which was several times the reason for Google+ slow adoption and deserting?
+Vic Gundotra Is there any timeline for those that are verified and were not included (such as myself) in yesterday's rollout? Today maybe? Maybe I'll just stop by the Google HQ in a few days when I'm out in San Francisco for VMworld :) Thanks Vic!
I am looking forward to getting my vanity URL soon, with 31,000 subscribers I would love to eventually get verified also. 
I would love to have this please please please please please ????? :)

It would be almost Christmas in July! ;)

Thank you!! :)
How do a commoner like me claim one please?
Google never pushes a project fully! Just like Ggogle Tv. Just introduce it half heartedly, then let it float or sink! May be the same with roll out too.
i vaguely remember setting this, I think, but now can't find the setting, and when I click my profile it takes me not to my sexy url but instead to my long string of numbers url which is only sexy to /some/ robots ... and now i'm wondering if that memory I have of setting my vanity url was just a wet dream :: tears ::

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