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Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google

We've just begun the worldwide rollout of a more functional and flexible version of Google+. We think you’ll find it easier to use and nicer to look at, but most importantly, it accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.

You can read more about it here:

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Lets see when it is available on Google Apps accounts ...
+Vic Gundotra better sharing from the web please!!
and link previews when sharing from my phone.
that is all.
Wow this is really awesome! Can't wait for it to go live for me! :)
Awesome. I like the extra desktop real-estate. Perfect for a chat client :D
Very Pretty Vic, what is the roll out time frame?
Have to test once it is rolled out to see if it works as good as it looks
The navigation bar on the side will really help new users by explaining things a bit more
Seems good! :)

But I think we are missing something important with the pages!! When I do a +1 on an outside page of G+ it would be nice to select that +1 from being with me personal profile, or from some page I run here on G+. ;)
nice job!!!one suggestion.... the right side chat bar can be hidden when not signed in...
Saw it this morning as I logged in......liking it so far. Very nice & simple UI.
Dont like the new "Navigation Bar" ...
the old one was better.
looking good!!! i want it now! ;)
Pretty good job! Loving it
Jordan Gill
The Changes shocked the hell out of me. I don't know what to say of it other then: Finally, a Social Networking site that makes not only an attractive change that isn't confusingly annoying but has the kindness to inform me of it!
+Vic Gundotra Any plans to bring the edit feature to mobile being that most typos happen on mobile? Also how about embedding of content such as pictures, videos, etc, mobile does not do that either. Any plans for these features eventually?
Now THIS is how you overhaul an interface. Another milestone for Google+ and its great community.
Can't wait for it to go live for me... and hope it doesn't take too long for some of the nice new features to make their way to the +Android app.
I love Google+ updates! It's almost like getting a new toy to play with. Keep them coming.
应该居中 现在感觉有点怪异
I just wish G+ could release a better version for basic mobile users,i feel very uncomfortable to use G+ on my Nokia C3-00.Like FB,please launch a version that would match desktop features on mobile.
please make google+ with emotion feature
Cool, but... can I have Hangout streaming? k, thnx, by!
Looks Cool , However Google published new drop down menu (instead of the black bar at the top of my page) months ago.. still no sign of it here yet ?? so no point getting my hopes that this will come to my Google + irritating showing me what I might get... sometime
the new design is awfull :(
it´s like in myspace: if you continue ruining the simple style of G+ the people will go away
It looks great, I hope see some improvement on the mobile devices, so boring now :(
If only my friends even bothered to sign up at Google+ and join me. Frankly, they're way too busy with their One Direction...
I was shocked to see the drastic changes when I logged in this morning. But after taking a few seconds to look around I think I like it, a lot.
Looks great. Will it support text styling, or are we still stuck with 5 point text size and default leading?
love this new design, much more appealing, good thing you start using some horizonal space, maybe leave more hspace for stream? or make it scale well on widescreens ;)
way to go, like it!
The new design is so much better than the old, finally you make use of all the screenspace :) Great job! My only gripe with it so far is that now you can see even less of your circles until you need to click on "More". It only shows two circles for me.
Keith C
Glad to see that Google is continuing its dedication to white space. Widening the page by 250px just to keep the hangout list from blocking the emptiness below the You Might Like section was inspired.
i have it, try reloading the page
Love the new look! Number one thing G+ needs though, is private groups (or "squares") to be absolutely complete.
Looks pretty good. Would be great if we get a similar experience as tablet app one day.
Really need better and more features on google+ mobile app. We know google+ team could do it. It almost 3 months after the last mobile app (android) update
My Google world changed in the space of 1 meeting??? :-o WHEN do I get this??? :D At this point I don't care if it's good or bad... I just want to see some big stuff happening here :D
Awesome new look, way to go guys! Sidenote: could not stop messing around with the bouncy-balls on the blog page.
Typically, good layout redesigns are received with initial hate. Most people seem to love this change, so Google must be doing something wrong.
+Aryell Caesar Agree. Something I absolutely miss in the mobile app is the automatically created preview of links/articles. This missing feature stops me from publishing articles from mobile and lets me always switch to the desktop.
increase post width according to the resolution..
Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're working hard on rolling this out to everyone.
+Vic Gundotra I asked for <pre> support like a 1000 times. Can we please have that? I want to post code and ascii art on this thing!
to everyone involved: congrats! Video looks great - hope it works as it should when I finally get it ;)
This looks awesome! Can't wait to get the new look. Big kudos for iterating so fast :D
and any plans on when we will be having the google plus for the ipad???
Is it possible to use the same blogspot layout in a blog running on blogger?
I hope I can finally configure the notifications.
yeah waiting for it..still not yet here...
Cool! Up until I was feeling like I've been using Diaspora :-P
Sure looks nicer! I hope it is as good as it sounds! The current design / functionality has proven to be a pain!
+Vic Gundotra You forgot one important feature: nsfw controls for images. Thousands of users, including myself, have been asking for months for the ability to control the content of images that flow down our streams.

I personally don't post nsfw content, but I have friends who occasionally post nsfw pictures, and since I access G+ mostly while at work, I'm forced to keep these friends in a single Circle labelled nsfw and set that Circle to show nothing in my stream.

This means that I can't see normal posts from my friends in my main stream at all because G+ doesn't allow the users to decide what kind of content they want to see. In other words, I have to completely censor my friends out of my stream or remove them completely because I don't want to accidentally see a naked woman onscreen while I'm at work.

Here's a simple solution:

In Google search (on you allow users to select Strict, Moderate, or Off for mature content when using Google search. This should have been part of the G+ algorithm since day one. When anyone uploads a picture to share on G+, there should be a dropdown for that person to choose if that picture falls under the Strict, Moderate, or Off categories.

Each G+ user should also have the ability to select which category they want to view, same as on Search. That way users who want to upload pictures of naked women and share them with their Circles can do so, but users who have set filters to Strict would not see those pictures, but would still see regular posts from that user.

It's a global nsfw filter for your G+ account, and should have been there from day one, since it is already built into your core product: Search.

When people share a link to a porn website on G+, someone who has chosen Strict would automatically not be able to see that post since your Search algorithm would already have tagged that website as nsfw.

Any G+ user who shares nsfw pictures publicly or selects Off from the drop down should be warned and then banned for repeated offenses, but any user following the rules and tagging the image as Strict should be allowed to continue doing so without fear of losing their account.

This solution gives every G+ user complete control over what they see in their stream. I hope you read this entire post, +Vic Gundotra, and I hope you take it to heart. The current practise of banning users who have been asking for these controls is driving people away from using your service.

BTW, congrats on the new look, I'm looking forward to using it. :)
Cool, looks like I don't have it yet, hopefully soon.
This will be great, +Vic Gundotra! I look forward to the enhancements in the next few days. Thanks!
This really looks like a tablet version! We do need one....please!
+Will Kriski Yea I agree... I have a 23inch monitor (which isn't really that big) and there is a massive white space 2/3ds of the way along
The new version of Facebook reminds me of .
This looks great, I have just posted on my #Facebook page to show those guys what they are missing lol...
Ging De
Wow. That's quite exciting, a bit scary also :)
Super amazing. Totally loving new look. Please roll it out to everyone!! can't wait to try it out.
The icon sidebar seems to be bugging hard for me (on Firefox, Win7). When I click on an icon, 50% of the time it will be "picked up" so I can move it, except I had no intention of moving anything, I just wanted to navigate to that page. I spend more time trying to put icons back down than going where I want.

Edit: Oh, and gray on gray for comments isn't very reading-friendly.
Amazing update. Can't wait to try it out. As far as I see, there are only positive feedback from users as opposed to when facebook roll out update. Haha.
+Leif Sikorski yes i did it too. Really need that feature, more closer experience with browser version. Also some features such as:
*Copy-paste a g+ content/post,
*generate g+ url link (so we can share the public post to anyone that not in google+ yet),
*verified profile indicator
*Set shared pic as wallpaper,
*list of saved search (spark)
*etc.. :p
yet to get the new version.. are you rolling it region wise..
This looks great Vic. I will patiently await the changes.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and make a guess:

The Next Big Feature: Update to the mobile app

The Feature After That: Better UI for Android tablets and the iPad
Nice all we need is a full API, so we can leave FB once and for all
I really hope the app gets this UI because its not up yo this standard.
This looks amazing! I love 99.99% of it. My only concern is with my wide display is that I have a big empty block of white space on the right. Would be awesome if the stream could scale up to fit the width or let us control the width of the stream. Would also allow us to see bigger photos flying through the stream. Probably problematic to do this but I'm sure you guys will think of something awesome :) Perhaps put a notification stream there?

Congrats to you and your team. You've really outdone yourselves with this! :)
please let us hide the right side chat, otherwise we'll have an evil g+ migrating to fb
The new sidebar UI looks clean and fresh. Very awesome G+ team, keep doing original stuff like this =)
When will it be available for Google Apps users ?
It's annoying that this announcement doesn't even acknowledge the fact that this is not released (at least not for everyone) yet.
Will business pages also get this new UI?
waiting for it on my account....
g+ needed a refresh :)
+Vic Gundotra Any plans for groups/community for G+ ?? .... On FB 'groups' is a key feature.... Many of my friends are hooked on to FB, because of groups, where they share / collaborate with groups members... I remember communities made orkut a big hit in India... It would be great if G+ too had it
Ok, now how do i go back to the old one? I didn't use facebook and now it looks the same.
Congratulation Google + for new feature and look ....
Hallo K
Woah I seriously didn't expect that.

One question though; for the the youtube redesign, is that just for the new google+ youtube accounts or will our old account linked to gmail get it too?
Is anyone else annoyed by the crazy amount of whitespace? If I maximize my browser on my wide-screen LCD, Almost half the screen is whitespace after I scroll down past the "Trending" items.
+Thomas Parikka I'd really like a "Compact" layout like the one in Gmail to minimize the space taken up by that huge bar at the top.
The new G+ a huge waste of space on a Notebook.

Left Side Nav Bar ~100 pixels - Main content area 600 pixels wide of which posts ~500 pixels wide and 100 pixels for photo and the funky speech bubble bit. if you have the space it then shoves the Hangout bar down the right hand side. Again, mainly white space.

It might makes send on a Portrait Table with resolution of 768x1024, but not on a laptop with resolution 1280x800.
You see.. you know the black bar at the top is ugly, that's why you cut it out from this video. Take it out please.
Where's the 'Send Feedback' button gone?
I think if we can close up the massive white void on the right (and widen the stream column), this will be a nearly total improvement on the old layout.
+Albert Hickey My resolution is 1920x1080. I've never once opened Chrome in a full screen window as there are most likely 0 web sites designed that way. For the large part of the WWW's life span web sites were designed in 800x600 mentality. Now finally we are seeing 1024x768 or slightly larger.
Eager to go home and test out the new look. Unfortunately Google+ is blocked in office
This looks very cool - layout and functionality. Can't wait to try it out.
whoever is leading desing at google in the last 6-8 months has been doing a great job. changes to ugly looking email, and now changes to gp. great job
Me no like. Too much going on on the screen at once. Don't like the main content being framed
When is it coming out to UK?
Thank God its not Google Plus Timeline. I'd be gone
very nice, and as Mike above said if it were "timeline" I'd be gone too!
I've used it all of a minute now, but first impressions: Why is two thirds of my screen now plain white and unused while all text is mashed up on the left?
Please Please !
Give me the possibility to continue playing a video from a post while continuing to slide down.
woo hoo! love it! Love the even bigger photos!
Do someone know a company with the new design?
The speed of iteration that Google is working at the moment is amazing. I am loving being part of the ride. Thanks for your incredible efforts, Vic and all the team!
On 1920x1080 screen it has a lot of waste space. Maybe you should center it like before?
+Vic Gundotra Suggest the center pane be floating width rather than fixed width. With large widescreen monitors, the fixed width leaves a third of my screen as useless whitespace. Otherwise, I like the new layout. Thx! BTW -- the Photos and Circles window do use floating width. Just need to get Home to do that also.
+Vic Gundotra I do like some of the design elements but the "Trending / Invite Friends" and Hangouts needs to be narrowed or combined somehow. The space allotted the Stream is too small. When most people come to G+, they want to see their Stream first, everything else is navigation and secondary to the experience.
It's a step in the right direction. I love it, but needs some more tweaks.
I applaud you for actually adding borders to stuff and getting away from the borderless clean layout crap, but can you tone down the header, it doesn't scroll and just keeps getting bigger and bigger. In chrome the top 1/6' of my screen is now fixed content.

It's also be nice it you could hide the chat and hangout pane on the right.

I'll reserve judgement on the new navigation features until I play with it some more.
i am interessted to work with google+ api where can start?
Is there a posibillity to resize the different columns/bars? As it is now I have a huge white space right to the posts. I want it used!
I second +Martin Schmidt , the one thing I immediately missed from the old design was the width of the central column. After being used to that the new design feels a bit cramped.
Nice, great, and awesome!
Good job you guys. I continue to love it. I am trying to get a bunch of my friends here for just the Hangouts feature alone. It will be a battle but I think more people will start using G+
What a great update!! Keep up the great work that you and your team are doing at Google!
I'm loving the new layout! I'm so glad you guys moved away from the fixed pixel width layout. It makes using Google+ on my 23" flat panel a real joy.
You know what, I love this: every single time the big blue F released a new layout the majority of users where crying and threatening a boycott, I look at this thread and I see a great majoity of people impatient to see the changes rolled out with only a handful of users sceptical of the change. Google+ is awesome and you guys at Google really know how to talk to your users. Thank you +Vic Gundotra and everyone at Google :-)
I'm so excited! I can't wait until the rollout hits my neck of the woods!
One thing i notice is gone is the Youtube playlist... :(
It simpler and sleeker, I really like it.
Kudos -- I have often been critical in the past but the speed and real time consistency of various streams (the source of much of my previous frustration) seems to have been fixed.

The visual appearance I will leave to others to praise or damn.
Wow, you know, it may actually be an improvement.
First impressions: It seems cluttered. I would prefer a minimalist interface or the ability to switch features off. For example, I am not interested in trending, "you might like" and hangout .... big waste of space for me on the right hand column.
Oh my god Vic. Smashing all the content to each side of the screen is killing me. JUST KILLING ME. Fix this. Center the stream again.
Belgium still not having it, seemingly :)
Awful design... Posts on the left, too many white space on the right. A la Android 2.0 Share Dialog. Unusable. Can I switch back?
looks good! is there going to be any type of picture editor? for the cover photo? In addition there is slight bug when selecting your circle in that you cannot navigate below the fold - please fix those and we are good to go :o)
Wow, 'i'm so excited' :)
Remember when Apple launched products and you got the feeling "This changes everything"... now for the second time Google does it. First time was when they launched Google+ ;)
Whoa... did I accidentally log into Facebook? I'm usually really impressed with most of the changes you guys make but this is an obvious copy of Facebook's recent redesign and I'm starting to feel like I'm going to ditch social networking all together if you guys can't just stick with what works. The last UI update for G+ was great the stream was centered and white space was well used. Now like +Tim Moore said white space is poorly used and it's a lot like FB ( Please back out of the changes before it's rolled out to too many people... we were just starting to get used to it and you pull a Facebook and redesign everything... again. IMO things that NEED to change ASAP are... 1- be able to hide the chat window on the right side. 2- Expand the stream so it takes up the entire white space... like +Gerwin Sturm did via CSS. 3- Autohide the 'Black Bar' 4- When adding someone's name to a comment in a post and the stream moves... Don't let the suggestion box run off the page. 5 - Stop make radical changes!
Something is not right for me. My stream is compressed down the left hand 3rd of the screen, there's 2/3rds of white space to the right and then then the Chat list. This is in Chrome and Firefox.
I just looks odd.
I just need to see something more. A remodeling of gtalk, the great task ahead.
Just a page with the talks of my contacts, in this great new side menu. As the "messages" of facebook (or better, if possible).
Other than that, a big step forward (:
Gigantic white space on right = bad. Get rid of the marketing crap at the top of that white column (many/most of us don't want it anyway) or at last minimize it. But taking up so much real estate and minimizing the real reason we're here (this column, on the left) is not good design.
I assume it's something you have already thought of. It is very obvious the trouble of having to go to Gmail, go to the chat section, and look there in a long list of conversations. It just need.
Love the simplicity and catchiness. But what's about the right side, it's wasted! especially if you sign out of the chat i.e. at work.
+Vic Gundotra Widescreen monitor has a lot of white space on the right of the stream.. and the stream itself is too on the left.. center it or wide it.
This looks absolutely hideous on widescreens. The custom circles are now harder to access. And what's with grey on light grey for replies?
The huge introduction of white space is a problem. Over half (close to 75%) of my screen is white space, in mostly the center of my viewing experience. This leads to more scrolling, which leads to less dense information.

The move of the +1 for comments to the top of the comment rather than the bottom is also not elegant. I want to +1 a comment after I read it, not before. It is more likely that I will have to scroll up to +1 a comment on this ridiculously narrow comment stream.

The comments being in light grey on grey makes my eyes strain to read and it is not a pleasant way to interact with a conversation.

The left justify makes you turn your head ever so slightly and we've been trained to look at the center of our screens.

The blown out/exploded icons make me feel like I'm in kindergarten and are a waste of space.

I should have the ability to minimize/remove the chat side bar.
Glad to see the look of the official Google blog got tidied up too. Much better!
+Dawn Burnell What you said! Can only +1 you once...
Moreover: I bet the left bar looks in place on Windows 8 which I will never see. Grey on grey is an ANTI-accessibility step. I almost need glasses but you are close to forcing me to get them
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible screen utilization. The posts now take up less than 1/2 the width on a wide screen monitor and are easily 3x the height that they used to be. The whole "trending" column needs to go away or at least move under the chat window to make room for wider posts. This layout is terrible and a huge waste of screen space. Please fix it. I feel sorry for anyone using a standard 1024x768 monitor.
+Vic Gundotra I like the new navigation schema, but the right column is wasted space. Ok to show my large profile pic and follower info for someone visiting my page to see my updates or profile, but for my day to day use that is wasted space and now that I've used the new layout more I do prefer the wider update column (the current center column). I don't need to constantly see my large profile pic and follower stats. That column is dead space I'm afraid.
Love it, I'm a big fan of clean and efficient, main reason I use chrome as well. I don't need a full screen to do what I want to do, leaving me open to have other tabs open beside it. Some folk just don't like positive change, forget 'em.
+Vic Gundotra I got some feedback for the new look +Google+ Please expand the circle-view in the overview for everybody with a 19" or bigger display and make it customizable like the menu and adapt the post/picture/video-preview size to the attached display. Other than that it's great!!! Thank you! :-)
nice so far, great work, hopefully a little more tweaking on the layout, would be great.
Congratulations Mr. Gundotra!! You all are doing an excellent job!
Sean S
Not liking the profile page. On the profile page, I liked that links to my sites were on the side. Now it's buried at the bottom.
Sean S
The new layout just looks too cluttered.
The new layout is pretty nice! Nice work for you and your team!!
+Vic Gundotra the new Google+ look is a win win for me. Great look. You guys did a great job here. We really would like to see this kind of improvement on the android app. Please tell us that is coming soon?
Sean S
Don't like that my saved searches is hidden in the drop down menu.
It should be placed on the right side under "Trending on Google+"
Sean S
The bold text in the comments section needs to be darker. It is less noticeable now.
Please give us the option of deleting the right-most column and let us reclaim the wasted white space.
Sean S
I do like that there is less white. The old design had too much white.
I also like that I can make my scrapbook photos on the profile page as five separate photos or one long strip.
I really don't need all that space on the right just to tell me what's trending and that I have a giant button to click for Hangouts.
Sean S
+Erik Orgell , you are probably using a larger monitor. My monitor is only 1280 x 1024 so I'm probably seeing less white.
Sean S
On the profile page, tagline should not have been moved from underneath the name to the "About" tab.
My first impression ...
Just "screwed" everything up and made feel like I'm on FB ... :-/
So far this new layout force me to click more times than I had to do earlier to reach what I use .... (improvement ? - NO !)
For example I have to click down the "curtain" to reach all different circles that earlier where on the left side ... (improvement ? - NO !)
I use them much more than the links I've got there now which where placed on the top before.
On my profile side I have to scroll all the way down to reach my links ... (improvement ? - NO !)
I'm not impressed at all when they make the access to what I use most more complicated ... :-S
Of course it must be something good with this but I just haven't figured it out yet ... :-S
Guess I'm forced to buy a widescreen now as well .... :-S
PLEASE do like FB and let us choose if we want the old or new "design" ... :-/
Cool UI +Vic Gundotra. Noticed the Start a hangout and chat list on the right. Looking forward to the remaining whitespace being beautifully used in an user selectable way (and not just triggered by screen size).
People will always love or hate new changes. As a UX designer, I`m just worried about the lack of unity between the chat on the right in G+ and the chat on the left in gmail. This might confuse the user. Personally, the white space distracts me and I find that the content is squished on the left. Not a big fan.
NOT simpler, NOT more beautiful, NOT easier to use. When you get down to it, the change is almost negligible. It's virtually identical except things have all been rearranged so that there are now lists on both sides of the screen showing information I am, for the most part, not interested in.
I like most of the updates to the new UI. Wish I could adjust the sizes of things myself to cut out some of that extra useless white space. But what I really missed in the new UI was in Photos. One of the options under Photos with the old UI was Photos from my circles. It was a nice easy way to get a quick look at the sort of photos the people I have circled were putting out. I can't find that on the new UI. :( Can we have that back +Vic Gundotra? Or am I just looking in the wrong spot?
I feel a bit uncomfortable with the new look because of its similarity to facebook, and as one of "the cool people" who uses G+ <wink> I categorically reject anything facebooky.
Sean S
I love when you roll over "Photos" on the left side and a box slides out so that you can add photos, go to photos from phone, and go directly to your albums.
Sean S
Not liking that there's an overlay with the video description on videos that are posted on Google+. I can't tell that it's a video when I see it..
Sean S
Just noticed that you can drag and drop the icons on the left bar. You can also movie the icons into the "More" icon.
I love the improvement to Google+.

I believe Google has anticipated products that prove valuable in people's lives. This is how an innovative company should be; anticipating customer needs with easy to use, value-products.

As I go about my daily tasks I discover products from my Google+ "central control panel" that simplify tasks that would be burdensome otherwise. These tasks relate to managing personal data, searching for data, organizing data, ranking data. When I am able to acquire relevant data, sort and manage it into a form that is of value to my life, I am then able to actualize myself in my work and society with more value and impact. This is what Google enables.

Some of the Google products I find extremely valuable are:

Youtube: allows for accelerated learning through stimulation of all senses;

Gmail: easy and seamless management of communicated thoughts;

Documents: easy and seamless management of documented thoughts;

Search: powered by the most powerful search engine: Google;

Google Finance: easy and seamless management of financial news and portfolios;

Google News: easy and seamless management of news from all categories;

Google Maps: a truly revolutionary product that is embedded in our lives;

Google Art Project: a recent discovery that is a work of art in its conceptualization and a gift to art lovers around the world.

I am eager to discover more from Google!.....
I am <3ing it!! :) . keep it up G+ team. You rock \0/.
suggestion: show my list of circles when I hover over the circles icon in the left nav, so I don't have to scroll all the way back to the top nav to switch streams.
As I scroll down the stream, my notification button and circle choices get sent up with the stream. Would be much easier to have them on the left bar for easy access so I don't have to page up to find them again, or constantly be refreshing. And I really hate the 'what's trending' widget on the right. Need an option to hide it.
this update made my lovely g+ soooo unconvinient, I don't like it a bit. I pray to have an old one. pleeeease give us a chance to have an old design ^(((((((((
The Hangout/Chat bar I'm not even going to use. There should be a option to rid of it, or slide off of the screen until needed. The posts ought to be center to deal with the white space issue. And the text color in the comment space should be black rather than gray. The grey text makes it a little hard to read. But I like the new look. Thought it was time for bigger pictures & videos. Good work.
Dear god this is ugly. On a small screen I can't even get a full post. On a large screen there is a column of whitespace.
I don't really understand, I dropped a comment here, but it has disappeared, or something has gone wrong… I type it again, roughly:
I was wondering when will the circles have some new features, because I was expecting great usages of this great idea…

I'm looking forward to see what will be in the right space.

Google, you do a great work…
Nice song choice +Vic Gundotra and you better be the main one talking at I/O this year along with +Matias Duarte

That's right I've made my choice your the king of Android keynotes
Sean S
The new layout looks better on a smaller monitor. On a large monitor, there is a huge white space to the right of the stream. If there is going to be white space, it should be on the left and right side of the page and the content of the page should be centered. My monitor is 1280 x 1024 so I don't notice the white space but I've tried using Google+ on a large monitor and there is too much white space.
+Vic Gundotra Apparently the bulk of the people leaving comments here are trying to impress you too much by telling you what a great job you have done with overseeing the rework of the Google+ interface. You need to look at comments elsewhere that are not in direct response to you to get a true measure of the issues that have been raised with these changes.

Naturally, many folks are just resistant to change, and any change is going to cause a bit of "I liked it better the way before" reaction.

I will mention what I consider to be major DISlikes in response to the new layout, based on my own immediate reaction as well as culled from other discussions.

1. The layout is clearly aimed at a smaller width form factor, such as tablet or phone. The desktop view has a tremendous amount of wasted white space in the middle of a standard-sized display browser window. Cynics have noted that this is probably where all of the ADS are going to be displayed ! :(

2. Putting 'apps' down the left column has removed other uses of vertical column space by things which are, and will be, far more numerous than a relatively small number of 'modes of use' main menu type icons. Google+ is, after all, the APP . This suggests that you want Google+ to become a world unto itself where you plug all kinds of 'apps' into it. Fair enough, but you have done so in a way that is way premature for that view of the universe, and which in turn hobbles the ability to have quick access, in the left-hand column to frequently accessible stream filters, circles, and searches. Consider the implications of the same design paradigm to, say, gmail folders down the left hand column. Would you remove all of those quick access points, in a nice outline, and put them under yet-more-clicks-and-dropdowns-away dialogs that require extra work to access, and waste the left-hand column space with 6 main menu icons ? I think NOT .

3. Bottom line, why not use the creativity and skill of your designers and software engineers to CUSTOMIZE the look and feel of the Google+ layout based upon the needs and requirements of Google+ users ?? Allow the stream column to be resized. Allow menu icons of modes of use to be put in a top header and stream filters and searches to organize Google+ access in the left column. Or vice-versa, if the user is a 'gamer', or developer, or business, with tons of 'apps' that they need to eventually select.

Why not distinguish between different browser platforms (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, laptop/desktop ) and taylor the information architecture accordingly ? That is soooo 1998 !

The impression here is a "lurch" forward that is (a) aimed at the mobile/tablet market, and (b) trying to look like Facebook more so than offering a definitive alternative to Facebook. Me-too syndrome.

The ultimate value for Google+ in a very large demographic is going to be the ease with which Google+ can be an informational vehicle to locate, filter, contribute to CONTENT , not a facebook-like 'my friends told me to get this model refrigerator' gossip column.

You would be better served emulating some of the information architecture aspects that, say, TweetDeck provides in regard to filtering and accessing the large fire hose of content that flows into the 'Twitter-verse' from all points - NOT trying to be another amalgamation of feudal social estates revolving around coagulated and relatively static collections of 'friends'. THAT would be the best way to interface Google+ as an interactive, information sharing resource among communities that properly leverages the massive amounts of Internet information and content which the legacy Google search facility provides. Marry THOSE two together, and you have a compelling and unique service. Becoming a 'me-too' Facebook copycat is, in my opinion, allowing yourself to be led down the primrose path of social 'faddism', and, ultimately, to ruin -- or at least a complete missed opportunity to do what neither Facebook nor Twitter can do.

The rigidity of this layout, what it implies, and what it takes away, make it a half-step forward and easily two steps backward.

Just sayin' ...
+Vic Gundotra The white space is wasted space. A huge amount of wasted space. The news feed on my 17in screen takes up less than a quarter of the window. It looks like your design team were working on 13in 4:3 monitors when designing this layout.

The permanent chat bar on the right is more wasted space. That should've been optional - a pop-up version would've been good.

The apps column on the left is far too wide for what it needs to do.

Comments are difficult to read thanks to the grey text-on-grey background design. I have good eyesight - people with poor eyesight will find them impossible to read.

And the site has developed many bugs: from pages screwing up, to previews of photos in the photo libraries becoming blurry.

And the "invitations", "people you know", "people you may like", and trending bits are distracting, and pointless.

Frankly, the right-hand side of #newgoogleplus looks like it was copied, without any thought, from Facebook.

But the circles shortcut bar is good. Except you can only pick two circles to appear in it.

And the launch of the new look was badly handled - dumped on users without a preview or warning. Or much thought given into the design or functionality of the site.

It's a poor job of a redesign.

EDIT: And I am one of those who think the white space is going to be used for adverts. I don't think it's a possibility, but an inevitability.
+Vic Gundotra I don't know if you'll ever see this buried under all the suggestions and complaints, but i just want to say i really like the new design. I think it's clean and crisp and easy to use, and as a designer i appreciate the importance of giving the content room to breathe. Kudos to you and the rest of the G+ team for an excellent redesign.
+Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz WTF is with all the white space to the right of the stream? You guys and the G+ team are great, but frankly don't have a clue in other aspects of design.
Expand the width of the stream!
Soon you'll be able to dock other google products in the area on the right - gmail, search, youtube, docs. Or maybe an API will allow devs to create anything for it (facebook dock?) Just a thought!
+Vic Gundotra
I have a minor eyesight problem and the huge white space is really causing me problems, and so i now have a terrible headache. I've had to wear sunglasses to to try and combat this dreadful mess.
My monitor is set perfect for my photography, so i refuse to make changes for G+ when every other site i use doesn't cause a problem.

Many others will have a problem with the grey comments.

You're making G+ something that we can't use properly, and i find it disgraceful no one has thought of those with eyesight problems.

Add to this the dreadful idea of the stream on the left rather than the centre where most people will look.

The photos in the stream have a weird and horrible letterbox thing going on around them if they're square or portrait format.

Google have managed what i never thought would be possible, you've made the Facebook Timeline actually start to look reasonable, and i despise that awful mess!!
Sean S
Would be nice if we could use an image map on the cover photo on the profile page.
easier to use? nope, way too much whitespace.
nicer to look at? nope, too much clutter.
simpler and more beautiful? no way, this is plain stupid.. filling my screen with crud that I'm not gonna use more than once or twice a day while shrinking the area for actual content to a tiny little ribbon.. which idiot's idea was this?
Hate the redesign! WHY DID YOU REMOVE ABILITY TO ATTACH LOCATION! Nearby was the best feature, now I can't see my posts in Nearby unless I post from my phone!
I like the new look, except for the large whitespace. What I really found annoying was the post on blogspot. While trying (and I used that term loosely) to read the blogspot article on my Droid, the slightest slide/scroll action to the left would move me to the next article (something about a formaldehyde chair). I soon discovered what was happening and could slide left and right through different articles if I was sliding on text on the blogspot article, but not on pictures. Interesting, but still very annoying, as I couldn't slide right even a little bit to see adjusted margin sections (like bullet points) in the article without moving to the next article.
But back to the Plus news... Like being able to customize the buttons on the left. Like the overall look and feel. The left and top ribbons and header area could be sized down a bit to take up even less room. And find something to do with right side, though I imagine you'll be pushing advertisements, there, eventually, eh +Vic Gundotra?
I like the new layout except for two things. First, the main content (i.e. the stream) is so far to the left of center on large screens that I have to turn my head to read it. This is bad design. Primary content should always be front and center. Second, comments to posts, which should be considered primary content, are gray rather than black. This might seem like a minor thing, but lowered contrast not only makes content harder to read, but is usually an indication that it's disabled or unimportant. I personally think comments to posts are as important as the posts themselves, and at any rate don't want to feel like I'm straining to read text that should be easily readable.
Why is 2/3 of my screen white? Where is the feedback button? Having 2/3 of my screen blaring white while I type all cramped over in the corner is going to push me away real quick.
Sean S
Is Google+ still in beta?
how to change it into previous layout? this new layout give me head ache.. to many things going on ..n space got smaller...
This layout is awful.

Your UI is bad,
and you should feel bad!

Boo! BOO!!!!
Please think of this as constructive criticism.. The white space on the right is really annoying..
I'm getting used to it now.
Great! I can use this as an example in a discussion I have at a Marshall County Technical School later today...First- time to dig in here and see what's up.
The first thing I had to do was to shift my seat a bit to the left...Great look..!!
Really loving the slick new G+. Thanks google!

One suggestion +Vic Gundotra , please consider enabling us to spruce up our comments as well. Rich formatting and especially the ability to post photos in comments would be a treat!
Could you change the comment font color to black? It'd be much more readable with the black/white combo.
I was hoping that this new update will allow for slideshows in albums. But we still do not have that option unless I am missing something. Any plans to implement it?
Looks COOL but the only way I can use the Stream.. semi close to the previous version is with this new.. extension that stretches posts:

I feel like this new version made G+ harder and created MORE friction, instead of less +Vic Gundotra ...
Best part is the new Hangouts Page with Broadcasts and WAY MORE hangouts to join that i've been pushing for.

I'd love to know what you all love and/or hate about the new Plus... ACTIVITY had to of sunk from it... sure, learning curve but
now everything is ZOOMED IN and so much less for everyone to see ...when it comes to the STREAM.
Why does the initial page still not have the login box? Why do you make us click on the Sign In button in order to reach the login page for G+? That's one wasted click!
Sorry +Vic Gundotra but while I'm a fan of G+, I'm not a fan of the latest change. One of the things I liked about G+ was that it didn't look like FB. Now, it sort of looks like FB... I guess a source of tension between social network providers and users is that: providers want users to feel that the space is really personal, but users don't feel it's so personal anymore when the interface gets changed without their input. Just an observation.
Go Google Go ! :)
this boils down to the numbers, how many people does this UI change lose verses the number it gains, i am sorry to say i am on the losing. all the features that i enjoyed of G+ are now gone.....
I am fine with it, but i did have to install whitespace remover so that the content was in the middle of the screen not locked to the left.
+Vic Gundotra how does it feel to be a part of a team that created something that many people have come to love? I myself am a "creative", though I've yet to achieve the same success with my stuff.
+Vic Gundotra Dear Sir, I wanted to report some issues on profile page but the gear button did not show on profile page.
+Vic Gundotra Thanks for your response, Sir. The issue I wanted to report is about sharing my number on the profile editing page.
If I shared my number with my circles or with a particular circle using custom option, it doesn't show in their gmail address book - I crosschecked that the person I was checking it with was in my circles and was also on G+. If I +Name the person in that custom sharing option only then it shows in the address book. Please look into it. Thank you very much and I love G+.
+Sunil Rana Hi Sunil, I've just sent you a private message so we can investigate your issue. Thanks for reporting it!
Anyone tested the new layout on a 1920x1080 display? Half my screen is empty!! Big waste of space there...
Also, expanding 300+ comments is not very pleasant when it's done all at once...
Otherwise, the new layout is great!
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