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18 new Google+ features being rolled out today.

Enjoy my friends.
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A couple of these are great new features.
oh yeah, keep these coming
Great news and thanks to the Google+ team for creating and continuing to enhance such a powerful disruptive technology for human empowerment. 
you guys are simply great +1 for google 
Awesome +Vic Gundotra! Love using Google+. The constant improvements help make my life a little easier in getting others to see the benefits of this network. And that's a...well.. plus. :P
Loving Google +Fuh real keep it coming!
Andy L
Wow. Is it sad that I'm excited about animated GIFs? Thanks Vic and G+ team.
When do these updates come in the new Google+ app?
For anyone doubting Google or G+, this is the Google Steamroller in action.
Thanks Vic!  Great to hear from you! :)
Nice way to start off a weekend :-) 
i like the Google Now integration - birthdates are a bit lame, but its good to see another smart card working outside of US.
I'm sooo happy about this!  Finally, true auto photo backups and not shrunk down copies! Big thanks!!!
I wish they would fix Huddle already :[
Don't you Googlers ever sleep?
Wow the Christmas comes early this time! Thanks for the great updates! 
You da man! I just read over the list of what is coming and it looks awesome and exciting! The best social network already had the best mobile app, and it just continues to get better!

(although, I wish the occasional freeze/hang would get fixed as well as the problem of auto-correct not working when you turn your phone to landscape position)

Keep up the excellent work!
Wow !!! Thank you Google for all the gifts !

Not got the update yet, but yay full size Photo Instant Upload, they listened after all the moaning they listened.
So that's the reason why you couldn't sleep last night. :)
Oh! That's why you were busy during the night +Vic Gundotra ? Thanks for the gifts - my N7 surely will get all of this. Looking forward especially for mobile communities.
Have a nice day!
Google+ is on fire! Thanks so much for all the new features!
Fantastic! This coupled with the news that my poor Verizon GS3 will finally be getting JellyBean (4.1) update makes this Friday AMAZING! You rule, +Vic Gundotra!
Grats to you and the Google+ Team. :)
thanks for the full size instant upload!
ahhh so thats why you couldnt sleep last
Does anybody know, party mode ever made into ios app?
Merry Christmas and Thank You!
Sounds great, but I wouldn't be averse to the G+ sweater either!
The greatest Christmas present will be if the Up Button in the G+ Android app no longer randomly closes the entire app.
+Vic Gundotra     There is one thing missing in G+ features in my opinion. I share/post many things daily with public or my limited circle .After a week if I want to go back to one of my post with my limited circle to check/review something it's really hard and time consuming to find that post. Because there is no option for me to separate   my own public posts from those limited posts. So I have to go through all of them one by one to find the specific post that I was looking for. I think it will be really good if there could be an option to let you search your own post by separating public and limited posts on your profile
thanks for the early gift. great job by you and the whole team to continue to make the platform and app so great.
Does it use the desktop facial recognition on mobile yet?
arghhhh   killing me to  keep hitting F5.

why announce something then make us all wait.      
release it  then announce it!
Does this update fix the cropping of pictures in messenger? It is a major annoyance for months now.
Hi there Mayor Annoyance, I'm Mayor Meltdown from foursquare...
So when is this vaporware actually going to hit the update servers? 
I love how Google listens to our feedback. It's something Apple will never do and that's why they're falling behind and not improving! They think they know what users want but just look at Apple maps!
Google+ is intuitive, rich and easy to use on mobile platform and the UI smoothness and flow is very much captivating on mobile than even on the desktop version. Recently I noticed that I spend more time on Google+ than on Facebook even though I have not yet brought my entire social graph to Google+ yet. That makes me think and wonder how much the team would have thought and engineered to increase user click and view time in Google+. Great job. The entire set of new Google apps in mobile platform is very smooth and bubbles out very well. Thanks for the new features announcement(+Vic Gundotra ) I'm going to try and get my parents on to Google+. Shall try them out during the holidays
Looking forward to additional features, to an already great G+!
Never mind +Vic Gundotra seems the updates have been done for iOS. Just using the updated app now! Looks great, nice work team!
I hope I'm not the only one who read "18+ features"?
I really hope it will soon be possible to share a Google+ article to another app with a share button in Android. Really really missing that. 
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