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Making +1s even more useful.
Launching now...
Discover posts that your friends have +1’d

Many of the best photos, articles and videos we find online are the ones recommended by friends. So we're making it easier to discover these recommendations in your Google+ stream. Starting today:

- We'll occasionally highlight posts that were +1'd by people in your circles
- And if you +1 a post, we may highlight it to your friends as well

Circles help you control who can see your activity, as well as what appears in your main stream. So with today’s launch:

- You can visit your settings to decide who, if anyone, might see your +1s highlighted in the stream:
- In all cases: friends will only see +1s and posts they already had permission to see, we’re just calling extra attention to them
- And of course: if you’re seeing too much activity from a given circle, you can always turn down its volume, or exclude it from Home entirely:

We're rolling out this feature over the next few days, so look for the new “+1’d this" header, and let us know what you think!

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I wish I had the ability to copy a comment. (Useful for the translation) (on mobile application) 
Seems a little facebooky at first glance.  For the most part I look to google+ for organic content.  Like many, I haven't used What's Hot in a long, long time.

I trust at least if I +1 on a limited post, my +1 won't be shown to friends not also privy to that post.
+Peter Billing if you +1 a post we never expand the audience to whom you shared. Always respectful of your choices!

How is this not throwing more unnecessary noise into people's streams? If there's something I like enough to want my friends to see it, I reshare it. 
How about protecting user privacy by making this opt-in instead of opt-out?
+Bliss Morgan its a great new mechanism for discovering new people and content. Try it out for a few days and let us know if you find it too noisy.
I don't like it at all. Pretty bad idea. 
How is +1'ing different than sharing now? Both may or may not cause my followers to see the post. I guess the difference is that sharing forks the comment thread while +1'ing doesn't? 
+Bliss Morgan there are lots of really valuable things this enables. For example imagine you and a friend (Lisa) have another friend (John) in common. Lisa doesn't even yet know John is on Google+. You love Johns posts and +1 them. We might show Lisa the content from John you +1'd. We also make it easy for Lisa then to add John to her circles.

Also some people (unlike you) who are just getting started have limited content in their streams. It's much better to show them +1d content from people they know than generic what's hot posts.

I could go on and on. It's a powerful feature. Of course if you don't like it, we make it easy to turn off us showing your +1s to anyone. 
Thanks for the feedback +Unai Yécora. You can disable the feature under settings if you like. But give it a try, its been an amazing mechanism for discovering people and content.
I actually Don't want my circles knowing what I +1.  Why?  Because that's the whole reason I left FB.  Some things I find funny and interesting but in reality it would tend to offend/be distasteful to certain people in my circles.  And these are people I WANT in my circles.  I like being able to keep things separate.  What I do on here I like to be for me.  I'd like to be the person in charge of what gets sent out to my circles.  If I find something funny that my circles need to see I'll share it with them.  Seems like now my +1s will have to be carefully planned and a lot less of them will be handed out by me.  Since I won't know where it's going to show up on who's stream.  :(  aka Facebook likes showing up in people streams.
+Ryanne Dolan with resharing you're adding your own commentary. +1s are more lightweight and a great way to discover interesting content and people you didn't know were using the product.
Yes of course, I find it very useful. I follow many U.S. communities and sometimes I need to translate. +Shimrit Ben-Yair 
Very frankly, I don't want this. It's like facebook where you like a post or comment on it shows up on someone else's timeline. I do hope I can turn this option off.... 
+Jose Navarro you have full control over who sees these +1s, in settings. You can set it to no-one, or all the way to public.
I love G+, but it's sad to see the way it's turning. From the most simple and clear social networking to the most full of noise. Is hard enough to get the content with the new design, and now you need to avoid more info that you don't want. 
+Jose Navarro Precisely! I despise facebook for doing that, and am really scared to see this coming to Google+ 
+Unai Yécora Query: Why would you have people in your circles that you were uninterested in occasionally being highlighted?
+Jose Navarro If I read Vic's post correctly, you can choose to have NONE of your +1's appear in other people's streams
It sounds interesting in theory but I think this will end up like FB where you'll get content that you don't want just because a friend liked it. I hope we can opt-out. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Yes I see that.  Of course I'm going to go in there now and turn all that off.  Like someone mentioned before.  Make it something you need to turn on if you like that sort of thing.  Not make us have to hunt it down to turn off.  Seems a lot of people will be forced into having it on without even knowing about it.  My main push to get everyone here on G+ 100 people and counting was that it wasn't like FB that you didn't get spammed for everything you were doing.  I'm not trying to be an alarmist as I love most of the updates that are coming out.  But this one.  This one I am not liking where it's heading.  Just my opinion.  
+Wayne May you can opt out under settings /apps and activities, when the feature is live. it's rolling out now.
Whoop whoop I like the sound of it
+Alwin Crasto we've been testing the feature internally and its a great way of discovering people and content. You can always turn it off under settings.
+Unai Yécora then u only must sort your circles.
This will be a increasing the social activity between the people here in G+.
Some people still saying G+ is a Ghost-Town because they see nothing from people they are circled.
+Alexandra Pedro you can opt out under settings/apps and activities. But give it a try, its a great mechanism to discovering people and content.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Ok, let me be more constructive. There's an idea. What if you put all this staff in the What's Hot page? As far as I know, most of the people don't use this section (is pretty useless really, too facebookish). Then, if users want to see more content or get bored of their streams, they can see a lot os stuff that your friends like. You can still find people, as +Vic Gundotra suggest.

Well, it's an idea. Hope you like, and sorry for my English (:
+Vic Gundotra 
> there are lots of really valuable things this enables.

Hm, me thinks, those things are valuable to Google only rather than to your users.
Sorry, just my 2 cents, but I favored G+ because it doesn't "spoil" my stream with "John Smith also liked...".

Don't try to be a copy of #Lamebook  - you're gonna loose that battle and, most important, you're gonna loose users.
Thanks for the feedback +Gregor S.. Try it out for a few days, we've found that instead of spoiling streams it makes them more interesting. But you always have the control to turn it off.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair as I said.  I love the updates that have come here.  I am one for picking the good things and leaving the bad.  Like I would love to see inline photo responses like on Facebook.  So I'm not a naysayer about change.  I love change.  I just do not want to see what people are +1ing aka "liking" in my stream and vice-versa because that's what drove me away from FB.  Even with it turned off I will now subconsciously be more careful with what I +1 because I will  always think.  "Did I check the right box(es)?"  
+Shimrit Ben-Yair When turning it off, does that also mean that even my circles won't see "Gregor S.also +1'ed..." ?
Now all of the people that were whining that Google+ is a ghost town will have plenty to look at in their feeds. Luckily, if we do not like it we can click on one button and change the settings, unlike the Facebook nested menu settings that purposefully keep you from getting to where you want to go.
I like this. now I can actually focus on sharing things when I have an original point to state about it.

other things that I usually share only because I know my 'friends' will want to see it, now I'll just +1 it and let G+ do the work for me lol.
Cool one, looking forward to discovering new content.
I know G+ features have an ebb and flow about them but it'd be nice to be able to either have a SORT or a way to click : 
Show me ONLY Posts recommended by this +1 Feature
Show me Posts recommended by this +1 Feature with at 5 +1s or less
" " " with 6-10 +1s
" " " with 11 - 20
Maybe the numbers are wider for more choice.. but doing this way might make it easier to see the patten in types of posts your circles enjoy
that you didn't know before or specific people. Of course if info was broken down for us to show us that JOHN and LISA both enjoy tons of posts about spiders, now I'd know.. and maybe share spider posts directly with them.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair thanks for at least making it easy to toggle.  :)  +Stan Edom This isn't whining.  It's giving feedback on the spot.  I love it!  The fact that I know people who can make change are actually listening and responding is great!  I'm trying to post my opinion of the downsides.  Not trying to be negative.  Just speaking up when it's time to speak up.   Once something is implemented and all the wheels are moving it's too late to start complaining.  
Oh and LOL I'm being ignored.  I'll leave this thread now.  Thanks for your time!  :)
I realize it's optional, but it sounds like we're headed down the Facebook path.  Don't care for this at all, this exact feature is why I hesitate to do anything on FB anymore.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Cool. If it works both ways, that's great. And given this, I agree with you that this is a great feature:
There'll be users who will ike it and some who don't, and you're serving them both - great job, guys, I'll withdraw my objection ;)
What i love in +Google+  is that we control everything we post. Great update!
Andy L
I already appreciate the +1s in the Play Store. It helps me discover new apps. So this will be great. To those who are making comparisons to FB; this is Google+. It has proven itself from day 1 to be completely different from that mess.
+Jose Navarro don't leave. We read and seriously look at all feedback! Thanks for being here.
I am under the assumption that turning it off, turns off the feature that people will see what you +1. You will still most likely see what others +1. Is that right? Personally I am looking forward to this update, I think I will find a lot of great content because of it. 
+Lauren Weinstein — +Unai Yécora Query: Why would you have people in your circles that you were uninterested in occasionally being highlighted?

Because maybe I follow someone who post awesome stuff, but he is totally into My Little Pony, and he +1 all their stuff. I don't want to see that on my stream (:
+Jose Navarro you're not being ignored. It's valid feedback and we're grateful for it. +matthew rappaport thanks for the detailed writeup. We're trying to provide the utility while keeping things simple. We might add more advanced options later.
The most interesting thing is that you have full control of this and can decide who see this feature. Otherwise, it looks like Facebook and it could be very noisy. Well done Google !
Glad to hear you like it +Kyle Salewski! If you want to see less of these posts in your stream, the circle volume sliders apply (under the gear icon).
Thanks for the feedback +Gerald Hines. We've put a lot of thought into making this useful and keeping you in control. Try it out for a few days, and if you still don't like it, you can turn it off.
It will be interesting to see how this affects the stream. Certainly it will be activity driven, and that will be revealing. Some people may or may not derive meaning from that. I am reminded of FB's timeline, which is extremely revealing, but with a different implementation. We can learn a great deal about a person by observing just a few interactions online.
+Marcel Soika — +Unai Yécora then u only must sort your circles.
This will be a increasing the social activity between the people here in G+.
Some people still saying G+ is a Ghost-Town because they see nothing from people they are circled.

Yeah, I think the Ghost-Town idea is behind this. And this is so bad for the people who really use G+, and follow more people than we can read their posts. Now our brain has to differentiate between another kind of post, to decide if we want to read it or not. All this in a design that is like a cannon of content.
I'd want people to see my +1. I +1 posts I like/agree with so why wouldnt I want others to see it.
Simple for sure and I understand advanced options might get confusing.
I know it's based on algorithm and it means more content will be in more streams (sounds like 'circle recommendations and cleanup'  based on activity is also in the works... I keep hitting that 5k limit, so until that changes, I hope to not fall in love with too many new plussers!).
If What's Hot and Recommended is turned on, will we see the same post show up in that feature as well as the new +1 feature in our streams?
+Lisa Borel The reason I left Facebook was because I was literally seeing things that were none of my business. I was seeing comments in my feed that my friends were posting on non- friends threads. They had no idea at the time that all of their friends could see those things. Later, when they found out they sent out requests for everyone to change their settings. Zuck could care less. He has an iron grip on Facebook and he assumes people will always stay no matter what he does.
That is precisely the effect I was referring to +Garmon Estes . When social medial platforms don't take into account all of the broadcasting that can occur from new features, there can be a loss of trust.
+Garmon Estes and +Lisa Borel thanks for the feedback. We're working hard to make sure we surface only the most relevant posts. We've been testing this internally and its been a great mechanism to find people you didn't know were on the product or interesting content to read.
Great addition. This heuristic might work quite nicely.  Pity, the moment the APIs go public there's not a lot of things left to do for us :)
+Lisa Borel try out the feature over the next few days and let us know what you think! We'd love to hear it.
Don't see the point in this. What's Hot doesn't really work for me and this is the same just from my friends. I'd prefer a "what's hot with my friends" section along with the current one.
Thanks for the feedback +Connel Hooley. This is a new way for finding interesting content or people to add. Try it out for a few days and let us know what you think.
Oy, What's Hot.... that blunder with the gender typing in the algorythm and all the inanity has left so many people with a knee jerk reaction to the product that I think it should be reincarnated with a different name. 
Too facebooky! I don't want extra attention brought to my +1s.  And I don't want to see other +1s in my stream.  Needs to be opt-in instead of opt-out.  
Eureka! Lol. Never knew there was a feedback option +Shimrit Ben-Yair 
May I give some feedback about the discovery of that feature :)  
A massive +1 from me +Vic Gundotra and +Shimrit Ben-Yair ... By the way, any chance of a "massive +1" for moments like this.

Yeh I can see how on paper this might sound a but like that Facebook feature but in reality the only thing wrong with it in Facebook is that it is normally something like "Facebook will cure 1 disease for every like this post gets" but on occasion you did get a little gem come through. So far Google have done a great job at trumping Face ache in every feature they added so what makes you think this will be different?

As for +Jose Navarro comment about being more careful because you will always think "Did I check the right box(es)?"....Really?
Excellent as Vic says this will be good IMHO 
+Vic Gundotra please do not show me anything anyone has +1'd. I will quit google plus over it.
Go Google , Go Google , Go Google .
+Sean Murray your circle volume sliders apply. If you don't want to see someone's +1s put them in a circle with the volume set to none. 
Im still trying to see the difference between this and sharing !! oh my ! haha *head blows up*

Ok ok wait i think i get it !!? When i share a post i kinda save it on my profile , now if i dont want to save this post on my profile but still want to let people see stuff that i find interesting i just +1 ...

I think its neat though i think it would be way better if the +1 ing would bring up that options menu that comes when i +1 an article on the web . eg saying Select who to show this +1 to instead of going to settings etc etc

I hope i explained well smh haha

How can I stop 'Friend xyz +1d this' from appearing in my stream?  I want their posts to show up, but not things that they +1d.

I understand I can flip a toggle so that extra attention is not brought to my +1s.  Great, but should still be opt-in :)
If the +1 is on a public post, and it will encourage more social interaction and not clutter up the stream with irrelevant content, then I am all for it.
Thanks for the feedback +Khayalethu R. C. Dube. When you reshare a post you add your own commentary. +1s is a more lightweight action and we're making it more useful by surfacing it to your friends so they can discover interesting content and people to follow.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Sorry for the off-topic, but I have another question about the feedback. I'm from Spain, so.. when I send feedback (from the feedback button), do you receive it? Or goes to Google Spain or something?
+Unai Yécora we receive it, read it and take it very seriously.

+Paul Leonard when the feature rolls for you you'll see a tooltip in your stream with a link to disable it if you wish.
This was the reason I left Facebook.. And knowing this I'd never ever put a like or commnt on anyone's post.. This feature is definitely NOT for me. :-) 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Thanks.  I can see why you would want to add the feature and how it could be useful, but I would definitely make it opt-in rather than opt-out.  Maybe put it somewhere onscreen instead of buried in the settings, anything to set it apart from Facebook's stalking feature.  Make it totally transparent.  I guarantee you that if these types of posts start showing up in my wife's Stream out of the blue today, her head is going to explode.  She absolutely hates that FB shares your comments/likes without asking.  I had a hard enough time getting her onto Google+, please don't scare her off.
I don't want this.  It's great that I will be able to turn off the broadcasting of my own +1s, but I also want the ability to turn off incoming +1s without having to turn down the volume on my circles' actual content at the same time.
Nooooo... this is turning into Facebook. Sorry I don't want those crap in my stream!
+Gerald Hines when the feature rolls for you you'll see a tooltip in your stream with a link to disable it if you wish. So its not buried at all. But she might actually like it, maybe you guys can try it out for a few days? I've been using it and its been a great way to discover people and content.
Thanks, +Shimrit Ben-Yair, I would still do it the other way around; make that tooltip send me somewhere that I can turn it ON.  And explain how it can be useful.

But that's just me...

I'll give it a shot.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Oh, and while I have your attention....when (if ever) will I be able to get to my email and calendar from within Google+?  Just seems natural that they would be there and I hate having to keep another tab open to get to them.  Been hoping for that forever.
This is definitely not a feature I want automatically turned on. This should be off by default with the option to turn it on. Plus, I'm not interested what other people have +1'd. I only care about what they shared. If it's interesting enough for me to know, they would have shared it. I don't like where this is headed.
Thanks for the feedback +Ayman Suleiman. You have the control to turn off the feature and you will be notified via a tooltip when it is live with a link to turn it off. 

If you don't want to see these posts the volume sliders in your circles apply. 

But give it a try - many more people +1 rather than reshare and its a great mechanism for finding people and content.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair let me just add this last thing based on your last comment; a +1 and a reshare are two different things and I, for one, would like them to stay that way.  A +1, at least in the way that I use it, is between me and the poster, not between me and my friends.  That's what is offensive about this whole thing.  There's no one on this planet with whom I feel the need to share my every move on the internet.  If I want the world to know how I feel about a post/photo/topic, I reshare it.

As someone said earlier, this feature seems like FB's trickery to get more traffic rather than a feature to benefit users.
#awesomesauce  - this is a great new feature. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do to enhance our experience :)
+Vic Gundotra I really like that G+ is recommending things to my friends that I like. I would hope that you guys would do this for websites, products, restraints, etc, but it would be nice to still enable this kind of sharing without your name being shown. I would much rather see "Your friends recommend this" or "20 of your friends recommend this" as opposed to it listing my actual name. This is the same reason I have yet to give a Google review of a place since the "full names" policy was enacted. I LOVE the concept of relevant recommendations, but a small amount of anonymity can sometimes be nice. 
Thanks for the feedback +Gerald Hines. Since you feel strongly about this, you have the setting to turn it off. 
Really powerful feature here. I understand why it's ON by default : a +1 is meant to worth something. Remember the old internet forums ? When you replied "Oh yeah, +1 !" on a post, you literally meant that you, in your own name/pseudonym, find the post cool/useful for you and other people.

Since you are in full control of what you see in your stream and to whom you're sharing your content (thanks to circles and noise control), don't blame this new #googleplusupdate too fast :) and think of all the new users or existing users having troubles to discover new things on Google+ because they're kind of afraid to add strangers ('cause they're using it wrong or they have FB in mind) ! It's awesome for them too :)
+Gerald Hines .. a +1 and a reshare are still different things .. 

the reshare still carries more value.
I think this feature is kind of great. Now, if only there were a way I could find the items that I've +1'd, that would be helpful too. :-)

{EDIT: Activity Log FTW!!}
So, basically, all +1's we make should now be treated as potential "Shares", unless you have it limited to "only you".  That makes every +1 a bigger commitment.  While I like the feature in general, I will definitely be +1'ing less often and more selectively
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  Maybe so, but I don't like to share a lot and when I do it is mostly in communities.  There are a lot of things I might want to acknowledge to the poster with a "+1", but I would never want to share that with others that have me in Circles.  I suppose I can just go in and set it to "only you", then I can be more comfortable +1'ing things.  Especially now that it keeps a record of these in the "log" so I can go back and see these.  That is the more useful feature for me, and I would actually like to have it brought up to the profile page for easier access.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  Yes, I think so, and I am glad it is there.  The more I think of it, what was the value-add of this feature over the Share feature, which seems to do the same exact thing, but is more purposefully driven?  Was it so that more people would simply "share" things around more often, a way to increase engagement by those who might not go to the trouble to "Share" that same post? 
Making it easier to discover people to add and interesting content to consume. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  That makes sense.  These are the exact same benefits of the Share function, but this makes that happen more often and by more people since there is less friction for  a +1 than a Share.  And, a lot of people will be "sharing" things without even truly realizing it since they are already used to just clicking +1 and won't even be thinking about it as a "share".  It should definitely increase the overall volume of content being presented to people and increase engagement in general.
 "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."  -Steve Jobs
Oops, thought it was more sophisticated. Nevertheless, nice feature. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Is it also possible to use the plusses by friends to push posts higher in a stream or community?
It might be mentioned before, but is there an easy way to turn fanatic plussers off? I already get a lot of posts I rather don't want to see.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair "+Sean Murray your circle volume sliders apply. If you don't want to see someone's +1s put them in a circle with the volume set to none. "

That's fricking stupid! Maybe I want to see that person's posts, but not all the My little pony bullshit that they +1!!!

Why can't I opt out of seeing other people's +1 content???

For people "making a feature easy to control", you guys sure are doing a shoddy job of it. You are basically telling everyone that it is all or nothing. You must either accept this crap, or see nothing. That is NOT a solution!

Did it ever occur to you that some people don't want to see +1 content int heir streams, but like to see +1's from others elsewhere on google?

Atm the moment, you are forcing people into using it whether they want to or not because the alternative essentially will blank their streams. To make it worse, you create an extreme privacy risk. A lot of private things happen in public spaces, and not all of them need to be brought to the fore (regardless of the easy privacy controls that google has in place for sharing). This is one of the most disastrous "features" that failbook ever brought out, and now you're following in failbook's footsteps with no way for the user to opt out?

What the shit is that?

+Vic Gundotra , dude... seriously... wtf?
Thanks +Shimrit Ben-Yair . It looks like a nice addition, but somehow it interferes with the standard +1 behavior. Can't you guys introduce a extra button, a "recommend" button or something like that? I mean, it is a great way of discovering new information or new posters. The more, when more people are recommending a particular post. But now it is impossible to give positive feedback on a post (a light +1 variant, like you call the new +1 a light share variant) without promoting it. Okay, that is if you don't turn off this new feature.

Just some extra feedback.
+Ben Woods thanks for the feedback. Clearly you feel very passionately about this :) We'll look into this.
No +Vic Gundotra - Please, I don't want this feature.. It is the prime reason why I less like facebook. My Facebook stream flooded with likes and comments updates from my friends. Please allow one more setting so if someone like me who don't want to opt such feature can disable. All i want to hear from my circles is what they share!

The current option you give to less notification from specific circles will also reduce the posts from those circles which will directly affect interaction from my side to other posts in those circles. :(

CC: +Google+ , +Shimrit Ben-Yair 
+Manaday Mavani try it for a week and tell me what you think. I suspect you will like how we will do this in a low volume way that you will find just right. If not then we will adjust based on feedback. We do pay attention to the data and feedback very very carefully.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair (sorry for the double post, but Apparently I hit shift enter which for some reason posts the comment)

I am an early adopter of pretty much everything google. I was a huge fan of diaspora and then google+ came along and it was EVERYTHING I wanted.

But then, I started noticing G+ taking away my control very gradually. The most notable time was when you decided that it didn't matter what I wanted in my stream. You would only show me what you wanted me to see, not what I wanted me to see.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about he fact that I don't see every post by every person I have circled. I used to. A loooong time ago. And it was great, and I could use that silly slider to change how much I saw, but then you decided that you knew better than I did what I wanted to see.

So I gave up complaining. It's not like it does any good to complain. You guys only listen if there happens to be a massive internet uprising, or if you start getting bad press. (this comment has nothing to do with reader... I did not use reader and it's death was a blessing to rss because suddenly there was actual innovation)

Up until recently, I felt like I could trust google to make good decisions for a better product, but I'm starting to wonder. Why do you keep taking control away form us? Why are you alienating your users? Are we goign to leave? Probably not, but we also can no longer proclaim to the masses how awesome our beloved G+ is either, because it is making the same ghastly, gaping, huge mistakes that other social networks have made, and that is thinking that you know what your users want to see and taking the control of what they see away from them.

I really don't even get it... Why would you take control away? That's silly! It runs counter to the entire premise! So now that you get 300 - 500 million people using it all of a sudden you turn overmind on us and tell us what we want to see?

That is wrong! Please stop taking away our control. If you had implemented control for this in the first place you wouldn't be in a pile of muck right now with a shovel. All you would have to say is here is how you opt out, and here is how to control the volume of what you see. THAT'S IT!

Please, +Shimrit Ben-Yair and +Vic Gundotra , why is that difficult to understand? I am trying to remain respectful, but it is difficult, because these are glaring missteps that you know better than to make!

Ask me what I want to see, don't tell me what I want to see! That will only cause issues for all of us. Jesus, you have such a devoted and loyal fanbase, but you're willing to see it all circle the drain because you can't be bothered to converse with them about new features (this one apparently being an exception, from what I've seen).

-Signed, an extremely frustrated +Ben Woods 
+Vic Gundotra I am sorry for being disrespectful. Same to you +Shimrit Ben-Yair . I'm quite frustrated with G+ lately, which is difficult for me to deal with considering how much I truly love G+.
I think what this means in practical terms it that you can expect to see even more posts about Google+ in our streams.   Since Google time and again has shown that they are willing to tip the scales for those who heap the most praise on Google it could become nearly intolerable.    Already, it is something akin to a 24 hour infomercial for Google, and people are leaving because of it.  This has come up on recent post and hangouts that I have hosted,  and in the San Diego HIRL I just attended.  

This kind of thing feeds on itself too - say anything critical about Google in this culture and you will be personally attacked, and many of the really smart people are leaving - or more commonly just not participating because of this.  I don't really care for Facebook, but when I go there I find it almost refreshing that people don't talk about Facebook all the time. 
+Rob Gordon Well, a lot of the time, people criticizing google are morons and don't even understand what they are talking about. Informed criticism is welcomed, uninformed criticism is scorned because it only derails and muddies the issue.
Dear +Ben Woods don't be overly frustrated. We care about your feedback ... And trust me we listen to it carefully. Sometimes a feature you want is actually on its way, but we don't preannouce its arrival. So stay tuned ... We may yet address some of your concerns. In any case please remember you can always click on any circle and get ALL the posts from that circle. I think what you would like is a similar option for the main home stream view. In general we have found (overwhelming data supports this) that for most users this is a poor experience. Their streams become hikjacked by someone posting to much or duplicate posts or they miss close ties (like family) posts....etc. But that doesn't mean it is right for everyone. We hear you.

In any case thanks for using Google+ and allowing us to improve it. We really are just getting started.
I was told this is where we're dropping off our comments and suggestions.

Personally, I would like the option of turning off other people's plus one's from popping up in my stream myself. If it's supposedly "my" stream, I'd like to control what's on it.

If not that, then can you put into the algorithm that if I've blocked someone, but a mutual friend has plus one'd the blocked person's posts, at least I won't have to see those Plus One's? 

I'm not a willy-nilly blocker - when I block people it's for a darn good reason. So you can imagine how It's been upsetting to see their content inadvertently in  my streams today.

Thank you.
Are you sure it's working? I muted more than my fair share of posts tonight before I gave up and posted the rant that led me here, as that (muting) seemed to be the only way to get things off my stream.
Existing. The five confirmed humans that I've blocked have been blocked in the range of three months to over a year.
+Vic Gundotra Thanks. And yes, you are correct about the "all posts".

I had not considered that, although I imagine that you guys probably had a lot of data backing that up. Good call. I can tell you that my frustration is coming from the fact that I rarely look in individual stream view. Hell, I hadn't even considered it till you mentioned it. I will do that more often (although, with as many circles as I have, doing that is rather unwieldy).

At the risk of sidetracking... Perhaps the option to mark individuals as "see everything" in the home stream? For example, I love +Nixie Pixel 's videos (I love ubuntu vids), but I haven't seen one since last year, and due to the amount of tech news volume my stream has, I don't think about it that often. But when I do, I am frustrated by it, because I know that there are others whom I like to see but don't.

It turns into a cascade of annoyance and frustration.

I will do as you say and deal with this for a week or so. That said, I am very frustrated about the lack of +1 volume controls. And I can't help thinking that I don't exactly want my parents or grandfather to see the "sexy" pictures of lady friends that I have +'d, or various other things like that.

However, I + a lot of very legit things and only infrequently + something that isn't for "mass consumption". Before I never had to worry about people I didn't want seeing those, seeing them (even though if they were dedicated enough, they could find them, but they aren't that dedicated, and now they wouldn't need to be). Now I do, meaning that it effectively puts a clamp on my +ing freedom. That sucks!
Great, thanks! I feel better just having someone reply and knowing you're on it. 
+Vic Gundotra I guess the feeling a lot of us have is that sharing and +1'ing are used for very different purposes, and this move mushes them together. The content on Google+ is of all different types and quality levels. People will +1 all sorts of things, but what they choose to share is more selective, and that is what I want to see. We have spent time to curate and fine-tune our stream, and we all have plenty of incoming content, we are afraid this is going to mess it up.

But my question is why? What does this add that was not available via sharing? 
+Ben Woods it is super easy to turn the feature off and then you won't have to worry about your parents seeing that sexy picture you +1d.

Also drop all your circles into one big circle ... Call it ALL or Mother of all circles... And voila you can see all the posts all the time.
+Vance McAlister it adds a ton. See my earlier comment. But try it for a week and come back and tell me how you like it. 
+Bronwyn McGuckin if you can take a screenshot of the post with the blocked user and share it just with me that would really help us investigate this issue. 
+Vic Gundotra Yes, I know I can turn it off, but I don't want to. I plus a lot of cool stuff. I am heavily involved in wordpress development, android and a lot of other cool stuff (like my game, +Evolution RTS  /plug ). So lets say that 95% of my plussing is beneficial to anyone who has me circled, but 5% is stuff that might not be beneficial for others to see (aka trash of one sort or another).

You can see how this new feature gets problematic, and I realize that there are controls for how much of your +1 stuff is shared, but it seems like it's a big grey area. If it were +'s starting from today, that would be something, but this is everything I've ever plussed. Uh oh.

The big circle idea is a great one, but it makes circle management even more difficult form my perspective. I'm already having trouble organizing my thousands of photos on G+ (seriously, would it kill you guys to add the ability to select a whole bunch at once? I took 500 pictures of fireworks for auto-awesomes and had to manually click to delete them all when the awesomes had been created). Managing circles is pretty difficult at this point too. Circles is a great system, but I feel as though the controls for them could be expanded to allow for slightly easier management, although at the moment I am at a loss for ideas on how it could be improved.
I feel at this point like I am beating a horse in various states of unrest. +Vic Gundotra and +Shimrit Ben-Yair , I sincerely thank you for your help and candor, and for listening to me whine. I was actually quite surprised when you responded. I don't wish to take up more of your time, now that I have said my piece(s), as I'm sure your time is probably worth a lot more than mine :-D

Thanks a bunch! :-)
+Ben Woods when you are using Google+, your time is what I'm paid to listen and respond to. So please keep the feedback coming.
+Vic Gundotra I will definitely give the incoming stuff a try since I don't really have a choice. :-) But it seems this is more about increasing the sheer number of engagements and flow of content. But we already have plenty of content flowing through our streams, will this add to the quality and not just the quantity? Time will tell. 
+Vic Gundotra hey, if you have algorithm to maintain the quality as well, then perfect! :-) Oh, hold on, I think I get it! This will help fill in the streams of people who have not yet followed a lot of people, sort of like the "what's hot", but more relevant because it is people they are already following. So, those of us with "mature" streams with a lot of content may not be seeing much of this. Interesting. 
Yeah, the concept is awesome. The implementation is still up for debate ;p

The interesting thing is that g+ers tend to treat +es as a religion and + only relevant content... To some extent. So plusses tend to be a better metric.

I think a lot of us are just worried that we won't be able to plus as freely anymore.

I dunno. I'm on the fence. If I could restrict certain people in my circles from seeing my plusses that would be nice.

But I've been wanting exclusive sharing for a long time now. Of course of those people could log out and look and they might see the post, but that's kind of besides the point really. An "acceptable downside" you might say.
If you guys really want to help people fill out their streams with relevant stuff, even more effective would be to heavily encourage communities and then crank up those posts in their main stream. Or, just automatically include +Robert Scoble and +Mike Elgan in everyone's stream! :-) 
+Vance McAlister +Vic Gundotra    That type of algorithm makes sense to me. I hope the algorithm also takes into account the number of +1's a particular post has received. Let's say that I give a +1 to a public post where my friend is sharing a photo of his kid in the school play. Even though a post like this might be technically a public post, it is not something I want reshared. Would the algorithm be able to notice that this kind of post has a smaller number of +1's and then know not to reshare it? 
Why was my comment censored here?   -  The one that responded to +Ben Woods's comment about  how "people criticizing google are morons" that +Vic Gundotra gave such a sympathetic ear.   I made a comment about the experience some of us have trying to actually use this system for community building and small business, and how they don't always "listen" nearly as well as they claim.   Maybe it has just been bad luck, but several of my real world experiences with Google have made me think that in may ways Google is a mean spirited company, and things like this just drive home the point. 
The long comment I made after your "morons" comment that was removed.   As I assume others were by people who have a different take on things.  As long as you are giving incessant praise to Google you will find all the help in the world you need here, but if you criticize Google even mildly you can expect ruthless personal attacks.   That what I was "going on about". 
just for clarification, I can disable/limit that my own +1s are shown to other people, but there is no way to say, that I don't want to see +1s from certain people/circles (only turn down the volume for the entire circle, which also reduces the posts)?

Also what I find highly annoying on Facebook is that I'm regularly shown posts from people I don't know, because someone I know liked or commented on it, but I can't even like or comment on the shown post. Weirdly the only thing I can always do is reshare it. I hope you don't copy this annoying behavior and force me to peep at something where I can't participate anyway
Some people do not reshare. In fact, some very "higher profile" people do not +Reshare but now in a way you'll get a sense of what they might have shared or at least enjoy or people they enjoy or seeing what posts they acknowledge as having seen.

The only thing is people seeing repeat posts which would seem rare and when I do see one of these types of posts in my stream... Shouldn't it show all the people I have circles that plussed one the post instead of a few? Is this due to the feature that it doesn't or more likely preferences of the ones not shown (as in they turned it off or limited it)? Thanks
Thanks for the feedback +Andreas Wecer. We think this is a great way to discover people and content, but I understand your concerns.
My concern is that +1's are actually not a very good source of "new content and people" for users.  The friction is so low for adding a +1 to a post (compared to a share) that the quality level of +1'd content is, by definition, going to be lower than shared content.  The +1 is MUCH less of an endorsement of a post, and could be merely a slight nod, or even a bit of encouragement to the poster.  Maybe they will have an algorithm which sorts out real endorsements of quality posts, we will see. 
I'm starting to see it in my stream, although I don't think I have it yet, as I don't yet see it in my settings. My initial reaction, +Vic Gundotra and +Shimrit Ben-Yair ... this will go over like a lead balloon. 
My reason for saying that? On a very basic level, while the information may be fascinating, I think to many people(read, Me! lol) being served that tidbit up in the stream as a discreet piece of information will prove to be an immense source of irritation. We already have stream noise issues, this only amplifies that. Perhaps I have missed a tuner to turn down display of this information in my stream? I might like to have access to it, but only when I chose to go looking for it. I prefer not to have it on a push basis.
I think, if the implementation had presented users with a "Hello, this new thing is rolling out, we'll hover this widget on your page til you dismiss it that will give you easy access to options to adjust this new pipe in your stream", would be like honey helping the medicine go down. Just a thought. Clearly you have the awesome computing power to do U/X magic such as that... ;-)

Thanks for listening. :)
+Lisa Borel try it. It's already rolled out to 100% and you don't even see it yet :-)

Our algorithms are working fine. You would be shocked at the tiny number of people who have turned this off so far. It's a pretty good experience so far.
Interesting... so it seems part of this new rollout is an activity log where a person might be able to see what they plussed, and possibly if their account was used to plus something? 
Seems like a powerful privacy tool. Thank you +Vic Gundotra . :)
+Lisa Borel you're welcome! We give you full control of who this goes out to, and also per activity control in the log.
It seems like most people don't like it. How about not enabling by default or just enabling for new accounts by default only? It creates too much noise in my stream. I'm not against change. I just don't see the reward being worth the cost.
Thanks for the feedback +Justin Coffi. Many people do like it, they are just less vocal :) We're monitoring this closely and we appreciate your input.
Move this to What's hot. It's like the ticker, and one reason a stayed away from facebook. This is worse since it inserts into the primary stream
+Gordon Wells - Thanks for the feedback. The +1s are always by people you have in circles. If you want to turn their volume down you have the circle volume controls.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  I have only gotten a handful of shared +1's, with about half being something I dislike seeing and the other half being tolerable (nothing yet that I was glad to have made it into my stream).  So far, so good.  If it turned out there was one chronic sharer that kept showing up, I would probably just uncircle that person rather than turn down the volume on the whole circle.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Once again, telling people to turn down the volume of a circle is using an elephant to swat a housefly. Moreover, it's ridiculous. Just add a volume control for +1'd posts in our streams.

I don't understand... What is the issue with doing it that way? That's what everyone wants anyway.

You guys want your algo to be so perfect that it shows only stuff I want to see from +1'd posts, and I understand that, but at the same time, that is not a good reason to ignore the common sense of simply allowing us to control how much volume of +1'd posts there are.
Thanks for the thoughtful writeup Ben. We hear you and we'll continue improving this experience.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair   You are definitely the most patient, polite and responsive dev I have seen in a while.  Impressed.  I would have "lost it" long since   (+Vic Gundotra , give her a raise!)  :0)
Thanks +Edward Morbius :) the best and most humbling part about my job is listening to the community group that is G+ users. I'm so grateful for your guys' passion and insightful comments (even when paired with a dose of snark) :)
So now I'm getting these posts in my Stream and there's no way for me to turn it off except to move everybody who is publicly sharing their +1s to another Circle?  Really?  Do you folks making these decisions actually use Google+?  This is even worse than Facebook; at least on there, I can go into each of my Friends and turn off the stalking feature.

I don't want to be a pain in the ass about this, but I have been a huge Google champion for the last several years and some of the moves over the last month or so are starting to make me question my choices.  I just removed a casual acquaintance from all of my Circles, because I don't care about his +1s and I care even less to know where he's located 24/7.  Is this what you're aiming for?

I understand what you're trying to accomplish, but this is not the way to do it, IMO.
I suppose it's worth mentioning that this is the first time I've bothered to voice my opinions on a googler's post.

As much as I like and appreciated google and their services, google takes great pains to remain aloof and pretty much unreachable by their users.

When everything is working correctly, that's ok and we can just deal with it. But if it's a little thing we don't like, unless there is a massive uproar on the internet, by all appearances google tends to ignore it.

The fact that +Vic Gundotra and +Shimrit Ben-Yair have been so active has made me cautiously optimistic that I haven't been spouting off for naught. I have to admit that this <airquotes>"feature"</airquotes> and my inability to properly control it actually makes me angry.

That said, I have seen it be useful in the past few days, so their algo for it is already quite good. However, the fact of the matter is that G+ is supposed to be the place where you have control. This takes away that control which immediately makes everyone think of failbook. That is not a good thing.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair After some time of use I must say that I like the idea behind this feature. It could be a nice way to see postings that could be interesting because it is recommended by people you know. Also it could be a good way to discover new posters that might be interesting to follow.

That said, I've two problems with the way this idea is implemented.
1) it interferes heavily with my current + habit. In general I give plusses to posts that I like. But like for me doesn't mean that I would necessarily recommend it to others. I think that's fairly evident.
The result is that I had to turn the plus sharing feature off (set it to "only me") because I like to have some kind of control which like statements should be promoted. (From my fellow plussers I hear the same thing)
I could change my plus behavior and reduce the plusses I give to posts I like to potential recommendations but then I have to drop all other meanings of the act of liking a post.

2. The shared plusses of some fellow google plus users are tending to get annoying. They push posts in my stream that I really don't like. My initial reaction is to move them to a silent circle or just uncircle them. They leave traces they might or might not be aware off, that I just don't like. The decision to uncircle these people somehow feels like something that follows from a by-effect of the use of this particular social network and not because of those people. (After all they don't have control about what they push to my stream)
Btw i already have seen posts in my stream asking particular people to turn the plus sharing feaure off.

But to return to my opening statement, I like to restate that I like the idea behind this new feature. I hope that the implemenation can evolve in a great extra feature of the Google+ network. 
+Ben Woods thank you for your vote of confidence in us and I'm glad that the feature has been somewhat useful to you. I understand you want more controls and we're trying to balance that with keeping things simple. We'll continue refining and improving this experience. 

+Paul Berghege Also happy that you like the idea behind the feature. I definitely don't want your +1 behavior to change. If it does, the setting is your friend :) We'll continue refining the +1 posts you see in your stream to make them more relevant.
+Edward Morbius respectfully disagree :) I think the aversion to this feature comes from the fundamental assumption that people have an object oriented approach to each other: i might be interested in what you say but not what you like. I disagree with that assumption. I think that when you add someone to a circle you are interested in that person holistically, be it his posts or +1s. 

Not sure I understand your point re: circles for sharing. You only see the posts from people YOU put in circles, regardless if they've added you or not.

And last, we do a lot of user testing, both internally and externally. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair you are right, the basic disconnect seems to be the two theories about why most people circle others. I recently posted my thoughts on this in a post in the G+ Updates community and the response seems to be overwhelmingly in agreement (but factor in selection bias). And most of the complaints here seem to focus on this as well. I guess your job is to determine whether the silent majority agree with you or me. :-) 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I think you're way off on that.  On Facebook, most of the people on my Friends list are people I know.  Of those people, only a subset are close friends and family - people for whom I have a holistic interest.

On Google+, almost none of the people in my Circles are people I actually know.  I don't know Vic, but he posts (and re-shares) interesting stuff and I end up in interesting conversations here all the time.  But I could give a crap about everything he hangs a +1 on, we're just not that close.

It's just not Facebook, not everybody is on here.  So it's about my interests, not my people, and I like that.  So the people in my Circles are mostly people I have "met" on the web, and if they find something interesting they re-share it.  It works.  I don't care about every little comment or post that they like.   My Stream is already full of interesting stuff.  If you want to help me find other people, do something with the People You May Know.  Push it to the front or something, find some creative way to get more activity there.  Find some other way to help new people find interesting content.

But what you're doing now is causing me to un-Circle people and make adjustments to something that was working just fine.  And it feels like something Facebook would do, forcing me to interact with other people in a way that Facebook thinks I should interact with other people, and I hate that.  The number one reason that both my wife and I are here, despite almost none of our friends being here, is having control of what you see and what you say.  If you're going to take that away, we might as well go back to Facebook.
While I agree with +Gerald Hines  , the good news is that the algorithm seem to be keeping a lot of stuff out of my stream.  I have only had to uncircle one person (another is on the verge) and I am only getting a handful of these new additions per day.  That is acceptable.  While nothing at all of real value has been added, the negative impact has been minimized by clever coding, it seems.  But, I still think +Gerald Hines and I are correct about the (current) nature of G+.
+Vance McAlister agreed, I guess this is more of a slippery slope issue for me.  Please don't become Facebook.
After all these days of seeing this thing in action the value added  in my stream has been negative.  NOTHING I've seen in the "X Person +ed 1"  has been anything that I was interested in.  It's basically been stuff that I already didn't want to see and now I'm busy muting posts.  

Will I live with it?  Sure for a while since from what I've seen in the responses is this is a "you better get used to it" feature.

What is unacceptable to me is the "you need to change your circles to accommodate the new change" response.  I had my circles fine tuned exactly as I wanted them.  It was working for me.  Now I've had to go in and make some changes that I didn't want.  But now I have to.  But again I'll live with it.  

My biggest worry is that this is the first of many "I'll live with it's" that are on the Horizon.

For now I guess I just have to either learn to like One DIrection and the other posts or just keep muting.  Something I know the rest of my circles won't go as far as doing.  Let's just say they were dragged in here by me and aren't about to go in and start "fine tuning" their circles any time soon.  But those aren't the types of people you want here anyway right?  
+Gerald Hines  What is interesting is that I think Googlers actually get a bit uptight and defensive when I point out this "content feed" v. "social network" distinction because that is not really what they want G+ to be.  I think they really would like it to be "Facebook done right".  But the bottom line is that right now it is a combination of content feed in which humans are the source of the content with awesome interaction possibilities, and classic discussion forums on specific topics.  These are not my social circles, but my "shared interest" circles, which is a VERY different thing, but just as valuable.

While I suppose that having my family and friends on here would help with things like photo-sharing, etc, the idea of them being on Google+ actually makes me shudder!  
+Shimrit Ben-Yair +Vic Gundotra   I will report that I have had very little negative impact on my thread, and have only had to un-circle one person (one out of about 4 or 5 whose +1's are showing up). But, I am still a bit uptight about setting my own +1's to share to others.  I am afraid that I will annoy some of those who have my circled and they will un-circle me as well.  Call me paranoid.  :0)
The setting is for you then :) change it only when you feel comfortable!
Sorry, it is just too much. The (mostly irrelevant) plus shares is causing an overkill in my stream.

+Shimrit Ben-Yair if you guys were so thoughtful to build in an option to turn off your own plus shares, why didn't you implement an option to turn off plus shares of others in the stream of a user?  

That's the big question, isn't it? So, if it isn't contradicting the Google agenda, please give the user this option. :)
So far, everyone of my contacts to whom I pointed this out (after seeing a post they +1'd in my stream) turned this feature off, setting the sharing option in to "Only You".

That doesn't sound like quite a success to me, +Vic Gundotra. I'm tempted to ask how much user feedback you received from the people who love and use Google+ regularly and actually asked for this feature? It's not like Google+ is otherwise perfect, you know... I guess you're aware of Todd Vierling's rant by now, to which I - unfortunately - have to wholeheartedly agree.

See if you missed it.
+Alexander S. Kunz far far far less than 1% of all users have turned this off. So far we are super pleased with how positively this has been revieved. Of course this doesn't mean we are not looking at improving. We are.
The more I think about this feature, the more I realize that what this is doing is giving +Vic Gundotra and his crew more control over the knobs and dials of content into our streams. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, however. what it does is provide a larger pool of potential content for a user's main stream , especially those with less populated streams. The landing place for traditional shares are in the control of the sharer and the sharee, where the ultimate recipients of the +1's are in the control of the Google Plus algorithm.

But, +Vic Gundotra , as for reception, I hope you are not counting the silence of the vast majority as approval. From what I have seen from the active users, the response is more like 80 percent negative so far. I am not saying that I agree with them entirely, and it may be the group I am running around with! :-) 
+Vance McAlister we carefully measure behavior. Not just a tiny vocal group of one persuasion. We are interested in improving Google+ for everyone. 
+Vic Gundotra I agree that the vocal minority should not be extrapolated as the view of the majority, I have just heard very little positive feedback so far at all. I do trust entirely, however, that you are listening to the feedback of the more passionate users as indicators of where improvements can be made. As I have indicated before, I have seen very little negative effect on the quality of my stream so far, and really no positive effect either, to tell the truth. The only effect for me is a hesitation to +1 at all, and therefore turn the sharing off. I think that if this give you more power to improve the experience of new users, or those who are not using Google+ very much, then more power to you!
Thanks for the reply, +Vic Gundotra. In that case, what's missing from my POV is an option to turn those posts off for my home stream. I really don't want to see any of these posts, and it is bothersome to ask everyone of my contacts to add me to a circle that does not get to see these, and change their config accordingly.
I forgot, +Vic Gundotra: I just stumbled over your statement in your comment above, from July 9th: " In any case please remember you can always click on any circle and get ALL the posts from that circle." -- that is not the case for me. My circles do not contain all posts from the persons contained therein (I have verified this multiple times). I have left feedback, and I'm not the only one to be affected by this. If there's a way to escalate this issue I'd highly appreciate it.

Thanks a million.
+Alexander S. Kunz that "turn off incoming" must be coming, I am convinced. While this new feature is a valuable tool for G+ and they would hate for everyone to turn it off, they can always count on 99% of the people leaving the settings alone. While the percent which don't change the settings is no indication whatsoever of approval (as with this new feature in general), making this simple change should satisfy those who feel a loss of control. 
I'm not holding my breath, +Vance McAlister.

And FWIW, +Vic Gundotra, most of my contacts that I asked if they actually wanted to share their +1s (5 or 6 so far) where all unaware that this was happening, and/or couldn't find the setting to turn it off (I gladly helped them). It would seem that the little blue one-time popup is not enough.

The settings page for the normal desktop version of G+ is extremely cluttered and needs an overhaul.
Headlines we should see, but for some reason don't: "Product managers and developers irritated: users don't care about new features that no one asked for." ... SCNR

[and FWIW, I agree with +Vance McAlister that success should probably not be measured by the number of people who were aware enough to opt out of a new feature that defaults to opt-in... scratch the 80% of idle/dormant/inactive G+ accounts (IOW those of my personal friends, who are on Facebook), and the 14% of people who don't get it or don't care first.]
Actually, +Alexander S. Kunz , from the numbers I have seen, about half of the total accounts are active on the site itself, posting, commenting, etc. And I believe that the pace of adoption is increasing. By any reasonable standard, G+ is a great success and that is primarily due to the team iterating, then adjusting. While I have no problem voicing my frustrations (because it is the voice of us annoyingly squeaky wheels that often point out where the oil is needed), I have complete faith that the team will keep moving in the right direction. I always try and keep in mind that their goal is to produce a great experience for us, so we are all actually wanting the same thing.
So, why not give us the option to turn it off in our own Streams?  This is very Apple/Facebook of you.
I dunno, I've actually always thought this is not the Google Way, which is why this is really bugging me.

The Android statue in my front yard is coming down as soon as I get home.
I am just not understanding the angst everyone is showing here.  Yes, voice your opinion regarding the feature, as I and so many others did.  Then Google will take that and make the adjustments they believe will make the experience better for the most users, which is exactly what we want them to do.  Until then, you can turn off the sharing (leaving you exactly where you were) and I don't believe that any of us are getting enough of these new +1 shares as to make any real qualitative difference in our streams.  I am all for us vocal minority for speaking out on behalf of the silent majority who we believe agrees with us, but after speaking up, and after they acknowledge that they hear us, how about sitting back and seeing what they do going forward?
I'm pretty sure if we do a word count, you're winning.
+Gerald Hines +Vance McAlister +Alexander S. Kunz Thank you again for your feedback. We do appreciate it a great deal, listen very carefully to user feedback and do a lot of user research internally and externally before launching features. We are trying to balance simplicity versus having many granular controls and are always open to user feedback on that front. Your feedback on better controls for +1s is noted. You can be sure that we will continue to iterate and improve this feature.
Fwiw, I quite dislike it so far. There has been about 20% of plusses posts I was interested in, 60% indifferent and 20% DO NOT WANT
+Ben Woods   Oddly, I would say my ratio is about the same, but I find that this mix is acceptable.  I have only uncircled one person (but haven't added any to circles as a result of this feature).
I have uncircled 5 so far. I shouldn't be having to uncircle people though. This "feature" sucks.
The irony is that I'm getting to see posts from people again that I previously followed, but uncircled at some point... (when my friends +1 them). :P
+Alexandra Levich

Allow me to illustrate:

If I wanted this crap in my stream, I'd join shitbook.

Why do I give a crap about some random person's kid whom I don't know and don't have circled?

Why do I give a shit how some random person whom I don't know and don't give a shit about set up their mom's dell computer with 4:3 flatpanels?

Is he going to announce the removal of this feature? That would be nice. (I'm indifferent to this one. I don't really care but it's tech news and google related so I'm at least somewhat interested - Not enough to give enough of a shit to read the article though)

This is actually interesting. While it has no inherent value, I did not mind seeing this in my stream, even though it's a waste of space when it comes right down to it.

Hopefully this gives you some insight. My stream was already very populated. I liked my stream the way it was. I spent a lot of time getting my circles to shit that I care about and am interested in. Why would you introduce the most universally hated "feature" from ShitBook into Google+, what kind of sense does that make?

It is not a good metric. It is never going to have good posts in it (unless by good you mean adequate). On paper it is a neat idea, but in practice, as has been shown elsewhere, it's terrible.

If people want me to see something, they reshare it, that's how this works! We don't need outside help. We've got a pretty good idea of how this works. If I give a flying crap what someone likes to + I'll go to their profile and look, or just ask them. I don't need it shoved in my face.

The other day I had a plussed post in my stream that I found outright offensive. Muted, reported, blocked.

I should NEVER have had to do that!

Edit: If you want to have this to help people with not many people circled, why not just have it show up for people with contacts below a certain threshold? Say below 50 or 100. That would actually make sense, but when I have 1000+ people circled, your algorithm has not a snowball's chance in hell of getting it right.
+Vance McAlister At first I was mildly annoyed. At this point I'm good and pissed off.

I use G+ as my main source of relevant tech news, development news, and various other subjects. This just adds more irrelevant noise (and causes me more work by having to uncircle people and/or block and/or mute posts.

All for no good reason. It makes no logical sense.
+Ben Woods just leave the Home stream alone. Create a circle "Inbox" and add everyone you want to read...
+Alexander S. Kunz I should not have to do that. It's ridiculous. Just because the "Majority" aren't beating down Google+'s doorstep complaining doesn't mean that they like it. Besides, the "majority" probably don't have a clue who +Vic Gundotra and would have issues pointing out +Larry Page and knowing his name (even if he was on a stage).

To quote one of the best movies of all time: "Why should I change? He's the one that sucks."
+Ben Woods  While there is more extra stuff than I would like to see, I just can't see getting too worked up over it, especially when we know that this is the first iteration and they are still adjusting the dials.  I can see how it definitely could be a great feature for those with very light feeds or newcomers, so I am not sure shocked incredulity that they would introduce such a feature is appropriate.  What they need to do now is either adjust down the volume for those of us with "mature" feeds, or allow us to turn it off on the receiving end.  Either way, I have complete faith that they will continue to tweak it until it comes out fairly decent for all.
+Alexandra Levich thank you.  I understand you don't want to make things too complex, which makes sense but, like Ben said, this is kinda screwing up my Google+ experience.

I do put effort into creating and fine-tuning Circles, and despite that, now my Stream is getting populated with stuff I don't care about.  And when people ask me why I use Google+ over Facebook, my response has been that it's a whole different paradigm in that it's about my interests and not full of details of people I don't care about that's forced onto my wall by Facebook.  And that Google, unlike Facebook, isn't trying to force me into relationships.  

And so now I need to make some other weird Circles to keep that junk out of my Stream and keep perfect strangers from showing up on my Location map?

I do hope you're iterating.

Thanks for the response.  It's terrific that (unlike FB) there are folks from the team on here to speak to.
Just to show that Google really DOES listen and iterate when the community collectively throws a hissy fit: Gmail announced today that they are allowing us to move the compose window out of that bottom corner.   :0)
+Alexandra Levich  OK, I am having a very particular issue I can describe.  There is a friend of mine, someone whose posts I definitely want in my main stream.  However, this guy, let's just call him Steve,  +1's a LOT.  A lot a lot.  And none of these are stuff I want to see.  They are stuff posted by other friends of his about their family, other interests he has, etc and I am getting enough of these in my stream to be annoying.  I want HIM in my stream, but not his +1's .
+Shimrit Ben-Yair right now most of it is neutral, not annoying but not really adding unique value, just more of the type of stuff I have in my stream already. And a portion is stuff I really don't want. So, unfortunately, it is a net negative. Not significant enough to be upset about, but enough that I wish I could turn the feature off. There has not yet been a time when I added someone new or was specifically happy I got the new content. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I wish I could be more positive, but I have done enough beta testing to know that devs want fair, honest opinions. One piece of input: the heavy user, with a full stream already, is the one who will benefit from this the least and likely be the most annoyed. :-) 
Photo of some strange guy taking a photo of himself in a tiara in my Stream today via Bradley Horowitz. 
It's been two weeks now +Vic Gundotra and +Shimrit Ben-Yair. I still don't like that feature (I'm fighting an uphill battle and actively notify everyone whose +1s show up - and guess what, most of them deactivate the feature AND were completely unaware that this is happening now). Can I please have an option to turn the Incoming +1s off now so that they don't appear in my stream? Thanks a lot!
Picture of Bradley Horowitz and some kid I don't know in my stream tonight. 
And I still don't have 4.3 on my Nexus 7. Is it because I spend too much time in here bitching?

+Bradley Horowitz has a friend who just had a baby.  That's wonderful and all, but I don't care.  So, in order to get the interesting stuff that Bradley posts and shares, I have to sift through a bunch of junk about which I have zero interest.  Or remove him from my Circles altogether.

Some guy in my Circles that I don't know, thinks some rambling conversation that someone in his Circles had with an unknown stranger is interesting enough for a +1.  But I don't care.

Somebody in my Circles who I actually know, just hung a +1 on a local news story that's already in my Stream, so I get to see it twice, only this time I know that he likes it.  But I don't care.  And he doesn't care that I don't care, because if he did want me to know that he cares he would have shared it with me.

I can filter What's Hot, I can filter my Circles, but for some reason you guys think it's important for me to have all of this junk in my Stream.

Very few of my friends are here and I no longer have control of what's in my Stream.  Maybe I'll just go back to Flipboard.
You're welcome.

Now give me a slider.  :-)
I'll make a deal with you; let me get to my Gmail and calendar without leaving Google+ and I'll quit my bitching.  Promise.
+Gerald Hines  I am not sure what you mean by that feature.  You mean other than just clicking the other open tabs which have your gmail and calendar?  I am not getting it. 
Google+, Google Calendar, and Gmail are the three services I use throughout my day on my desktop.  I would just like them to all be in one place rather than having to go out to separate tabs to check my mail, see what's on my calendar or get notifications.  With two separate chat windows that are the same but different.

I just think it would be nice if my calendar and mail either showed up in some of that empty space around the edges, or I could just switch to it via that drop down menu on the upper left.  Or maybe there's another little notification icon up on the right for email that I can click on to check new mail or something.  Same with the calendar.

I would just like to see them better integrated; my news, social, communities, events, photos, mail, chat, hangouts and calendar all in one place.  That's quite a product to pitch.
Maybe they will do a replacement for iGoogle which has the equivalent of widgets (resizable) for all of those things.  I still use iGoogle as my home page and I am not sure what I am going to do when that goes away.  Their suggested changes simply don't provide the level of data I can get all in one place.  Maybe a Google Now home page with cards for all of their services as optional additions.  
Well, I don't want it to devolve into the mess that was my iGoogle page when I used it, just some more elegant way to get my mail and calendar than having completely separate programs.
At the same time, I don't want G+ to devolve into a mess with too many barnacle features, I think.  Chats should be integrated and pop up on any page you are on, definitely.  But I think I like my email and calendar at least separated by a tab's width.  :0)
Haha.  I was seriously considering posting something telling folks that if they didn't turn that off, I was going to remove them from Circles.  The exact same thing I see folks doing on Facebook....
Thanks for the feedback +Ben Woods. I replied on the other thread. I understand you don't like this feature, but others do. We'll continue improving this experience.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair No. Most people don't realize that it is there, and don't realize what is going on. That is not the same as liking it.

You know what would improve the experience? Sliders.

Put a slider here for how much spam I want to see from others, and put a second slider for how much I want to spam others.

Stop it with this doublespeak about ease of use. Last time I checked, we all know how a slider works. You can't get much more easy to use.

Instead, you make it black and white with no real in-between, so that people are more reluctant to turn it off, which is sneaky and underhanded (IE people either see my +1's or they don't. I don't get to customize how much they might potentially see) .

Moreover, I STILL have no control over how much of other people's BS I want to see. What's up with that?

"I want these muthafuckin facebooks outta this muthafuckin Google+!"

Pic related.
Thanks for the thoughtful writeup +Ben Woods. A slider is a good idea but we need to balance a few things here including offering controls and simplicity. 
Got a photo of Justin Bieber in my Stream today. This additional content is just great... 
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