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A gift for you iOS customers :-)
Google+ Hangouts for iOS: phone calls, animated GIFs, and more

Today we're updating Google+ Hangouts for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new app includes the recent Android improvements (, as well as some new goodies for iOS:

- You can now make calls to phones from the iOS app, and calls to the US and Canada are free! You can dial internationally too (with super low rates), but you'll first need some calling credit:

- If you're a Google Voice user, you can make and receive calls from any of your iOS devices with today's update. Outgoing calls will come from your Google Voice number, and incoming Voice calls can be answered from Google+ Hangouts.

- Incoming messages will no longer stop your music. Instead of interrupting your groove, Google+ Hangouts will now temporarily duck your music, then crank the volume back up.

- Aaand… animated GIFs will now play in-line.

Today's release contains lots of features based on your feedback (seeing who's reachable right now, early integrations with Google Voice), but we're always working to make the app better. So give the new version a go (, and let us know your thoughts!

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Better hurry before Apple pulls it. </end sarcasm>
Wtf? So im a loyal android user...and ios gets this before me? Thats bullshit!
Question Vic, us people oversea (I am in the UK) how much does it cost us to phone UK to UK? I got the iOS update have not tried it but looking at the post it is free in the US and Canada.

Also where is the android version? Maybe we have to wait for some delious KitKat to be announced?

And also, Google Voice, when is this coming out internationally, or are you going to issue another hangouts update for that?

Anyway, loving this so far :-) 
Good Guy #Google  
You don't see this type of cross-platform harmony from some fruit company.
Does the hangout call use data plan or voice minutes
Guys, don't worry. We have massive investment in Android. I promise you will be happy soon. Don't get upset because we show some love to Google users who use iOS. There are a lot of them. And they are good people :-)
iOS gets hangouts updates first, we've seen this before but we get more features typically.
I'm so excited for kitkat , nexus5 and all. 
+Vic Gundotra no one is saying that they are not good people... But they are not as loyal as us who have been android since the begining... No one is saying to leave them out of the loop... But make them second. Reward the loyal fans first. 
+Vic Gundotra it probably wouldn't feel so bad if it didn't feel like we're getting toyed with waiting for 4.4
But it is good to see that android has more class than apple... But im still
Exactly as +Vic Gundotra said...

Plus, Updated Google services on ALL platforms is what I'd like to see. Android is obviously my focus, but iOS must get the attention it deserves. It's still insanely popular.

Windows Phone should also see some attention because it's a genuinely good OS. Maybe the investment for all Google services isn't a good fit yet, but the main ones, the most popular ones, need to happen. 
It's times like this where a good gif would describe exactly how I feel. 
It's just that we all know about the nexus 5 and still nothing official. We're dying here! Throw us a bone or something :')
+Vic Gundotra Thank you! Just redownloaded the app on my iPhone! :-)

For all you iHaters out there, just be patient! It's not like we have Ingress on our phones or something. :-) 
This is great news, and I no longer own a single iOS device. I'm excited for the future of hangouts both in terms of features and in the proliferation of the service. Thanks for all your work!
< insert sincerely annoyed comment from a long time Android / Voice user getting a bit fed up >
So... iOS users can ditch their voice plan and run on data only.  ;)
+Kyle Morris I'm a heavy Google Voice user. We have plans for Google Voice that I think are exciting. Can't say more for now. 
+Vic Gundotra ...I can't wait to see what you have in store for Android!  Keep up the good work!
Would love Google Voice in the UK but appreciate there are restrictions and limitations. 
Absolutely crazy that iOS gets this first. Think Apple is ever going to release an iTunes upgrade on Android first? #iDoubtIt
+Vic Gundotra thanks for the iOS love. Although I've only used iPhones since 2007, I've used Google services from your beginning. And I don't see that changing regardless of the devices I may use. 
+Vic Gundotra I rely on Google Voice 90% of the time so it's great to hear you use it as well and it's not going to die. 
This is why a buy a nexus, so iOS gets all the cool features I've been waiting for first :|
Oh my goodness, if you have a dedicated Google Voice number, this basically turns an iPod Touch into a telephone!
+Vic Gundotra happy soon. Like next week, right? Maybe Wednesday? Seriously. Can't wait for Hangouts and GV updates. 
This feature turns your internet connected device into a free phone....forever. I knew the day will come when we'll only need the providers for data. That time is now.
Tiens, Google avoir accès à mes communications privées? nothx
Lol +Chris Marle , tu réalises que peu importe le service que tu utilises pour téléphoner (Bell, Videotron, Telus etc), ils ont accès à tes conversations? Pourquoi c'est grave si c'est google? Parce que c'est gratuit?
+Vic Gundotra
Its hard to be patience when its Google whose services and products we are talking about ;-) 
hey +vicgundotra free calls in canada with google voice is awesome but how about enabling voice in canada already? i've been waiting since google bought grandcentral for a # in canada since i live here also but all this time it's still no go??  also when can we buy 
music on the playstore? another that's taken a a long long time.
+Steve Rodrigue Apple ne fait pas son fric avec mes données et n'utilise pas ma tronche pour vendre des cossins. Ils en ont rien a foutre de mes trucs, ça leur rapporte rien :P
+Vic Gundotra What is the special feature android users are going to get for waiting longer ?
+Vic Gundotra with Google Voice making the outgoing calls, I guess we still can't use this up here in Canada? 
+Steve Rodrigue T'as vraiment besoin de rendre ça dans une guerre G v A? T'as pas de quoi de mieux à faire? ;)
+Vic Gundotra +kyle morris I can't agree with you more. Totally excited to hear that more plans are in the works for Google Voice!
And for Android "very soon"...  fuck you Google, you did the same with Maps and Google Search, you're only giving me reasons to switch to Windows Phone (and I don't even like it) 
+Vic Gundotra What I like about Google is that you don't care about all the fanboy stuff that's exhibited in these comments. You understand that the more people that use your product, the better, and that's the bottom line. That's why your company is doing so well, you see beyond the childish asinine rivalries that only fans (who don't get paid to pick a side, mind you) are into, and you think BIG.  That's why I'll always respect YOU as a person, and Google. THAT is what tech is about.
Now the only thing left is Google to provide data-only plans for cell phones. Who wants to pay $90 a month for two years to have a phone plan when you can use hangout to make free phone calls?
Can we please get Google voice in Canada now! 
+Vic Gundotra love the enthusiasm but I'm seriously impatient....being a college student the only reason I started working is so I can buy a ticket to IO which was amazing and I enjoyed a lot..... And the next nexus pl hurry up
Think of it this way, if your Google you have only one real rival to your actual business...MS and their Bing product. Apple doesn't have anything that really threatens that model.

The suing is irritating but that's a US patents system that's broken.

Good bye Skype!

Now I don't have to have a huge workaround to get Skype to play nice with Google Voice.
The 4.4 KitKat trolling continues! iOS seems to gain features, but the integrated Android version should blow this away. 
No love for windows 8 or 8.1. Because you know millions of users is a small base. We don't like web apps. We want system notifications !
Exciting stuff +Vic Gundotra ! I'm envisioning hangouts not only being a unified messager but a unified communicator. Glad to see it developed on multiple platforms. I'm an android user but not everyone I communicate with is.
Alan M
great, now when is the android version getting the update? 
that's TOO generous of you guys Vic ;-)
+Vic Gundotra from the description, I still didn't see hangouts can save photos to the local album. Why why didn't you guys add this features?

Also, when Google voice and wallet will come to Australia. Waiting for ages.
Google Voice to the UK please! That's definitely my biggest technological want in the world right now. 
+Vic Gundotra I just want to be able to send/receive SMS and calls to my Google Voice number on my Android phone, even when my mobile data is turned off (for battery savings, like when I'm out ).

Then, and only then can I seamlessly port my number to Google Voice. Or just bring Google Voice integration to T-Mobile, like you did with Sprint

Keep up the great work! :)
I hope they have this for Android by tomorrow. What a disappointment.
Great... But it isn't available in Australia :(
+Vic Gundotra why not update the app to fit the iOS 7 design language? It looks out of place on an iOS 7 device. 
I think putting it on iOS first is large scale test run, knocking out the kinks before letting the hammer fall.
There are so many Android based Google voice users having this get clogged would cause a lot of disappointment.
Kudos to the Hangouts team,smart move as this would make available contact lists on iOS devices as heavy users would like quick access to make calls. iPad ,iPod users stand to gain from the calling features. 
Mel Tajon
Loyal iPhone and Google Voice user here.

I'm shocked just as much as you guys. But let's be real: in the end, Google Voice/Hangouts will be integrated waaaay better into Android than it EVER will on iOS. You guys will be able to set Hangouts as your default SMS. You'll probably be able to make it your default phone app as well...and that makes things so much more intuitive and convenient. iOS will probably never get that.

Here's an example of why it sucks for iOS users:

If I'm browsing the Photos app and find a picture that I want to MMS to a friend, there is no option from the Photos app to send that photo to Hangouts.

Same thing with the Contacts app. If I find a number that I want to call, there is no option for me to call via Google Voice/Hangouts.

So don't trip too much over this; it's just a small "win" for iOS users guys will benefit the most in the long game.

And also, great work, +Vic Gundotra! Looking forward to the next generation of Google Voice/Hangouts.
I can't wait for this on Android!!  Well done folks!
It would be cool if Hangouts combined functionality of dialer + chat service + hangouts (obviously) + SMS/MMS service. I can imagine that happening someone down the road if Google wants to.
Congrats to the team! Can't wait to try it out. Thanks Googlers! 
+Vic Gundotra The iOS version of hangouts had been able to display animated gif for awhile now, even before this update. Android animated gifs in hangouts when?
Very interesting update.  One issue that I've already noticed is that the "phone contacts" on the "call phone" screen is seriously lacking.  There is no alphabet on the right to jump to a letter, contact photos don't load, it doesn't even show all the contacts and some of the contact names are missing and it just shows a number.  Put this all together and it makes it very cumbersome to use when trying to call a phone.  +Vic Gundotra pass this along to the developers.  Thanks.  Oh and great work.
+Gabby Gums they need to attract more ios user to hangouts more then Android user. It's a common sense to make it better then the Android version. IMHO 
+Vic Gundotra Thanks for keeping your loyal android enthusiasts informed. Please hurry with the hangouts update for Android. 
+Brandon Clinger To a company like Google "millions" (or more like less than 5% market share) is tiny. Google has hundreds of millions of users for most of their products and likely over a billion for search.
If you want proper native applications, use a more popular platform. Even Google have limited resources and it's selfish to expect a company to use them on such a small platform. If Windows Phone actually becomes popular in real terms, that would change.

The above said, I'm an Android user and though I prefer the platform I use, I don't feel the need to act like a small child that's had his toys taken away because the iOS version of a Google application got a good update. Get it together Android users and just be happy for iOS users.
+Vic Gundotra So glad to hear that Google Voice will live on. I live by Google Voice. 
+Vic Gundotra I am sure the feature is coming soon to Android user's with Kitkat release but still giving it to the IOS users first does not look very good on Google's part.... IOS update could have have been put on hold until the kitkat release...
Hope Google does not takes Android users for granted...
Well they running gingerbread on there iphones now lol
Vic my galaxy nexus is so old feeling. It's not fast enough to audio process voip calls and I can't afford a better plan. Could you reserve me a Nexus 5 so that I can make sure I get a preorder and not be stuck in the Nexus 4 launch limbo :-)
A gift? Make it more inline with iOS 7. At the very least update the keyboard. 
People support Google & Android so much that we get into stupid arguments with iOS users. I wish Google would give us timed exclusives with their own apps as an incentive. Look at this ungrateful iOS customer right above me. C'mon guys...
Sounds like a step in the right direction.
As a Nexus 4 owner: KitKat integration or you guys don't love us Android users enough! :P
Does anyone know whether this feature would pretty much cover the capabilities of what Groove IP does? I've been thinking of buying Groove IP but I also believe that perhaps this feature would work just as well using the google voice number? If anyone has any clue I would appreciate it! Thanks!
Look forward to doing away with the GrooVe IP app on my Nexus 7.

So, I assume this is all going to be baked in to 4.4?

All I'm saying is why are window people commenting your os sucks that why .....I'm shocked that iOS is even allowing it maybe there not nazi as I thought
why in the world would google show off what is, arguably, the biggest 4.4 feature leaked so far just to give it to the apple snobs? why not just hold off on its release and just do a multi platform release when 4.4 is announced/pushed to the servers?
So a year after someone mistakenly let out the idea of Hangouts having sms integration we look like getting it.. So we can anticipate another year before Voice integration for Android? Not to mention this idea that there's a whole planet outside the US THAT IS WAITING FOR A LOT OF THE GOOGLE PRODUCTS... 
One does get the initial impression that Google is blowing kisses to Apple while Apple is fixing to shank them in the kidneys -- consider recent developments with the "multi-touch" patent.

But getting iOS users hooked on mobile Google services is actually leverage in that possible future fight, as well as being otherwise good for business. 
"Guys, don't worry. We have massive investment in Android." 

That is sort of an odd statement, though. Who would think otherwise?

I realize the model isn't the same, and I can't think of a better analogy at the moment, but try to imagine Apple saying: "Guys, don't worry. We have a massive investment in iOS."
All i want to do is send MMS and emoji. . Otherwise 30 other apps do Google Voice sms already. 
+Lamarr Wilson But Apple would torpedo Android and sink it to the bottom tomorrow if they could. Google would not do the same to iOS. Hence the reaction. 
This is wonderful!  As someone who uses Google Voice exclusively (I haven't had a cell phone contract in over a year), this is fantastic!  I love Google's services -- they're always improving.
Wow if you have multiple accounts linked to the Hangouts app and have 2 diff GV numbers you get a multi line phone. My ipod Touch is now a multi line phone, awesome!
For those wondering, you don't need a GV number to make calls from the app, just FYI. :) Placing calls works from hundreds of countries, it's just like making calls from G+ Hangouts on the desktop.
Yes! I can finally delete Talkatone now!
Unfair for your fans. Maybe iOS development is easier ? That's what I'm getting and other developers too. Not good for your platform.
Boo to your new iOS first strategy! Apple didn't release iMessage first (or at all) for Android. 
Jeffrey Miller... Andriid has 65% of the smartphone market worldwide... How is iOS the biggest ;) they lost first posisition a long time ago
Like how +Vic Gundotra vitakes time to interact with us. I'm patiently waiting on the Google Voice goodies as I'm a heavy user
A lot of the comments in here make me cringe. Google is a platform agnostic company. Yes they make android, but that's not all they do. And think about it for the same time it took you to post, Kitkat is right round the corner. If iOS is getting this, Android will get at least this. And don't you want to be able to message any of your friends regardless of their device? 
Because +Google employees uses iOS instead of +Android we'll should iOS and forget about Android 
I love that this will finally come to android! Kind of annoying though that even Google gives iOS priority over app releases over Android.
I feel like some of you haven't heard about talkatone 
Been using my phone,tablet, and iPod as a phone for what feels forever 
This is BULL SHIT!!! It better be ten times better on android 
Chris S
+Vic Gundotra so, I'm confused... You want us to buy the iPhone 5S? And with the Nexus 5 about to come out too? 
Android users, wait. iOS users are just testing it.
When this comes to android, it will be a great gift. I just hope so badly that they've used a low bandwidth codec like ILBC or GSM/Speex. The old default for Google voice sounds great, but suffers on slower connections. This can truly revolutionize how we think about and utilize mobile networks in the USA. Can't wait to try it out myself. Thank you!
+Lamarr Wilson I do not think, it is considered fanboy stuff. When an android user expects Google to support their platform first and second everyone else. You wouldn't expect MS to release an office update for Mac and than Windows. It doesn't make any sense, +Vic Gundotra why would you leave your own OS update for later? Google is only reinforcing, what the rest of the dev community has stated before. It's better to be on IOS first and second on Android. 
+Vic Gundotra "Don't get upset because we show some love to Google users who use iOS. There are a lot of them." 

Treating your new customers better than your existing customers... Stay classy Google. [Disables hangouts. Removes from home screen. buh bye]
+Vic Gundotra I'm in Italy and I can use Google Voice from gmail but I can't use it with my phone (even under WiFi)...

I understand that via 3G there could be problems with carriers, etc... but via WiFi it should work just fine... :P

Anyway keep up the good work! ;-)
A "gift" for iOS users? This is all but respectful +Vic Gundotra. You can be sure that users will term against Google if you don't respect their device choices. 
+Vic Gundotra incoming caller ID would be great. The app appears to cross reference calls with the address book after the fact (call history). But that's nowhere near as useful as knowing who is calling up front.

Also, a view consolidating duplicate contacts would be helpful when using the phone's address book. 
+Vic Gundotra. Thanks, but if you could only bring back iGoogle for me. Not liking My Yahoo. 
+Vic Gundotra Windows Phone users are also good people and their numbers are growing while iOS is shrinking, but you're perfectly cool with withholding ANY love for YOUR CUSTOMERS on that platform. Good to see that hypocrisy extends to your own platform as well... like every other mobile developer in the world, keep that focus on iOS no matter how far it falls. Unbelievable... the Google mobile apps team needs new leadership, and apparently the Android team does too.
Please don't tell my mom, otherwise she will expect more phone calls ;-)
A Gift for iOS? So we Android users are gullible idiots?

Where is this feature on my Android Tablet? Just checked the Hangouts app and it has the latest update! But NO Google voice calling! 

Should have stuck with my iPad.
One of the reasons why I dont use ios anymore requires version 6.0 or higher and I have an ipad 1. Will wait for Android version.
Guys try to understand hangout in Ios is just an app but in android it is much more. They have updated ios to tease ios users of the potential the app holds. In other words if they love the app and need better integration then come to android. 
+Fabrizio Pelosi Google has never bothered to get to grips with EU telecoms regulation. EU Android customers already lack basic voice over IP calling features and the promise of good things for Android isn't like to change that (it will be great I'm sure for US Android users). It's not just OEM differences that cause fragmentation of the Android market but also decisions made by Google. The fact is that Apple offers its customers a unified experience without much if any geographical preference for some customers over others. 
+Gareth Davies I'm fine that there could be problems with carriers (and I don't want to pay VoIP or hangouts over 3G additionally to the 3G fees...), but what I don't understand is why is not possible over WiFi? :P
So the iOS Users are the Beta tester of "Hangouts"....hhhmmmm....okay :-)
+Fabrizio Pelosi EU regulation in this instance applies to all mobile telecoms services whether provided via packet data over GSM/3G/4G or WiFi. The EU heavily regulates the provision of both landline and mobile telephone services. The EU says it does this to ensure a fair and competitive market - and also so that end users receive quality services. The upshot is that Google would have to spend time ensuring regulatory compliance and Google so far has been unwilling - and possibly unable - to do this outside of the US and Canada. This is not an issue about GSM/3G/4G network providers. It is a regulatory investment that Google unlike Skype for example is not willing to make for customers in the EU. Sucks eh? We still don't have Chromecast either. This is partly why people applaud Apple: for delivering standardised services across world markets (ignoring iTunes country license roll outs). 
+jorge gonzalez good point! Let iOS users beta test, especially before an official 4.4 release. lol official/public beta testing.
How many weeks/months you all think it will be before us nexus users see this upgrade?

Some of the whining here is a bit out of line no doubt but the fact that I can ask the above question as someone who shells out money straight to Google for timely updates does leave me a little bitter, to be completely honest. There was literally a lag of MONTHs for our Google Maps update on android vs iOS.
That's not true, I can't make phone calls from my android devices to phones using Google hangouts, all of the are android 4.0 at least they are all updated and I've been using Google voice for years, so it's not because I don't have credit on it.
So, is MMS EVER coming to Google Voice? It's the one thing that keeps me from giving out my GV number exclusively...
+Vic Gundotra please, be more responsible for the users that deserve your innovations= Android users mostly outside the US, not users of aggressive Apple
See the first post here
We really appreciate that, thank you
Just ban iPhones in your company and you will see how innovations will forward much much faster
+Vic Gundotra  When Google Axe Google Reader by saying obsolete RSS , I force to use +feedly and +Flipboard , I realise that both are greater than Reader, When Google dump +igoogle  My Yahoo come in rescue, is time to revisit Yahoo, Flickr offer 1 TB of Free Photo storage. Upload in Full Size. Thank You +Marissa Mayer 
Dear Google ...I have music in ITunes for almost 300 songs which I can't access because I don't have an IPhone. I am only can access when I am using the PC....Help!!!
+Athea Kong you have got a lesson= never be involved in a closed ecosystem, Apple will never open itself, they want to dictate you ...... I have been hoping for a long time Google will create a marketing action "we will pay you for iTunes>>Play store ecosystem switch"
Otherwise Google can't help you, it's Apple's dictatorship has caused your problem
Aaaaand no Google Voice send/receive calls for android as per today's announcement. Thanks for the anemic update, +Vic Gundotra that totally makes up for everything.

+Seth Jacobs There's another announcement in the coming days, eh? If Hangouts for Android isn't updated with the VoIP functionality then, well -- what you said.  
+Vic Gundotra This feels like a rushed product to Hangouts.  I feel like we are being a testbed here for your product(s) as there are quite a number of unanswered questions here.  Why isn't Google Voice being implemented of these changes (VOIP, UI Redesign)?  Is there an ulterior motive for pushing this stuff to Hangouts first?  Where's SMS integration for iOS, when the old rotty-looking GV has it going without a hitch?  It's like you give GV the ability to SMS, but give Hangouts the ability to VOIP.  I don't understand the logic behind this.  If your intent is to completely blow over analog services, then you absolutely need to get on the ball with having both VOIP and SMS(and MMS) on board at the same time.  You need to fill in this gap in order to seriously create that segway into Google+ and Hangouts.  Apple cleverly chose iMessage to unify iCloud users by seamlessly allowing SMS and iMessage under one API.  This allows for transparency to open doors for future implementation of their iCloud services.  The hardest part is getting people to sign up for an account, and Google needs something more than Gmail to get that going.  Do you know where Apple is headed?  They're already tackling SaSS now, and they are that much closer to opening a whole new world of social networking where other networks like Facebook will not keep up with.  Get it together, man.  Get GV on board and give its' name a better play with words for christ's sake.  Communication is an integral part of our lives, so take advantage of it in the most user-friendliest way possible.

And why is Hangouts such a clusterf***?  I have circles of hundreds of people that contributes nothing more to my Google+ than a newsfeed, yet these circles always show up in places where I don't even care.  It's revolting.  I have to cut down my circles because there's just too many people who do not contribute to my everyday life.  Close friends and family are who I want to see in Hangouts, but Hangouts doesn't understand that.  We don't speak to each other on a regular basis, so why does your name have to show in my Hangouts?  I'd rather have you be shown in my Google+ feed than in my suggested contacts.  Shouldn't Hangouts give you the ability to show and hide circles?  Apple nailed down this fundamental user flow since day one with toggling contacts from different groups/accounts for their iPhones, yet Google has yet to get this straight after all these years.
+Vic Gundotra - I just read about your announcement concerning the Hangouts update for Android. I'm excited to see the improvements and especially SMS, but I noticed a glaring omission. The recent Hangouts update on iOS included voice calls, but the Android update apparently does not? I must be reading that wrong....
+Vic Gundotra :

" I promise you will be happy soon. Don't get upset because we show some love to Google users who use iOS."

Am I missing something? I didn't see anything in the announcements about VoIP/GV integration in  Hangouts for Android.

Sure, we're happy with the announcements, but they don't really address the main concern expressed in this thread.

I would really like to be able to uninstall GrooVe IP. 
Will voice calls be integrated into the Hangouts update soon on Android? Third party apps on the Nexus 4 (GrooveIP, Spare Phone, CSipSimple) have all sorts of problems implementing VOIP through Google Voice (echo, low volume, feedback), presumably due to problems accessing the right protocols on the audio driver. Thanks.
Don't over promise and under deliver. That's customer service 101 and Google and +Vic Gundotra had a big fail today. 
It's been over a week and there still isn't any update yet for the Android OS. the last update that came out Oct 31 (yesterday) didn't have such feature. 
I guess Android users are pretty mad! (and I understand why) I use both devices and I have to admit it works flawless on iOS. I just don't understand why google would do this to their loyal android costumers? Im sure they could have made it happen if in fact they wanted to. 
+Adekunle Owolabi you mean the app that was announced last Thursday? I haven't seen anywhere where the big whoop SMS integration(seriously, a feature that I won't use because I use Google Voice texting and it's just your SMS feed rammed into hangouts) has even rolled out to anyone but new nexus 5 owners. Nexus 4 here, still waiting, so that when it finally comes I can be verifiably disappointed.
I take it that android users are left out in the cold.
It has now been over a month and a half and no sign on this being ported to KitKat or anything.
Is there an update available?
+justin ram- did you see the update about having to shut down third party apps first? They said that full Google Voice integration is coming next year but they had some issues still to deal with on the Android platform. 
Ha ha.. people are funny about things like this. I got a free 3G/4G hotspot a couple months ago, and use GrooveIP for all calls. It was a great day when I called my carrier and told them to "shut it all off, I don't need it any more". I'm super happy with my hotspot/GrooveIP setup and I hope the GV solution will be even smoother. I'm also completely fine letting the iOS users do the beta testing so all the bugs get worked out before it gets to Android.

Anyway, I seem to recall hearing that the interface/API that GrooveIP (and others I'm sure) uses to make calls is going away in the Spring of 2014. I'm sure they'll release to Android with at least a short window of time for final testing and whatnot before the old ways are disabled. If you really don't have the patience to wait a few months, get an iPhone :P
when I try to make a phone call, within the US its asking for me to confirm $.02/minute.  Also you use to allow VOIP access to other applications like Talkatone where I could consolidate multiple phone numbers / Google Accounts for my family.  It was great.  All my Nexus's, computers, IOS devices all rang.  It was elegant and we used it daily.  This is a joke.
Still waiting on this for android users. >:|
+Vic Gundotra why it's the Google hangout on iOS so delayed on initial message appearing after seeing the notification? This doors not happen on android or on whatsapp for iOS.
Are we going to get it on android before May 2014???
i'll move to ios, Need voice in my phone
GOOGLE just want IOS users as the best tools to promote google service, because they are so pround to be the first and they are happy to show that. If it comes to android first, It will be silent  like in the graveyard.
+Todd McGuckin I was just wondering about this myself. Glad you found this post and commented!
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