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Interesting article from New York Times shedding light on the Tupac performance at the Coachella Festival.
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The Cynic in my sees every hotel bar and lounge with one of these, like a jukebox. Back to the Future 2 styles. #VicRules #GOOGLEFTW #ANDROID
First? lol

EDIT: It was an awesome performance (didn't see it live, caught it with the magic of youtube) and technically really intriguing. Thanks for the share +Vic Gundotra, very nice.
i think it's really unfortunate that brilliant minds demo their tech using disgusting performers with bonehead stupid content. perplexing.

edit: this comment was made in reaction to the tupac vid and prior to seeing other comments.
Not only was this article interesting, it was well-written. I liked the insight.
They should do it again! But this time have Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha all sitting at a table having tea, playing cards and laughing about all of us killing each other over them.
You know people will pay tons if $ for a virtual Elvis or a Michael Jackson concert. This will be the biggest craze we've seen in a while.
+Vic Gundotra just a query since i couldnt find anywhere else to ask regarding this. can i share something on google + with everyone minus a few users?
Anab YES! That's the cool thing about Google Plus. Just make a circle with the "I want to share this with just the cool kids" and share to that circle only.
+dustin evans thanks. sarcasm aside, thats not really what i wanted to know. can i share it with everyone, i.e make it public, kind of, and not share it with a particular group of people (psst, family members)?
Haha shedding "light," intentional pun?
Well after trying a few things and Googling... I don't think so +Arnab Das. Maybe you could submit feedback to the +Google+ team about this feature.
If this is right, why he was sliding?!
brings a new understanding of the phrase "live performance"
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